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  1. Veloster


    Anyone for phone sex...fit or toned bi guys or gay ...pics required...anyone from 21 to 38 ....
  2. Time Should I waste my time on you who i can't control Should i waste my time on things that is of my beyond Can't we see the time that went tick tock Is this the right time or is it not? They say time flows like a stream To a land where there are many dreams But you told me you did like to be a place full of surprises and supremes There are no other choices but this is the way its seems. I do not know what to say The world is so full of grey You say I am imperfect and this I know Yet I still think you are gold I may be kind and silly but it’s not fine. Your avoidant ways clearly shows through time Time will reveal who you are And you can really be a pain in the arse Letting you go should keep you afar As there is nothing left to be my fuss Finally I can get on my path. E.T. 13.01.2019
  3. Just wanna have some story time. This happened really unexpectingly and i feel that despite how 2020 has been to us, i still feel that there is still good left this year. It all began when i was scrolling through Grindr randomly. Was not looking for anything in particular because at this age (i’m turning 30 this year), I was already not expecting much from this app anyway. But then suddenly i saw this profile. He was staying nearby too. His profile pic looks decent and i thought why not say Hie. So i decided to say Hie first. He is 36 this year btw. He replied. The chat started very awkward with all the usual introduction. At this point, i didn’t expect much. He was very interested at the picture i gave him and he said it sure does gave him the attention. At the very beginning the chat started out a bit slow. So i thought to myself, this was going to be another case whereby sooner or later the chat will die out and after that either one of us will ghost each other. But to my surprise, he replied willingly after each replies. We even greeted each other in the morning. Which I find to be very strange in a good way as i was not expecting it to be that way. Days goes by, and we seem to be very interested with our chats that it seem as though we really enjoy each other’s time chatting. As we got to know each other, we decided we wanted to meet. So we exchanged contact with any hesitation. We seem to be so excited to meet as we were eager to finally able to see each other in person. So our first meet up was going jogging with each other. You can tell we were nervous but was trying to cover it up as we kept smiling to each other. We were happy when we finally met. So we had a good run till we ended up having fun somewhere. The session was hot as both of us didn’t had any fun for quite sometime. After that was done, it was not awkward at all. We continue walking back home as we chat. Can tell our conversation didnt stop as we chatted very naturally. I send him over at the mrt and waved goodbye. So days after that first meet up, we continue chatting over at whatsapp. We grew closer to each other each day by making time over our busy schedules to meet up whenever we can. Then came the whole Circuit Breaker period and this was when it really tested the both of us. Due to the strict restrictions, we were not able to see each other. Now this was the real hard part because the only way we got to see each other was through video calls. We both admit to each other that the situation made us miss each other a lot and the most sweetest thing was him using Grab services to deliver food/drinks/desserts for me. I was so touched at first and I returned the favour in doing the same thing too. We continue to tell each other that, once everything is ok, we will definitely see each other again. Fast forward to Phase 2 and when finally we were able to see each other, that is when things got serious. There was a particular day after we met, he asked me a question which led to the truth being told. I lied to him that I didn’t have any social media accounts (i.e. An ig account). He didn’t believe me and didn’t make any sound. Throughout the day, it made me feel guilty because i kept thinking of all the things that he had done for me. I didn’t wanna let him know my instagram account because at that point of time, i was attached with a girl. Yes, i thought I was bi. So before the day ends, I decided to tell him the truth. It was so hard for me to let him know that i broke down in tears trying to explain my situation. Despite him being hurt, he still cares for my feelings and he hugged me. He understand what was i going through and he was glad that i told him earlier before we went on further. That night was the lowest point in my life and for the both of us too. He told me he was cheated before. Just before we chatted, he recently broke up with his ex bf whom he was together with for more than 5 yrs. Can tell that night he was really down. He really thought it could work out between us and he poured out his feelings that night. We couldn’t stop texting each other that night till about 3am. I was crying non stop because we were trying to find a solution for this. We tried so hard to make each other to leave but our hearts really can’t take it. I knew how i felt that day and i knew i had to come out and be true to who i am. I couldn’t lie to myself anymore. This event made me even realise more that at this point in my life, i needed to make a clear direction to where i am going. The next morning we texted each other, our usual good morning. But we both didn’t slept well. I felt so guilty that i ordered his fave coffee delivery to his house. He was touched and he said he misses me. But he couldn’t stand the fact that I am still someone else’s. That was when i realise and made a decision. So i took the huge leap of ending of my r/s with my gf (she is my ex now). I decided not to let her know the real reason but i kept it generic with her. I knew sexually, i was not aroused by females. Once that was settled, I let him know of my decision and he was very supportive of it. He was glad that I looked happier now and that was the only thing he wanted, for me to be happy. After the whole saga, we were chatting even more and going out for dinner when we were finally able to dine out together recently. Till today, we decided not to have any status or told each other that we were dating. I mentioned my feelings to him before till one of the day inside my car when i was sending him off. We kissed goodnight and i accidentally said, ‘i love you’. He was shocked and smile shyly but did not reply. He texted me after that saying that he didn’t wanna sound bad to me but he said he was not ready for another r/s yet. He can’t seem to open his heart yet after what happened to him previously. I totally understand his situation but he felt that it was unfair to me if he would to keep me waiting. So now, we are really just enjoying each other’s company and having ‘fun’ with each other once in a while but we haven made it official yet. I want him to be my boyfriend and i think he also would like to have that but i think his heart was wounded the last time around and so he didn’t want to be hurt again. As of now, we are just going through each day. Are we friends with benefits? Are we dating? Will we be tgt as bf one day? I don’t know, only time will tell. Anyone went through somewhat similar situation? Hehe So what are your thoughts?
  4. Wallace


    Hi, folks . When is your first ' blowjob' ? And where ?
  5. Has anyone here had experience with chasing after attached guys? I recently got to know this guy at a party. We hooked up during the party and it was only towards the end that he told me he had a boyfriend. They together for around 3 years already. Despite that, he continued flirting with me afterwards and we've since already had sex. He told me his relationship with his bf has now reached a stage where it feels like they are more like close friends than a couple. He also told me he has feelings for me but he wants to 'take it slow' first so we can get to know each other better. I know it's not right wanting someone who is attached but he makes it sounds like his relationship with his bf died a long time ago and it's very hard to ignore him when he constantly says sweet things to me etc. Of course, even if we were to get together, I know that I will probably never trust him and will be scared that he might one day do what he did to his bf to me. So has anyone here had experience with attached guys that resulted in a happy stable relationship?
  6. 很难说得上是幸福还是不幸福。一如异性婚姻,也不知能一齐走完人生路的能有几个?可以肯定的,已婚而有白头偕老的居多,因为有法律保障,也有子女牵制。但我偏偏还是对上了一个已婚的好男人。怎么办?
  7. Queer And Over 55: Older LGBTQ+ Singaporeans On Coming Out, Finding Love, and Making Their Lives Here A year ago, while conducting interviews for a series on LGBTQ+ Singaporeans, a question kept churning in my mind: where are all the older people? Ageism exists across society, and is in no way limited to the LGBTQ+ community. But combined, the two produce a startling vacuum. Older LGTQ+ people are a minority within a minority, which is to say they are practically invisible. Even most of my LGBTQ+ friends, when asked to help me find leads I could interview, couldn’t come up with a single name they knew personally. Older people’s stories generally don’t get a lot of screen time, but the ones that do are more or less exclusively heterosexual. Representations of contemporary queer life, from films like Blue Is The Warmest Colour to TV shows like Orange Is The New Black and Queer Eye, largely show people in their 20s and 30s. And the Internet, which has been instrumental in increasing LGBTQ+ visibility, with many brave coming-out stories and personal essays about LGBTQ+ lived experiences, is unquestionably the domain of the young. But clearly, not all queer people are young, and not all queer stories are, either. We spoke with three LGBTQ+ Singaporeans in their mid-50s and above, who graciously shared theirs with us. Ivan Heng, founding artistic director of the WILD RICE theatre company, and his husband, Tony Trickett, the company’s executive director. The couple were married in the UK in 2014. Image credit: Ivan Heng’s Facebook/WILD RICE Jeremy*, a cisgender gay man in his early 60s I guess you could say my very first exposure to queer culture was when I went to the Philippines in 1981. You know how Singapore is, it’s not touchy-feely, we don’t hug, no way two men would be hugging or kissing each other. I was 21 at the time, and when I got there I was like, is everyone gay here? To see men holding hands, hugging … it wasn’t that they were gay, their culture is just so warm and physically affectionate, but it seemed that way to me. I found the lack of labels so liberating, to see how they were so intimate and yet it was a non-issue. Growing up, there were no examples of gay relationships at all. At the time, ‘gay’ just wasn’t in our vocabulary, it didn’t exist back then like it does now. When I was young, it used to mean happy, bright, bonny, good. I grew up poor, in a traditional Peranakan household, and culturally I was in a desert. A lot of my education came from a dear friend of mine, my mentor in life, and in gay life in particular. We used to watch videos at his house, and one of the ones which left an impression on me was Making Love (1982). It’s about a couple where the husband falls for another man and embarks on an affair. What really struck me was that the wife found out in the end, and they had a huge fight and she slapped him across the face—she goes, “I can fight with another woman, but how could I fight with a man? How could I compare?” [The film ends happily], but watching this scene, I was like, oh god. Is this how it is? Most films about gay people are terribly depressing. It never ends well. As a gay boy back then—and even now, I think—when you’re young, a lot of it is about sex and getting off. When you don’t have mentors to look up to, or examples of healthy, mature, gay relationships, you just think it’s all based on sex and will never last. I’m not sure this has changed much now, although hopefully it’s a bit better. Still, examples of gay men in solid relationships are so invisible. Acceptance can only come when there’s deep and abiding love. Everyone just wants to be treated with respect and love, and that only comes with honesty. If you’re not honest with yourself, there’s no relationship which can be sustained. I’m not out to my family, but only because they’ve not asked the question. Otherwise, it’s an open secret. My siblings have met my partners over the years, and I guess they just accepted it. My mum has passed on, but when she was alive she knew all my boyfriends’ names … she would go, oh, so-and-so isn’t staying with you any more? Are you not friends any more? I think they’re just waiting for me to come out to them, and I’m waiting for them to ask. Right now, I have everything I need. I’m in a happy relationship, I have my own flat, my dogs, and I don’t want children. The one thing I would want to change is end-of-life rights. Otherwise, my sexuality is right at the bottom of my interactions with people. It doesn’t present any issues now. My partner loves Pink Dot. He’s much younger than me, and he goes every year. I go because he loves it so much, but I’ve been through all that, and I don’t need that kind of affirmation or public platform of support at my age. But I’ve been very blessed, with the friends and family I have, and working in arts and entertainment all my life. The scene is so much more exposed and accepting. If I hadn’t, I shudder to think of what my life might have been like. Not all stories are happy ones. This message was received by the Pink Dot organising team in 2019. Translated, it reads: “My family is conservative, and my religion sees me as a sinner. On the surface I am happy, but for many decades I have been living in darkness, in an oppressed environment. I have never really dated in the community. I am now 50, and I don’t think there is any more hope, and I don’t see any light at the end of the tunnel any more. But I still want to wish the best for all the lucky ones at Pink Dot.” Linus*, a cisgender gay man in his early 60s I guess we all had inklings…you know, the dance of hormones, feelings you have as a teenager. So I went to the library in school and looked it up. We had a great library. Lots of texts on sociology and bio, and there was a book called ‘Everything You Want To Know About Sex But Were Afraid To Ask’ (I think one of the very young teachers was heading up the library at the time). Once I identified what I was, internally, it was easy. I didn’t struggle with it, unlike some friends and classmates I knew. It was never an issue with my siblings. But my dad didn’t know—he passed away when I was in my 30s—and my mum doesn’t know. I don’t think she even knows what being gay is, and it wouldn’t be possible to explain to her now because she has dementia. I never thought of telling her when I was younger. My parents are so steeped in the older concept of what being gay is, she’d probably just assume that it’s someone who cross-dresses and wants to put on women’s clothes. It was never something I thought of attempting. When I got older, there were chats on the Internet, stuff that I guess would be the equivalent of Grindr or Tinder nowadays. There were saunas, where men went to have sex with other men. And there were bars and clubs like Inner Circle, Taboo, that you went to … but most of them don’t exist anymore. In any case, the club scene is very much geared towards young people. As you get older, it stops being so enticing. You look like a sad fish out of water. I think we were only conscious of the AIDS crisis because so much was happening in America. We read about it in the papers and in books, but I think we in Asia tended to think of HIV as a ‘Western’ disease. It was scary, but by the time we realised this was happening to us, there were already medical discoveries and organisations like Action for Aids (AFA), so there was greater awareness, and anyone sensible knew to take precautions. Still, I have some friends, some close ones, who’ve had it, or died from it. Sometimes you hear stories about someone succumbing to pneumonia, and they’re not that old, maybe in their 40s. And you think: could it have been HIV-related? It would be a nice victory if 377A was repealed, but I’m not holding my breath. The government will always say that the moral majority is conservative and not open to LGBTQ+ people. Personally, I don’t think there’s an ideal society; my friends and I never thought of going out there and demanding for solutions, because that’s not going to happen. In my opinion, what one should do is try and look for a way around things, find a personal solution, or you’ll just be hitting your head against the wall. I happen to know one of the couples who challenged 377A, and they told me that after two or three years of slugging it out in court, they looked at each other and asked if it was really worth it, because they ended up exactly where they started. Looking to the authorities for a solution is a tough sell. But I’m hopeful that things will change gradually. When I talk to generations that came after me, young couples in their 20s and 30s, everyone’s so comfortable with it; everyone’s got a token LGBTQ+ friend they’re so fond of. I’m optimistic that way. Edie Windsor (R) and her wife, Thea Spyer. Edie was the lead plaintiff in United States v Windsor, a seminal 2013 US case which granted same-sex married couples federal recognition for the first time. Cathy*, a cisgender lesbian woman in her 50s Work was lonely. I worked in the corporate world in my 20s and early 30s, and I never saw another gay person. You couldn’t talk about it. Stuff like what you did over the weekend, water-cooler chat … you can’t go into it, and I guess that’s why I always felt like a bit of an outsider. It was never hostile, but you just felt different, and conscious of having to hide in a way which other people didn’t. I began working in the charity sector and becoming involved in civil society in my 30s, and that was what changed things for me. Before that, for a long time, my plan was to migrate. When I was younger, I would imagine myself on a farm, enjoying the outdoors and seasons … idealistic things like that. It was only after I got involved in civil society that I began to feel like I was making a difference, and everything changed; it was how I met my partner, too. But I honestly think I would’ve left if I hadn’t found that. Civil society was an interesting place in the early ‘90s. The organisation I joined was a very accepting space. You felt comfortable bringing people and they would treat your partner as a friend, but no one asked about it, or spoke about it the way it is now, even there. You felt the acceptance, but you never introduced anyone as your partner. I didn’t do that until very late in life. Right now, I think it’s just a matter of time. I’ve bet with my friends that in 10 years’ time, we’ll be living in a very different society, and 377A will be history. I work with a lot of young people, and it gives me a lot of hope. We’re on the right side of time, and we’re moving towards acceptance. I don’t see how Singapore can keep still. Still, I’ve been incredibly lucky. Being a lesbian has been tough at points—perhaps not as much as for other people—but I think it compelled me to find my own way in the world, to make sense of my own life, because the tried-and-tested route just wasn’t available to me at all. Having kids, getting married … that’s never been on the cards. Even moving out, which I did at 22, was so radical at the time. The other thing is the support of my family. My sisters and I are all gay, and we came out to our parents when we were in our early 20s. It was a journey they had to go through, and there were some very difficult years, but that was one of the privileges I’ve had: parents who really, really love me. Their friends still aren’t comfortable with it, and I guess that’s the difficulty with society as a whole not moving, even if [my parents] have as individuals. They had to give up some of their friendships, or not see their friends so often, because the comparisons their friends were making or asking about our lives … they just didn’t know how to deal with that, and it was very painful for them. They had to have smaller worlds so that we didn’t have to be in the closet. But a few weeks ago, around Mother’s Day, I had a Zoom call with my mum, and she said, this was my best decision. I was like, what was? And she said, accepting all of you. That was the best decision I ever made in my life. It was the first time she’d said that.
  8. So i met this dude in the toilet And he look at me...his eyes is like tearing up when he saw me i had to look away (because he is someone special in my heart and i was shy) as i can see his penis. He literally storm out of the toilet after that. I added him on facebook and we chatted, after just afew messages he stops replying, saying he is busy. It was until he stops replying my message that i remembered who he was... The first person that i made a promise not to forget, the first person that i fall in love.. We were together in poly...for a short while but he left me saying..till fate bring us together again. After the remembrance i tried to communicate with him I tried the following 1) keep messaging on fb messenger 2) tried to give him a note 3) even emailed him, twice via my work email to his work email And he ignored all my advances. .maybe it is not the type of advances he is expecting Or maybe his totally not interested My question is...can i love someone yet hate him at the same time? Like i wanna be at least a friend for him Yet hate that we can never be friends Anybody wanna share their opinion on my post? Wanna hear your thoughts..
  9. i am at a local sauna. i pull one guy into a dark corner to fxxk. he later told me he was virgin. after some rest, i went back for second round. got another guy. after fxxking and talking cock, he also said he was virgin. either it was virgin nite or there is a trend that btm like to say they are virgin. need to say they were quite tight but one of them seem too familiar with fxxking position. i think he lie to me.
  10. I am finding so difficult to approach a Bangla or Indian workers for a quick bj for their big cocks. Can you guys share tips...... I could not find any latest forums on this.
  11. Hey guys, what comes to mind when you see an Angmo man (about 50 yrs old) and an Asian guy (about 33 yrs old) walking together? Honest answers please? Thank you very much!
  12. I am falling so deep in love with my Condo security guard that I think I am going insane. He started working at the Condo 3 months ago. The first time I saw him was when I drove back and as I approached the security gate, he gave me a big smile and open the gantry for me. I was a bit taken back by his smile and how nice he looked. After parking the car, I quickly changed into my short loose pants without underwear and a singlet to go for my walk. When I walked past him he again flashed me a Big smile and said hello. I stopped and chatted with him. Found out he was from Bhutan and married with a son and a daughter but they didn't follow him to Singapore. Bingo... I thought this is one super horny guy likely deprived of sex for at least 3 months. I started chatting and flirting with him and he was responsive. I then went for my run. I noticed him staring hard at my crotch as my cock bounced up and down and from side to side. On my was back, again he was there to welcome me back and complimented me on my body as I was then all sweaty with the singlet sticking to my body. We chatted more and I asked him what time he was off and offered to have a drink at my place Later. He was visibly excited and kept nodding his head....... Well... We have been together now for a week and I had the best time of my life when he was with me. I won't go into the detail but he was like a God sent to me. I find myself falling head over heal for this guy. I think he likes me too but I also know he loves his family more as he talks about them all the time. He said he enjoyed my company and find me attractive and he was happy to be with me as long as he is in Singapore. My dilemma is I want more from him but I sense that he won't give me what I want. I don't want to give him up as I know I have found my match.... Should I be selfish and break up his family since he is happy here with me too.
  13. I live in a condo in the east. Yesterday, after a swim, I went to the changing room/shower. The sauna is also in there, and the lights were on (it usually is not in use). So I walked in, and there was a mature China man (50?) standing in the nude. I was surprised, said hi, and also took off my towel. We sat opposite one another in the small sauna, with cocks/balls in full view. He was about 3inches uncut, with low-hanging balls and lots of straight pubes. I was thinking "OK, if he makes the first move - like a 'come-here' smile - I would be brave and move closer to him and see what happens". But too bad, we just sat there with out legs wide open and nothing happened. He went out for a quick shower and came back in, but he never said a word. Then he went out for good. I followed shortly to see him showering with the cubicle door open. And while I was showering (with the door open of course), he sat on the wooden bench naked while drying himself, all in full view of me. It may be nothing at all but it was such a torn-on to know two naked men were so comfortable with nudity. After he left, I actually JO in the shower. Anyone has similar experience in your condo sauna?
  14. I've been reading BW for a while now and I feel this is kinda weird, but I thought I should open up my feelings (at least online) that I feel that I fancy a guy who is 9 years younger than me. We are pretty close (or at least i think!) we text each other, mostly about sports-related stuff, tech-stuff and also about mutual friends (aka gossiping). I really enjoy his company and texting almost every day. I know deep down it's one-sided unrequited love, but I still hope one day we can be closer than good friends/buddies (I'm not sure if this is possible). I've never really felt like this towards another guy, although I know I will not end up getting married with a woman. There were a few occasions where we traveled overseas (in a group) and I snuggled to sleep on the same bed as him (No other intentions) just to see him fall asleep with his cute boyish face under the dim light. He thinks that is "annoying" but still let me on his bed anyways. I'll also admire his nice smooth skin from afar, each time wanting to feel it with my own hands. I will tell myself inside that this boy deserves a good girl instead of a perverted man like me who likes guys. We know each other some time now, I really like him so much but I feel like each time I think of us ever being together, I die a little inside. He may or may not know I have "special" feelings for him (more than a friend) Sometimes I feel who we really love should not be based on whether he/she is a guy/girl😔Sorry for the long post, but I feel that it's a new year and I need to get this off my chest, welcome all comments! Happy 2020 everyone !
  15. Hjbjas

    Cruise KL

    Forum for cruisers in Klang Valley.
  16. Top 12 Most Popular Posts Of 2017 Dear Straight People, Seeing as the start of a new year is always a good time for reflection, here is a recap of our 12 most popular posts of 2017 on Dear Straight People. From powerful opinions to inspiring interviews, here are 12 posts we produced this year that got a lot of people talking. 12. Songkran 12 Trailer: Giveaway Video The first entry on our list is none other than the recent promotional trailer we produced for gCircuit! With 2 VIP ALL ACCESS PASSES worth over $2,000 to Asia’s largest gay dance festival up for grabs, it probably shouldn’t come as a surprise that our promotional video for Songkran 12 was one of our most popular posts of 2017. You can still grab discounted tickets to SK12 here: http://www.gcircuit.com/ticketing.php 11. Spotlight On Chemsex In Asia Taking up the 11th spot in our list is none other than our feature on the chemsex phenomenon in Asia. This collaboration with DJ Big Kid sought to address the growing issue of chemsex addiction throughout Asia in the hopes of raising awareness about this thorny issue. 10. An Open Letter To Those Bent On Destroying Pink Dot Coming in at number 10 with over 3,000 shares is this powerful letter by acclaimed Singaporean playwright Alfian Sa’at, who had some strong words for those who go out of their way to oppose Pink Dot SG. This note may have originally been written over a year ago but its message continues to remain relevant up till today. Read the powerful letter here: http://bit.ly/AlfianLetter 9. Out Of The Closet – Whyan Chen Shares His Story The 9th most popular post of 2017 belongs to the story of Whyan Chen – starting from his humble beginnings in Taipei to working alongside Taiwanese pop diva Jolin Tsai. Read the full story here: http://bit.ly/WhyanChen 8. Out Of The Closet – Jono Kwan Shares His Story The 8th most popular post of 2017 is the story of how Jono Kwan went from being an outcast with no friends to becoming the confident young man you know today. Read the full story here: http://bit.ly/JonoKwan 7. Out Of The Closet – Theresa Goh Shares Her Story The 50th feature of our Out Of The Closet series is none other than paralympic medalist and 2017 Pink Dot SG ambassador Theresa Goh – Singapore’s FIRST ‘out’ athlete! Read the full interview here: http://bit.ly/TheresaGoh Watch the full video on Facebook here. 6. Fitspiration Of The Week – Gerald Koh From Singapore For those of you whose New Year’s resolution is to get fit, here’s a story you should bookmark. The fitspirational story of how Gerald Koh managed to shed off his excess weight in just 8 months is our 6th most popular post of 2017 Read the full story here: http://bit.ly/FitspoGeraldKoh 5. Out Of The Closet: Jack Lim Shares His Story Kicking off the top 5 is yet again, another shirtless hunk, proving that sex really does sell! But there is a lot more to Jack Lim than his hunky physique. Outed against his will and forced to drop out of law school, the inspirational story of how Jack Lim beat the odds to become a Talent Business Partner in the world’s largest media agency was so powerful it was shared over 3,000 times on Facebook alone! Read the full story here: bit.ly/JackLim 4. Out Of The Closet: Sean Foo Shares His Story After single-handedly running Dear Straight People for over 2 years and interviewing over 50 queer individuals, the founder of Dear Straight People finally decided to come out publicly. With a reach of over 100,000 people and media coverage from publishers like Millennials Of Singapore and HornetNews, the personal coming out story of Sean Foobecame the 4th most popular post of 2017. Read the full story here: bit.ly/DSPSeanFoo 3. Taipei Pride Parade 2017 – First Look Coming in as our 3rd most popular post of 2017 is our inside look at what went down at the 15th Taipei Pride Parade! The first parade to be held since Taiwan’s top court ruled in favour of same-sex marriage, this was definitely one of the highlights of 2017. 2. Meet The Mother Of Two Gay Sons This video may have been filmed in 2016, but that hasn’t stopped it from being our 2nd most popular post of 2017. This touching interview of a Singaporean mother of two gay sons has accumulated over 150,000 views across Facebook and YouTube to date! 1. Home – LGBT National Day Cover Of Kit Chan Song This shouldn’t come as a surprise for people who’ve followed Dear Straight People’s content closely. Our MOST popular post of 2017 is none other than our viral LGBT National Day cover of ‘Home’, that earned features on numerous media publications ranging from queer sites like Gay Star News to mainstream media such as Mothership.sgand MustShareNews. As we move on to the start of a brand new year, Dear Straight People would like to sincerely thank you for all of the love and support you’ve given us! Running this website has not been an easy task. But seeing the positive impact our content has had, particularly the heartwarming messages we’ve received from those still in the closet, has made everything worth it. We’ve got some incredibly exciting plans for 2018 that we cannot wait to share with you so like us on our Facebook page to keep up to date with the latest updates! Support Dear Straight People On Patreon Support Dear Straight People and our mission in telling stories that broaden hearts and open minds by joining us on Patreon! From as low as $1 a month, you will receive access to patron-only content, behind the scene material, exclusive deals and discounts and many other rewards: bit.ly/PatreonDSP
  17. Having browsed BW over time, its tough finding a Malaysian based Bi Guys to chat and network as well as share with. http://t.me/biguysnetwork All Bi s welcomed!
  18. A. My First Love – Kong Chapter 1: If must be A Mistake by God At end of my first year, I had an interview with the liberal varsity Christian Students Fellowships on the condition that my identity was to be kept anonymous. It was reported subsequently on its monthly publication of campus profile & personality column. Following are extracted from the publication. Q: You are an interesting person, with your long hair, fair complexion & demure personality; will you tell me what your sexual identification is? Are you a gay? A: No, a definite no, I am not gay. Q: So, what are you? A: I am a cross dresser, a behavior that deemed unacceptable in this conservative society. Except my childhood friend named Ling, for about 21 years of my life I keep this fetish a secret. Q: Since when you found about this fetish? A: Maybe around 15 in sec. 3. But I think the desire was there much earlier. Q: Any related incident to tell? A: Yes, I remember there was this day when 3 good looking young chaps walking passed when I water the plants at the front yard. My hands clung tightly on the fence while watching them intensely. I was mesmerized by their walks, talks & smiles, couple with the crystal clear ringing tones came from the anklets they worn, from that moment, I had dreamt that one day I would be as pretty, as elegant & as sweet as them. Q: So instead of women, can I say you are craving for men? A: No, not at all. Not even a single though throughout the young age. Q: Why? A: It is insane, it never occurs in my mind, as I like only the beautiful things. Q: But by chance I do notice that you were at Chatter Box with this guy behaving so intimately. A: I am not trying to lie, yes, he is my boyfriend, but it started when I was doing my national service. Q: A bold question here & you may choose not to answer, i.e. any sexual relationship in-between? A: Hmm… there is, but it is between a guy & a lady, not man to man. I played the female role all times. Small talks & patting are vital to get me mentally satisfied rather than the stuff, you know? Q: Okay, beside the event of awakening by the 3 good looking chaps’ incident, I believe you just didn’t stop there, right? A: Yes, I went into stealing. Q: Stealing? A: Yes, as student I did not have extra money, so I stole. Moreover, it was not convenience to buy even if I do have the money. Q: Not convenience? A: Let me explain. My first stealing was being at a daily trip from school to home. On this humid sunny afternoon, I walked on this back lane hung with wet clothing on the bamboo poles. I glanced from far focusing on the usual location with rows of lady apparels. Walking sheepishly up, down & back, I grasped a pair of bra & panties & walked off quickly. I shielded the wet stuff in the school bag & walked home hurriedly, I were not sure my stealing was spotted by anyone but simply walked & walked with head down. Back to my room, I explored the wet stuff, I felt excited with heart pumping hard, feeling wonderful about it. Since then the stealing took place whenever opportunity occurred, but I make it a point never steal on the same location. All these were kept in a biscuit tin tightly closed & hide behind the bookshelf. This went on throughout my secondary & high school days. Q: Gosh, it must be hard on you. A: Yeah, I struggled with this all those early years, this life had been very tough, it was sinful, shameful & I had hated it. Imagine having to grow up under the fear of being caught by the public, the owners & or even found out by the family members for such sickening fetish. It had been at the very core of all my problems growing up right into adulthood. Q: Didn’t you seek help from your parent? A: No never. I believe grandma & mom cannot understand. Q: What about your dad? A: Well, we never in good talking term, as far as I am concerned, he is just a jerk. Q: Thanks for telling me all these. Do you have anything to add before ending this discussion? A: Till my life end, it is a problem that can never go away. I will use a quote from Karl Augustus Menninger (an American psychiatrist) to describe the conflicting feeling. “When a trout rising to a fly gets hooked on a line & find himself unable to swim freely, he begins with a fight which results in struggles & splashes & sometimes an escape. Often, Of course, the situation is too tough for him. In the same way the human being struggles with his environment & with the hooks that catch him. Sometimes he masters his difficulties; sometimes they are too much for him. His struggles are all that the world sees & it naturally misunderstands them. It is hard for a free fish to understand what is happening to a hooked one.” x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x To be continued...
  19. I am currently a 24 year old student who is about to graduate form university soon. I grew up in a traditional chinese family with 2 elder sisters. Being the only son in the family, i would be lying if i told u I did not have any pressure of procreating and carrying on the family line. When i was young, i had many crushes on different girls, throughout kindergarten and primary school. All was well until i entered an all boys secondary school, when i fell for a junior who was one year younger than me. I would just look forward to seeing him during recess and check out what he was doing. The feeling slowly faded away when i entered junior college. I did not take any action to confess to him whatsoever mainly because the circumstance back then did not allow me to do so. In junior college, i would be peeping at those hot guys in school but still, i was not able to bold myself to do anything to show my affections towards them, i felt weird, there was an inexplicable sense of awkward feeling when i knew that i developed liking towards the male species. It was not until university when i had my first girlfriend. I was primarily attracted to her nice personality, she was all i was looking for in a girl and maybe, wife. It took me a long six months before the courtship ended and we took our relationship to the next level. It was official finally after all the crazy chase. However, the honeymoon period was short-lived, our relationship surreptitiously suffocated me over the next 2 months. I was frustrated by her insecurity and i was extremely upset and unhappy. It came to a point when i realised i had to do something about it, so i took the prudent step to initiating the break up. She was devastated after the break up, but i on the other hand, have never felt so relieved in my life. It was the right decision, honestly. Ever since then, i have been trying to explore my sexual orientation and attempting to discover my true identity. I started hanging out at gay saunas and hooking up with guys on jackd and grindr. Last saturday, i met this guy at a local sauna and he asked me out for a drink after the session. I kindly obliged. He is a successful young man with an impressive resume and prospective career. I was however, not attracted to him. During the meet up, he subtly hinted that he wanted take our relationship to the next level. Nonetheless, i was feeling extremely uneasy throughout the whole meet up, wild imaginations ran through my mind. I could not imagine myself to be in a open gay relationship and be judged by others in the society. There was an inner voice telling me that I should not be doing this, this is not the life that i should be living. So over the next few days, i made it clear to him that we were nothing more than friends. Somehow, i had that strong urge to reconciliate and patch things up with my ex girlfriend. I suddenly felt the strong urge of getting a girlfriend and forming a family and settling down. I can't explain the extreme fluctuation in my thinking and perception. It was as if a sudden alarm sounded and woke me up from my subconscious lalaland and i had to get back to reality, as if i was straight once again. Thanks for enduring through my long post. I sincerely hope those with similar experience is able to shed some light and share your views and advice with me. Many thanks in advance!
  20. What your comment(s) if a partner of monogamy relationship is flirting and asking for NSA / ONS on scruff, growlr and etc..
  21. Lately, got to know a pleasant guy in Penang. He is very sure that I am the one for him and wanting to get commit into a relationship. So am I. But am confused as to how to manage a long distance relationship.. Been sharing with my friends and most advised to look here.. Any guys have advices to maintaining it ?
  22. Good day, I had created a telegram group for Malaysian to social, or talk anything there, well, you know what it is. Please feel free to join https://t.me/joinchat/OmcZiR2givmEbIYsEi-Pxw See ya
  23. What will u do when u found out that your lover is fxxking around with another guy and you came to know who this guy is and his contact.Will you confront this guy or what will u do.I need advice from experience guys here.Thanks
  24. I am single age 43 looking for a long term relationship. Never date before. If we decide to date. Prefer boyfriend have own flat or we rent a room together. Have a lot of to discuss in private. If interested pls pm me. Latest pic
  25. I noticed in Singapore most gay relationships last longer (quite a good number of locals) compared to other countries. Here Locals being in a relationship for 5 to 10 years or more is common while in other country this is a rare case. Is Singaporean really good in handling relationship compared to others? There are few countries that i know that being in relationship (gay) for quite long time is like rare and being promiscuous is common. Can you guys share your insight?
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