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Cooking Oil Recommendations

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Firstly, I would think about the smoking point. Different cooking oil has different smoking point. Canola oil is about 200 deg, peanut oil 232 deg and so on.[1] When cooking I tend to think about how "high" I would likely want the heat to go. If its deep frying, like cutlets and stuff, a good temperature would be 180 for that nice KRISPY coating. So actually oils commonly in Singapore would be fine! Just avoid using butter/olive oil and canola. 


Smoking point is KINDA important cos beyond that you can think that you are burning the oil. So from a food thermal paste to burnt food :( Like most burnt food, it can be cancerous, have bad taste and might even make it hard to wash up afterwards. [1]


Why Canola shouldn't be used to deep fry? This was a personal disaster of mine HAHA, EVERYTHING SMELLED FISHY??? So I searched up a little, apparently heating up canola oil results in fishy smelling compounds to be produced... sooooo avoid canola oil if u want an oil to do everything? [2]


But if we aren't talking about a one for all kinda thing, you can use any oil you like cos each has different nutritional value and flavor. Want that nice smell in ur chinese dish --> sesame oil. Want that bomb ass salad --> olive oil.


But if we were to pick just 1 oil for most (chinese, sorry need to ATQ) cooking. Then I would probably say buy soya bean oil? It isn't the best oil per say in terms of anything, but overall I think its ok? Decent smoking point at 230 deg? and generally neutral so it won't alter the flavour of the dish too much? (If you are rich and think you cannot control the fire well especially in deep frying,  u can get rice bran oil but its pricey-er) 


[1] https://homecookworld.com/cooking-oils-smoke-points/

[2] https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/abs/10.1002/ejlt.201500088 


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On 4/1/2022 at 12:04 PM, HendryTan said:

1. Recently reviewing the type of oil I am using for cooking. Usually chinese cooking.


2. What you guys use and recommend ?




From the healthiness level Extra virgin olive oil is the best. However, olive oil doesn't suit for high temperatures aka wok style as it easily reaches the smoke point. 


Second comes any sunflower ( seed ) oil (due to vitamin content). 


Third probably canola. 


My personal advice is: take as little oil as possible, unless you fry oat prawns etc or those breadcrumb covered chicken/meats, Asian cooking can do with less oil. 


Healthhub has placed some info on the different types:





Maybe, Hendry you elaborate what Chinese dish you intend to cook, I m sure advice would be more accurate. 



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On 6/10/2022 at 1:03 PM, phewphew said:

Smoking point is KINDA important cos beyond that you can think that you are burning the oil. So from a food thermal paste to burnt food


For your info smoking point is also relevant due to cancer producing toxic elements. 


Once your oil smoked like fire, pour it away, don't continue using it. 


I always keep some old glass containers with a screwable cover to pour old oil into it (after cooking). 


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On 5/25/2022 at 4:08 AM, doncoin said:

Depending on what I am cooking. Generally I use olive oil the most. If i want an oil with a lighter flavor, I use avocado oil. For deep fry, peanut oil is the go to. 


Note that avocado depletes ground water sources. From an environmental point you might want to consider. 

Same as palm oil destoyed the jungles, avocado overfarming has caused severe droughts in Mexico/ Peru etc. 


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