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Shanghai ( China ) - Massage / Sauna / Places To Visit (Compiled)

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do a search, there has been some discussion of shanghai places

Anyone know where to get the ticket? too bad to know that the official web being blocked by the great firewall Saturday Oct 29, 2011 14:00-16:00 Comrades in Marriage Discussion Free Hongkou Disctrict,

Why so less people share info on Shanghai? Anyone ever tried their services? http://blog.sina.com.cn/aromassage http://www.lomogay.org/enlomogay.asp?id=16 http://www.like021.com/Contact.asp do they ha

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Will be going to Shanghai next month with a couple of friends. Anyone with places to recommend? Eg. massage, sauna, bars, discos, and great food places. Thank you in advance. :P :thumb:

Although I’ve never been there but read from other gay forum that you guys shall be careful and to avoid the MB (money boys) which scattered in many places in Shanghai and they are up to cheat, hustle and blackmail.

Other gay forum like Sgboy has a thread on Shanghai in particular and some good tips in Utopia-Asia.

Quote: Golf and sex are about the only things you can enjoy without being good at them. ~ US Professional Golfer Jimmy Demaret

Quote: If you watch a game, it's fun. If you play at it, it's recreation. If you work at it, it's golf. ~ Actor Bob Hope (1903 - 2003)

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Hi, may be posted to Shanghai. So, would like to find out from any kind souls who care to share where are the clean and presentable sauna frequented by mature straight looking gays. Would also like to get know of any mature gay-friendly masseur that I can contact for a massage. Thanks.

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Hi, may be posted to Shanghai. So, would like to find out from any kind souls who care to share where are the clean and presentable sauna frequented by mature straight looking gays. Would also like to get know of any mature gay-friendly masseur that I can contact for a massage. Thanks.

You might read the Shanghai Cityguides in Fridae (Hkg based gay web):


a good oral sex makes your day, a good anal sex makes your "hole weak"

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Xiao Liu is sitting facing me with his legs apart on the narrow massage bed. I am fondling his jewels and stroking the long dick hair. We did not talk but smiled.

It has been a nice massage at this gay massage place just outside one of the ring roads, about 30 RMB taxi ride from Nanjing Xi Lu. Upon entering I am given a thick book of photos to choose my masseur. Most are 19 to 22 and many are handsome enough to be models. Some are better than the models in iMeili.

The young Chinese adonis enters the room and strips. His taut body with just enough muscles on the bod is attractive. Told him he looks like one of the Japanese singers and he starts to look at his face in the mirror.

The massage starts the usual way... with some stretching and kneading of my back muscles. I lie naked and let him relaxes me. After 15 minutes or so, the action starts. He rubs oil generously on my back, rubs on his bod, stroke himself hard and mounted my back to rub me all over. His hard dick is pushing between my thighs or probing my opening. It is sensous. I groan and he lie full frontal on my back and grinds away.

He uses his fleshy buttocks to rub my back, buttock and thighs. A great feeling. He sits on the bed with legs folded, lifts both my legs onto his thighs. I am lifted up but my jewels are exposed to his strokes. He is a strong person.

I turned over and he now repeats his actions in front. I can fondle him, stroke him, kiss his nipples, etc. This 19 year old comes from Guangxi, a province adjacent to Guangdong. He speaks a bit of Cantonese and we chatted in Cantonese.

It is long 90 minutes with a happy ending that I have never experienced in Singapore. Xiao Liu lies next to me, sucks my nipple while giving me the happy ending.

After that he sits facing me, with that whimsical smile which I take my time to know his bod better.

All for just 288 RMB. A few days later I returned and had an even hotter evening with young Alex.....

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It's a known secret. Go for the Thai oil massage. Not all are adonis loking. But you can find many. And it is thrilling. Just thinking of the b2b I had with the many young sexy and mostly good looking youth makes me drool. I just cannot wait to go again. Some of the sites you can look at for starters are




You won't be disappointed!

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Three days later after several rounds of hectic meetings in Shanghai and elsewhere, I was ready for another relaxing massage and fun.

The taxi dropped me nearby the massage center. Told the cab driver I was meeting someone (as this is not the center of town)!

Walked in. It is Monday and the place is quiet. Met the receptionist, someone of my height, with hair a bit blond and a bit on the stout side. Boyish looking. He gave me the picture book and later sat next to me. Asked him whether he does massage or not.

He has just returned from the countryside in Jiangsu, not far from Shanghai. He was willing to do the massage and I skipped the picture book. I had bathed at the hotel and so changed and went straight to the room.

Called him Alex. He came in with his tools of trade. Dressed in sleeveless singlet and shorts. By shorts I mean those with big openings and thin fabric.

I am lying face up as Alex gave me a scalp massage, then the neck and shoulders. Each massuer has his own approach. Soon, I am feeling my way up and down his firm thights and legs. Not hairy. All these young bods are smooth skin!

We kept chatting and since he did not mind my touching, I am now pinching his dick through the fabric. Lightly pinched and let go the dick head. It is firming up. Alex changes position and is now out of reach.

Tonight, the massage is being done facing up. Alex is back in range. My hand creeps up into the opening of his shorts, up to his jewels. My fingers fondle him and feels the shape and texture. His is getting erect.

Alex feels hot... not from my touch but by his exertions. I am enjoying his firm hand strokes. He takes off his singlet. He has a lush armpit and a slight musty smell, could be his long bus trip back to Shanghai. Still it is the scent of lust.

I am now aroused. I pulled down his pants. He took it off and is next to the bed, still doing the massage. His within reach of my lips. I lifted up my head, leaned closer and his dick is in my mouth. My tongue gives him a tongue bath and rolls over his bulbous head. Alex has a sexy bush too.

Next, Alex climbed onto the bed and sits astride my chest. He holds onto the bed and thrust himself deep into my mouth. I choked a bit and adjusted. He continues to stroke it deep and out. Shall I call it "mouth massage"? He is breathing deeply and I asked him if he is enjoying it. Yes, he replied. When it is in all the way, I feel his bush against my nose... it is clean and without smell.

Tonight the massage is going very well. The oil massage is done face up as Alex has his ideas. He uses his cheek and grips my dick between his cheek and his muscular fore-arm and strokes it! A different kind of stroking indeed and sensous too. His specialty I guessed.

Alex has other ideas. He gives me those licks and sucks my nipples hard. He drills his tongue into my ear lobes... my sensitive parts and I am groaning. He is is giving me pleasure and enjoying my responses.

I am stroking him furiously and wants him to cum but he said he can control. If they do not wish to cum, the customer cannot make them cum.

(Edit: Forgot to add the finale...). Alex is sitting astride my chest. His dick is deep into my mouth while he hand gave me the happy ending. My groans are muffled as the spring gushed forth. I am completely tired not because of the massage but by the sex tonight.

It is another long evening and I am enjoying every bit of it. Alex is easy-going and we enjoyed the time together. On my next Shanghai visit, I must invite him out for a special one. I paid him a tip on top of my usual massage fee. Even the skinny towel kid got a tip from me. I am getting to know these young studs.

Perhaps I should write about the nite on the 55th floor and how sex is enjoyed with the splendor of a Shanghai nite view.

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I have not gone to any massage place in Beijing, but Shanghai, I am very familiar and I was told you get a wider and better selection in Shanghai. My favourite is at the Goddess of Moon. The address is 1157 Hong qiao lu. A little way out, but you get some real outstanding bods there. You can see the masseurs' photos from the website www.shyzs.com. I particularly like this 19 year old stud, just fresh out of school, from the North-eastern district, near the Russian border. Think the number is 837 or 827.

I believe there are lots of massage places also in Beijing, around Chaoyang area. Some of the websites you can accessare:



Or you may be able to get something out of this wonderful website


It has some great resource on massage places in all the big cities in China.


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Some of the sites you can look at for starters are




The web address for www.shyzs.com has changed to


There are really good looking masseurs in this web page. Especially number 27, the 19 yo chap from Tong Pei, number 37, 20 yo also from tong Pei.

Address is 1157 Hong Qiao Lu, on the 4th floor by the side of a Japanese restaurant.

The other place that I highly recommend is


Lots of gorgeous guys in this massage place. I particularly masseurs number 2, 8, 19, 29 and 77, especially number 2, 20 yo from Shangtung. Good looks, honest and accomodating, but average size below.

Address is 201 Zhao Jiang Bang Lu. It is diagonally opposite the Ming Zhu Hotel and the Lu Wan Sports Complex. Number 201 consists of a row of shop houses. By the side, there is a car park entrance which leads to several low level blocks of apartment. There is a big 'massage' sign at apartment 6. The entrance to this massage place is through the back of this apartment.

I am sure you will have a good time there. If not, just go into these web addresses and look at the photos of these masseurs.


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The photos in the websites can be deceiving.

One massuer in Shanghai admitted that the photos are touched up. Fortunately for me, his looks are not too far off from his pictures and he is manly except that he is not as beefy as I had expected.

Most China guys are slim. It's rare to find someone who is muscular, the most important criterion to me.

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The photos in the websites can be deceiving.

One massuer in Shanghai admitted that the photos are touched up. Fortunately for me, his looks are not too far off from his pictures 

You are right. Some pictures have been touched up, but it is not always the case.

For me, I have been lucky. The ones I encountered have all looked the same and not even a bit different from the photos in the websites.

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The most notorious and long standing bathhouse in Shanghai is

Lian Bang Dazhong Bathhouse in Lian Bang Hotel.

Address is 228 Zhizaoju Road near Xietu Road

Other well known bathhouse is Da Guan Yuan Bathhouse

Address is 2 Beijing Xi Road.

and New Din Lin, 775 Yan Chang Road (east of Hu Tai Road). It was previously in the Hong Kou district and had just moved to the new location about two months ago.

The actions in these bathhouses are hot. But you have to be careful as there are many rent or money boys there, especially at Lian Bang. These rent boys are young, real good looking, smooth talking, but do be careful if they invite you to your private cabin or when you invite them back to your hotel rooms. They are out for your money and vakuables.

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I am thinking of going to Shanghai next month any good hotel to recommend and gay sauna TQ

Follow the following link


Although it was written in 2002, the 2 bathhouses are still standing, affordable and worth a visit for all the fun you can get.

That article in yawning bread sounds wild. Is it real? Or just some fiction

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Guest Guest_lazyone

that seems a little expensive by local Shanghai standards. Housecalls (masseurs who are not from massage centres) are generally RMB100 p hr. even to your hotel room, maybe add another RMB20 or so for tips.

Housecalls from good massage centres (eg Green Massage - no hanky panky) generally at most RMB240 p h. That was my experience 1+ year ago... cld have changed though.

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Guest wizardoz
Name : Chen 师傅

Country / City : China - Shanghai

Facility : Nil - he will come to your hotel

Website : nil

Rate : Rmb$250 per hour

Contact : + 86 13817102930

Field Report : Good, strong massage

Massage rating : 8/10

Service : 8/10

Remarks : Cute cub of about 30+, 75 - 80 kg. Don't expect extras or at least I was not able to get any :(

If the masseur is in his 30s, he is surely not a cute cub.

More likely to be an old wolf.

agree with lazy+bone RMB250 an hour is far too expensive.

Can get better and very much younger quality ones with reasonably good skills for much less.

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Agree that there are tons of young slim men providing massage services in China. And costs is low including extras. Not sure how good they are as I hardly patronise them. I prefer cubs, bears chubs or simply meaty masseurs. Very hard to find on gay websites but some "regular" saunas have them. If anyone know of such masseurs, do share. Don't worry, I won't criticise your taste with my opinion such as referring them to "old wolf", we each have our preference ... thanks :)

And as a reference of what I consider cute, here's one on the web in a regular foot massage joint (but I do not know where this was taken) ....

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A better guide to the gay scene here is at:


For the bars, most people go Eddy/Studio then D2 to dance.

There is also a new sauna Studio 2006, similar to 10 Men, which is small but clean. The crowd there is mostly in their 20s-40s office types.

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Recently there are a few interesting sites sprouting out promoting massage services. They usually display photos of the masseurs. I have tried a couple and I have to say the photos match the real persons. Here is a typical site where there are different saunas catering to different types and needs:


A cursory check seems to indicate the fee is RMB450 to RMB600 for chubs and matured masseurs and RMB400 to RMB450 for slim and younger sets. All the fees are for out calls. This is a bit pricey by China standard but already a market norm; so I don't think there are room for bargain. You can also go to the sauna itself and the fee may be lower.

My encounter so far has been one of pleasantness. I think these folks are generally honest and nice people like you and I except due to mainly financial reasons, particularly now with the economy in not so good shape, and due to the huge human population in China, these folks could not find jobs that can give them a sustainable living.

Aside from the nice physical experience, I also ended up making friends with them, sharing about their aspirations and their sorrows.

Of course having said this, I also try to avoid talking about money with them. I have given some money before but not wihtout assessing that the guy is genuinely in need of money. Nontheless, take the buyer beware attitude and as in all dealings with ppl, treat them with dignity and they will reciprocate.

I am based in Shanghai, so if fellow frens would like to know more, please feel free to write to my email and I can give my 3 cents worth. I do not profess to know the PLU scene here well but I shall try.

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Recently there are a few interesting sites sprouting out promoting massage services. They usually display photos of the masseurs. I have tried a couple and I have to say the photos match the real persons. Here is a typical site where there are different saunas catering to different types and needs:


Website not working

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Guest Brandon

Hi Samson, I am also currently based in Shanghai (but not in the city). My life here so far has been quite bored. How to contact you to chat and find out more info and etc.?

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Hi Samson, I am also currently based in Shanghai (but not in the city). My life here so far has been quite bored. How to contact you to chat and find out more info and etc.?

Hi Brandon, if you log in as a member you will find my email. Otherwise, let me know your email and I will write to you.


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Was in Shanghai last week for a short getaway and also to take the opportunity to visit a friend there.

During the trip, managed to visit 3 of the saunas/bath-houses there and here's a short review. Hopefully, fellow BWers will find it useful:

a. Studio 2006

Address: Huashan Residential Compound, 2006 Huai Hai Zhong Rd #10

This sauna is one of the newer ones in Shanghai, but also, can be a little difficult to find for first-timers. This sauna is located in a residential estate. In fact, it is located in a underground bomb shelter. Upon pressing the buzzer, the door will unlock and you will have to climb several steps to get to the basement where the entrance is. It is opened in late evenings till midnight. Place is pretty well kept, though small. It consists of a dry sauna and steam-room, lounge and several private cubicles for fun. When I was there on Friday evening, the crowd size is around 20+, mainly guys in their 30s and 40s, gym-built. I managed to find 2 matured guys in their 40s in the sauna and have some naughty fun of fondling and oral. As I had not had my dinner, i left around 8pm. Would recommend that you take a cab to this place as it is a good 15 to 20-minute walk from the nearest MRT station.

b. DingLing

Address: 775 Yanchang Middle Rd, Zhabei District

After dinner, decided to play a visit to another sauna. Took a cab to this place and arrived around 11pm. There is a side road before arriving at the entrance. Also, there are renovation work on-going at that area, and there are quite a few construction workers there at night as well. At the counter, you will be required to complete a form with your name and signature to get a membership card. If you decide to stay for the night (as defined as leaving after 12 midnight), you will need to pay additional RMB10 on top of the entrance fee which is around RMB35. You will be given a bag consisting of towel, shirt and shorts, which you must return upon exit. Also, you have to exchange your shoes at the counter for a pair of slippers.

Place is definitely bigger than the earlier one which I have been to. There are private rooms which I understand you will need to pay extra to get a room for the night (similar to that of saunas in Tokyo). If not, most guys will have fun or sleep in the movie room as beds are provided. Otherwise, you can also sleep on the sofa in the lounge, which I will not recommend due to the number of mosquitoes disturbing you for the night, among other "disturbances". There are around 30+ guys staying for the night, the age range of 20s to 40s. Facilities include internet corner, steam room, gym. I wanted to leave around 3am and discovered that the front door is locked and the attendent is sleeping. This means that you will not be able to enter or exit after 3am. If you are intending to visit this sauna, do get in before 1am or leave by 1am if you do not intend to stay for the night. Otherwise, you will have to wait till dawn before you can exit from this place, though they indicate that it is 24-hours.

c. Lian Bian Sauna

Address: 228 Zhizaoju Lu

For the Saturday night, decided to visit this bath-house that has existed in Shanghai for couple of years. Do note that there are 2 saunas of the same name here. The PLU one is the one on the right on the alley. The facilities here have undergone some renovation and not as dirty as before, it is still pretty dirty especially for those who are very conscious of hygiene. Among all the saunas, this is the one with the most crowd. At the counter, you are required to give up your shoes for slippers and in addition, at the locker area, you will be given a shirt and pants for use together with towel. The locker number corresponds to the room number in which you should use to rest/sleep. In practice, most people there follows the rule and often most rooms are closed with guys having fun inside or sleeping there. As such, it is a common sight seeing the patrons there requesting for the attendent to open up the room for them to go in. As I was there around midnight, most rooms are locked and I just walk around taking a look, intending to return back to hotel in 1-hr time. However, I managed to hit-up with a guy there and we kind of hug each other in the walkway. Due to unavailability of rooms, we ended up having a steamy session in the steam room. After that, we managed to find a room and chatted throughout the night till wee hours (around 5am) before I leave back for hotel. Was a nice feeling that at such place, it is just not pure sex and managed to chat up with guys there.

Well, these are some brief write-up and hope that you guys will find it useful. You can PM me if you need more details.

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New article from the NYTimes about the gay scene in Shanghai. I cut and paste the article below but the link show a pic with some yummy young men some of you may like.


New Day for Shanghai Nights


Published: June 28, 2009

Skip to next paragraph “BRING in the boys!” an announcer howled on a recent Saturday afternoon at Cotton’s, a bar in Shanghai.

The occasion was a daylong celebration with drag shows, Chinese opera performances, mock same-sex weddings — and, yes, a “hot body” contest — to help conclude Shanghai’s first Gay Pride Week. And as seven beefcakes, including two from New York and one from Indonesia, strutted onto an outdoor stage, a crowd of hundreds erupted in whoops and hollers before awarding the hottest body title to a strapping, six-foot-tall Shanghainese who went by the name Grant. He was wearing a pink “Beware Pickpockets and Loose Women” T-shirt, until he wasn’t.

“We realized that now is the right time,” Tiffany Lemay, one of the organizers, said of the week’s events. Well almost. Although China decriminalized homosexuality in 1997, visits by the local authorities prompted the cancellation of several gay pride activities. Still, the revelry bore witness (in some cases bared witnesses) to a growing gay scene that, despite the occasional setback, has contributed to Shanghai’s already vibrant night life in ways once hard to imagine.

There’s even an epicenter: a trio of bars in the French Concession neighborhood known as the Gay Triangle. Many visitors start there at the long-running Eddy’s (1877 Huaihai Zhong Road; 86-21-6282-0521; www.eddys-bar.com), a tony concrete-walled bar offering the kind of Chinese exotica (Mao-inspired art, antique door panels) that Westerners and the Shanghainese who congregate with them can’t seem to resist.

A stone’s throw away is Shanghai Studio (1950 Huaihai Zhong Road, Unit 4; 86-21-6283-1043; www.shanghai-studio.com), a onetime bomb shelter where a more eclectic, hipper crowd wends its way through a warren of rooms that includes a dance floor and a men’s underwear shop called MANifesto. Completing the triad is the intimate Transit Lounge (141 Tai An Road; 86-21-6283-3051), a favorite among Japanese men who come for the swanky red banquettes, loungey vibe and mojitos.

With their international mix of patrons, these and other spots point to Shanghai’s cosmopolitan makeup. But more locally oriented establishments offer something for everyone, too. Consider Bobos (Bugaoyuan Clubhouse, 307 . Nan Road; 86-21-6471-2887; www.bobosbar.com). Exceedingly well hidden within a compound of residential high rises (go through the main gate, turn right, look for the glass dome and head downstairs), it’s where you’ll find the somewhat hairier, fuller-bodied set, known as panda bears, loading up on carbs and singing karaoke on a stage flanked by an illuminated rainbow.

Or on Fridays through Sundays, there is Lai Lai (235 An Guo Road, second floor; 86-21-6546-1218), an endearingly shabby dance hall where mostly middle-aged men sneak away for a little ballroom action. Arrive early; by 9 p.m., the band goes silent and the floor clears out.

As elsewhere, lesbians have fewer options in Shanghai. But Shanghai Studio hosts a women’s night on the last Saturday of each month, while Tuesdays and Saturdays are marked off for lesbians at, respectively, the bar Frangipani (399 Dagu Road; 86-21-5375-0084; www.frangipanibar.com) and the club Red Station (200 Taikang Road, fourth floor).

A number of Web sites, including www.utopia-asia.com and www.shanghaiist.com, offer broad-ranging, up-to-date information on Shanghai’s gay scene.

But on the Saturday night of gay pride, it was the beefcakes who resurfaced at D2 (505 Zhong Shan Nan Road, south alley; 86-21-6152-6543; www.clubd2.cn), a three-level club in the new Cool Docks retail and entertainment complex on the Huangpu River. Amid smoke, laser beams and the thumping of techo-dance music, a flesh-to-flesh mass of mostly Chinese muscle men suggested that now might be a good time to invest in fitness centers in Shanghai; it seemed the whole city had become one giant hot-body contest. Fully clothed, however, was a 30-year-old local named Pete. “Yeah, that’s the trend right now,” he said of the sea of brawn around him.

Please play safely! Use a condom if you are having anal sex.

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