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  1. Cruising places: Parks 1. Tasik Kelana Jaya (HAPPENING!) 2. Tasik Permaisuri HUKM side (HAPPENING!) 3. Bukit Kommanwel hill top Swimming Pools 1. Kelana Jaya Swimming Pool (HAPPENING!) 2. Chin Woo Swimming Pool (HAPPENING!) 3. Bandar Tun Razak Malls 1. KL Sentral toilet besides KFC (HAPPENING!) 2. Nu Sentral toilet besides HM (HAPPENING!) 3. Sunway Pyramid toilet below TGV 4. Avenue K toilet Level C & next to Tealive 5. Empire gallery Toilet beside popular / uniqlo. (Once in the blue moon) RnR 1. LDP towards Kepong besides Caltex (HAPPENING!) 2. LDP towards Puchong from Sunway McDonald (HAPPENING!) 3. Shell toilet at kesas highway towards kota kemuning also got. (Depends lucks, mostly taxi driver or lorry driver) 4. Shell toilet USJ Hicom (Happening) Gym 1. CF Sunway Pyramid (HAPPENING!) 2. CF Mid Valley 3. CF 1 Utama (HAPPENING!) 4. FF Avenue K (HAPPENING!) 5. FF The Curve 6. FF Empire (HAPPENING!) 7. FF Paradigm Mall (Happening)
  2. How likely are the sounds (running, stomping, dragging of furniture and consecutive pails of water) coming from the unit directly above yours? I do understand sound "travels" but to what extend though..?
  3. Crossdresser here, story first before the real question since many will pm for story. 2 night back when I was dressed, short flared mini dress that barely cover my panties, thigh high and high heel. A cute guy approached me, he introduced himself and asked to make friend. We went to the block table, sat down, smoke some cigarette and chat. He's not bad looking, maybe around 30s? While we chatting, he inched closer and closer to me and before long, he was beside me. My heart was pounding at this moment and I can feel his breath down my neck. I can feel my dick pulsating thru my panties. He asked if I was nervous (who wouldnt?). I asked him what he wanted and he smiled. He put his hand over my chest, reach for my back and pull me close to him, before long, we will hugging, he tried to kiss me on the lip but I turn away. He then started necking me. I let out a small moan, I didn't meant to but it feel really really nice. He took my hand and put it onto his pants. I can feel his very very hard dick, I traced the outline, it wasnt big, just very very hard. I asked if we could go to somewhere more private, he led me to the lift and we went to the staircase landing between the 8 and 10 floor, it was quite secluded as it is a mansionette block. He had me in a embrace n started necking me again, slowly he move his hand from my back and to my butt, fondling them as I moan with pleasure. I had my hand feeling his cock thru his pants. He rubbed me thru my skirt and before long, he tried to reach into my panties, I pushes his hand away as I feel embarrassed to be touch this way by stranger. My hand on his chest, I kneeled down slowly and was soon eyes level with his crotch. I kissed his dick thru his pants while undoing his belt and pants. His strong dick sprang out as soon as I pull down his pants and underwear. I took out the condom in my purse, I alway have condom and lube prepared and I wont do raw bj and the lube was in case, I were to be raped. I slip the condom on for him and took his cock into my mouth. It is abt 4 inch long and not thick at all. My panty wet with my precum. I was feeling really horny, I have suck a few dicks but never get farked before. I haven't cum for weeks and I really want to release. I didn't want himto cum and I'm have to wait till I get home to masturbate, I just could hold it any longer. I told him to fark me. He look a bit shock but he grab me and bend me over the parapet. With his legs, he push my leg apart, he hitch my dress up and pull down my panty, took the lube and wet my hole. He fingered my ass and I moan with great intensity, I have never had anything up my ass before, it just feel different and I feel my leg shiver and grow soft with every thrust with his finger, he was really sticking it in and I could feel his finger up my balls, there is this feeling that I cannot describe. I can feel his dick head against my hole, I took his dick in my hand and position it onto my hole. I can feel the pressure from the dick head up my but no matter how he tried, he could not get his dick in. It was quite disappointing for us as we are really horny. Its started to hurt now. He managed to get a bit of his dick head in but I pushed him off as I feel my ass tearing up. In the end, I just jerk him off. I bought a butt plug ytd and I tried to push it in but I cannot. I can insert my finger thou. The question is, how do I let a guy fark me in the ass? I mean is a small dick and butt plug, why is it so difficult.
  4. Hi Guys, I recently moved to JB from KL, been looking for Gay massage parlor. before lockdown whenever I come to Jb i go a Massage parlor called Artemis, earlier this month I went there but seems it closed. Last night I found an old friend on Grinder, he told me the Artemis never closed, it relocated few shops lot further on same row. Tody i visited Artemis (ATM) I had a good massage experience, I took William from Myanmar, he is tall, good looking, really enjoyed the massage and his company. For those who as me been thinking Artemis closed, want to shear that it's never closed just relocated. If anyone interested can visit their website for more information artemisjb.com Best Regards Alex
  5. Hi there, As the title suggest, I am looking for a freelance trainer that willing to train me at least twice a month and preferably on the weekends. I am average built with a small tummy. I would like to focus on flatten my tummy and gain some muscles on my upper body. I stay at North West of Singapore and my place got a small gym. Hopefully can find a kind soul to help me with this. Please quote me your rate and drop me your details through DM. Many thanks in advance.
  6. This guy befriended me on Blued. He gave me his number as +44 7448 265828... It’s a weird number, very suspicious. He suggested calling to chat but refused to use the video call on Blued. Nevertheless I added him on WhatsApp cos he’s my type from his posted self pics. We started texting for awhile. He tried calling me on WhatsApp several times but I never picked up, it’s weird and I’m scared. His distance on Blued showed he’s 23km away from me... But he’s been telling me he’s in UK now... Wow I never know UK is so close to me... 🤣🤣🤣 I asked him for his intro and his name, his life and what he’s been doing... But he never ask me for mine... He started calling me “dear”, “darling”, “love”... His replies are always short and some are repeated even... I know, this is highly a scammer right? He kept saying he has intention to settle down when he comes back and he wants to get married (with a guy) eventually... Yet, he still never ask more about who I am, what am I doing, and most importantly, what’s my name!!!??? Ok ok, I know he’s most probably a scammer by now, but he’s my type from looking at his pics, and guess I jus feel like flirting with him... Anyone here has similar experience on such social apps? What is your advice? Do you think I’m playing with fire? Or is it ok as long I’m careful not to fall into any of his tricks? Anyone has mishaps with such scams to share?
  7. This year I found a gloryhole in Johor Bahru "umall". I wonder if any one of you has experienced in playing others' cocks at the gloryhole or getting your cock being played by others. If so, please tell your story and who you met. And what happen? Besides the location I mentioned above, any other places that you found the public gloryhole , you can share here.
  8. Hey guys, I need advice to handle this situation. My boyfriend and I am in a relationship for almost 2 years now. We never had anal sex from the start and it bothers me. I did told him that i miss getting fuck but he always told me to give him time. He did have problem with getting an erection. He tried supplements that i bought for him like tongkat ali and maca and some supplements from the States he bought himself. It does help a bit but the erection will be gone fast. Sometimes he asked me whether I would like to get another guy to fuck me and he just watch. I reject the offer all the time and told him I am willing to wait for him to heal. I am not willing to do it with other guy because it feels like cheating. I mean that would be an open relationship instead and I only want him and not other guy to have me on bed especially having sex. Maybe I just sound selfish and conservative but it is the way I am treating my partner all this time. I hope you guys here can share some tips on how to handle this. Any product that is good for erection? I scare that if this problem gets prolong it will end up with him having erectile dysfunction.
  9. Hello everyone! I'm a skincare junkie and I hope to learn about your skincare routines, favourite products, tips on maintaining your face & combating acne For me in this weather I have oily combination skin, oily on the t-zone and the other parts of my face & a little dry on the inner cheeks of my face. Some of my favourite products Sunscreen: Dr Jart, UV sun fluid, which I bought at Sephora. Took me long to find the perfect sunscreen for me because most sunscreen are generally thick, heavy on the face & leaves a chalky white finish on the face however the consistency and texture of this sunblock is light and thin almost water gel like absorbs into the skin nicely & leaves no white finish. I've been using it for almost a year now and have repurchased a new bottle would continue to use this. Moisturisers: Like the sunblock it took me quite a while to finally find something I like, but for now I'm using the Bioderma Sensibio Light soothing cream as my moisturiser. It's not thick & it absorbs well. I'm currently trying to find and explore other moisturisers so if you have any suggestions please share too
  10. Dear all, I've been a lurker here for as long as I can remember, and as a naturally reserved person, find it hard to type out this out - but I need everyone's advice. It's gonna be pretty long, so I hope you, dear reader, can please bear with me. The Father. Since young, I never had a good relationship with my father. When I was a kid, he was physically abusive - if he had a bad day at work, we would all have an even worse evening at home. He practiced lots of double standards, such as "no reading newspapers during mealtimes, give the newspapers to me!" - and proceed to read the very papers he ordered us to hand over. During my teenage years, I rebelled - got into bad company, smoked, drank, "tonned" (no idea how to spell that local term for staying out overnight), got into fights with my teachers and schoolmates, generally earned a bad rep in school. Because I hit puberty early (I had my first erection in primary 2 - I kid you not), I was bigger than him when I was 15 years old, and he was up for a fair fight if he tried to get physically abusive. He then turned emotionally abusive, calling my school and friends whenever we had an argument or quarrel at home. He got my friend's mobile numbers by looking through my mobile phone when I was asleep - those were the days when Sony Ericsson T610s and K700s were in vogue and phones didn't have a password unlock function. He did the same thing throughout, even when I landed my first job at an SME, he once called my boss down to my house during a quarrel saying there's an emergency and he needed help. My boss rushed down to find me in tears and the house in a mess from the fight we had. I was very ashamed. He did the same thing too, to my church leaders - my cell leader was a school teacher, and he once made her stay in our house till 2 in the morning while he regaled her with embarrassing stories of what I did when I was young. I was even more ashamed then. As such, I have become very withdrawn and reluctant to share any personal details of my life to anyone outside other than my closest friends who have watched me grow up and know the kind of person he is. I moved out of their house into my own place 3 years ago, and have never been happier. However, I still have flashbacks and nightmares of his abuse, and I often wake up either in cold sweat or screams and tears. I am extremely paranoid about letting anyone in my family know where I work now, for fear of him calling my office to embarrass me again should he be upset with me for whatever reason. Working in an events company, there are times some candid pictures of my colleagues and me end up on the company's Fb page, and I get so worried I immediately call the marketing department to beg them to take down my photo. Whenever we are at roadshows in shopping malls, I can't stop thinking about one of my family members spotting me in uniform and then telling my father about it. There was once I saw a distant aunt walking towards our booth, and I immediately fled the roadshow even though I was attending to a customer. I've not spoken to him in 7 years, but the mere thought of him makes me repulsed and have nightmares all over again. There was once, I went back to their place to get some letters, and saw him the moment I walked into the house. I ran in, grabbed my letters, and made a dash for the car. I remember speeding all the way to my own home, gripping the steering wheel so hard my knuckles turned white. I was filled with an inexplicable rage, and there's nothing more I wanted to do than to torture and see him die a slow and extremely painful death under my hands. The Mother. I'm on cordial terms with my mother, but because she's his wife, I don't tell her much about my life - she doesn't even know where I live nor what I'm working as. I do meet her for meals once every few months, mostly out of obligation and persuasion from her, but seeing her stirs up a quiet resentment in me too - I hate her for never standing up for me when my father got overboard with his abuse. I hate her for always telling me to "forgive him, he's your father after all". I hate her for playing a part in driving a wedge between my brothers and me (more on that later). I hate her for always being extremely calculative and stingy with money - growing up I never had a birthday present because "I already bought you a cake, that's your present.". <-- (I know this is a very 1st world problem to have, but my parents are loaded: my father is quite a prominent figure in society because of his business affiliations, and my mom is a dentist.) All my CNY angbao money was used to pay for my own school books every year, and if there was a shortfall, she'd lend me the money first, and deduct it from my (already measly) pocket money. I had to save up for my own shoes and uniforms, too. Then again, I know some people will bash me and say that they had to go through the same, and didn't make any noise. But it's different, when you know your parents can afford a $2.20 Pilot Shaker mechanical pencil for your 10th birthday but resolutely refuse to give it to you. So, while I am on cordial terms with her, I no longer have much affection toward my mum because I've held her at more-than-an-arm's-length for a long period. The Brother. My mother practiced cold wars with us a lot when we were growing up - whenever she was angry with us because we did something wrong, she wouldn't talk to us for a week. As such, my brothers and I picked that up really fast, and we've not talked since we were primary 1. Throughout our teenage years, my parents would both tell us to be careful of each other, saying that he was planning to do such-and-such to me, and vice versa, etc. This created a lot of animosity and wariness between the both of us, and we haven't spoken since. I opine my parents did that to ensure we did not gang up against them. Even though we lived in the same house (albeit separate rooms) when we were younger, I am so dislocated from him that I don't even have his mobile number nor know what stage of life he's in (poly/uni/working etc.) I know my family's dynamics are very weird. Haha. -- I've been wanting to disown my family for the longest time, so I will finally be free from obligations like meeting my mother, attending CNY reunion dinners and weddings etc. I will also no longer think long and hard about putting my mom's contact as NOK for emergency purposes. My parents have said before that when I start working they want at least 20% of my salary as a form of gratitude to them for all the money spent raising me up but I completely refuse to, given our very strained relations. I have already changed the nominations in my CPF to people other than them, and have written a will to state that in no event should my family receive a single cent from my estate, but I am afraid that unless I make it publicly known that I have no relations to them anymore, there is a chance they will try to contest the will and CPF nomination. I also want my father to know that he will not have his firstborn at his deathbed or funeral (he's a buddhist, and apparently there's some importance of having all of one's children, especially the eldest son, at the funeral performing the rites). All my life, he's had the last laugh in all the arguments, quarrels, and fights we've had, but I sincerely hope to have the final laugh at the end of (his) day. I can't seem to find any information on Singapore law that touches on disownment. Even as a kid I thought a lot about emancipation, but I didn't have the means to move out and prove that I am capable of providing for myself. Is there any way I can legally and publicly do so? My close friends have advised me against it because I am potentially losing out on my inheritance, but I don't give a rat's ass about the fat bank accounts or numerous properties my parents own - I have been completely independent since 16, and have absolutely no interest in living off money that I did not earn myself. Thank you for reading, and I hope to have some sincere advice from my fellow gay comrades. >Unfilial Son P.S.: I have absolutely no interest of reconciliation or going for family therapy/counselling - we have tried it a few times and it was always ended up a spectacular failure.
  11. Hi everyone, I guess I am just ranting and hopefully get some constructive feedback and perspective from the fellow members here. Just to share my side of story, I recently have been binge-dating with different guys because of some personal issues. I want to connect with strangers who do not know me and eventually establish a different support system/group. But my intentions weren't solely on that, I welcome all the side fun and whatever that comes along I guess. There was this bi guy who I felt quite connected to because he was able to respond and carry on discussions about all my odd topics that I threw on him, so it instantly became a good start and I took a liking on him. Nothing serious and I thought it was a good match to connect because he only started exploring his bisexuality and I thought I could be a good friend/brother for moral support. Fast forward and we agreed to go on our first date, the day before I got quite annoyed cause I had to put in the efforts to travel and his vibe was a bit off-putting to me. Anyway, I decided to go to meet him, we grabbed a drink and we talked, felt a bit like a friend catch up, although I thought the date was quite sucky and he seemed disinterested to have a second round for fun or whatever, I offered to grab dinner but he declined and gave the impression he needed to go home. So feeling that there is no second date, I texted him and told him honestly about my feelings in the hope you can take away some pointers to meet his subsequent dates. To my surprise, he thought the meet up went well (according to his definition if he still wants to meet up for a second time then it means it went well) and I found out that we would have brought me home to play if I had indicated so. To him, I did not give him any signal to proceed, so that felt a bit like opportunity wasted for me and makes me wanna meet him sooner for the next date to make up the missed out parts. Then we chatted and texted each other quite regularly and shared our own experiences with other dates. I kinda developed a crush on another date of mine and him too on his other date, so we became a bit more like friends than fun buddies. But I told him I still wanted to have fun with him and tried to keep the chat a bit light and dirty as well, and my progress with my crush did not go well because I felt like I was being toyed (my crush would ghost on me and come find me whenever he wants). Meanwhile, he actually played with his crush but it ended also badly because his crush blocked him afterwards. Then he tried to avoid me by postponing our second date to June, I was not aware that he actually felt pressured and that our lines and boundaries became very blurry. Every now and then he told me he had like last minute fun and would schedule to fun with someone, it made me feel a bit not valued because I expected him to prioritize me in the fun queue. So I told him about my feelings (I feel we were quite honest with each other) and my side of story. I got very upset and felt annoyed and then he wrote me a letter to apologise and reflected on his 'mistakes'. He said he can't express well via chat so he promised to call that night but in the end he said he went back to parents' and couldn't call, I felt a bit annoyed. The logical sense of me is like wtf did he actually reflect if he plans to do sth that will annoy people, and what's the value in the apologies and how sincere is me. Anyway, he maybe sensed that I was quite upset and he said he could go to the balcony and do a short call, but I feel I don't want him to accidentally come out and reveal his sexuality so I told him to schedule the call the next night. Again, he said he has badminton session and wants to schedule the call to 11.45. I told him I am tired by that time but I would make the effort to take the nap beforehand to take that call since it's bugging me more than him. Then, the night came he never replied me and did not answer my call. The first thought was he was busy and maybe something was wrong and I was a bit worried, but then I quickly realised I probably thought too much and felt disgusted by his actions. It turns out he had a last minute date with another guy that was spontaneous and he was busy the whole night losing his virginity and getting his ass fucked by him. So the next morning I asked him and he did eventually give me a call and told me the whole story. Naturally, I felt hurt and upset and bitter because I have only been nice and sincere and felt so taken advantage of emotionally. I told him my side of story and said I wanted to have that fun with him but he said he wants to be friends only because I put too much pressure on him and he wants to have a clearer boundary. Anyway, I was upset but eventually agreed that we should cool down and really meet in June but not for fun, more for dinner and discuss if we can be friends or support system to each other. I told him the way he treats me makes me feel worthless and so disposable, it's so not cool. He acknowledged that and politely asked me not to feel that way cause it is not my fault. I find it quite stupid from my end though. He was not my crush out of all my dates but definitely the one I feel most emotionally attached to. I know I can be too sensitive and persistent and that can take out the fun element and put pressure on people, but I felt it's so damaging to my self-esteem. After speaking to him, I am not sure whether I actually like him or I am just obsessed with the fact that I missed the chance to actually have fun with him and I want to make up for that. I feel like this kind of people sometimes are quite shameless, they don't know what they want and they have tons of excuse to do hurtful things, as if they never realise they lack basic human decency and respect. He said he believes in karma, but he certainly doesn't not live his life with that principle. I don't believe in karma but the evil side of me is thinking, if karma does exist, then I hope it will be his bitch. The audacity of him promising to give me a call and then ditching me, waiting like an idiot, and still shamelessly acting as if nothing happens, that amazes me quite a bit. Perhaps my impression of him being a nice and sincere guy was wrong, it was blinded by my connection towards him and the fact that I miss out the chance to have fun with him. Then, I basically bugged him the whole day with messages, just to kinda annoy him and pay him back but I don't think it bugs him at all. So it feels quite silly from my end, as if I am creating the drama myself and playing a role in it, in the end I was the one getting hurt and affected, and he still stands from the moral high hill and said it's his fault bla bla bla but clearly it did not upset him much. I am pretty naive and gullible I feel, I feel like I did have a certain trust and expectations with him but he repays me with these actions that feel like he is toying me around. Do you guys think it is a good thing to meet him in June when we both kinda cool down a bit? I hate that feeling that I feel like I can't trust his words anymore because of what he did to me. It's like when he says sorry it does not carry the meaning to my ears and when he says sth nice, I would second guess his words. It's such a stark contrast during the first week of chatting because I felt like I connected with someone that I liked and could hopefully trust to be a supportive buddy. Just hope to hear from you guys, whether positive or negative though. P.S I even asked his consent if I could share this here (I think I am quite considerate) but I told him try not to read it. If he does, he said he will let me know. I most likely will delete this thread if he reads it, I don't want to create more drama cause I'm doing this for myself, not for him.
  12. So i met this Vietnamese guy almost a year ago and we became FWB and it wasnt until December that i realised i liked him (i got angry at him when he jokingly said he met someone else besides me). We kinda had a fight after that and we didnt meet for like a month-til he came back on grindr to apologise. Ever since that incident i realised we became more close- sometimes after meeting up we would cuddle or just lay in his bed talking about random topics n he even asked me to eat with him once. Tbh i wasnt sure i liked him until he went back to Vietnam for CNY n i missed him like shit. Fast forward to now, we got a matching necklace. The problem now is that im not sure hes liking me back? There was a few instances that makes me think like: 1)At one point i told him jokingly that only my bf can f*ck me n he said then the only way is that he became my bf (or sth like that) 2) i jokingly asked him again (heh) that i feel attached to him n he replied with "i think you already know how i feel about you" which made me blush like shiit. Then just last week i told him about my ex texting me to meet again n he told me to go meet him if i want. ???? Any experts mind reading this lengthy post to evaluate? How should i respond? What should i do to further the rs??
  13. Hi guys, how would you please a submissive top or be very a dominant btm?
  14. GUY#1: Stays at Trellis Tower, Non Chinese, Not Singaporean, Invited me to his place in 2019, I was using the G App, & in 2021 he invited me to his place for a 2nd time. when he opened the door for me, I instantly recognised him, HE DIDN'T. why?!? GUY#2, 2nd #TrueStory: Stays at Tampines East, Stays alone, is Gym Fit & ONLY seeks lean for fun. Doesn't want to invite me to his place in 2021, so I said a white lie: "Don't U rem the last time we had fun?" he replies, "No wonder U look familiar...here's my address." when he opened the door for me, he instantly says,"No leh, I've never seen U before loh." MORALE OF THE STORY: GUY#1 suffers from amnesia. & GUY#2 suffers from anamnesis. MORALE OF THE STORY: Guy#2 has slept with too many men...that he can't differentiate my face pic...but i am honoured to be invited to his place becoz of this mistaken-identity mistake, LOL #TrueStory
  15. 42 Chinese, and it has been hard for me. Any tots and views?
  16. ***I will not read any P.M. & I will block U***DoNotMessageMe!!! SINGAPORE MARRIED( i will not reveal the actual name of the group): 70 members. SINGAPORE MARRIED( a 2nd group): 26 members. SINGAPORE MARRIED (3rd group): 103 members. SINGAPORE, for SINGLES: 64 members. SINGAPORE, name of group is called: M.C. : 474 members. SMALL DICKS, 43 members. MASSAGE IN SG: 314 members. PROUT: 3400 members. Q.TOWN: 494 members. TALK COCK group: 11 members. CHURCH, FCC: 106 members. FOR FUN: 1435 members. 2nd group FOR FUN: 96 members. 3rd group FOR FUN: 25 members. SWIM WEAR: 774 members. SG GUYS: 962 members. CONTENT POSTED IS: NSFW. SG EXHIBIT IN PUBLIC: 162 members. SG IN PUBLIC PLACES: 58 members. KEYBOX only: 364 members. SAUNA 1 & 2 & 3: 129 members. OFFICIAL, SAUNA, TEN MENS CLUB: 2800 subscribers. 1 POST PER WEEK. any porn in their posts? NO. OFFICIAL, SAUNA, KEYBOX: 3500 members. Updated on:22-2-2022
  17. Call it shallow, call it superficial. But that's the dilemma. Someone with a pleasant face is always easier to look at and communicate. Otherwise, with a CMI face, it may perhaps take a long long while to overcome the mental hurdle of wanting him as a bf. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, but face CMI to the beholder, will the RS die off after a trying period?
  18. I’ve been doing your regular cleanser, toner, moisturiser, and sunscreen combo. Also, a cream for my eczema oof Do you guys have any particular routines or products that you swear by? I’m curious if you heard of using baby lotion as body lotion or something along those lines? I saw DaveyWavey from YT saying he uses lube for moisturising and I can’t stop thinking about it ksksksksksksk
  19. Has anyone here had experience with chasing after attached guys? I recently got to know this guy at a party. We hooked up during the party and it was only towards the end that he told me he had a boyfriend. They together for around 3 years already. Despite that, he continued flirting with me afterwards and we've since already had sex. He told me his relationship with his bf has now reached a stage where it feels like they are more like close friends than a couple. He also told me he has feelings for me but he wants to 'take it slow' first so we can get to know each other better. I know it's not right wanting someone who is attached but he makes it sounds like his relationship with his bf died a long time ago and it's very hard to ignore him when he constantly says sweet things to me etc. Of course, even if we were to get together, I know that I will probably never trust him and will be scared that he might one day do what he did to his bf to me. So has anyone here had experience with attached guys that resulted in a happy stable relationship?
  20. Hey guys I met a guy through chatrandom satisfying our needs(if you know you know) and honestly it was nothing serious but the more we chat the more comfortable we were and we decided to do a face reveal. After that we even exchange telegram and stated that our relationship will pure be platonic. But there’s a catch his attached. We talked for 1 month plus and honestly it was the best time of my life, having a gay friend to talk to and especially being gay in a conservative country is a already hard enough so finding someone who is able to connect with you was even harder. I really cherished the time we had and enjoyed it a lot. I admit that I made several sexual advances on him and it’s really my bad I should not have done it, it was immoral and wrong. I sincerely apologise for that! But we eventually met up and had ice cream together, which coincidentally is the first and last time we met. The following morning I receive a text from him saying that it was reckless of him to start this relationship we currently have, and he only told his BF that we met off cam on the day of our meet up. And that we should not text anymore. It really crushed me inside as I really though I found a friend that I could have for a long time and someone that I could really talk to and share my worries about platonically. And all I could do is agree and just stop texting. We ended on such a bad note and I really hope that we are able to reconcile and be friends again and forget how we met. Dear friends what should I do should I message him again, he blocked and unblocked me on IG and probably deleted our conversation on telegram, what should I do?
  21. A few years ago I met a guy for a dinner date, we chatted the whole night and seemed to really click, we even kissed and had a bit of foreplay. I fell hard for him and pursued him but after a few weeks he brushed me off and said he wasn’t interested. I was heartbroken but we kept in regular contact, initially just friends but after a while we also started having sex during our regular meet-ups. We didn’t officially ‘date’, it was more like FWB. Except for a short period when he was officially dating someone else, this continued for a few years. We met frequently, almost every week, for meals or hikes, and without fail on almost every meeting we would also have sex. The chemistry felt very good and it always seemed like he was as keen as I was. He also quite regularly sent me sexually explicit messages (usually he was the one who initiated them) and sometimes we even cammed. After a few years of this ambiguous/FWB situation, he finally told me one day that he had romantic feelings for me, and eventually we officially became BFs. I was overjoyed, I thought things would finally be easier now that my feelings for him were returned. In all those years, my feelings and desire for him never waned, they even grew stronger in some ways as I got to know him better. The strange thing is though, right around the time that we officially became BFs, his sexual behavior towards me changed quite suddenly. He totally stopped sending me sexually explicit messages, and sometimes when I playfully tried to initiate, he would laugh it off or change the topic. Whereas in the past whenever we met he was eager to have sex, now there are more and more times when he would refuse and say that he’s not in the mood. There have been occasions during sex when he lost his erection and obviously seemed to lose interest. There have been times when we’re naked and I was so turned on but he couldn’t even get hard – and I’m not talking about an erectile dysfunction type situation where the person is in the mood but the body doesn’t cooperate – these were instances when he was clearly not horny at all. When I asked him about it, he would say it’s not me but just that he has a low libido. But how to square that with the fact that until recently he would initiate hour(s) long sexting sessions and didn’t hesitate to arrange meet-ups for sex? I should clarify that he’s the younger one, and nowhere near andropause age. And during the time we’ve known each other I haven’t changed in physical appearance; I didn’t get fat or anything like that. I asked him a while back whether it was because he was jerking off a lot, but he claimed at the time that he wasn’t; he said that he would sometimes surf porn but he wouldn’t cum. Only recently when I discovered a new tube of lube at his place then he admitted that he does sometimes jerk off. Which again seemed strange to me because in the past he would use that type of occasion to sext or cam me, but now he seemed secretive about it. Around the time that we became BFs he also bought some sexy underwear quite different from the type he usually uses, but strangely he never discussed them with me and they didn’t seem targeted at me. I thought that maybe underwear might be a fetish he wanted to explore so I brought up the topic and suggested we go underwear shopping together; I asked him to help me pick out something that would turn him on, but he was so obviously uninterested I dropped the subject. These days he’s very affectionate but usually in a non-sexual way. Sometimes it feels like a cartoon romance, strictly PG not R-rated. What happened? What do you think is going on?
  22. Hi all, there is a syndicate group targeting our community now. i got to know this person by the name/profile of "frank scott" from fridae. he told me he wanted to buy a house or apartment in Singapore about 1 month ago. he said he does not know anyone in Singapore so i offer to help. he had been calling and email me all these while saying that he is coming to Singapore yesterday. He is from UK and often travel. his mobile number is always unknown number when he call you (+447539580075 or +447031802633). yesterday someone by name of emily wong (+60102799735) called and she claimed to be calling from malaysia customs called me saying that Frank is carrying too much cash and need to pay tax. he can only afford some amount as they had seized all his luggage. so they called me to help to pay the reminding 5000 malaysia Ringgit. i was abit skeptical but in order to save him, i went ahead. i know things happen in Malaysia customs. when asked for the account number to tranfer the money, they gave me a personal account name "Hassan Abdul Karim".Immediately i questioned why is it not a Malaysia customs name or dept. Western Union tranfer of fund does not need account number" She replied that this is the correct account. 1 hour later she called again and said that he need to pay insurance to ensure that the money can comes to Singapore. This time they demanded RM 11800. i immediately turned down as i do not know this person and have no obligation to help. So they reduce to RM 10000. I also asked why is there a need to pay insurance, if he is in Singapore, i can assist him if he have difficulty. Frank was crying at the back and beg for assistance. I recommend to make police report.I told him to contact his family and company for help, but he said the time is still early in London. And i also mentioned if he have access to his luggage, he should be able to take out money from his brief case.i was not very sure if this is real cases Frank also booked a hotel in Singapore and i checked with hotel there is indeed a booking. I draw the money from the bank and went to western union again, this time they stopped me from sending the money saying that one remit per day to one person. Emily called again and this time gave me another account by name of Harry Michael. then the supervisor asked me why i need to transfer so much money, i told them the reason and she called Western Union. Western Union informed that there is a syndicate group from UK and actively in Asia. this is a know thing in Western Union and whenever there is such transaction, they will be on alert. they also given me a website www.419bittenus.com it has all the pictures of the group and stories of all victims.they told me to ignore the call. luckily the RM 10000 money didnt went thru this time. however this time every 3 minutes Emily Wong keeps calling i ignore the call. Last nite i made a police report believing that this is a syndicate group. i also called up the hotel they told me frank scott delayed his schedule to Singapore due to some custom issues. I was still hesitating. I also called Frank and he was blaming me for not helping him. he was abit worried when he heard there is a siren sound behind and keep asking me what was it. I also told him that its no more morning in London and he can call his family for help. However i called Malaysia custom to check this morning and they told me its all SCAM. they heard this story everyday. i know its abit lengthy but a warning to all that the email scam is no longer new anymore..now they will get to know their victim thru website making you believe them. For me i lost abut RM 5000 but not RM 10000.
  23. I am from Malaysia and interested to find a job in Singapore? Currently having around 4 years working experience in Finance field, aside from looking in Jobstreet, are there any other ways/job agency specialised in recruiting expat to work there? If there are any Malaysian who are working in SG right now would like to share your experience would be very appreciated.
  24. I've started investing in Syfe. Small amounts, for now. The trends are fluctuating, at best. Anyone else has started investing with robo advisors? How has it been like so far? Please do comment and share your experience! 🙂
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