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What Was The Last Song You Were Listening To?


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Someone like you / Chasing Pavements / Rolling in the Deep - Adele (Tiny Desk Concert)

When I first heard Adele back when she released her 19 Album, it wasn't hard to love her music. Brilliant singer, pity that she had throat hemorrhage. Hope she gets well.

"One may stray from the path of a man, one may stray from the path of a woman, but there is no straying from the path of a HUMAN! All friends must scatter into the sky of truth, and blossom!, OKAMA WAY!" - by Bon Clay (One Piece)

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Guest IamPineapple

So what was the last song you listened to?

If you have the youtube link,just copy the URL and paste it in your comment.If you're using the quick reply,paste the link inside the quick reply box and click 'More Reply Options',and the youtube link would automatically be embedded.

Like this :


If not,just state the song name and artist,like this :

Artist - Song Name

Start sharing! :D

Nice song TS !

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...I'll tell you my overflowing thoughts without hiding them

Now –Be As One- I want to try believing

That there is such a thing as an everlasting love

Let’s etch ourselves into each other

In this destiny which we won’t regret

Bring our hands together and feel each other’s

warmth and feel the peacefulness born from each other’s gaze

That is eternity Only Shine Because we realize...

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