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  1. Pete Buttigieg is the Mayor of the city of South Bend, Indiana, US. He is 36 y.o. and gay, and has announced his candidacy for president of the United States. https://www.rollingstone.com/politics/politics-news/pete_buttigieg-36-year-old-mayor-south-bend-indiana-2020-713662/ Not only this, but he is MARRIED. Here is a video of his marriage to his partner in an Episcopalian church: (a rather lengthy video, but worth to jump around to see the marriage of two gays... in a Church! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9CR30N-dieg Will the US accept a president that is GAY, married to another GAY, only 36 y.o. and with quite a progressive agenda? If so, the world will never be the same for us! We will see! After all, the US elected a black president already. .
  2. jcboistar

    Telegram Grp

    Creating New Telegram Groups, Interested to join any of the GROUPS? Reply here or PM me your Telegram ID. Please indicate which group/s do you want to join.  1) Fun 2) Exhibition 3) 18-30 4) Twinks 5) Friends
  3. Anyone into interracial setups? Am seeking a slim/skinny, chinese partner myself for an interracial relationship. Interested persons please PM to discuss further
  4. ONLY looking for a sugar Daddy! Looking forward to be PM by my future Daddy, thank you! NO Casual or hook-up, all such PMs will be ignored. Sorry! Hey there! I am a 26 y/o Chinese bear cub virgin Bottom. I have small tits, hairy bottom & arms, of cos as well as a tummy and somewhat big booty. I can be fairly fem/girly when in private with a dominant mature Daddy if that's what you want, willing to try most sort of kinks but nothing too extreme. I am willing to cross-dress for Daddy too. I can definitely do a good job for Daddy in private or I will do my best to learn quickly! Check out my profile for more info! I am currently looking for a mature Daddy top, aged 40 and above, preferably Caucasian but all are welcome to try. I love, love big size figures of all type. Basically looking for a non-romantic, mutually beneficial relationship where Daddy will take care of me like a good boi/girl and I will take care of Daddy very nicely in return too. PM me so we can talk more about this if you are interested.
  5. A. My First Love - Kong Chapter 1: Who am I? At end of my first year, I had an interview with the liberal varsity Christian Students Fellowships on the condition that my identity was to be kept anonymous. It was reported subsequently on its monthly publication of campus profile & personality column. Following are extracted from the publication. Q: You are an interesting person, with your long hair, fair complexion & demure personality; will you tell me what your sexual identification is? Are you a gay? A: No, a definite no, I am not gay. Q: So what are you? A: I am a cross dresser, a behavior that’s deemed unacceptable in this conservative society. Except my childhood friend named Ling, for about 21 years of my life I keep this fetish a secret. Q: Since when you found about this fetish? A: Maybe around 15 in sec. 3. But I think the desire was there much earlier. Q: Any related incident to tell? A: Yes, I remember there was this day when 3 good looking young chaps walking passed when I water the plants at the front yard. My hands clung tightly on the fence while watching them intensely. I was mesmerized by their walks, talks & smiles, couple with the crystal clear ringing tones came from the anklets they worn, from that moment, I had dreamt that one day I would be as pretty, as elegant & as sweet as them. Q: So instead of women, can I say you are craving for men? A: No, not at all. Not even a single though throughout the young age. Q: Why? A: It is insane, it never occur in my mind, as I like only the beautiful things. Q: But by chance I do notice that you were at Chatter Box with this guy behaving so intimately. A: I am not trying to lie, yes, he is my boy friend, but it started when I was doing my national service. Q: A bold question here & you may choose not to answer, i.e. any sexual relationship in-between? A: Hmm… there is, but it is between a guy & a lady, not man to man. I played the female role all times. Small talks & patting are vital to get me mentally satisfied rather than the stuff, you know? Q: Okay, beside the event of awakening by the 3 good looking chaps incident, I believe you just didn’t stop there, right? A: Yes, I went into stealing. Q: Stealing? A: Yes, as student I did not have extra money, so I stole. Moreover, it was not convenience to buy even if I do have the money. Q: Not convenience? A: Let me explain. My first stealing was being at a daily trip from school to home. On this humid sunny afternoon, I walked on this back lane hung with wet clothing on the bamboo poles. I glanced from far focusing on the usual location with rows of lady apparels. Walking sheepishly up, down & back, I grasped a pair of bra & panty & walked off quickly. I shielded the wet stuff in the school bag & walked home hurriedly, I wasn’t sure my stealing was spotted by anyone but simply walked & walked with head down. Back to my room, I explored the wet stuff, I felt excited with heart pumping hard, feeling wonderful about it. Since then the stealing took place whenever opportunity occurred, but I make it a point never steal on the same location. All these were kept in a biscuit tin tightly closed & hide behind the book shelf. This went on throughout my secondary & high school days. Q: Gosh, it must be hard on you. A: Yeah, I struggled with this all those early years, this life had been very difficult, it was sinful, shameful & I had hated it. Imagine having to grow up under the fear of being caught by the public, the owners & or even found out by the family members for such sickening fetish. It had been at the very core of all my problems growing up right into adulthood. Q: Didn’t you seek help from your parent? A: No never. I believe grandma & mom cannot understand. Q: What’s about your dad? A: Well, we never in good talking term, as far as I am concerned, he is just a jerk. Q: Thanks for telling me all these. Do you have anything to add before ending this discussion? A: Till my life end, it is a problem that can never go away. I will use Karl A. Menninger’s quote to describe the conflicting feeling. “ When a trout rising to a fly gets hooked on a line & find himself unable to swim freely, he begins with a fight which results in struggles & splashes & sometimes an escape. Often, Of course, the situation is too tough for him. In the same way the human being struggles with his environment & with the hooks that catch him. Sometimes he masters his difficulties; sometimes they are too much for him. His struggles are all that the world sees & it naturally misunderstands them. It is hard for a free fish to understand what is happening to a hooked one.” x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x To be continued ……………
  6. Hi, any Penang Indian guys looking for fun with a mature Chinese guy, hopefully with a possibility for more as we get to know each other better? PM me for more details.
  7. I am finding so difficult to approach a Bangla or Indian workers for a quick bj for their big cocks. Can you guys share tips...... I could not find any latest forums on this.
  8. Hey, I'm been pretty worried about my non-existent dating life that I'm not really sure where to turn to and hope the guys on this forum would be able to give some advice. I'm in my mid-20s. I've been single for the past few years. The last time I had a boyfriend or dated was in university when it was easy to meet lots of new people. Now I'm starting to worry if there's something wrong with me, or at least, what I can do about my situation. The first thought is maybe I'm unattractive, but I genuinely don't believe that's the whole reason (at least I hope not). I don't think I'm unattractive per se, but maybe...unattractive to gay guys? It seems in Singapore (and most places), gay men are attracted to muscular, masculine jock-types. I'm actually not ugly, I'd say I'm moderately good looking. But the thing is I'm 'cute'. 'Cute' like those K/J/C-Pop flower boys. I've been told this numerous times throughout my life by friends & strangers. Random people would come up to make a comment about me being 'cute' or 'pretty'. When I travel in China or Japan, random people would come and ask to take pictures with me & some would ask if I'm some type of idol. I know it sounds insanely up myself to be saying these things but I really want to convince you that I'm not ugly. In any case, I used to take these comments as a compliment, but now that I'm in my mid-20s, I'm not so sure I want to keep being 'cute'. I'm not overly muscular (but not super skinny either). My personality isn't very feminine, but it's not very butch either. I'd say I'm very average, although I'm a bit short (170cm). It's just my face is very 'sweet'. I look like these guys: In the straight world, people won't say these guys are ugly...but in the gay world, it's not usually the kind of guys most gay men find attractive. So..I'm just kinda wondering...is there a market for guys like this? And if so, where? How do I find them? What do I go to meet them and how do I start dating them? I've been out of the market for so long I really don't know where to start. Please help. Any advice would be really appreciated. Thank you
  9. Not sure if I'm starting this topic in the correct board, hope you guys can share your thoughts or experiences; I've bumped into a long lost friend last month when I attended the CNY friends gathering, let's named him N. Back in uni days, we weren't close either. Never spoke to each other, not even a hi-bye-friend; but I know the presence of this handsome guy (of course I do! hehe). During the gathering, I've got a butterfly inside my stomach because he was just sat in front of me, face-to-face; oh ya! he did flash his gently smile with me; I then return him a gentle smile with manners as well. At almost the end of the gathering; some of them left home, while few of them went to the club. We stayed in the restaurant with some nonsense topics, and when we are ready to go home, he gave me a 'Hey!' at the carpark. We started a short conversation and he passed me his number, he asked me to text him when I'm home. We dated the next day for a meal, I'm awkward because he expresses that he knows I'm gay; he also admitted that he likes guys too. He then told me that he will be outstation for work after that, and we only could talk to each other on WhatsApp with on-and-off messaging, he seems busy at work. A week later, he got back from work and he dated me for dinner! Okay, I ended my stories here, I don't want to seems like your grandfather telling how he got to know your grandmother story. HEHE How can I kick the relationship start? or maybe that's too early for us? Is about a month times since the gathering we both 'get each other contact'... I got drove crazy when dealing with all this love love thingy! Need advice Thanks! My best regards from Kuala Lumpur
  10. So i met this Vietnamese guy almost a year ago and we became FWB and it wasnt until December that i realised i liked him (i got angry at him when he jokingly said he met someone else besides me). We kinda had a fight after that and we didnt meet for like a month-til he came back on grindr to apologise. Ever since that incident i realised we became more close- sometimes after meeting up we would cuddle or just lay in his bed talking about random topics n he even asked me to eat with him once. Tbh i wasnt sure i liked him until he went back to Vietnam for CNY n i missed him like shit. Fast forward to now, we got a matching necklace. The problem now is that im not sure hes liking me back? There was a few instances that makes me think like: 1)At one point i told him jokingly that only my bf can f*ck me n he said then the only way is that he became my bf (or sth like that) 2) i jokingly asked him again (heh) that i feel attached to him n he replied with "i think you already know how i feel about you" which made me blush like shiit. Then just last week i told him about my ex texting me to meet again n he told me to go meet him if i want. ???? Any experts mind reading this lengthy post to evaluate? How should i respond? What should i do to further the rs??
  11. Male38

    Penang island

    For all on penang Island..
  12. Anyone going to swim this friday..
  13. Guest

    Being Bottom

    Lots of fake guest posts here. This isn’t one of them. Taking time to create an actual account just doesn’t seem convenient, hence this anonymous guest post. What I’m about to share is factual and if I find the courage will become reality. For the longest time I’ve been a purveyor of ladyboys. Feminine beauty combined with the ruggedness of the male appendage never fails to excite. Years gone by I Long for new exciting thrills. During my last visit to a ladyboy I was offered the option to be pleasured anally. Surprisingly I didn’t flinch or hesitate. Curiousity got the better of me and I spread myself for her to enter. Being well endowed I told her to finger me first. From one to two to three fingers. It was a rush. She pushed deep but it hurt and after a while I think she got tired of my squirming. She offered to TOP me but I couldn’t fathom her tool jamming into me. How can I slowly ease myself into this? I’ve thought of meeting a gentle TOP who could guide me gradually. I’m not turned on by males but a dick is a dick right? What would you guys advise?
  14. When things get hard… We’ve #GotYouCovered A Wingman is somebody who looks out for you and is there for you through all your ups and downs in life: Be it on social events, sexual encounters, mental matters or even other areas. A Wingman is someone whom you can confide in about your sexual experiences, without fear of judgment because you know they have your best interests at heart. You also know that they will be able to help you make the best decision for your sexual health. A Wingman is someone who guides you through the good & bad days. They are, after all, your pillar of support and you know you can depend on them because they love you for go to the link to claim your free test coupon for your friend(s)! http://www.gayhealth.sg/wingman/
  15. Most such wives I know will keep quiet. Most will only only ve one child and unlikely to ve sex regularly. Few will look for other men.
  16. Arvin

    Kl Indian Plu

    Here is new topic specially for Indian PLU, Gay, BI, Top, Bottom, Flex, etc
  17. A noob here. Why I ask this question is because with every guy that I met for a hangout, it seems that most have been in a relationship before and mentioned having exes. Im turning 24 this year and have never been out a date before (must be deemed a 'date' by both parties. hangouts is are different) and thus, have not been in a r/s. Somehow, it seems like it's so easy to initiate a date and get into a r/s but I've been having trouble looking for one. Everytime someone mentions about their exes, I cant help but to think what have I been missing out throughout my lifetime. Anyone facing similar issues?
  18. It's comforting to know that even the royalities face the same problems as us. What a reassurance ! artile from 2/Jan's Nytimes (New york times) http://www.latimes.com/news/printedition/f...lines-frontpage Vadodara, India — AS a maharajah's son, Manvendra Singh Gohil grew up in a bubble of prestige and privilege, surrounded by hangers-on who treated him so reverentially that he was 15 before he crossed a street by himself. So the public snubs and rejection of the last nine months have been a new experience. Yet the mild-mannered Gohil couldn't be more content. At last, he says, he is living an honest life — albeit one that has touched off a scandal in the royal house of Rajpipla, one of India's former princely states. Last March, he revealed a lifelong secret to a local newspaper, which promptly splashed it on the front page. "The headline was: 'The Prince of Rajpipla Declares That He's a Homosexual,' " Gohil said with a rueful chuckle. "The newspaper sold like hotcakes." In the uproar that followed, disgusted residents in Gohil's hometown flung his photograph onto a bonfire. His parents publicly disowned their only son, printing notices in the press that he was cut off as heir because of his involvement in "activities unacceptable to society." Gohil's mother has threatened contempt proceedings against anyone who refers to him as her son. For scandal-mongers, the tale of India's gay prince is an irresistibly juicy affair full of details worthy of a tabloid tell-all: his teenage affair with a servant boy, a sexless marriage to a minor princess, a nervous breakdown. For Gohil, his very public unmasking has brought him a bully pulpit from which to speak out against a law that makes him not just a pariah of noble birth but also a common criminal. Here in the world's largest democracy, home to 1.1 billion people, sex between two people of the same gender remains a punishable offense. Decades after India threw off the yoke of British rule, the country still clings to a Victorian-era statute established by its colonial masters nearly 150 years ago, which demands up to life in prison for anyone committing "carnal intercourse against the order of nature." In practice, few prosecutions are brought to court. But reports abound of police using the law to harass and blackmail gay men and lesbians. Human rights advocates, lawyers groups and the government's AIDS coordinator are lobbying for repeal or revision of the law. In September, dozens of Indian luminaries, including Nobel Prize-winning economist Amartya Sen and author Vikram Seth, added their voices to the campaign. Activists are guardedly hopeful about the chances of a legal challenge now pending before the Delhi High Court. A hearing is scheduled for this month. But even should they succeed, changing attitudes will prove a far harder task. Despite India's high-tech wizardry and its rising affluence, this remains a highly conservative and conformist society where most young people undergo arranged marriages, the pressure to produce children is enormous and no gay role models or TV shows like "Will & Grace" exist to offer a hint of an alternative. Those who feel different learn to keep it to themselves — and to feel guilt-stricken about it. "It's not uncommon among the young people we work with to ask, 'Is there a medicine that can make me stop feeling this way?' " said Anjali Gopalan of the Naz Foundation, an AIDS organization that has taken a leading role in the fight to decriminalize homosexuality. "The law compounds all of this. It creates an environment for people to feel like this." The criminalization of homosexuality makes it difficult to set up social venues where gays can meet. Even in the nation's capital, New Delhi, a thriving metropolis of 15 million people, there are only two bars that host furtive, word-of-mouth gay nights just once a week, usually under the protective guise of a "private party" for some fictitious person. Those nights are packed. * GOHIL, 41, would seem an unlikely spokesman for bucking the system, one from which he has benefited handsomely. Although India's royal families were stripped of formal political power after the nation's independence in 1947, many retain enormous wealth and influence in their former fiefdoms, as smiling ribbon-cutters and patrons of the arts, education and charitable work. Gohil's parents, the maharajah and maharani of Rajpipla, a predominantly agricultural town of about 70,000 people in the western state of Gujarat, are the community's biggest landowners and have several palaces to their name, including a majestic, salmon-pink creation, complete with columns and balconies, that was Gohil's home when he was a toddler. (It's now a hotel owned by the family.) He lived a cocooned existence there and at the family residence in Mumbai, spending his childhood absorbing the finer points of royal protocol and etiquette, attending the finest schools and being waited on hand and foot. "It was so luxurious that even a glass of water I didn't have to go and get for myself," he said. By age 12, Gohil had already been invited to be guest of honor at a local school event. Around the same time, he began sensing that something besides his aristocratic background set him apart from his peers. "Somewhere inside me I felt I was different than others," he said in an interview at his office here in Vadodara, about 1 1/2 hours from Rajpipla. "When I came to the age where you develop sexual attraction to the opposite sex, I had the feeling that I'm not attracted to the opposite sex but the same sex." In India, talk of such intimate matters is taboo. At school, sex education for Gohil consisted of an embarrassed teacher telling her students about the sexual development of animals as a stand-in for human sexuality. Gohil's first clue to his own identity came from a classmate when he was 14. "A boy from my class, out of observation or what, one day came and asked me, 'Are you a homo?' I had not heard this word before. I said, 'What? I don't know,' " Gohil recalled. "I went home and looked it up in the dictionary, and it wasn't there." He didn't have the words to describe his impulses, but as a young teen he found a way to act on them at home with a servant boy his own age, an orphan whom Gohil's grandmother had taken under her wing. The two boys maintained a secret relationship until they were about 18, Gohil said. * AFTER his graduation from university, the pressure on Gohil to marry mounted as his parents expected their only son to carry on the Rajpipla line and assume his duties as custodian of the family's royal heritage, which stretches back 600 years. A suitable wife could manage the household, making sure that the heirlooms, the china and the sumptuous royal costumes were kept up to snuff. Gohil's father, the maharajah, and his mother, from a royal family in Rajasthan, scouted out potential mates, settling on a princess from the state of Madhya Pradesh. Gohil, then 25, agreed to the match, which quickly turned out to be a disaster. He felt no physical attraction for his wife and could not consummate their marriage. Her efforts to seduce him ended in tears. She even dragged Gohil to a doctor, but after 15 humiliating months of their being together yet not together, divorce became the only way out. As she left, his ex-wife gave Gohil one piece of advice: Never do this to another woman. But it took years for Gohil to summon the nerve to contact a well-known gay activist in Mumbai, formerly Bombay. Slowly, the young royal began tiptoeing out of the closet, deepening his involvement in the gay community and becoming an HIV counselor to other homosexual men. "My parents thought I was in yoga school, but I would be out distributing condoms," he said. Nonetheless, the increasing strain of pretending took its toll. His parents were on the hunt for a second wife, and residents in Rajpipla constantly asked Gohil whether he came bearing "good news" whenever he visited from Mumbai, unaware of the activities and friendships he was pursuing. In 2002, Gohil suffered a nervous breakdown, spending 15 days in the hospital. At the end of it, his sympathetic psychiatrist arranged for his parents, his sister and her husband to come for a family meeting during which, at Gohil's request, the doctor informed the family of his sexual orientation. "It was very, very emotional, very disturbing," he said. "They were all crying. They were still not willing to believe that this thing was true." Since then, Gohil has thrown himself into HIV/AIDS work through the Lakshya Trust, an organization he founded in 2000. It was partly to raise the profile of the group that Gohil decided to come out publicly. His straight friends were shocked to find out he was gay. His gay friends were shocked to find out he'd been married. For his parents, it was the last straw. He is no longer on speaking terms with his mother. His father, despite disinheriting him, has softened slightly, declaring in a newspaper interview that he had felt pressured by friends and relatives into taking such a drastic step and describing Gohil as "a gifted individual" and "a good son." The two men still speak occasionally, but their conversations are awkward. Gohil believes that his parents cannot legally prevent ancestral possessions from passing into his hands. Geeta Luthra, a leading civil lawyer in New Delhi, agrees. "If it's ancestral property, then in India … nobody can disinherit you," she said. "Custom is a part of the law in India, and the custom among princely families is the principle of primogeniture. So you can't deprive him" of his inheritance. Despite the controversy surrounding his coming-out, Gohil has continued to receive invitations to attend functions in his royal capacity. During the recent interview, Gohil happily showed off a photo of himself in traditional regalia: an elegant ivory suit on his slender frame, a large red turban complete with ostrich feather on his head, a double strand of pearls around his neck and a broad smile on his face, though whether it was out of the general Indian love of pageantry or a personal sense of fabulousness is hard to tell. * AN introvert by nature, Gohil enjoys nothing more than quiet time on his farm on the outskirts of Rajpipla, where he cultivates a passion for organic farming — his primary source of income — and practices the harmonium. He says he has "no regrets at all" over his decisions or the very public consequences that followed. Rather, he has finally been able to put on a little weight, offers for dates have started coming in and the Lakshya Trust just won an award from the United Nations. Representatives of the media keep calling, and a cheerful, newly liberated Gohil appears to enjoy telling his story. To those in Rajpipla who might still harbor reservations about their patron-in-waiting, he waves an indifferent hand. "They cannot get a prince on hire. I am the prince, and whether I am gay or not gay is hardly the issue," Gohil said. "I'm the only son — there are no cousins or brothers they can go to. They have to come back to me." * -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- henry.chu@latimes.com
  19. Xanem


    To anyone that stumble upon this thread, hey there Looking for someone young (preferably 20-29) that’s down for dates and if click, perhaps ltr. I guess there’s three words to describe me. Movie-Buff, Starbucks and Science(Chemistry/Biology). If your interest matches with mine, hmu and we see how it goes.
  20. is it normal for me a gay guy to be owned by a straight master ? Just wonderin'g who esle is in a Master / Slave relationship ? It feels so wrong but at the same time it feels so great lol.
  21. hi this forum is for those guys who want to look for dates - to chitchat, go shopping, go movies, go dinner, go travelling, go parties, etc. only for those who want to have a mature relationship. strictly no quickies in public places especially toilets!
  22. what are your views with sex with colleagues? I got friends who are VERY scared of bumping into colleagues when cruising. I understand if they are toilet cruising but what if you are in a gay spa? What is there to be afraid of? If they are there, they are also gay? If so, will you have sex with them?
  23. Well, lets discuss where do the gay always cruising in Tanjong Malim. Hope this forum will help you to meet your luck.
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