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Anyone needs a place to host any form of event because i am going to find a place to host ur birthday party / a casual dinner gathering among u & ur close friends. 


S$88.00 Nett per head


6 Course meal, communal sharing mostly & with drinks provided.

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15 hours ago, ThePineapple said:

You know... while watching this episode of Food King, i was thinking of you... why not start-up a Private dining experience



Yes, all the Fans of NOC watched that , S$100 per meal - i guessed it can ONLY target the Middle income and above only


if u observed all the Pte dining kitchen to living room (not just this one video), it is all well furbished and decorated from their kitchen appliances to the bottles and EVERYTHING
hence i dont dare to suggest at all (everything costs!) 

Need to remind your neighbours that every dinner or meal time, a crowd will be coming in (even though most  pte chefs will curtain up and switch on the aircon)
Rental and marketing is not cheap unless  Ur food is damned good that it automatically opened it up for u (the NOC video tend to do them a good sell is cos it is their first attempt on private dining, not cheap)
her (chef) auto-marketing is she tapped on the local produce (that is a  new trend in marketing even AVA will try to sell them as good sg biz) 

btw most divorcee has issues with getting their own flat again (this is what i observed)

For zack , maybe consider pairing with another accommodating chef (eg that another could do only dessert and drinks) so both can tap on the "venue"
this is one way to start first (it is not ez to work w others too)

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If you're planning to enter the f&b scene in Sinkapo with a bagful of passion, grandma's recipes n stories and a pocket full of wide eyed bushy tailed goodness...eh, tak cukup la!! You have to meander that sinkhole n quicksand of ridiculous cost, operation nightmares, long hours and that inevitable cancer of No Manpower (plus a host of jialat surprises.) The fittest will struggle and the lucky will survive. How many one man op, long hours work hawkers have you noticed lately.


Don't get me wrong, yes, it is a great business culture to be in and its a foodie city we live in..and AI cannot annihilate it. But you have to think twice, I mean four times, esp in Singapore before you leap in with that case of gold bars tied to your ankles..it may just pull you down and out. Remember, there are over 40k eateries here stretched across casual, restns and hawker establishments and only 5.5mln ppl here.


- wise words from KF Seetoh, the sage himself.

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no doubt, i wanna do something in the retail too but it is just way too challenging after calculating the costs

However, many successful F&B outlets will claim that how then are they able to last in sg for so long - beats me too!!!

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Image may contain: food


 left over rice, diced carrots & leek, sautéed garlic slices, pomace olive oil, parsley, light soy sauce, white pepper powder, lightly salted, no MSG, finished off with non salted butter and sesame oil, garnish: Italian parsley and over-easy egg (brushed lightly with evoo) 

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