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Wantann Noodles


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Anyone has the info on the former wantan noodles stall in front of former National Lib?

I miss that stall. Once they moved to Joo Chat, now dont know where are they?

Thank you.

The first who inform me, I will buy you the noodles too. :D

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Far East Square Food Court should only have ONE wantan noodle stall. are there many?

go and see yourself lor. it will be the same person cooking. and if a few, i am very sure you can try them all and discover which is your long lost favourite.

I think it's lost a bit of the flavour already. Open air and dirty drains always make the food taste better, imho.

and where wanton noodles are concerned, there is this franchise of wanton noodles ... I absolutely love the chilli sauce.

reminds me of my primary school days wanton noodle chilli... it has those lovely crispy fried wonton...

the portions served is small tho...

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Geylang Lorong 13 has a very nice wantan noodle shop. it's not the corner coffeeshop, but the one right after the first block... very prominant from the main road if you keep right... price is good too... absolutely love the noodle texture, taste of the chilli, and the soup... opens early enough for breakfast at daybreak! tru lunch... not sure if they sell for dinner tho...

do give it a try

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9 hours ago, practease said:

Perhaps it's time to give others a try and a chance?

One of my favourites, it's been there for ages already.



This is nice. But only gripe :  wanton meat too little. 

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my parents brought me to eat wanton mee at Raffles Place Clifford Centre basement foodcourt in 2004. it has fried wanton and it taste good. quite long queue on weekdays. but when i went again in 2005, the foodcourt became a halal foodcourt and the wanton mee stall was gone. i did not take note of the stall name, so had no idea where it relocate to.

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