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  1. Planning a trip to Taiwan in early July. This will be my first trip there. Anyone with good recommendations on where to go for good massages (by good looking masseurs :twisted: )?
  2. Anyone ever visited gay sauna and massage centre in Jakarta? Would you share your info in this forum.
  3. For those who have either stayed in HCMC or travelled to there, I would appreciate your comments or recommendations on the gay scene there. I have already checked utopia so it your personal take that I am interested.
  4. Anyone tried staying in a gay nude resort? Bali seems to have quite a number of them. Mostly boutique resort. Any kinky stories to share?
  5. Will be going to Shanghai next month with a couple of friends. Anyone with places to recommend? Eg. massage, sauna, bars, discos, and great food places. Thank you in advance. :thumb:
  6. Here are some simple words for those heading for BKK after reading Lungker's Field report. Hi / Hello / Good morning, etc. (any greeting) - Sawadee Krub (Sa Wa D Cup)(洒瓦的cup) Thank you - Kop Khun krub (Corp kung cup) (Corp 坤 cup) Sorry - Kor Tod Krub (Kor Toad Cup) Are you ok / fine? - Khun sebai dee mai? (Kung Ser bai dee mai) (mai must sound like a question) Nevermind / It's OK / You are welcome - Mai phen rai (Mai Pen Rye) (賣Pen賴) You are Cute = Khun Na rak krub You are Handsome = Khun Lor krub I like you = Phom Chop Khun I love you = Phom Rak Khun Where is the toilet? = Hon Nam you-ti-nai krub (Toilet) (where) Taking Taxi When you wave for the taxi, the taxi will stop. Just open the door but don't step in yet. Verbally tell the taxi driver where you want to go. e.g. "Silom pai mai krub" (Si lom pai mai cup) Silom Going ? If taxi driver can go, he will gesture that he is going and you just take it from there. Before you enter the taxi, you must ask another question. "Meter krub" - means..i want you to use the meter. If taxi driver don't want, he will try to talk a price to you. Forget him and take another taxi. There are many taxi in Bangkok, so don't worry if you miss one. Always have enough small change in you so that when it is time to pay the taxi driver, remember to give him exact change (+ - a few Baht). Otherwise, he will tell you that he do not have change and you will end up paying more than the fare. Imagine paying 80baht for a 73 baht fare or worst he will tell you he do not have change if you should give him a 100baht for a 73baht fare. Even if you are loaded, do not spoil the market or spoil the taxi driver. It is not about being stingy, even though to you the few baht may mean nothing. Many taxi driver are spoilt by tourist, especially those who hangs around at Silom Road. They usually don't "on" the meter when they know you are tourist and will ask for exubulant prices. Some simple Thai for getting around in a Taxi Turn left = Liao (聊)Sai Turn right = Liao Kua (卦) Keep left = Chit Sai Keep right = Chit Kua Stop here = Chud (chook) ni krub Go Straight ahead = Tong (東)Pai (敗) Tipping Usually, tipping is not necessary. But as tourist, it is ok to tip about 20baht. Anything more than that will be too much. Some of my friends used to tip like 100baht for a massage. I used to tip 50baht. That is considered alot where tipping is concern. Well, there is no clear or fast rule for tipping, but if you think you are rich, then you are free to tip how much you want, but just don't spoil the market for the rest of us. Cruising Brought my friend around BKK recently, as it was his virgin trip, I had warned him about money boys around Silom looking for Sugar daddy before we set out. During our short separation; we left on separate flight at different time. While strolling along Silom, he met a local thai guy at KFC in Silom. Looking nothing like a money boy (he can't tell, neither can I), he brought the guy back to the hotel. The guy only indicated to my friend later (after they had sex) that he needed money and started to tell his sob story about how he had run away from home and how he needed money to go home, etc. The guy even ask him for a handphone as he says, it is how he can stay in touch with him. My friend gave the guy a small gift which he had prepared before hand and replied that he will send him money to buy the phone when he is back home as he did not had enough money. Luckily my friend has had prior advice from me and he is able to handle the situation skillfully. My friend is lucky to get away, but for some unlucky chap, the guy they brought back could turn violent or they may rob him blind or drug him, etc. The other reason was that, the hotel asked for the Identity cards of local visiting the hotel. So should anything happen to my friend, their ID should come handy. So for those who may think that they are lucky to score along Silom, think again. Generally, Bangkok is quite safe. I think many people will be able to tell you that, BKK is a safe place to visit, as long as you are on your guard. Role Playing Usually those guys you pick from the meat market are mostly straight, although some are AJ. Generally, they can be Fcuked, given the right "price". If you are picking the them in the clubs you visit, just ask the waiter / manager around. They usually speaks English. But if you happen to pick someone off the street/sauna, etc. then it would be good to know the role. Generally, the Thai refers to Top as King and the Bottom as Queen. 1 and 0, top and bottom is also acknowledged by some. Here are some nifty word to crunch. If you want to ask a question, always add a "Mai" at the end of a question. If you want to say it as a No/Not. Just add "Mai" at the front of a word. Can I Fcuk you? = Phom (me) yek (fcuk) khun (you) dai (can) mai (?) krub. You want to fcuk me? = Khun aw (want) yek phom mai? Yes = Cai (菜) Krub or just answer Krub (Cup) will do. No = Mai Cai (賣菜) Can = Dai krub , Cannot = Mai dai (die) Painful = Jap , Not Painful = Mai Jap Big = Yai , small = Noi or Mai yai Good = Dee , No good = Mai dee You Cum yet ? = Oct (cum) ler yang (養) ? Not yet = Yang (養) I've cum = Oct leow (了) Hope the above would help some of you. Cheers and remember to play safe. Always!
  7. Sad to say the "Long Yang Servies" is no more there. I wasted my taxi fare and time walking up and down , left and right trying to look for them. Finally come to know that, that place have turn into a beauty salon. The Island Plaza opposite it is about 10 year plus quite old and not much to look at. So I headed back to hotel. The next day I visited "Leo fitness". They are in the 4 floor of the building. First of all , If you are stand in front of the builing the LHS of it is those shopping centre, selling all kind of thing like watch, CD, cloth, etc. When you are inside the building walk straight to the right side of the lift. The RHS of the building are business kind of shop, where the door is all close like. Out of the lift turn left walk a 90deg turning along corridor you will see a shop where the outside is painted black. Suddenly the door open a man dash out. the door was not close probably, there is a music signaling guy inside to close the door. I walk in and look at the noticeboard on the wall. Trying to find out their charger. Then one guy walk in hand over a RM10 and take the key and walk in. No question ask and don't need to fill any name,etc. I follow him, smoothly I enter the door next to the counter. Standing behind the door, on my left is the iternet room, 3 PC available but one not working. on my right is a newspaper reading room. Saw 2 guy sitting there. Slowly I take to move in to the locker room on my left which is behind the computer internet room. That guy I saw just now is stirpping very fast, I spend a min watching him undress. My locker is just a number away from him. Room were very crowded. have to let him dash out first. As usual there are 2 towel in the locker, Ione is for use and the other is for clean up after your what business. With a towel around me and move further in to check out. There is a gym located behind the locker room, which is on the right. you can see it before you enter the locker room or should say is behind the reading room. Next I saw the jaccuzi room on my left. The 3 jaccuzi is occupied and no bubbles is to be see. as I move in many guy walk pass me trying to make body contact. "hi!" one guy try to make the first move. he glap my hand and trying to say something. Can still remember the big big smile on his face................
  8. hi, any1 can tell me where to find stock/beefy mature man in batam, thinking of going by boat one of these days
  9. Going to japan very soon. Can anyone let me know the gay suana there and shop that I can buy some good Gay VCD. Can bring back VCD or no? Thank
  10. When you come to Melaka, which hotel you always go? We have a very comfortable condo at Century Mahkota for you guys.
  11. There is a topic about Tokyo sauna, anyone wanna share about Korean gay sauna or in particular Seoul sauna ?
  12. Intro: This is about 2 saunas, 2 cruising places and 1 beach in HK. Generally my opinions so you are free to disagree to them. Nothing too kinky as I am never good in writing erotic stories so it will be more of my experiences there. Why am I writing this, firstly I have gotten many valuable info from some forumers here, also I hope this can get other readers to write on their experiences. Something like PAY IT FORWARD. If you do online search, there could be tons of info to filter out and since most in BW site have the same taste, if may be more convenient and definitely helpful if we can all share experiences and tips. Like a Chinese saying, “throw the brick attract the jade”. Disclaimer: SAFE SEX SAFE SEX SAFE SEX. I know I sound like a broken record but really don’t waste your life away. The few times I had anal sex there, I used condoms. Exact location – for my laziness sake, there would NOT be exact address, do a search you can easily get the info online. How to fully enjoy – do your homework, know what you looking for, have an open mind. Saunas: There are many saunas in HK, and since I am into matured, I basically narrowed down to a few, namely Rainbow, KK and Galaxy. Due to time constraint, only managed to go to 2 of them. Once again do your homework, certain saunas only welcome young and fit and the receptionist dares to tell you that you don’t fit inside. Rainbow Sauna: Picking Rainbow was due to a local friend intro. He mentioned that Rainbow has been advertising aggressively in HK and may attract a lot of people. Thus I checked it out one night even though I am not into bears and chubs. Bad mistake, as that place really attracted bears and chubs. So while I have gotten a few advances, those were from not my type. Rainbow spans 4 storey, you entered by 14th floor and can go all the way to 11th level. Thus quite big in terms of vertical wise and could be a challenge walking all 4 levels. Being that huge, and it was a weekday night, there wasn’t a lot of people and hence I needed to put in effort combing the place. Unlike Singapore joints where there are many facilities, the only sauna facility is a steam room. The rest are made up of rooms, dark mazes and a multi-function hall that only open on weekends. Funny thing is there is a mock-up MTR train, which was hardly used when I was there. I don’t know, maybe it is a top fantasy for chub there to have fun inside the subway. To me it is just a waste of place. Also another thing different from SG is the inclusion of Karaoke place (which I later realized it is common in HK and figured out why) and like the subway, I only see the waiter listening to MTVs in the empty lounge. On the clientele, mainly Japanese type bear and chubs; late 20s to late 30s, and since not my type, I didn’t really like the place. It was until 2 hours later (I was watching the p--n VCD near the subway-like place all this while) that I found someone that was slimmer and willing bottom. Verdict: Strictly for those that like jap bears and chubs. Oh Rainbow is opened 24 hours everyday, making it a good choice if you want to save hotel money and spend the night there in the many private rooms, you can request for blanket if you are doing so. And at HKD 78 for a 10 hours usage, it is really cheap in HK. Galaxy Sauna: With the experiences in Rainbow, I asked a few source and Galaxy came highly recommended. I was told to come early as HKers prefer to go early and leave early. Generally, after 9pm will see lesser crowd. So I went on a weekday 5pm, and sure enough that place was jam packed with people. Being a single level place, Galaxy consisted of a rather big viewing lounge, 2 karaoke private rooms (yeap Karaoke) 1 reading room (more of this later) at one side while the other side consists of dry and wet sauna, some private rooms, p--n room and dark maze. When I arrived, I was surprised to find no less than 20 people near the entrance, as the layout is a long rectangle shape connecting the viewing lounge, reception and changing area. Some was surfing the net, many were talking to one another. To me it was more like a private club (less clothing) than a sauna. Crowd varies from younger to older, some fit, some chub but quite a number above 35yo. Being the cheapest of all the HK sauna (only HKD56) it attracted some mainland Chinese that treated this like a public bath house. I made my round and pretty fast found someone I liked. He is like the Japanese that was common in the p--n show, salt and pepper hair, average built, with specs and gentle gesture. Unfortunately, he was also a Top, hence we merely HJ and BJ each other. Most time we spent sitting on the sofa near the reception area chit chatting. I was thinking he is only in his mid 40s but turned out he is 57 and retired. Really can’t tell from his looks. We chit chatted for a good hour on the differences between SG and HK culture. Never had I spoke so much in a sauna. Thereafter, I lottier around other area, I realized that instead of treating like a sex sauna, many comes to Galaxy as a form of social gathering. Most knew another that walked in. That’s why the karaoke rooms are there, you can go in, programmed your song and sing for free! To a certain extent, Galaxy has a more relaxing mood than many other joints I had been. Coming to the reading room, apparently, you can play mahjong inside, as long as you can find enough kaki to start a table. There were also HK comics you can read. At certain times, announces will be made that dinner is served at HKD 15 per person. However when I was there, all the food had been wiped clean  So in short, you can spend quite some time within the sauna without going out. After the Jap-look-a-like uncle left with his friend, I went the Karaoke room to sing to my fill. When I came out, it was already 8plus and the crowd thinned. I was wondering whether to go back when this middle age man came in with his suit and tie. My eyes instantly filled with lust and I bet my drool must be wetting the carpet. I stood beside him when he slowly undressed himself (yes I am that obvious) he smiled at me and I knew I had a “catch”. He held my hand and entered one of the private rooms; however as my lady luck wasn’t there that night. Turn out he just wanted hugs and caress, no anal, no BJ. Well he was my type so I did what he wanted. He told me that he is married with kids, so to play safe, he preferred just the body contact of another male. SIGH… Verdict: Nice joint to spend your time, recommended if you prefer more matured crowd. With the location near Hyatt Hotel in Tsim Sha Tsui, it is very convenient to find and visit. Oh coke cola was free, just ask from the counter. - to be continued -
  13. Hello, Have anyone tried the lao zhang massage, how good is he. Please comment. cheers hkchief
  14. Traveled to Sydney recently for a holiday. Thought I would describe one sauna that I visited. There are a number of saunas in Sydney, but I visited only one. It is called City Steam, or more commonly called "357" by the locals. It is situated at, you guess it, "357, Sussex street" right next to Chinatown area. There is a 大可以粥品restaurant next to the sauna. The charge is $13 b4 2pm and $20 thereafter. There is a pass-out system where the customer will be given a piece of receipt to sign and then he can re-enter. Good if want to go out for dinner and come back again. On Monday, there is a 1 for 1 after 5pm. Because it is located near to CBD area, so lunch time attracts a lot of men to come here for a quickie. The staff told me sometimes can have up to 300 men! Also because it is near Chinatown, many ang mohs who like asian guys also like to visit. There are 4 levels. The lockers are on the 1st level. A short narrow passage leads to a hall where the shower, jacuzzi, toilet, steam room, dry sauna room are located. At the jacuzzi, there is sign saying "No f**king in Jacuzzi, Please" The steam room is dimly lit and there are some recess areas. Could still see a lot of action (of the oral type) going on inside there. The dry sauna room as usual plays xxx movie to stimulate the guys inside. Levels 2 and 3 are the crusing areas. There is also a mini theatre playing xxx movie on level 2. What is more interesting is the glory hole rooms. These rooms are built on a raised platform. Each cubicle has a hole on each side of the wall. The wall opposite the door is only 3/4 height and the recessed area has a big tv showing pxxn. The room on the other side of this raised room is actually on a lower level. If you insert your c**k inside the hole, the guy in the other room will be able to suck it without kneeling or stooping. Quite a neat idea. The 4th level is a "no sex zone". It is a huge relaxing area with free tea/coffee, sofas, counter selling snacks, chill out room, tv corner, mini-cinema, computer terminals. When I was there, saw all types of guys, old and young, bears, muscular and skinny types, ang mohs and asians. Truely cosmopolitan place.
  15. I'm going to chiang mai for holiday next week with my friend. Anyone has recommendation for massage in chiang mai?
  16. Have you ever lured or seducing a plumber over to fix your pipes, or any delivery person who sent you food, drinks, or packages? Any experience to share?
  17. I have contacted most of it and among them, I think Sean and Wang have the most reasonable rates. The rest are over pricing. I am not sure why they jet-up the pricing as I believe for local, if the pricing is affordable there will always a return customers. Also, is good to contact Sean and Wang earlier as they seems always fully booked. I am not managed to book one as they are fully booked. Will try again soon.
  18. need help, in guangzhou now, any nice sauna or place for PLU around? thank you
  19. Not sure if there’s already a thread to Find A Travel Buddy; if there is please merge this post. I’m looking to travel Stateside or GB in Nov/Dec and would like to have someone to travel together with. Anyone keen to head there and looking for a travel kaki please PM.
  20. Guest

    Scuba Diving (Compiled)

    hi. would like to take up diving hobby. would appreciate it if anyone can point me to the right direction of a good scuba diving
  21. As title, seeking for anyone interested to go Nepal from 7/4 to 22/4.Date is flexible within this period. Hopefully you are not the too weak type and able to walk for long distance. Or you can start training from now. PM is interested.
  22. Now that WeChat pay and AliPay allow foreign bank credit cards, has anyone has experience on using the payment in China? I read online the reviews were rather mixed, some claimed it worked while others having issue.
  23. Hey Guys! Let this be a place for us to find travel buddies to travel with. I am looking for a travel buddy to go either Philippines / Thailand / somewhere in the coming weeks. I'm quite open. I'm 24, 170, 50. Local Indian guy. Do PM me if you are keen! Happy travelling!
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