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  1. Time Should I waste my time on you who i can't control Should i waste my time on things that is of my beyond Can't we see the time that went tick tock Is this the right time or is it not? They say time flows like a stream To a land where there are many dreams But you told me you did like to be a place full of surprises and supremes There are no other choices but this is the way its seems. I do not know what to say The world is so full of grey You say I am imperfect and this I know Yet I still think you are gold I may be kind and silly but it’s not fine. Your avoidant ways clearly shows through time Time will reveal who you are And you can really be a pain in the arse Letting you go should keep you afar As there is nothing left to be my fuss Finally I can get on my path. E.T. 13.01.2019
  2. What are some of the "Pearls of Wisdom" that you have heard or reflected from an experience? Some example are like: 1. You cannot give what you don't have. 2. Good things in Life comes for free. 3. Choice is the Freedom one gets. 4. 静 恩 仁 悟 空
  3. Hi, 1. This thread is for users who are encountering problems with accessing Blowing Wind forum normally. You can ask questions on forum features or report technical problems here. Before posting, you may find it useful and often faster to go through the FAQ and help section. If you don't find your answer then, you are welcome to start a new reply here, I will get back to you as soon as I can. Help - http://www.blowingwind.org/forum/index.php?app=core&module=helpFAQ - http://www.blowingwind.org/forum/index.php?showtopic=67 2. This thread is strictly for technical issues pertaining to the forum. You should post your complaints and non-technical queries to the respective moderators. 3. I will be housekeeping this thread regularly to remove any non-related posts. Best regards, Bern
  4. Not many people would be open enough to share that they have such experience of being rejected suddenly or having the person pull a disappearing stunt the exact moment when you turned up at the meeting place. How many of the following "symptoms" do you find familiar? 1. reaching the place to meet but the other person suddenly has a stomachache and is now at the toilet? 2. calling the person several times but suddenly he wont reply or answer? 3. asking you what is the color of the shirt you are wearing but does not disclose any information of his? 4. making you wait long past the arranged meeting time but when u probe him further all you get is a "sorry not my type" and thats the end of it? just to clarify. its is OKAY to not be someone's type, it is OKAY for you to find someone not pleasing to you at the place to meet. however, it is NOT OKAY to suddenly disappear rudely without informing the other person your intention or lack of interest. it is just plain fcking rude. it is NOT OKAY to be rude. yes such things happen all the time but people have to learn not to be so rude about it. not everyone is everyone's type. if the above has happened to you before, tell yourself that it is okay. tough luck. tell yourself that it is okay, cause you have not been cheated of money or other possessions, only time. tell yourself that it is okay, cause you didn't end up sleeping with someone with that kind of upbringing and manners. tell yourself that it is okay, cause you didn't sleep with someone who is a bloody rude person with that kind of personality. tell yourself that it is okay, cause you deserve someone who is better and more polite, even if he rejects you politely, you deserve that kind of treatment. tell yourself that it is okay, cause those rude pricks don't fking deserve you. -you deserve better- what you should do is -not- delete the number you were given, but rename it to something like jerk, asswipe or twat so that in the future you will avoid meeting the same prick for fun again. and one day if you were to successfully train up and become the man of everyone's dream, you can still deny those pricks of the fun that they deprived you of in the first place. safeguard yourself. use their numbers to fill out random survey forms if it makes you feel happy. try to go saunas to look for fun instead. instead of clicking behind the screen and choosing the food you want based on inaccurate or photoshopped pictures of the food which will eventually turn you down, why not go to the sea and hunt your own food for yourself? cause you -definitely- deserve better. seek comfort in knowing that at the very end, when their looks fade, their muscles become saggy and when they cant remain hard for longer than 10 seconds anymore, and with that rotten and rude personality of theirs they can't find a partner to spend the rest of their life with, they will have -nothing- left. but you still have your dignity and your pride with you. thats all i have to say, and i welcome people to share more stories and advice for people who might be feeling low because of such incidence. because no matter what, people deserve the basic courtesy of a polite decline. do not rob people of that right. NOTE: for those people guilty of pulling the above stunts and behavior. fck you and _|_ and here's a pretty finger which i spent effort to type out and i hope that you have enough money to go to the nearest supermarket and buy the largest cucumber that you can find to fck yourself with.
  5. hi all, just hope all can share your experience on your first time.. got mine during my ns... got it from my buddy... painful but song... now addicted must have it once a week if not more...
  6. Hi all, Just curious, I wunder if every session has to have anal sex? Is there any who does not enjoy anal sex but enjoy companionships, huggings, non-anal sex? Care to share or comment. cheers
  7. As the title states, I am homeless. Never in a million years would I have thought I'd be saying that. What brings me to the position that i'm in is because one morning I decided to sleep in, long story short, my roomate went through my stuff and found illegal substance in my closet. Few questions that I wish can be answered. Why did he went through my stuff when he came into my room to check if I was ok? Why does he think its ok to literally pick lock my room door when he can see that I was obviously sleeping? Why does he think its ok to invade my privacy like that? After he found "my stuff" the home owner said to him that he wants me out (my friend sent me a screenshot) so I just packed all my needs and left. Am I being too dramatic? The home owner wanted to chat with me that night but after that message that he sent to my friend, I just can't bring myself to have a face to face conversation with him. He's been my friend for a year (the home owner) gave me a place to stay, helped me through difficult times. I just don't know what to do right now. i've been staying at a cheap hostel for 2 nights and my money is running out so I might have to sleep on the streets (atleast until i get my salary) i'm scared, I'm homeless, I'm confused.
  8. Dear All, We are part of the local Buyer's Club in Singapore. Selling generic versions of HIV medicines for patients living with HIV. These are cheaper than those branded ones sold at local hospital pharmacies. All that is required is a valid prescription for the medicines that the patients' need. Apart from the usual 3 in 1 pill taken once daily of Tenofovir Disoproxil Fumarate 300mg, Emtricitabine 200mg and Efavirenz 600mg, there are other options such as Rilpivirine 25mg, Raltegravir 400mg twice daily and Dolutegravir 50mg. Also, generic Descovy is now available (Tenofovir Alafenamide 25mg, Emtricitabine 200mg). Patients can also look forward to the new 3 in 1 pill that combines Descovy (TAF 25mg, FTC 200mg) with Dolutegravir 50mg. Do discuss this information with your doctor. We (at Buyers Club) provide patients with affordable options that are available and accessible. We hope that by doing this, we can contribute significantly to our Community efforts to bring down HIV infection rates to zero. Do help us spread the word around, especially to those who need it the most. Thank you. Hotspunk WhatsApp +65 97531592
  9. Hi just wanna rant. So i like my best straight friend. He knows it too and despite of that, we are still friends. I got a boyfriend now, who is really great, and he got a girlfriend too. But at times, i still fraternize about him and we still talked and he still wished me for the best for my partner and i but i feel a little torn. So hard. I think i will just live on with it and have him as close to me as possible (well, after all, he did tell me he will never live me in that way as he is straight) but does that means being unfair to my boyfriend? Arh! Conflicted. To add on, i don't really find my man physically attractive, he is cute, a great and fabulous man who have been by my side through my high and low, and i really am so grateful to have him in my life, but sex wise..... I tend to look for others behind his back >< i have been trying to be more exclusive, but it's hard. We have an age gap too, but arh i don't know! Thanks for hearing me rant.
  10. Hi everyone.. i believe not only me but MOST of you guys out there looking for workout buddy.. Well to those looking for one, just put it here and shall see if any luck strikes for you. Btw I myself looking for workout / gym buddy.. Preferably someone who can push me more to be fit..
  11. Any help on the hair loss? I dun like the hair loss centres which charge sky high.
  12. Anyone wanna unload. Need a load desperately.. anyone welcome.
  13. Hey guys, do share any info on new cruising spots here. So far from what I know, we have these in KL: Parks 1. Taman Tasik Permaisuri (Bandar tun Razak) 2. Taman Kelana Jaya 3. Bukit Jalil Park (upcoming?) Swimming Pools 1. Kompleks Renang Bandar Tun Razak 2. Kelana Jaya Municipal Pool 3. Chin Woo Stadium Swimming Pool Malls 1. KL Sentral/Nu Sentral 2. Cheras Sentral Mall (upcoming?) 3. AEON Big Kepong? Gloryholes 1. Putrajaya Presint 6 Public Toilet 2. Gyms 1. CF Sunway? Saunas 1. Otot otot 2. Mandi manda 3. Kakiku Feel free to add to the list!
  14. i like to start a new topic abt how bottoms make preparation to do anal i.e CLEAN HOLE lah .. i only know my way n i wonder if there are any better ways to do it .. my way using me fingers n hose pipe water ready to clean the waste . im quite kiasu n want to make it really clean so i dig deep inside .. ths sometimes cos a bit of temporary pain , thus if not in a rush i will do it halfnhour b4 the top arrives .. by then my muscles are relax n the hole is stretch-ready for anal .. any other ways or styles ? tops can put input also please B)
  15. Inspired by the living in ur 30s discussion, what would you have done differently had you have known what you know today? or no regrets etc at all? Can you still salvage the situation, if necessary?
  16. If you have a big cock, you are in for a good time at nude night in our saunas. Yes, size does matter a lot when come to sauna's nude night. Ask anyone who had been to nude night, he will swear that everyone will be going for the guy with the big tool hanging there. It does not matter whether he is a bottom or top but what matters is big! Rightly you will expect a big tool will be top, but many times you will be disappointed as the numbers of bottoms in the gay community far out-numbered the tops. Good tops are hard to find, least one with a size which immensely increases your pleasure both physical and aesthetically. One Seven had been a nudist heaven on Friday for a long time. The turnout is better and the choice is more. Having it on every Friday is a better choice than Towel Club once a month FMP, for the wait is far too long and most of the time the date is not right as the next day is a working day. Perhaps this is really the season to be jolly, the turnout on last Friday (22 Dec) was good. Perhaps many were on long leave and the season of joys is on the air. There were visibly more tourists too. What makes nude night more popular than the other is that there is more actions and the hit up rate is higher than those towel nights. When a guy decides to go for a nude night sub-consciously he is ready for action otherwise he would not be standing naked there. Those who are not sure and pretentious will not be there in the first place. I like OS nude night especially there double nude on every 17th of the month. It is very relaxing and free when the whole spa is nude. It reminds me of the days of Rairua, lying on the deck chair under the moonlight hugging someone with an erected dick. It is just pure erotic and sensual with the another hot body on top of you and the soft music will guide you in..(a smooth entry...) In contrast OS is wild and fetish. I have seen guys walking around in all sort of cock rings, PA and leather gears. OS was meant to be fetish when they renovated the place. You still see some of the fetish installment there like window in the doors for people to peep in, SM bench, chains and jail setup. I heard that fistees were playing before in the old OS because a sling room was availble. Now there are no more sling around after both of them were damaged by heavy use. It used to be a gangbang when ever one hanged himself on the sling at the jail area. One just need to hang himself on the sling, others will take the cue and bang on him. Last Friday was an eye opener, a guy tied himself up on the sm cross bench and was blindfolded awaiting for his master to serve him. Not before long a muscular guy came and the wait was over. Obviously the guy was an experienced dom in sm. He played his tits and put the cloth pegs on his tits making him moaned with pain and pleasure. Having aroused the slave the master when on to played with his cock, hitting the balls sending the slave to another round of ecstasy. Seeing the slave is ready, the master went over to examine the butt, whipping both moons with his palm to prepare for the next play. He pinched open the ass, peeped into the hungry juicy hole. He climbed over the bench, knelt over the hole and with one sharp swift push, banged his rock hard tool into the hole. Others were holding their breath and many already had a hard on at the side. The slave screamed and his voice only added pleasure and heat to the master and those watching at the side. It was one of those real life action that I had decided to document here for your reading pleasure. OS - 22 Dec 2006 Friday.
  17. Coronavirus CAN spread in warm and humid conditions as scientists find a 'superspreader' in China passed the virus to EIGHT people in a swimming baths where temperatures reach 106°F Eight people with COVID-19 caught it from a single 'superspreader' in a pool They say this shows the coronavirus can spread in warm and humid conditions This contradicts an study that suggested it would slow as temperatures rise Coronavirus symptoms: what are they and should you see a doctor? By RYAN MORRISON FOR MAILONLINE PUBLISHED: 16:00 BST, 30 March 2020 | UPDATED: 16:18 BST, 30 March 2020 Coronavirus can be passed between people in the kind of warm and humid conditions found in swimming pools and saunas, a new study finds. Researchers from Nanjing Medical University, China, say there was a cluster of eight cases of COVID-19 passed from a single 'super-spreader' in a swimming bath. Previous reports have suggested that the virus doesn't do well in hot and humid conditions, but the researchers suggest this is likely wrong. They say the case of the super-spreader in the swimming centre saw eight people who used or worked in the facility experience symptoms within days. The Nanjing team say the virus is unlikely to be slowed down by warmer or more humid temperatures, as previous studies suggested. Scroll down for video +2 The superspreader had visited Wuhan, the original epicentre of COVID-19 before going to the swimming centre where he passed the virus on to eight people Temperatures in the baths where the super-spreader swarm - which included swimming pools, showers and a sauna - ranged from 77 degrees Fahrenheit to 106 degrees Fahrenheit. A previous study by researchers at Beihang University in China said warmer and more humid temperatures would likely slow the spread of the the deadly virus. 'High temperature and high relative humidity significantly reduce the transmission of COVID-1, the study authors wrote. Beihang and Singhua teams assessed data on more than 100 cities in China where there were 40 or more cases of coronavirus between January 21 and January 23. They tracked the estimated number of transmissions, temperatures and humidities in those cities prior to January 24, when lockdowns went. Experts worldwide say roughly every person infected gives COVID-19 to between two and two-and-a-half people - Beihang researchers say that falls as humidity rises. The new study of coronavirus patients at the bath centre examined whether the 60 per cent humidity and high temperature played a part in the rapid spread. The 'superspreader' went to the bath centre on January 18 after travelling to Wuhan, the researchers found, saying he developed a fever the next day. He was diagnosed with COVID-19 on January 25 having already passed it on to seven other people who swam in the centre the same day he did. The symptoms associated with COVID-19, including fever, cough, headache, and chest congestion,' researchers say. All of those symptoms appeared in the seven patients beyond the 'superspreader' between six and nine days after visiting the bath centre. A ninth patient was working in the bath centre and experienced onset of COVID-19 related symptoms on January 30. 'Infection in all patients was confirmed by positive reverse transcription–polymerase chain reaction assay results,' the Chinese scientists said. They published a research letter explaining their findings, and warning that, contrary to earlier studies, COVID-19 is unlikely to slowdown when temperatures rise. The all male patients in the new study were aged between 24 and 50 with 89 per cent of them reporting a fever and 78 per cent reporting a cough. 'Previous studies have demonstrated that the transmission rate of a virus is significantly weakened in an environment with high temperature and humidity,' the research team wrote. +2 Researchers say the virus, which has gripped the world, can survive in a wide range of conditions and is unlikely to be slowed down by warmer or more humid temperatures 'However, judging from the results of this study, the transmissibility of SARS-CoV-2 showed no signs of weakening in warm and humid conditions. 'A total of eight individuals who used or worked in the bath centre experienced symptoms within 6 to 9 days of their visit to the centre, suggesting that SARS-CoV-2 could spread and cause infection in such an environment. 'The transmission routes may also be respiratory droplets or contact, but our results suggest that the cluster transmission of SARS-CoV-2 can still arise in an environment with high temperature and humidity. 'These results provide a potential epidemiological clue for this novel coronavirus.' The team say their study is limited by a lack of detail about the transmission routes for all of the patients in the bath centre. The research has been published in the journal JAMA Network Open. <-- Click link to see report ------------------------------ March 30, 2020 Possible Transmission of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) in a Public Bath Center in Huai’an, Jiangsu Province, China Chao Luo, MD, PhD1; Lun Yao, MD2; Li Zhang, MD, PhD1; et alMengchu Yao, MD3; Xiaofei Chen, MD, PhD3; Qilong Wang, MD, PhD1; Hongbing Shen, MD, PhD4 Author Affiliations Article Information JAMA Netw Open. 2020;3(3):e204583. doi:10.1001/jamanetworkopen.2020.4583 Introduction In December 2019, a novel pneumonia named coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19), caused by severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2), emerged in Wuhan, China, and has since spread to 25 countries. Current reports show that SARS-CoV-2 is closely related to severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus (SARS-CoV) and Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus (MERS-CoV)1,2 and that it has a greater transmissibility than other coronaviruses. The confirmed transmission modes of SARS-CoV-2 include respiratory droplets and physical contact, and the incubation period for the virus is approximately 3 to 7 days, but it can be as long as 24 days.3 In this case series, we report a cluster-spreading event in Huai’an (700 km northeast of Wuhan) in Jiangsu Province, China, in which a patient with SARS-CoV-2 may have transmitted the virus to 8 other healthy individuals via bathing in a public bath center. Methods Data were collected from Huai’an No. 4 Hospital of Jiangsu Province, China. A total of 9 patients who had been to the same bath center were hospitalized and enrolled from January 25, 2020, to February 10, 2020. Throat swab samples were collected, and SARS-CoV-2 was detected using a quantitative reverse transcription–polymerase chain reaction assay. Computed tomography and hematological examinations were performed for auxiliary diagnoses. Data were analyzed with Prism version 7.00 (GraphPad). This study was approved by the ethics committee of Huai’an No. 4 Hospital, and written informed consent was obtained from all patients. This study followed the reporting guideline for case series. No prespecified threshold for statistical significance was set. Results The bath center for men was approximately 300 m2, with temperatures from 25 to 41 °C and humidity of approximately 60%. It contained a swimming pool, showers, and sauna. The first patient (patient 1) had traveled to Wuhan. He went to the bath center and showered on January 18, 2020. He started experiencing a fever on January 19, 2020, and was diagnosed with COVID-19 on January 25, 2020. The next 7 patients showered, used the sauna, and swam in the same center on January 19 (patients 2, 3, and 4), January 20 (patient 5), January 23 (patients 6 and 7), and January 24 (patient 8). The symptoms associated with COVID-19, including fever, cough, headache, and chest congestion, appeared between 6 and 9 days after visiting the bath center. Patient 9 was working in the bath center and experienced onset on January 30. Infection in all patients was confirmed by positive reverse transcription–polymerase chain reaction assay results (Figure). The median (interquartile range) age of the patients was 35 (24-50) years. A total of 8 patients (89%) reported fever (mean [SD] duration, 5.78 [2.99] days), and 7 patients (78%) reported a cough. Few patients (3 [33%]) showed debilitation, chest distress (2 [22%]), or anorexia (1 [11%]). Diarrhea, myalgia, rhinorrhea, and headache were not reported. C-reactive protein levels were elevated in 9 patients (100%; mean [SD], 3.34 [3.18] mg/dL; to convert to milligrams per liter, multiply by 10). Lymphopenia occurred in 3 patients (33%), lactate dehydrogenase was increased in 3 patients (33%; mean [SD], 225.56 [85.33] U/L; to convert to microkatals per liter, multiply by 0.0167), and glutamic oxaloacetic transaminase was increased in 2 patients (22%; mean [SD], 30.22 [13.94] U/L) (Table). Computed tomography examinations were performed, and the ground glass opacities were observed in all 9 patients. As of February 10, 2020, no patients required respiratory support. Discussion Previous studies have demonstrated that the transmission rate of a virus is significantly weakened in an environment with high temperature and humidity.4 However, judging from the results of this study, the transmissibility of SARS-CoV-2 showed no signs of weakening in warm and humid conditions. We noticed a clustered case occurring in a public bath center with high temperature and humidity. A total of 8 individuals who used or worked in the bath center experienced symptoms within 6 to 9 days of their visit to the center, suggesting that SARS-CoV-2 could spread and cause infection in such an environment. The transmission routes may also be respiratory droplets or contact, but our results suggest that the cluster transmission of SARS-CoV-2 can still arise in an environment with high temperature and humidity. These results provide a potential epidemiological clue for this novel coronavirus. This study was limited by a lack of detail regarding the transmission routes of the patients in the bath center.
  18. The first time I talked to him, he was new in the office. I’m not the approachable type but I really got interested in him the first time I saw him. It was on my smoke break and I found him sitting alone. So I introduced myself, and did small talk. Then as we talked, it turns out we have the same interests: food, movies, games. We talked about a lot of stuff about our work, our passion, and mostly a lot about our common interests. And then he asked for my number so he can chat me up whenever he wants to smoke (or hangout). After then we have smoke break and lunch together, even sometimes dinner when we both get off work the same time. Then one smoke break, we were talking about good places to eat here in the city, and then he casually talked about this good place that he went to w/ his girlfriend. I was like “ooohkay, dude is straight and has a gf”. But then what was I thinking, dude is cute and obviously he has a girlfriend. I didn’t mind at first, but would have been awesome if he was single (and better if he turns out to be bicurious). So we hangout a lot, and can say we are very close now. But it’s also hard for me because he’s like the perfect guy, but the one guy I can never have. It wasnt even easy to ignore him because we see each other everyday, and I to talk to him every night (yeah we call/chat each other every night). I kinda distanced myself, just try lah to just not hang anymore and just to forget these feelings that wont ever reciprocated. I stopped going on smoke breaks when he invites me, and just ignore his chats and calls. But he somehow notices it and tries really hard to get my attention and wants ro know whats wrong. And I always end up saying “sorry was busy”. But I felt guilty about it so I tried to make it up to him by going for a dinner. He then asked me what was wrong, but I didn’t tell him of course, instead I just reassured him nothing to worry about. I cannot confidently say I cant fall for a straight guy but every time I see and talk to him, these feelings cannot easily be ignored. I sometimes even want to tell him that I’m bisexual but I don’t know how he will react. I guess it doesnt matter if he knows or not, but I don’t know how to stop feeling this way. He’s genuinely a great guy, and I sincerely believe also he wants to be good friends. I mean, is this even worth thinking about it? Actually falling for this great guy? How do I control this feeling? When will I be able to stop feeling this way about him and still be friends with him? Is it a lost cause to fall for a straight guy?
  19. One by one the gym options are closed or limited in some way. Even my own condition gym is closed! Where are the gyms that are still open and what can we inventively do to recreate a good gym workout? Which outdoor jungle gym has the best equipment in open spaces? Do share....n maybe we can all continue our fitness regime n stay safe at the same time!!
  20. I am currently a 24 year old student who is about to graduate form university soon. I grew up in a traditional chinese family with 2 elder sisters. Being the only son in the family, i would be lying if i told u I did not have any pressure of procreating and carrying on the family line. When i was young, i had many crushes on different girls, throughout kindergarten and primary school. All was well until i entered an all boys secondary school, when i fell for a junior who was one year younger than me. I would just look forward to seeing him during recess and check out what he was doing. The feeling slowly faded away when i entered junior college. I did not take any action to confess to him whatsoever mainly because the circumstance back then did not allow me to do so. In junior college, i would be peeping at those hot guys in school but still, i was not able to bold myself to do anything to show my affections towards them, i felt weird, there was an inexplicable sense of awkward feeling when i knew that i developed liking towards the male species. It was not until university when i had my first girlfriend. I was primarily attracted to her nice personality, she was all i was looking for in a girl and maybe, wife. It took me a long six months before the courtship ended and we took our relationship to the next level. It was official finally after all the crazy chase. However, the honeymoon period was short-lived, our relationship surreptitiously suffocated me over the next 2 months. I was frustrated by her insecurity and i was extremely upset and unhappy. It came to a point when i realised i had to do something about it, so i took the prudent step to initiating the break up. She was devastated after the break up, but i on the other hand, have never felt so relieved in my life. It was the right decision, honestly. Ever since then, i have been trying to explore my sexual orientation and attempting to discover my true identity. I started hanging out at gay saunas and hooking up with guys on jackd and grindr. Last saturday, i met this guy at a local sauna and he asked me out for a drink after the session. I kindly obliged. He is a successful young man with an impressive resume and prospective career. I was however, not attracted to him. During the meet up, he subtly hinted that he wanted take our relationship to the next level. Nonetheless, i was feeling extremely uneasy throughout the whole meet up, wild imaginations ran through my mind. I could not imagine myself to be in a open gay relationship and be judged by others in the society. There was an inner voice telling me that I should not be doing this, this is not the life that i should be living. So over the next few days, i made it clear to him that we were nothing more than friends. Somehow, i had that strong urge to reconciliate and patch things up with my ex girlfriend. I suddenly felt the strong urge of getting a girlfriend and forming a family and settling down. I can't explain the extreme fluctuation in my thinking and perception. It was as if a sudden alarm sounded and woke me up from my subconscious lalaland and i had to get back to reality, as if i was straight once again. Thanks for enduring through my long post. I sincerely hope those with similar experience is able to shed some light and share your views and advice with me. Many thanks in advance!
  21. Most of us have seen the incident that happened in the US in the city of Buffalo N.Y. when a group of police advanced in mass to clear protesters, and two of them pushed an elderly man back. He lost balance and fell back, and his head banged against the concrete. He lost consciousness, his head was bleeding, and he was transported to a hospital in serious but stable condition. I am bringing up this story because what happened to this 75 y.o. gentleman is not so uncommon, either from accidentally falling or being pushed back. When falling backwards there is A VERY HIGH RISK of serious injury and potential death. And not only the elderly are at risk. A young strong person who has not trained in this type of fall will very probably hit his head on the floor and lose consciousness. Falling backwards safely takes just a few principles: 1) move the head down immediately, chin on the chest and looking at the navel. 2) go down as fast as possible: move one leg back and collapse on it, crunching the body together, either to come to rest there or to roll back. 3) if wanting to get away from attacker, then roll back on a shoulder and stand up facing the attacker. This requires some practice to do so instinctively without having to think. This can be done on a semi-soft surface like a thick carpet, and with plenty of space. For illustration, here are videos of the practices of falling in Aikido. It is not necessary to have all this training to be able to safely fall back. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YM1Ps9I_ba8 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YM1Ps9I_ba8
  22. Lately, got to know a pleasant guy in Penang. He is very sure that I am the one for him and wanting to get commit into a relationship. So am I. But am confused as to how to manage a long distance relationship.. Been sharing with my friends and most advised to look here.. Any guys have advices to maintaining it ?
  23. A frd on Grindr said that my my face pics and dxxk pics were posted in a local chat group on Line and on twitter. I never saw the pics of myself... how can I search these pics on these platform? at least I wanna know the pics are on Twitter or not.... Anyone can give me some suggestions to deal with these kind of issue?
  24. 15 Singaporeans Share Their Greatest Fears – FOMO Isn’t One Of Them Growing up, us millennials have been labelled many things, reckless, fortunate, social media slaves and even avocado toast connoisseur, but I draw the line at phrases such as nonchalant, carefree and entitled. From worrying about the ever-rising cost of living to striving for a more #woke and inclusive society, we have a lot more on our plates than just romance related problems and Instagram-spawned rainbow food. Determined to dispute the reputation that millennials have ‘earned’, I’ve decided to ask 15 millennials what their greatest fear are. And no, FOMO isn’t on the list. 1. NOT HAVING ENOUGH MONEY My greatest fear is not having enough money to support myself. Without money, I wouldn’t be able to afford basic necessities like food and water. Even public transport will be inaccessible for me. Plus, I don’t like to rely on other people. If I have no money, I’ll have to go around borrowing money from others and I personally hate doing so. – Melissa, 27 2. NOT LIVING UP TO EXPECTATIONS Since young, many people have told me that they see a lot of potential in me. Be it doctor, lawyer, or a successful businessman, they are convinced that I’m going to do great things. Because of that, I’m always fearful that I’m not going to reach that level of potential that they’ve set out for me. Thus, I always push myself to work hard everyday so that I’ll be able to match up to their expectations of me. – Daniel, 26 3. SETTLING FOR AN UNFULFILLED LIFE In Singapore, a lot of emphasis is placed on financial success. My parents want me to have a corporate job so that I’ll be financially stable, but that’s not where my passion lies. So I made a promise to myself to ‘sell out’ and settle for something else instead of chasing after my passion. – Edirina, 20 4. LOSING MY LOVED ONES As a mother of two, family means a great deal to me. I had my first child when I was just 19 and it has taught me so much about love, patience, family and compromise. I’m really grateful for my parents, my husband, and my two little girls. I can’t imagine life without any of my loved ones. – Esther, 26 5. GETTING KICKED OUT OF HOME FOR COMING OUT As with most asian families, my mom is conservative and fierce (aka tiger mom). As much as I love her and am thankful for her bringing me up all these years, I’m afraid of coming out to my family as I don’t want to risk getting kicked out. I’m not sure that their love for me will be able to overpower the disdain they have towards more liberal ideas. – Scott, 25 6. SELF-IMPOSED INADEQUACY My parents are super chill and they let me do whatever I deem fit. Because of that, I’ve always had really high expectations of myself as I feel that if I don’t take control of my own life, no one will. Further fueled by my own insecurities, the thought of being inadequate in any sense, be it at work or life in general, just doesn’t sit well with me. – Zul, 24 7. BEING JUDGED Back in primary school, I was always afraid of getting called to answer a question in class as I was afraid that if I get the answer wrong, people would laugh at me and make nasty comments about me behind my back. I would get anxious easily and sometimes, that stops me from doing the things that I like. Because of my anxiety, I would always be afraid that people are judging me, even if they aren’t. – Anna, 25 8. NOT GOING TO HEAVEN Whether you’re religious or not, I’m pretty sure that you know what Hell is about: basically, a lifetime of torture. I wouldn’t want to end up going to Hell because I don’t want to suffer and be tortured for the rest of my life. I can’t even handle life, how am I supposed to handle Hell?! In my religion, we believe that Heaven is a really great place to be at. So I want to end up there when I die and just enjoy. – Matthew, 21 9. LOSING MY ARMS I’m a designer and an avid gymmer so my physical body parts mean alot to me. Thus, I would say that my greatest fear is losing my arms as that will mean that I can’t do the things that I like anymore. I can’t imagine living life without designing, drawing, painting, and weightlifting. – Jan, 26 10. DEATH I fear death as it means that the whole world will continue to go on without me after I’ve passed and I’ll be non-existent and slowly forgotten. I also fear the unknown. None of us truly knows what is going to happen after we’re dead, and that scares me. – Shi Ling, 27 11. DYING ALONE I’m a romantic. I believe in ‘The One’ and I yearn to meet someone whom I’m able to connect with on all wavelengths. So I’d say my greatest fear is not being able to find someone that can stimulate me both intellectually and emotionally and I’ll die alone, with nobody to love and no one to love me back. – Mabel, 22 12. NEVER BEING ABLE TO LOVE MYSELF As a child, I was overweight and ugly. I would get picked on by my peers and my parents would make insensitive comments about my appearance. I wasn’t taught how to love myself and I grew to be my own worst critic. Till now, I struggle with low self-love and I can’t seem to be comfortable in my own skin. I guess my greatest fear would be that I will never be able to learn to love myself for who I am till the day I die. – Alethea, 21 13. LOSING CONTROL OF MYSELF Not having control over my own life and decisions, be it consciously or physically. Maybe I’ve been watching too much ‘Black Mirror’ but I imagine not being able to control my own thoughts or actions and that’s so scary! – Alanna, 22 14. BEING THE SAME AS EVERYONE ELSE As I grew up in a family where sibling rivalry is ever present, I always pride myself in being different from my sister so that my parents wouldn’t compare us as much. I think that led me to always strive to be different from everyone else. – Melodie, 20 15. NOT BEING ABLE TO MAKE IT It’s very competitive in the Arts industry so I’m always pushing myself to learn more and create things that are fresh and unique. I really want to be an Artist and I can’t foresee myself doing anything else, so my greatest fear would be not succeeding in the field that I’m passionate about. – Karen, 20 NOT JUST YOUNG AND NONCHALENT After speaking with these millennials, I realised that many of us have very practical concerns. Most of us just tend to keep our concerns to ourselves as we’re afraid that our worries will be deemed insignificant because of our young age. But that shouldn’t matter. Be it age 18 or 35, we’ve all got our own set of worries and problems that we have to deal with. We might be young and throwing around phrases like YOLO and ‘live fast, die young’ but our worries don’t just consist the common irrational fears and superficial wants, many of them stemmed from our upbringing and culture. So here’s the age-old question I’m throwing back at you, what’s your greatest fear and how do you deal with it? Share with us in the comments below! Also read, 8 Singaporeans Shared Snapshots Of What Depression Was Like For Them. RELATED ITEMS:CAREER, FEAR, FEAR OF DEATH, INSECURITIES, LGBTQ, MONEY, PASSION, SINGAPOREAN FEARS, SINGAPOREAN WORRIES, WORRIES
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