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Hi guys, I'm 45, a local Chi, and I haven't been able to find love since my last breakup in my early 20s.


A bit about me: I'm a freelance masseur.

Personality-wise, I'm more of an introverted, sensitive person who enjoys reflecting, nature, and exploring new things. I value openness and respect in relationships.


I used to believe in true love in my younger days until a few bad relationships made me think that a long-lasting relationship doesn't exist for me anymore.


As I'm entering midlife, I seek potential guys who are mature, decent, professional, and have a straight-looking appearance, and who can help me believe in love again


If you're 40 above & into dating, PM me.

Dinner/coffee is okay.


My stats 45 chn, 181, 87Kg. Pure btm.

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I understand everything you're going through and said.  My experience is that there can be true love, it just can be hard to find. Most gay apps are for hooking up that leave one feeling emotionally empty but physically satisfied. I was in a straight relationship for almost 40 years and after the relationship ended I returned to a gay life that I experimented with before as a teenager and young man. I was lucky to find a partner on Grindr after many unsatisfying experiences.  I kept trying to find a person with the same objective in a relationship and fortunately I was lucky. Luck I guess plays a big part in finding a partner, as it always has I suppose.

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Reality check


For gay/bi man u need to find LOVE or CiNTA in HOPELESS place like gay saunas, thru gay/bi dating apps, gay bars & club or str8 onsen (yes u need to go thru' that phases again)  


Ego check need to cool off....give and take. Learn to initiate. Don't judge someone by their RACE, SKiNs, STATUS, Appearance, Personality & COCK on FIRST 🤝meet ...need to start off as friends....no need to S.S...or don't rush into anything yet. 

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Blind dates are the best way of meeting someone compatible.


I Am attracted to straight looking manly guys.

Wonder anyone's keen to date me?


If you're 40 above , PM me.

Discreet companionship with married/bi guys are ok.


My stats 45 chn, 181, 87Kg. Pure btm here.

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