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Cruisy parks in Singapore


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4 hours ago, hideki_lin said:

First time here....


May I ask whether anyone knows where to go to find gays cruising in the parks in Singapore?


Your input will be very much appreciated. 





Wouldn't it be the best for you to run through some of the discussions at the Personal Section.


I assume you will find the most relevant park spots in that section.


A little effort and you will get the answers...



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SG gay park only operate once a year, that is hong lim park in the month of june,  usually the last saturday of june for the pride event.


Not related to the topic,  recently have been seeing more and more guys holding hand in public places like mrt and shopping centre, also see one guy scratching and  massaging another guy's leg at mrt station,  quite daring.

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3 hours ago, hideki_lin said:

Ok will try to explore though not sure where Tampines Eco Park is.

Tampines Eco park is next to Sunplaza Park in Tampines. Walk across Sunplaza from

Tampines Central, cross the road and you will see Tampines Eco Park just next to the jogging track along the canal. Tampines Eco Park can only get cruisy around 10PM until 2AM. After that, it becomes very quiet and a little eerie. There had been recent sightings of really big python snakes along the dark pathways at night. Be sure to bring your torch lights and lots of mosquito repellents. 😊


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Guest Eco Park (Tampines)

Eco Park is still happening after 10pm, especially nearer 11pm. 


As reported by member Freebie on 18 Sep about a HOT bukkake session in the Eco Park thread. 


It was true. I was there and the last two to cum on him. Freebie is a tall friendly hunk who came in his bicycle.


In fact, before he came another tall hunk in white skimpy undie was blowing a 18/19yo twink who was kissing his other twink friend while receiving the blow job from the hunk. 

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Come to think of it, some parks are very environmental friendly. No water, no electricity and no toilet flushes. Because of that only the brave ones would make their way there for casual pursuits.😉

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Guest Bloomer
37 minutes ago, Guest Jason said:

In a boomer thread. Who still cruise in a park nowadays?

Who? No lack of.


Perception does not equate to reality. The age ranges from late teens to the mature.


Just as some love the "catchment" factor of gay saunas, others prefer the idea of hot pursuits and exploration in a natural environment. 

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While you guys can talk about a park or a place, please DO NOT PROMOTE it to be exclusively gay.  DO NOT be a nuisance and disrupt these parks which are meant for general public.  Be mindful!  Be considerate!


This thread should NOT be a place to promote gay sexual activities.  Any intended gathering must be done in private (DM).  Any intended gatherings are on members' sole responsibility.


Members are advised to report out of line postings here.



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- May there be Love and Peace beyond all understanding -

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Agree with Ikutube.


You guys do know that straight people e.g. EDMW forum, etc. will come to our forum and pick up interesting articles to fire back at the gays for "Stealing their husbands/boyfriend, "how sleazy gay life is", etc.


Not forgetting some of those anti-whatever group will take your post in the forum to report to authorities because you people openly volunteer information in the open forum saying you are organizing some form of multi-people fun activities, etc.


I seriously think you either have really big balls or have no brain by publicly sharing date, time, location, and what multi-people event you are holding.


Good luck to you people.


See you in the news soon!




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Let's assume that the police is quite aware of the most relevant spots.


Nowadays, with all the cameras installed in any public area, it shouldn't be kept out of the view of the police.


As to my guess, any police intervention starts if there are complaints from the public or probably when the amount of action starts getting too crowded and too raunchy...


Be sure that you are out of sight of any camera and probably avoid being in too big groups. But note that most cameras here are fitted with facial recognition. (Draw your own conclusions)...


Also note that still straight people would walk through the parks, it could also be that a parent walks with a 6 year old kid through these parks to take a shortcut back home etc.


Treat any such spots with the necessary caution...



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Changi Business park also can get free BJ almost everynight. Don't be choosy can get 2 or 3, if later can have full serivce too! Seen and done that.


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