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  1. The new ST 100 Hot Bods e-book actually only contains 50 past male hot bods, while the first 50 would be female of course. Not sure if it is possible to post all 50, but maybe post some as suggested by moderator. The first one is not the best but the only one with the "then" and "now" update. Here goes: My personal favourite (77): My next favourite (96): No 57:
  2. Creating New Telegram Groups, Interested to join any of the GROUPS? Reply here or PM me your Telegram ID. Please indicate which group/s do you want to join.  1) Fun 2) Exhibition 3) 18-30 4) Twinks 5) Friends
  3. Discreet Married looking to make friends with other discreet bi curious or bi  married. Perhaps even seeking to explore light fun while being able to share with each other various things. Helping each other out. Network for KL Married Guys too TELEGRAM GROUP : https://t.me/bimarriedasia
  4. This is a weekly running group where all guys are welcome as long as they are gays. There is no age or race restriction. Distance covered will be around 5km to 6km. Currently the location of the jogging spot is quite near central area so others can reach easy. We normally go for places where there is free lockers and shower facilities. Timing currently is all gathered at 8:15am and start to do warm up exercise and than running. We are doing alternate Sat and Sun runs at the moment. Occasionally the group may take a break for marathons. Its a free and easy group where u come when u free. This is not a fun group, please do not ask of such things. For those who want to slim down or improve your fitness and make friends via group running please PM me for the location. Coming Saturday 27th Feb 8:15am is our next schedule running time
  5. Hi BWers, My name is Alvin Toh, I am a trained and certified therapist (ITEC Holistic & Sports Massage, ITM Traditional Thai) providing genuine and professional services, since 2012. Choose from any of services listed below, you will be so relaxed and you will want to stay for another session of calmness and tranquility. Prices quoted below are for incall only. (1) Thai Yoga Massage (60/90min $68/$88) - Northern Thai style (Nuad Boran) - A full session involves a lot of stretching of the entire body, follows a standard procedure and combines elements of Ayurvedic medicine, Hatha Yoga and Chinese Acupressure. It can be for relaxation and/or intense according to your goals. When energy flows and is in balance, overall well-being is then restored. - Massage is oil-free, wear loose clothing. (2) Hoiistic (Swediah/Balinese) Oil Massage (60/90min $68/$88) - Deep relaxation full body massage to help you relief your muscle tension, improve blood circulation and relax your body, with the special choice of oils fit for your solution. - Use only the highest quality essential oils, disposable wear is provided. (3) Aromatherapy (60/90min $88/$118) - Package massage performed with highly concentrated plant essential oils to promote whole-body healing - 5 different mixture of essential oils for choose, each has its own beneficial to the body and mind (4) Four Hands Massage (45/60/75min $88/$118/$148) - Expericece full body massage by two skilled therapists at the same time! - Soak yourself in the synchronized, yummiliciois choreograph and detailed strokes leaving you feeling lighter and bursting with life (5) Sports Massage (60/90min $88/$118) A. Pre-Event Massage - Stimulates the flow of blood and nutrients to the muscle, reduces muscles tension and joint stiffness - Produce a feeling of psychological readiness for the event - Pre-stretching muscles and making them flexible to maximise athletic performance B. Post-Event Massage - Helps maintain flexibility, to loosens tired and stiff muscles, remove lactic acid and waste built up in the muscles - Reduce cramping and delayed onset of muscle soreness (D.O.M.S) to ensure quicker recovery C. Maintenance Massage - To be done at least once a week as regular part of athletic training programs - Increase blood-flow and sending nutrients to the muscle - Recharges and renews the body for growth, and reduces the risk of injury (6) Back Scrub (top up $8 with any massage) (7) Full Body Scrub (top up $15 with any massage) (8) Full Body Hair Waxing (from $18 onwards, pls refer to the next post on the price list) Outcall services - Outcall for services - 90mins $128 (default) + Outcall prices exclude transfer fees ($20~$40 depending on location) For further information and reservation / appointment booking: SMS/Whatsapp: +65 9166 5178 Thank you for your feedback and support. Regards, Alvin_T ########## On-Going PROMO-10 ########## * Student / NSF / Birthday Month enjoys $10 off the rate. * Pls quote "PROMO10" when make bookings. * Valid for both incall and outcall appointments. * Document / NRIC / Student Pass is required as proof of identity. * Same day bookings are subject to availability. +++++ WHATSAPP BROADCAST ++++++ Whatsapp Broadcast feature allows one to send a message to many people at once, without revealing the recipients to one another (it works like blind carbon copy aka bcc on email). Each recipient then has the option to respond individually. If you wish to subscribe receive my service updates, as well as special promotion from me: 1. Add my contact number to your contact list: +6591665178 2. Send Whatsapp message to me, eg. “Subscribe broadcast <your name>”, 3. I will then add you to the list. To unsubscribe (at any time): Just remove me from your contact list / address book. You will no longer receive the service updates **IMPORATNT: You must add me to the contact lists else you will be getting empty broadcast message. ############## End ####################
  6. $105 (full set), price includes registered mail. Shirt Size M , Shorts Size L🤗 https://www.instagram.com/acultimate/ Saint Andrew's Ultimate Jersey with shorts size M (bundle consisting 2 shirt 1 pair of shorts) at $100 price includes registered mailing. https://www.instagram.com/saintsultimate/ Another Separate Pair of SA shorts( Size L) going at $45. Price includes registered mail as well.
  7. Any guys here who play golf? Would be good to get a small group going to play regularly. I am pretty average, but love the sport and trying to improve.
  8. Hi Any regular swimmers here? What is ur favourite stroke? Where do u usually swim?
  9. Hi everyone.. i believe not only me but MOST of you guys out there looking for workout buddy.. Well to those looking for one, just put it here and shall see if any luck strikes for you. Btw I myself looking for workout / gym buddy.. Preferably someone who can push me more to be fit..
  10. Hi...anytime member Malaysia... Nice to meet you all...
  11. Now that all the pools are closed, lets tell your best pool stories. 1. where did it happen? 2. when was it? 3. what happened? 4. etc
  12. I specialise in Deep Tissue and Sports Massage. Deep tissue massage is a type of firm, manipulative practice that uses slow strokes and pressure to release deep layers of tissue, including tendons and fascia. It works by physically breaking down adhesion which blocks the circulation and causes pain, limited movement and inflammation. It uses direct deep pressure across the grain of the muscles resulting to relief of pain and restoration of normal movements. Deep Tissue Massage is specifically helpful for chronic, tensed and contracted areas causing stiff neck, low back pains and sore shoulders. It is also used in forms of recovery from whiplash, a fall or sports injury. Let me assist you in your healing journey together. In-house (Tampines) $80 / session House-call $120 / session Message me through my Facebook page or Whatsapp for an appointment now. More info on my Facebook page: @LionelChanDTMS
  13. Just wondering if anybody's interested in playing volleyball for leisure haha. Preferably west side kids cos there's a volleyball court at Clementi CC apparently haha
  14. Hi there, I am a certified Yoga instructor, working as freelance yoga teacher in KL/Selangor area. Services I provide: 1. Private Group Class 2. Open group class 3. 1-to-1 private yoga 4. Aqua Yoga (yoga in the water) 5. Corporate yoga I believe that yoga shouldn't be limited to female only. Males are more than capable in doing yoga as it helps strengthen your body and increase your sexual libido. Men who does yoga has better sexual performance and last longer in bed - though that also depending on your other personal lifestyle as yoga is part of the solution to help your sexual libido. I have experience in teaching for more than 3 years in fitness industry. I believe I can bring results to my client's need. Naked Yoga is subjected to availability. If you are keen to have yoga class with me, kindly whatsapp 0149600683 (izach) for more info. Thank you for reading, Have a good day.
  15. One by one the gym options are closed or limited in some way. Even my own condition gym is closed! Where are the gyms that are still open and what can we inventively do to recreate a good gym workout? Which outdoor jungle gym has the best equipment in open spaces? Do share....n maybe we can all continue our fitness regime n stay safe at the same time!!
  16. He is not exceptional. A 47 y.o. should be able to have a body like that with some dedication. He could improve much his appearances getting rid of the glasses and having some hair transplanted to the front.
  17. Kkklaus


    Any good Yoga studio out there? Been wanting to pick up yoga but need some help :?
  18. I do not think it is true. but does anyone think otherwise though?
  19. Is there any instructors keen on hosting nude workout sessions online? I am keen on using the cb period to train and keep fit while at home.
  20. Making a new telegroup thats convenient for sg guys to hookup/exchange porn and everything. No limits. Send me yr usernames and i’ll add in to start off the group. Will post the group link subsequentlylets make this happen! Tired of waiting fr ppl to add and nothing happens!
  21. Hi guys, I'm currently a year 3 student in poly and I would have to take my IPPT test soon for my NS. Do you guys have any tips completing it? I'm currently having difficulties passing.. Any tips, experiences or training programmes would be appreciated hehe thank you
  22. Am a freelance certified yoga teacher offering home based yoga classes: - Classes will be conducted at the location of your choosing (i.e. Your house, friend's house, condo estate, outdoors eg. parks, etc) - Minimum 3 pax to start a class - Each class lasts for 1hr (60mins) - $15/pax for each class - One free trial class for new clients Please contact me for more info. Thank you.
  23. Hi guys, I have trouble passing IPPT so i'm a regular at IPT/RT. And we all know going to IPT/RT alone can be quite boring, so maybe we can use this thread to look for buddies to go IPT/RT with. At least then we won't be so lonely everytime. So let's post when and where you are going for IPT/RT. Cheers.
  24. Hello all, Hope you all are doing fine. I am Axel or Axe Coach. Am experienced trainer and had been training clients indoor (Gymmboxx, TF, 24xFit, Activsg) and outdoor (Parks and Multistorey Car Park) around Singapore for 8 years. I'm a low profile trainer and only had few clients to train but they had been with me for years. Most of them from 35 - 60 age. On last year I won 2nd place in Sports Model in FIF Novice in the category. I dream to inspire people to be fit physically and mentally and they inspire people too with their achievements and confidence. Looking at the situation now with gym closes and we are unsure how would the situation emerge, I am always here with you to get through this. If you need help regarding outdoor training and ideas, you can text me in DM or join along with me in training. Check out my ig if you need more information: aesthetic_axe Hope to hear from you all soon. Axel
  25. Agreement has been reached to delay the 2020 Olympic Games to 2021. https://www.huffpost.com/entry/2020-olympic-games-postponed-coronavirus_n_5e693115c5b66ceffa29dfb9 One could hear the sighs of relief of thousands of athletes who can train for one more year without corona virus pressures. One should commend the Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe for being part of this decision.
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