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  1. Cruising places: Parks 1. Tasik Kelana Jaya (HAPPENING!) 2. Tasik Permaisuri HUKM side (HAPPENING!) 3. Bukit Kommanwel hill top Swimming Pools 1. Kelana Jaya Swimming Pool (HAPPENING!) 2. Chin Woo Swimming Pool (HAPPENING!) 3. Bandar Tun Razak Malls 1. KL Sentral toilet besides KFC (HAPPENING!) 2. Nu Sentral toilet besides HM (HAPPENING!) 3. Sunway Pyramid toilet below TGV 4. Avenue K toilet Level C & next to Tealive 5. Empire gallery Toilet beside popular / uniqlo. (Once in the blue moon) RnR 1. LDP towards Kepong besides Caltex (HAPPENING!) 2. LDP towards Puchong from Sunway McDonald (HAPPENING!) 3. Shell toilet at kesas highway towards kota kemuning also got. (Depends lucks, mostly taxi driver or lorry driver) 4. Shell toilet USJ Hicom (Happening) Gym 1. CF Sunway Pyramid (HAPPENING!) 2. CF Mid Valley 3. CF 1 Utama (HAPPENING!) 4. FF Avenue K (HAPPENING!) 5. FF The Curve 6. FF Empire (HAPPENING!) 7. FF Paradigm Mall (Happening)
  2. Hello everyone! I'm a skincare junkie and I hope to learn about your skincare routines, favourite products, tips on maintaining your face & combating acne For me in this weather I have oily combination skin, oily on the t-zone and the other parts of my face & a little dry on the inner cheeks of my face. Some of my favourite products Sunscreen: Dr Jart, UV sun fluid, which I bought at Sephora. Took me long to find the perfect sunscreen for me because most sunscreen are generally thick, heavy on the face & leaves a chalky white finish on the face however the consistency and texture of this sunblock is light and thin almost water gel like absorbs into the skin nicely & leaves no white finish. I've been using it for almost a year now and have repurchased a new bottle would continue to use this. Moisturisers: Like the sunblock it took me quite a while to finally find something I like, but for now I'm using the Bioderma Sensibio Light soothing cream as my moisturiser. It's not thick & it absorbs well. I'm currently trying to find and explore other moisturisers so if you have any suggestions please share too
  3. A few years ago I met a guy for a dinner date, we chatted the whole night and seemed to really click, we even kissed and had a bit of foreplay. I fell hard for him and pursued him but after a few weeks he brushed me off and said he wasn’t interested. I was heartbroken but we kept in regular contact, initially just friends but after a while we also started having sex during our regular meet-ups. We didn’t officially ‘date’, it was more like FWB. Except for a short period when he was officially dating someone else, this continued for a few years. We met frequently, almost every week, for meals or hikes, and without fail on almost every meeting we would also have sex. The chemistry felt very good and it always seemed like he was as keen as I was. He also quite regularly sent me sexually explicit messages (usually he was the one who initiated them) and sometimes we even cammed. After a few years of this ambiguous/FWB situation, he finally told me one day that he had romantic feelings for me, and eventually we officially became BFs. I was overjoyed, I thought things would finally be easier now that my feelings for him were returned. In all those years, my feelings and desire for him never waned, they even grew stronger in some ways as I got to know him better. The strange thing is though, right around the time that we officially became BFs, his sexual behavior towards me changed quite suddenly. He totally stopped sending me sexually explicit messages, and sometimes when I playfully tried to initiate, he would laugh it off or change the topic. Whereas in the past whenever we met he was eager to have sex, now there are more and more times when he would refuse and say that he’s not in the mood. There have been occasions during sex when he lost his erection and obviously seemed to lose interest. There have been times when we’re naked and I was so turned on but he couldn’t even get hard – and I’m not talking about an erectile dysfunction type situation where the person is in the mood but the body doesn’t cooperate – these were instances when he was clearly not horny at all. When I asked him about it, he would say it’s not me but just that he has a low libido. But how to square that with the fact that until recently he would initiate hour(s) long sexting sessions and didn’t hesitate to arrange meet-ups for sex? I should clarify that he’s the younger one, and nowhere near andropause age. And during the time we’ve known each other I haven’t changed in physical appearance; I didn’t get fat or anything like that. I asked him a while back whether it was because he was jerking off a lot, but he claimed at the time that he wasn’t; he said that he would sometimes surf porn but he wouldn’t cum. Only recently when I discovered a new tube of lube at his place then he admitted that he does sometimes jerk off. Which again seemed strange to me because in the past he would use that type of occasion to sext or cam me, but now he seemed secretive about it. Around the time that we became BFs he also bought some sexy underwear quite different from the type he usually uses, but strangely he never discussed them with me and they didn’t seem targeted at me. I thought that maybe underwear might be a fetish he wanted to explore so I brought up the topic and suggested we go underwear shopping together; I asked him to help me pick out something that would turn him on, but he was so obviously uninterested I dropped the subject. These days he’s very affectionate but usually in a non-sexual way. Sometimes it feels like a cartoon romance, strictly PG not R-rated. What happened? What do you think is going on?
  4. Hi all, there is a syndicate group targeting our community now. i got to know this person by the name/profile of "frank scott" from fridae. he told me he wanted to buy a house or apartment in Singapore about 1 month ago. he said he does not know anyone in Singapore so i offer to help. he had been calling and email me all these while saying that he is coming to Singapore yesterday. He is from UK and often travel. his mobile number is always unknown number when he call you (+447539580075 or +447031802633). yesterday someone by name of emily wong (+60102799735) called and she claimed to be calling from malaysia customs called me saying that Frank is carrying too much cash and need to pay tax. he can only afford some amount as they had seized all his luggage. so they called me to help to pay the reminding 5000 malaysia Ringgit. i was abit skeptical but in order to save him, i went ahead. i know things happen in Malaysia customs. when asked for the account number to tranfer the money, they gave me a personal account name "Hassan Abdul Karim".Immediately i questioned why is it not a Malaysia customs name or dept. Western Union tranfer of fund does not need account number" She replied that this is the correct account. 1 hour later she called again and said that he need to pay insurance to ensure that the money can comes to Singapore. This time they demanded RM 11800. i immediately turned down as i do not know this person and have no obligation to help. So they reduce to RM 10000. I also asked why is there a need to pay insurance, if he is in Singapore, i can assist him if he have difficulty. Frank was crying at the back and beg for assistance. I recommend to make police report.I told him to contact his family and company for help, but he said the time is still early in London. And i also mentioned if he have access to his luggage, he should be able to take out money from his brief case.i was not very sure if this is real cases Frank also booked a hotel in Singapore and i checked with hotel there is indeed a booking. I draw the money from the bank and went to western union again, this time they stopped me from sending the money saying that one remit per day to one person. Emily called again and this time gave me another account by name of Harry Michael. then the supervisor asked me why i need to transfer so much money, i told them the reason and she called Western Union. Western Union informed that there is a syndicate group from UK and actively in Asia. this is a know thing in Western Union and whenever there is such transaction, they will be on alert. they also given me a website www.419bittenus.com it has all the pictures of the group and stories of all victims.they told me to ignore the call. luckily the RM 10000 money didnt went thru this time. however this time every 3 minutes Emily Wong keeps calling i ignore the call. Last nite i made a police report believing that this is a syndicate group. i also called up the hotel they told me frank scott delayed his schedule to Singapore due to some custom issues. I was still hesitating. I also called Frank and he was blaming me for not helping him. he was abit worried when he heard there is a siren sound behind and keep asking me what was it. I also told him that its no more morning in London and he can call his family for help. However i called Malaysia custom to check this morning and they told me its all SCAM. they heard this story everyday. i know its abit lengthy but a warning to all that the email scam is no longer new anymore..now they will get to know their victim thru website making you believe them. For me i lost abut RM 5000 but not RM 10000.
  5. Hello gentlemen, any of y’all have suggestions for femboys who accessorize themselves? What kind of clothing and accessories would make them catch your eye? Androgynous clothes? Female shorts? Stockings / Pantyhose? Do share your thoughts.
  6. I am from Malaysia and interested to find a job in Singapore? Currently having around 4 years working experience in Finance field, aside from looking in Jobstreet, are there any other ways/job agency specialised in recruiting expat to work there? If there are any Malaysian who are working in SG right now would like to share your experience would be very appreciated.
  7. Hey guys, I need advice to handle this situation. My boyfriend and I am in a relationship for almost 2 years now. We never had anal sex from the start and it bothers me. I did told him that i miss getting fuck but he always told me to give him time. He did have problem with getting an erection. He tried supplements that i bought for him like tongkat ali and maca and some supplements from the States he bought himself. It does help a bit but the erection will be gone fast. Sometimes he asked me whether I would like to get another guy to fuck me and he just watch. I reject the offer all the time and told him I am willing to wait for him to heal. I am not willing to do it with other guy because it feels like cheating. I mean that would be an open relationship instead and I only want him and not other guy to have me on bed especially having sex. Maybe I just sound selfish and conservative but it is the way I am treating my partner all this time. I hope you guys here can share some tips on how to handle this. Any product that is good for erection? I scare that if this problem gets prolong it will end up with him having erectile dysfunction.
  8. I've started investing in Syfe. Small amounts, for now. The trends are fluctuating, at best. Anyone else has started investing with robo advisors? How has it been like so far? Please do comment and share your experience! 🙂
  9. Hi Guys, I’m 21ish, new to fun and I want to explore my sexuality and learn more things. Can I get advice from the people who has exp in these things? Im curious to know: • What I can do to protect myself? • What are the risks and responsibilities? • How common are STD’s actually? • How people who like raw/unsafe sex manage it? • How to know if the person is thrustworty • How are people so ok with meeting strangers and fucking? Not that I want to slut it out but it would be good to know before I meet those faceless but tantalizing torsos 😛
  10. Warning: at 09:55 hrs 21-8-2021 a Lady Police Officer inspected the male changing room. A member of public reported something suspicious so the Police was called in. FYI. *saw it with my own eyes, Macritchie Reservoir Open Showers*.
  11. was using Grindr last nite, a profile with the words: PT appeared so i PM him & he told me: meet me at 27A Loewen Road. so today i met with him, at a nice fitness studio at Dempsey, did my safe entry, & registered for a free trial with this hot looking ( & full of muscles that almost made me pre-cum ) chinese Personal Trainer who *has skin fairer/more fair-skinned than me... he can easily win Manhunt! he was G_O_O_D, why i say that? i was wearing a Huawei Band 6. after 20 minutes with him, my heart rate on my fitness tracker went up to 132, i swear that this is the highest beats-per-minute i ever registered for 2021( & 2020 included...) & when this muscular PT saw my watch & accelerated heartrate, he was secretly grinning, coz later in the consultation room, he attacked me with," You see for yourself, you are so unfit, you at least need 10 sessions with me in order to get your body conditioned AND THEN 10 more sessions to get your body fat index down to 10 to 15%." https://classpass.com/studios/the-movement-space-dempsey-at-core-collective-by-aurum-singapore anyway, his rates are very very expensive, here's the facts: 1) minimum sign up is 16 sessions. 2) cost per session is $175. 3) if u get more than 16 sessions, u can get the rate per hour down to $160 nett. https://www.corecollective.sg/personal-training on the website above, one of the Trainers is he/him.
  12. Has anyone ever come across being very horny physically but lesser horny mentally? Basically feels like body is heated and cock is super stiff, but mind is following up slow However, if mentally horny, physically will sure be horny too.
  13. Anyone work in the funeral industry? I am planning to find job in the industry but its quite closed to public. Anyone can provide advice like the expected job scene and salary?
  14. Do you feel horny when wearing black underwear? I do and I always assumed everyone feels the same way until a friend told me he doesn't. To him, wearing black underwear feels the same way as wearing any other colours. For me, the kinds of black underwear that have the most horny effect are briefs and jockstraps made of cotton, while swimming trunks don't have any effect at all. Do you feel the same way too? For days when I feel horny, I would wear black underwear. But the problem is if I wear it, I would be horny and think about sex all the time the whole day when I am wearing it, until I take it off, then the horniness could subside. The black underwear effect works like a magic spell almost. So for days when I do not want to think about sex, I have to avoid wearing black underwear. While sometimes I enjoy the horniness when wearing black underwear, sometimes I find the constant horniness all the time too much for me to do my work or concentrate. Do you face the same issue? How do you manage it? And I suspect wearing black underwear may decrease performance in sports and at the gym since it's harder to concentrate when it makes me horny and think about sex. Do you share the same experience? I also get horny when I see other people wear black underwear. And seeing black underwear by itself also has the same effect, eg. those black underwear that are hanged to dry. Do you feel the same way too? And at the end of the day after wearing black underwear, do you usually masturbate or have sex and ejaculate? Otherwise, I find that the horniness doesn't subside on its own easily.
  15. Call it shallow, call it superficial. But that's the dilemma. Someone with a pleasant face is always easier to look at and communicate. Otherwise, with a CMI face, it may perhaps take a long long while to overcome the mental hurdle of wanting him as a bf. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, but face CMI to the beholder, will the RS die off after a trying period?
  16. Hi, I'm helping a friend look for a place to rent. He was kicked out from his home with no where to go and he has some health issues and only needs basic amenities, a room with AC and WiFi. Preferably in the East area as he is temporarily bunking in with a friend while he tries to find a more sustainable living arrangement. PM Me for details/inquiries.
  17. So I had a few groups of queer friends that I just made before COVID hit. But we grew apart as we went into lockdown. Because I'm quite new in the group, so I didn't have the time to like truly get close with everyone yet. For me, I lost touch because I was switching my jobs and taking care of my mental health. i guess i could've reached out but i was paranoid that they don't like me? when i text some of them i still feel awkward, and i'd be thinking like 'was i annoying?' etc etc. so now i'm just wondering la, like what would y'all do?
  18. Hello, I am seeking a personal trainer with a reasonable rate near the east side around Joo Chiat, Katong or Bedok. My goal is to build muscles and reduce stubborn belly fats. I am 23 this year and moderately active if that helps. Kindly get in touch with me if you, the person reading this is willing to guide me on my journey for transformation. Contact info: Telegram: djholler199458 Line: djholler199458 WeChat: ItsMyLife199458 Thanks in advance and Happy New Year
  19. Hi viewers, Are you those that date multiple people at once or are those(like me) who choose to focus on one and get to know him inside out before calling it quit? Certainly there are pros and cons for both. But do you think it's fair to multi-date and choose the best one out of the rest? I mean, we are not that special so what gives us the authority to 'choose'. Id rather get to know one at a time and try to know him inside out to see if it works. Before jumping to the next one.
  20. What are some of the advices you have? Care to share... 1. Stay Low Profile when needed. 2. Observe environment 3. Do not need to speak truth all the times. 4. Never be close to colleagues 5. Always make your direct superior looks good A podcast to hear to gain some ideas: https://anchor.fm/wintersun2021/episodes/Episode-8---Office-politics---et0l7o
  21. Hi guys, I'm planning to buy preps from Pulse clinic. (Will get proper prescription from doc) I saw the options that they offer 6 bottles max, but is there a law in Singapore that controls how many we can buy each time? Scare my stuff stuck at custom lol. First time buying so don't know the rules. Please advice.
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