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  1. Cruising places: Parks 1. Tasik Kelana Jaya (HAPPENING!) 2. Tasik Permaisuri HUKM side (HAPPENING!) 3. Bukit Kommanwel hill top Swimming Pools 1. Kelana Jaya Swimming Pool (HAPPENING!) 2. Chin Woo Swimming Pool (HAPPENING!) 3. Bandar Tun Razak Malls 1. KL Sentral toilet besides KFC (HAPPENING!) 2. Nu Sentral toilet besides HM (HAPPENING!) 3. Sunway Pyramid toilet below TGV 4. Avenue K toilet Level C & next to Tealive 5. Empire gallery Toilet beside popular / uniqlo. (Once in the blue moon)
  2. Hey guys I think most guys are always concerning about PE issue and whether or not they have it Apparently most of us would like to hold longer and have a bigger dick so and so However we always ejaculate very fast and easily if we don't put in any effort at all to control (Share with me if it's not the case for you) I have recently been exposed to a testing technique for PE from someone but I don't know it holds true for majority or not It appears to be a true test for my condition at least as I know I've been suffering from some sort of PE issue Th
  3. Hey bros, I’m trying to blend a mixture of essential oils for treatment for bug bites. Any recommendations for reputable / reliable brands as there are simply so many that pop up on Google? I plan to use the following after doing some basic research: 1) Tea tree 2) lavender 3) basil 4) peppermint 5) lemongrass 6) helichrysum Reason for seeking this alternative as I’m currently using steroid cream and I’m aware of the side effects this will bring.
  4. I do not think it is true. but does anyone think otherwise though?
  5. Hi all, there is a syndicate group targeting our community now. i got to know this person by the name/profile of "frank scott" from fridae. he told me he wanted to buy a house or apartment in Singapore about 1 month ago. he said he does not know anyone in Singapore so i offer to help. he had been calling and email me all these while saying that he is coming to Singapore yesterday. He is from UK and often travel. his mobile number is always unknown number when he call you (+447539580075 or +447031802633). yesterday someone by name of emily wong (+60102799735) called and she claimed to be callin
  6. Hi, I'm helping a friend look for a place to rent. He was kicked out from his home with no where to go and he has some health issues and only needs basic amenities, a room with AC and WiFi. Preferably in the East area as he is temporarily bunking in with a friend while he tries to find a more sustainable living arrangement. PM Me for details/inquiries.
  7. Inspired by the living in ur 30s discussion, what would you have done differently had you have known what you know today? or no regrets etc at all? Can you still salvage the situation, if necessary?
  8. Douching does not always work for me. Im not sexually active but I like to explore/ "dig around" a bit and douching keeps it clean. But a lot of the times when I douche it takes freaking forever and it just doesn't clear out. Ive searched around and most articles say that you should be done within 10 mins or 6 ish douches so I'm confused. I don't think I put too much water up there and my diet is ok. Is there a secret schedule idk about or like I'm not meant to be a bottom pls let me know.
  9. Is it really safe? trump plans to ban it.
  10. Do you feel horny when wearing black underwear? I do and I always assumed everyone feels the same way until a friend told me he doesn't. To him, wearing black underwear feels the same way as wearing any other colours. For me, the kinds of black underwear that have the most horny effect are briefs and jockstraps made of cotton, while swimming trunks don't have any effect at all. Do you feel the same way too? For days when I feel horny, I would wear black underwear. But the problem is if I wear it, I would be horny and think about sex all the time the whole day when I am
  11. Nearly a week ago, I had sex without condom and allowed the top to ejaculate inside. Today, my tummy was rumbling and went to the toilet to pass motion. But what came out was a stream of white liquid. An hour later, I pooped and the stool were solids, small, soft and irregular in shape. They were not floating on water like from a diarrhoea. I went to consult a doctor at polyclinic. I described my situation clearly but she didn't understand what I was saying. She even asked me what I want her to do. It was frustrating. Anyway, I explained again. She finally understood (or so it seem
  12. Has anyone here had experience with chasing after attached guys? I recently got to know this guy at a party. We hooked up during the party and it was only towards the end that he told me he had a boyfriend. They together for around 3 years already. Despite that, he continued flirting with me afterwards and we've since already had sex. He told me his relationship with his bf has now reached a stage where it feels like they are more like close friends than a couple. He also told me he has feelings for me but he wants to 'take it slow' first so we can get to know each other better.
  13. So i met this dude in the toilet And he look at me...his eyes is like tearing up when he saw me i had to look away (because he is someone special in my heart and i was shy) as i can see his penis. He literally storm out of the toilet after that. I added him on facebook and we chatted, after just afew messages he stops replying, saying he is busy. It was until he stops replying my message that i remembered who he was... The first person that i made a promise not to forget, the first person that i fall in love.. We were together in poly..
  14. Which dental clinic or dentist do you go to in Singapore? Any good recommendation? [Realise some of the older threads on dental recommendation are closed. Hope it's alright to post here.]
  15. This guy befriended me on Blued. He gave me his number as +44 7448 265828... It’s a weird number, very suspicious. He suggested calling to chat but refused to use the video call on Blued. Nevertheless I added him on WhatsApp cos he’s my type from his posted self pics. We started texting for awhile. He tried calling me on WhatsApp several times but I never picked up, it’s weird and I’m scared. His distance on Blued showed he’s 23km away from me... But he’s been telling me he’s in UK now... Wow I never know UK is so close to me... 🤣🤣🤣 I asked him for his intro and his name, his
  16. Question for all - How does anyone determine their role in bed ? Does everyone usually try both ways before deciding what they actually prefer OR just settle down with whom they attract (Eg always only attract top because appearance look more fem/soft) ? How does one get to try the other side of life (role) ?
  17. I accidentally blocked someone on the chat here. how do i undo that, please?
  18. Some men or women from Nigeria and china and elsewhere have stolen picture profile of legitimate people to use in love scams with sad sob story of dying well liked grandmother in need of funds for simple operation, or dying son otherwise curaable cancer unless lack of funds. Lets study all the handsome guys pics , they are real actual persons , but their pictures are stolen by hackers and maoney scamming syndicate to befriend females and sometimes males in rich but gullible countries like singapore , malaysia, indonesia, even in places like Canada, Ameirca, ,Europe. Object : Matrimony. imm
  19. just like to share and warn others to be aware and take caution of a scammer trying to sell supplements for weight loss and muscle gains. Got to know thru the app. Selling some supplements and list (probably screenshot, from gainzlab). After trasnferring the money, no news from him. Before that, he even showed past messages and pictures to prove he is real. Bank account is POSB Savings : 193-41432-0 Goes by jeremy ( or in the app, be something like fat burner, etc) Guess an expensive lesson learnt.. sigh,,already trying to go for equality, but still scammers everyw
  20. Hi guys, just asking for your experience here. Recently I had a friend who was on grindr. He told me he found two guys, both into bdsm. They wanted him to go online and sign up for some Webcam site before meeting up with him. When he told them he didn't have a credit card to sign up with, they asked him to pay for some bdsm kit through a supplier using western union to the Philippines. Luckily he was unable to pay because of the many roadblocks placed. He was so sure that they were real but he didn't have any proof that they were. I was convinced he was getting catfished. Has
  21. Would like to ask where to Tan at Sentosa ? Also, would like to ask for places to tan in sg.
  22. Being gay we mostly don't have a lot of gay friends compared to straight guys. Mostly we have some 2 or 3 closer gay friends, with whom we share life, events, spend leisure, do sports or travels. What if one the close friends has disappointed you extremely and something what would qualify to break off the friendship. What should I do? let go or look to get the friendship back on track. should I ignore him for 3 months but then out of the blue ask him out again? Do you have any idea or suggestions in my situation?
  23. I am turning 25 years old in a few months time and I have never been in a relationship before... let alone have sex. I find it so odd to be a virgin at 25 years old. Every now and then, I have the urge to come out as gay to my family and friends but I am afraid that they can't accept it. Especially my family, I am raised in a very traditional family and if my parents were to know I am gay, it is highly that they will commit suicide. But in recent months, this loneliness seems to be overtaking me... I really wish to date someone or experience sex, or just make gay frien
  24. Hello everyone! I'm a skincare junkie and I hope to learn about your skincare routines, favourite products, tips on maintaining your face & combating acne For me in this weather I have oily combination skin, oily on the t-zone and the other parts of my face & a little dry on the inner cheeks of my face. Some of my favourite products Sunscreen: Dr Jart, UV sun fluid, which I bought at Sephora. Took me long to find the perfect sunscreen for me because most sunscreen are generally thick, heavy on the face & leaves a chalky white finish on the
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