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  1. Cruising places: Parks 1. Tasik Kelana Jaya (HAPPENING!) 2. Tasik Permaisuri HUKM side (HAPPENING!) 3. Bukit Kommanwel hill top Swimming Pools 1. Kelana Jaya Swimming Pool (HAPPENING!) 2. Chin Woo Swimming Pool (HAPPENING!) 3. Bandar Tun Razak Malls 1. KL Sentral toilet besides KFC (HAPPENING!) 2. Nu Sentral toilet besides HM (HAPPENING!) 3. Sunway Pyramid toilet below TGV 4. Avenue K toilet Level C & next to Tealive 5. Empire gallery Toilet beside popular / uniqlo. (Once in the blue moon) RnR 1. LDP towards Kepong besides Caltex (HAPPENING!) 2. LDP towards Puchong from Sunway McDonald (HAPPENING!) 3. Shell toilet at kesas highway towards kota kemuning also got. (Depends lucks, mostly taxi driver or lorry driver) 4. Shell toilet USJ Hicom (Happening) Gym 1. CF Sunway Pyramid (HAPPENING!) 2. CF Mid Valley 3. CF 1 Utama (HAPPENING!) 4. FF Avenue K (HAPPENING!) 5. FF The Curve 6. FF Empire (HAPPENING!) 7. FF Paradigm Mall (Happening)
  2. So I’m 18 and still live with my parents, was planning to buy a simple and cheap sex toy for my personal use but receiving it/the package without my parents knowing/opening it is next to impossible, anyone has any tips on how I can get it discreetly?? Sadly I don’t have any comfortable friends or “partners” to borrow their address from to order it. Any suggestions?? Or should I buy it directly from someone on this website??
  3. helloo i was wondering if anyone is able to give some work out tips if i want to work out at home (mainly focusing on fat loss rather than muscle gain) thank youu🙏🙏
  4. Hello!! I am new here. Just want to ask what can one expect when entering TMC? As i am pretty new, what is the recomended steps to enjoy myself there and what is allowed and not allowed. All advice is welcomed! Thanks for your help in advance!!
  5. helloo!! was wondering if there are any teachers/educators here who taught/are teaching H2 Bio and Econs willing to give me some kinda tuition or crash course😞 my mid years are immediately after the june holidays and im kinda panicking😭😭
  6. Are most gays actually straight acting that we don't register them as gays?
  7. I do not think it is true. but does anyone think otherwise though?
  8. Anyone doing it? Multiple sources pointed out the full health benefits experienced by practicing at least 100 days. I'm giving it a shot ...but...it's my day-03 and it's already so hard ... I went for decent massage yesterday and precum was already leaking non-stop... At this rate, I don't know how long i can last.. Anyway, here are some of the purported health benefits**: 1. Improved mental clarity and focus: Semen retention is believed to increase focus, clarity, and mental alertness. This can help with tasks that require concentration and focus. 2. Increased energy levels: By harnessing and retaining sexual energy, individuals may experience a boost in energy levels, helping them feel more energized throughout the day. 3. Improved physical performance: Some individuals believe that retention of semen can lead to increased physical strength, endurance, and athletic performance. 4. Better emotional health: Semen retention can help individuals feel more emotionally balanced and stable, reducing feelings of anxiety, depression, and mood swings. 5. Increased confidence and self-esteem: Some people report feeling more confident and self-assured when practicing semen retention, which can lead to improved relationships and social interactions. 6. Enhanced sexual experiences: By practicing semen retention, individuals may experience stronger and more intense orgasms, as well as increased pleasure during sexual activities. 7. Overall health benefits: Some studies suggest that semen retention may have positive effects on the immune system, hormone levels, and overall well-being. **Disclaimer** It's important to note that these benefits are largely anecdotal and may not have scientific evidence to support them. Additionally, semen retention may not be suitable or recommended for everyone, so it's important to speak with a healthcare provider before making any significant changes to your sexual habits.**
  9. I have been in a long distance relationship with my partner for awhile now, he is from Vietnam, I am looking for ways to help him get SG PR so it is easier for him to stay with me long term. He is not a skilled worker so EP is not an option. Anyone has similar experinces? Or alternatives to help him stay for long term in SG?
  10. Once had moment with a friend and ended up giving him a blowjob, it was my first time and till this day I can’t seem to do it as good as others as my imperfect teeth and my gag reflexes being a challenge too, had someone to teach me but I’d still appreciate tips and experiences. ☺️😉
  11. Hey guys Let's start a pretty harmless discussion. As on the title - I'm perplexed over the Malay/chinese or Chinese/Malay mix background.. I am noticing on dating sites, most of the Malay chaps here identify themselves as " Mly/Chi " mix - but upon meeting, most of them basically good old Malay guys. I did ask - which part are they Chinese - and I get "oh, I can speak a bit of Mandarin" This is where I'm stumped with the response? What defines a Malay/Chinese mix when there is no trace of Chinese DNA in one. Why can't a Malay guys admit that they're Malay? I have friends who are actually Arabs by race, they look like any Malay or Filipinos here in Singapore, they converse in Malay but define themselves as Malay because most of them claim that it be less complicated to explain the ancestry background. I have friends who look very Chinese, fair skinned but they're just full blooded Malay joes... So are the Malay guys here having an identity issues?
  12. I’m a straight male (26) that recently got a prostate massage and now I’m curious on how it would feel like with a dick in me. Anyone able to advice what I should do?
  13. Now that WeChat pay and AliPay allow foreign bank credit cards, has anyone has experience on using the payment in China? I read online the reviews were rather mixed, some claimed it worked while others having issue.
  14. Hey, I am a newbie on both gym / swimming sections. Anyone who is a freelance swimming / gym coach, lets connect !! Or if you are looking for gym & swimming buddies, I am willing to consider too.. Location: Near PJ & Sg. Buloh
  15. I've been with my current bf for about 3 years now. I love him dearly and I've been entirely faithful all these while even though he isn't into anal sex. We live together and seemingly have everything going for us. I went to Taipei earlier this week to escape some work issues (hey, they can't exactly call me back when I'm not even in Singapore, right?) and also to take a bit of a breather. I go to Taipei almost every year for a solo retreat, and perhaps to meet my taiwanese friends if they are free. I love Taipei because of the sense of space I find it hard to get in Singapore and HK where I sometimes am based for work, the good food, ease of getting around, and also to beo the cute guys there. Haha. During my trip this week I was debilitating on whether or not I should go for my first ever b2b massage - I've not had one before and was tempted to try it out. What was holding me back was the fear of catching an STD and the guilt that might accompany me when I am back home with my bf. I also asked a couple of friends what usually went on in b2b massages, and they told me it may or may not result in a HE. In the end, I thought, fuck it, and booked one on my last day before leaving for Taoyuan. I didn't want to regret another time for not living life a little and go back to Singapore feeling sexually dissatisfied. (Note: I'll describe the sexual experience below. I will post the issues I have in my next post to separate it a little so for those who aren't into details or reading erotica can jump straight into the next post without reading through the long wall of text below) I arranged for it the night before, and chose this adorable boy-next-door masseuse with a goatee. They had more (by society's standards) "hot" guys, but the picture of him online had me smitten with his doe eyes haha. Anyway, I was early for my appointment, and was a bunch of nerves outside the gate (it was in an apartment/office block) waiting for him to arrive. He (let's call him 'S') showed up looking exactly like what I saw online, and we shyly greeted each other while he unlocked the door. S led me to the room, and told me to take a shower in the ensuite. He left the room, and I wrapped myself in the towel provided when I was done. He came back ten minutes later and told me to lie face-down on the massage table. The massage began and I have to be honest: it wasn't a good massage - he definitely lacked skill but I have to give him some credit for trying. I always go for a back rub, a proper one with clothes on, because I get a stiff neck and back very easily. It felt like S was pressing all the wrong points and many times just stretching the skin. I casually asked how long he's done massage for, and he confessed that he was actually hired as the admin guy, and sort of delved into doing massage because of the more lucrative earnings. He also let in on how he doesn't really enjoy doing massages because it's physically tiring for him. He told me he's 24 years old (just a few years younger than me!), a last year university student majoring in economics, and how he hoped to open his own bistro after working for a couple of years post graduation. He spoke very decent English which made me believe his uni student claim. I nervously admitted that it's my first time doing a b2b massage, and didn't know what to expect. S: "hmm a b2b massage involves me using my body to massage you, and you can play with my body, but doesn't usually involve penetration." Me: "oh ok. Doesn't usually? What if a client wanted penetration?" S: "there's a fee" Me: "how much?" S (chuckles nervously): "it's a bit expensive..." M: "多少?" (how much?) S: "NTD6,000" I fell silent for a while and at last told him I don't have NTD6,000 with me. We then changed topics and spoke about his life, and he let on that S wasn't his real name (I guessed as much), and that his real name was E, how he doesn't have a boyfriend because not many guys can accept their boyfriend being a masseuse at a gay spa. After 45 minutes into the 2 hour session I booked, he announced he needed a break. He left the room, and I checked my phone for texts and wallet to see exactly how much NTD I had on me. Then I snuck out, naked, into the hallway where I saw him at the counter replying texts messages and doing some quick paperwork. I was alone in the entire establishment so he told me to not worry and make myself comfortable. He came back 10 minutes later and that's when the real b2b massage began: he rubbed my back with massage oil, and starting working on my inner thighs too. M (a bit shyly): "我可以摸你的屌嗎?" (can I pls touch your dick?) S: "haha! 當然可以啊. 反正等一下你全都可以摸了." (of course you can. You'll be able to touch everything in a while any way" I shyly groped him through his berms, and was pleased to find out he packed a big one even when flaccid. M: "Mmmm. feels good. How big are you?" S: "very small la, only 14cm" He then walked behind to knead my inner thighs, and my hard cock strained against the massage table. I heard the rustle of clothes being removed, and turned back to sneak a peak. Holy cow, S was hung and I accidentally let out an exclamation of surprise at how big he was. He looked embarrassed, and walked over to let me touch his slowly hardening cock when I gestured him over. I touched the head and brought it to my nose and mouth - it smelled a wee bit fishy. Manly smells. I felt myself leaking precum into the paper towel draped over the massage table. He pounced on me a bit playfully, and used body to rub against mine. My inner thighs and ass were extremely aware of the shaft protruding out of his body. I moaned into the hole of the massage table and he took it as a sign I was finally enjoying the massage. He continued to rub against me, our naked bodies making shlick-shlick sounds. I part-moaned-part-groaned, like a cat in heat, wanting more. He started to use his (now very hard and leaking) cock to rub against my asshole and I swear the paper towel my own hard cock was pressed against was soaked with precum. A few strokes, and I felt him slipping into my anus. I clenched my butt and didn't want to let him out, but he playfully pulled out, rubbed it around some more, and pushed it back in. This happened quite a few times till I was moaning non-stop, and told him to please just get a condom and fuck my brains out, S (chuckling): "is that really what you want?" M: "Yes... But I really don't have NTD6,000 to pay you." It was true. I had only intended a NTD2,000 tip to him on top of the NTD2,800 massage fees the establishment charged. It was my last day and I didn't have enough. S: "it's ok. You just tip me how much you want" M: "are you sure? Are you really enjoying it as much as me? You really don't have to do anything you don't want, you know". S: "silly boy, if I really weren't enjoying it so much I wouldn't be this wet and hard." He took his hard rod and slapped it against the massage table a couple of times to make his point before guiding my hand to it to let me feel the state of his arousal. He jumped off the table and came back a few minutes later, fumbling with a condom he took, "new brand... I've never used this before... just took it from the counter drawer...". He sheathed himself, and made me lie on my back this time, missionary style, while he pushed into me. Good God, the first push was such an invasion. My eyes widened and I gasped - It really didn't feel like 14cm. He was being modest, I was sure. "Please wait. Give me a few seconds. You are so... big". A flash of concern came over him, and he bent down to stroke my face with his hands. "Relax," he purred "Take your time". I don't know why he slipped in so easily when he was lying against my ass but in the missionary position I felt being sliced into two. As I grew accustomed to his size I started rocking myself against him, and he took that as a cue to start. Deep, long strokes, bringing me to ecstasy, and I threw aside all inhibition and reached over to grope him everywhere from his bushy pubic hair to his firm chest with small and dark but erect nipples. He started banging in to me, and the room was filled with sounds of his pants, my grunts, and a bit of dirty talk in both Mandarin and English. We both groaned each other's names (I alternated between S and E). He suddenly slowed down, and swatted my hand away from my own cock, and started stroking it. We were looking deep into each other's eyes the entire time. I reached out to touch his back - it was dripping with perspiration - and he sheepishly told me he actually came into the condom already. He then asked if I wanted him to jerk me off to my orgasm. M: "please, I want to see you shoot. On me. Can do it again?" S: "I'm not sure if I can. I came three times yesterday. But I'll try my best" M: "you naughty horny boy" (slaps his butt cheeks) He then continued banging me for a while more before pulling out and throwing aside the condom, muttering how it might be easier if he wanked himself instead (I suppose he was a bit tired by then). He towered over me, and I reached over a few times to take his cock into my mouth and let him fuck my mouth. He came a few minutes later onto my chest while sitting on my stomach and I myself erupted behind his back at the exact same moment he did. It was one of the most intense orgasms I've had in my life (ok perhaps I'm not very sexually experienced). I glanced down at my chest to see the long puddles of cum above my right nipple leading to my neck. "that's still quite a load. The glory of young men is indeed their strength", I teased. He smiled bashfully and climbed off me, telling me we both should get cleaned. I dragged him into the tiny ensuite shower closet and washed him from head to toe - I gave him a bit of a head, shoulders, and back massage for all his effort. I paid special attention to washing his cock, playfully licking it a few times, watching in amazement and perhaps amusement as his ample foreskin alternated between exposing his entire head and covering it. I am circumcised, so to me it's always nice to play with a nice cock's foreskin. I scrubbed off my cum from his back, and revelled in the ropes of sinewy muscle around his shoulders. He told me he takes pole dancing classes as a past time to keep fit, and his strong core, ripped shoulders, and muscular legs sang the same song as he did. We both got dressed, and I followed him out to the counter. I passed him NTD3,000, together with the SGD200 I always have in my travel wallet in case of running out of cash while overseas and not being able to find a partnering ATM. He tried to return me the NTD200 change but I told him to keep it. We chatted for a bit, and I asked if we could keep in contact via Fb - he suggested WeChat or LINE, so we exchanged LINE IDs and texted each other. We both expressed hope in meeting each other again the next time I'm in Taipei, and enveloped me in a nice and warm bear hug before I left.
  16. has anyone done it before? my partner and i are considering it so we’re figuring out what we need to do.
  17. How likely are the sounds (running, stomping, dragging of furniture and consecutive pails of water) coming from the unit directly above yours? I do understand sound "travels" but to what extend though..?
  18. Crossdresser here, story first before the real question since many will pm for story. 2 night back when I was dressed, short flared mini dress that barely cover my panties, thigh high and high heel. A cute guy approached me, he introduced himself and asked to make friend. We went to the block table, sat down, smoke some cigarette and chat. He's not bad looking, maybe around 30s? While we chatting, he inched closer and closer to me and before long, he was beside me. My heart was pounding at this moment and I can feel his breath down my neck. I can feel my dick pulsating thru my panties. He asked if I was nervous (who wouldnt?). I asked him what he wanted and he smiled. He put his hand over my chest, reach for my back and pull me close to him, before long, we will hugging, he tried to kiss me on the lip but I turn away. He then started necking me. I let out a small moan, I didn't meant to but it feel really really nice. He took my hand and put it onto his pants. I can feel his very very hard dick, I traced the outline, it wasnt big, just very very hard. I asked if we could go to somewhere more private, he led me to the lift and we went to the staircase landing between the 8 and 10 floor, it was quite secluded as it is a mansionette block. He had me in a embrace n started necking me again, slowly he move his hand from my back and to my butt, fondling them as I moan with pleasure. I had my hand feeling his cock thru his pants. He rubbed me thru my skirt and before long, he tried to reach into my panties, I pushes his hand away as I feel embarrassed to be touch this way by stranger. My hand on his chest, I kneeled down slowly and was soon eyes level with his crotch. I kissed his dick thru his pants while undoing his belt and pants. His strong dick sprang out as soon as I pull down his pants and underwear. I took out the condom in my purse, I alway have condom and lube prepared and I wont do raw bj and the lube was in case, I were to be raped. I slip the condom on for him and took his cock into my mouth. It is abt 4 inch long and not thick at all. My panty wet with my precum. I was feeling really horny, I have suck a few dicks but never get farked before. I haven't cum for weeks and I really want to release. I didn't want himto cum and I'm have to wait till I get home to masturbate, I just could hold it any longer. I told him to fark me. He look a bit shock but he grab me and bend me over the parapet. With his legs, he push my leg apart, he hitch my dress up and pull down my panty, took the lube and wet my hole. He fingered my ass and I moan with great intensity, I have never had anything up my ass before, it just feel different and I feel my leg shiver and grow soft with every thrust with his finger, he was really sticking it in and I could feel his finger up my balls, there is this feeling that I cannot describe. I can feel his dick head against my hole, I took his dick in my hand and position it onto my hole. I can feel the pressure from the dick head up my but no matter how he tried, he could not get his dick in. It was quite disappointing for us as we are really horny. Its started to hurt now. He managed to get a bit of his dick head in but I pushed him off as I feel my ass tearing up. In the end, I just jerk him off. I bought a butt plug ytd and I tried to push it in but I cannot. I can insert my finger thou. The question is, how do I let a guy fark me in the ass? I mean is a small dick and butt plug, why is it so difficult.
  19. Hi Guys, I recently moved to JB from KL, been looking for Gay massage parlor. before lockdown whenever I come to Jb i go a Massage parlor called Artemis, earlier this month I went there but seems it closed. Last night I found an old friend on Grinder, he told me the Artemis never closed, it relocated few shops lot further on same row. Tody i visited Artemis (ATM) I had a good massage experience, I took William from Myanmar, he is tall, good looking, really enjoyed the massage and his company. For those who as me been thinking Artemis closed, want to shear that it's never closed just relocated. If anyone interested can visit their website for more information artemisjb.com Best Regards Alex
  20. Hi there, As the title suggest, I am looking for a freelance trainer that willing to train me at least twice a month and preferably on the weekends. I am average built with a small tummy. I would like to focus on flatten my tummy and gain some muscles on my upper body. I stay at North West of Singapore and my place got a small gym. Hopefully can find a kind soul to help me with this. Please quote me your rate and drop me your details through DM. Many thanks in advance.
  21. This guy befriended me on Blued. He gave me his number as +44 7448 265828... It’s a weird number, very suspicious. He suggested calling to chat but refused to use the video call on Blued. Nevertheless I added him on WhatsApp cos he’s my type from his posted self pics. We started texting for awhile. He tried calling me on WhatsApp several times but I never picked up, it’s weird and I’m scared. His distance on Blued showed he’s 23km away from me... But he’s been telling me he’s in UK now... Wow I never know UK is so close to me... 🤣🤣🤣 I asked him for his intro and his name, his life and what he’s been doing... But he never ask me for mine... He started calling me “dear”, “darling”, “love”... His replies are always short and some are repeated even... I know, this is highly a scammer right? He kept saying he has intention to settle down when he comes back and he wants to get married (with a guy) eventually... Yet, he still never ask more about who I am, what am I doing, and most importantly, what’s my name!!!??? Ok ok, I know he’s most probably a scammer by now, but he’s my type from looking at his pics, and guess I jus feel like flirting with him... Anyone here has similar experience on such social apps? What is your advice? Do you think I’m playing with fire? Or is it ok as long I’m careful not to fall into any of his tricks? Anyone has mishaps with such scams to share?
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