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Private Creative Drawing Lesson

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Hello, if you are someone who enjoy drawing with pen on paper and would want to learn more about it here's what I am offering...


One-on-one private drawing lesson on various subject matters, ie. nature, human figures, objects etc 

The objective is really for you to get comfortable and familiar with the fundamentals of drawing.

Group lesson is currently not available.


Location: Your home or any public location suitable for lesson

Materials: Provided for you to use freely during the lesson, but not to keep and bring home

Duration: 1-hour (plus-minus)

Types: 1 lesson | 5 lessons | 10 lessons

Rates: 1 lesson $40 | 5 lessons : $200 | 10 lessons : $400


Digital option: Explore the basics of Sketchbook on android or iPadOS

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Nothing is more appropriate then to give a demo of what I do. If this is your thing, you can follow my channel. It's free for you but by subscribing or clicking the Like button, it will help me alot in pushing up its view rate (CTR) on YouTube. That way more people will get to see my videos and I can continue to do what I feel passionate about. Thanks and cheers! Joe

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On location sketching This was done at National Gallery Singapore, 22 January 2022, a sketch copy of an actual painting on display. On location sketching can be very therapeutic yet challenging because you will get stares and curious looks from others. Just remind yourself that you're there for the sketch and focus on your drawing, after awhile you'll gain full concentration. And everything else around you will no longer distract you that easily. PM me for drawing lesson.


If you recognise which painting this is that I did a quick sketch of, let me know.

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On location sketching The Woodlands Waterfront, Singapore, 17 February 2022. Do it! You will enjoy it if you try. Tips: start early. Best to be there at first light, if you can because time is precious here it gets really hot very quickly in the day here in Singapore. Best hours are 7am to 930am. 

WhatsApp Image 2022-02-17 at 10.55.52.jpeg

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