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Found 142 results

  1. Anyone saw the trailer - cannot tahan that Wong Lx Lxx - so pretenious when the other male judge was "singing praise" of her.....one moment she twitch her mouth, one moment she giggles and laughs....Wah Piang - Mr Wu really Eye "da" stamp......
  2. Really like bi/married guys, but do not know how to find them. The tot of them being able to f..k both sexes is such a turn on. Anyone can help ? tks
  3. Seeking for an obedient boy who could kneel and serve me. I am a rough top and like my boy to be shared around. You think you can handle me? Prefer: - Skinny, Slim, Lean or Muscular - Not hairy or chub - Clean - Submissive - Willing to do whatever that was told Interested? Send me some photos and videos to turn me on boy @ KIK: ZackVers
  4. Hey Huys, Calling out to University Students in KL, share your post on anything gay. Lets meet up sometimes for a gathering. Or better lets cruise among ourselves, well if youre looking for Young Uni Students. thanks.
  5. Happy New Year BW fam! Sgboys that caught my eye. I'll try to post 2-3 pics per boy so everyone can appreciate them XD Do share your twink / sgboy candy too. The more the merrier DISCLAIMER: These are the kind of boys I like (Some I've slept with). If they're too buff / old, feel free to post your own instead of complaining about them thanks!
  6. Im a submissive top..is there such a thing? I wanna get taken advantage of . I like to fantasize geting. Molested and lick my people... I would love it if someone try a porn stlye fantasy w me suvh as massage.... Guys w big long cock are major turn on.., guys w warm mouth are welcome
  7. I see them in porn, in underground movies etc... But never seem to meet any in Singapore, or even in SG's internet space. Where are all these femboys hiding at?!?! These babes are aged between 19-25, and don't we have similarly gorgeous femboys here?!?!?!
  8. Cyberjaya/Putrajaya Group Fun

    Cyberjaya/Putrajaya Group sex or 1 to 1 pm if u interested 26, 170, 60 vers
  9. I am finding so difficult to approach a Bangla or Indian workers for a quick bj for their big cocks. Can you guys share tips...... I could not find any latest forums on this.
  10. Hi. I am a westerner who grew up thin. I am heavier now....but still healthy and athletic I live in Thailand and work around SEA...so I would love to get to know only thin or skinny or slender guys around SEA...if you would like to knw me, as jut a friend is fine...please send me a PM Keep well everyone
  11. hairy asian

    So, this category of bears. Not common amongst Asians. Some Indians are pretty hairy. ( sorry for profiling but it is inevitable. No intention to be racist). I know a Chinese dude who has no arm hair, little leg hair, reasonable facial hair ( for a chi) but has chest hair leading down his abs culminating in a heavy bush that spills over onto his thighs! He said an angmoh described him as a panda once. I like some hair on my man. Not the bushy angmoh kind but a completely smooth surface seems a little too sterile! What about you?
  12. hi this forum is for those guys who want to look for dates - to chitchat, go shopping, go movies, go dinner, go travelling, go parties, etc. only for those who want to have a mature relationship. strictly no quickies in public places especially toilets!
  13. Hi I have worn swimming trunk from TYR, Speedo, Arena, etc welcome to my place to try on. From M to L. Price range from $10-$30. Pls call [number removed] Thanks
  14. Just spent CNY watching Winter Olympics - Men's Figure skating. Quite a few cuties. Which is your fav? 1) Yuzuru Hanyu (JPN) - Champ 2) Nathan Chen (USA) - Wonderboy 3) Adam Rippon (USA) - Yup, gay & sassy AF lol 4) Javier Fernandez (ESP) - Hot AF Edit* 5) Julian Yee - The Boy Next Door (Literally)
  15. Hi All, This chat will share anyone’s experiences with any guys from our actors to sportsmen and other public figures including manhunt or pageant on their cock size whom you had caught a glimpse of; seen and maybe even play with before. Lets get aroused!
  16. Local Sg bodybuilders

    Anybody has fetish for local sg bodybuilders. If so, who are they
  17. Second post. Let me start the ball rolling by presenting the cute,hot,popular plu boys of Instagram! Nay for the ladies but yay for us!! Unless they're bi,in which case..it's a win-win!! XD I don't think any discussion of hot plu boys could be done without Jonathan Phay - jhwphay Then there's the how-could-he-be-so-cute Daniel Nathaniel - dnwh Jerome,Jerome,everywhere. And no I don't mind one bit - jeromealexanderchan Hot Bertram is hot!! - bertram_k Ryan,breaking hearts since..the Big Bang - ryanteb Walter Wong,if being incredibly hot and boner-inducing is a crime,he'd already be on death penalty :twisted: - waltermelonwong Ohh Soon Kiat,you can come and make a 'special report' on me anytime - assk Jason Khor,cute,mature,sensitive,cute. What more could you ask for? - whitehot_surfer Bill Ho,making our hearts swoon with his cooking at 8 Cafe! Do go down to support! - bill8cafe Franco Louis puts the F in fashion and L in lust! - francolouis And of course,my personal fave,Desmond Khor!! Everything you could ask for - cute,handsome,smart,nice,adventurous.Too bad he's already probably attached - des_ertstorm So yea,these are the plu boys that make my transition to bed every night smoother (figuratively and literally) Of course I don't know every single one of them so do enlighten me. Now's time to share YOUR favorite Insta plu boys that make you twitch violently down there. p.s. About the privacy of these individuals,please,their photos are all up in the public domain. And don't tell me you don't appreciate this cause I know you're gonna check them out on your way to bed tonight I'll of course put the photos down if they come to personally request that their photos be removed.
  18. FOR CHAT/s or Meet Up/s Was at Raffles City after meeting last evening and thought the place was 'dead' after renovation...not really har. Went to the toilet beside ALDO, was at the urinal (open area with mirrors at the back of us)...came a smart office wear 'uncle' in his late 50s beside me and smile at me (I smiled back). After my urine, I washed my hands and went out to look look see see at Timberland shoes and again he was beside me...he smiled again! He then asked me, buying shoes? And that was where we ended up chatting at basement 'toast shop' (sitting area quiet close to one another) and glad that he is married and seeking fun with married man who are discreet. We chatted and ended up in my car, drove over to indoor stadium, had a good kiss, hugs and we shook one another dicks until we came. Quite rush! But fun lah...hehehehe Any mature man wanna meet up for chat or... pls pvt message me, thanks!
  19. One of the attraction of the current Olympic lies in the constant images of men in body hugging sports wears. Here's a few of them, what's your favorite? Björn Barrefors Age: 21 Country: Sweden Sport: Decathlon
  20. Top 12 Most Popular Posts Of 2017 Dear Straight People, Seeing as the start of a new year is always a good time for reflection, here is a recap of our 12 most popular posts of 2017 on Dear Straight People. From powerful opinions to inspiring interviews, here are 12 posts we produced this year that got a lot of people talking. 12. Songkran 12 Trailer: Giveaway Video The first entry on our list is none other than the recent promotional trailer we produced for gCircuit! With 2 VIP ALL ACCESS PASSES worth over $2,000 to Asia’s largest gay dance festival up for grabs, it probably shouldn’t come as a surprise that our promotional video for Songkran 12 was one of our most popular posts of 2017. You can still grab discounted tickets to SK12 here: http://www.gcircuit.com/ticketing.php 11. Spotlight On Chemsex In Asia Taking up the 11th spot in our list is none other than our feature on the chemsex phenomenon in Asia. This collaboration with DJ Big Kid sought to address the growing issue of chemsex addiction throughout Asia in the hopes of raising awareness about this thorny issue. 10. An Open Letter To Those Bent On Destroying Pink Dot Coming in at number 10 with over 3,000 shares is this powerful letter by acclaimed Singaporean playwright Alfian Sa’at, who had some strong words for those who go out of their way to oppose Pink Dot SG. This note may have originally been written over a year ago but its message continues to remain relevant up till today. Read the powerful letter here: http://bit.ly/AlfianLetter 9. Out Of The Closet – Whyan Chen Shares His Story The 9th most popular post of 2017 belongs to the story of Whyan Chen – starting from his humble beginnings in Taipei to working alongside Taiwanese pop diva Jolin Tsai. Read the full story here: http://bit.ly/WhyanChen 8. Out Of The Closet – Jono Kwan Shares His Story The 8th most popular post of 2017 is the story of how Jono Kwan went from being an outcast with no friends to becoming the confident young man you know today. Read the full story here: http://bit.ly/JonoKwan 7. Out Of The Closet – Theresa Goh Shares Her Story The 50th feature of our Out Of The Closet series is none other than paralympic medalist and 2017 Pink Dot SG ambassador Theresa Goh – Singapore’s FIRST ‘out’ athlete! Read the full interview here: http://bit.ly/TheresaGoh Watch the full video on Facebook here. 6. Fitspiration Of The Week – Gerald Koh From Singapore For those of you whose New Year’s resolution is to get fit, here’s a story you should bookmark. The fitspirational story of how Gerald Koh managed to shed off his excess weight in just 8 months is our 6th most popular post of 2017 Read the full story here: http://bit.ly/FitspoGeraldKoh 5. Out Of The Closet: Jack Lim Shares His Story Kicking off the top 5 is yet again, another shirtless hunk, proving that sex really does sell! But there is a lot more to Jack Lim than his hunky physique. Outed against his will and forced to drop out of law school, the inspirational story of how Jack Lim beat the odds to become a Talent Business Partner in the world’s largest media agency was so powerful it was shared over 3,000 times on Facebook alone! Read the full story here: bit.ly/JackLim 4. Out Of The Closet: Sean Foo Shares His Story After single-handedly running Dear Straight People for over 2 years and interviewing over 50 queer individuals, the founder of Dear Straight People finally decided to come out publicly. With a reach of over 100,000 people and media coverage from publishers like Millennials Of Singapore and HornetNews, the personal coming out story of Sean Foobecame the 4th most popular post of 2017. Read the full story here: bit.ly/DSPSeanFoo 3. Taipei Pride Parade 2017 – First Look Coming in as our 3rd most popular post of 2017 is our inside look at what went down at the 15th Taipei Pride Parade! The first parade to be held since Taiwan’s top court ruled in favour of same-sex marriage, this was definitely one of the highlights of 2017. 2. Meet The Mother Of Two Gay Sons This video may have been filmed in 2016, but that hasn’t stopped it from being our 2nd most popular post of 2017. This touching interview of a Singaporean mother of two gay sons has accumulated over 150,000 views across Facebook and YouTube to date! 1. Home – LGBT National Day Cover Of Kit Chan Song This shouldn’t come as a surprise for people who’ve followed Dear Straight People’s content closely. Our MOST popular post of 2017 is none other than our viral LGBT National Day cover of ‘Home’, that earned features on numerous media publications ranging from queer sites like Gay Star News to mainstream media such as Mothership.sgand MustShareNews. As we move on to the start of a brand new year, Dear Straight People would like to sincerely thank you for all of the love and support you’ve given us! Running this website has not been an easy task. But seeing the positive impact our content has had, particularly the heartwarming messages we’ve received from those still in the closet, has made everything worth it. We’ve got some incredibly exciting plans for 2018 that we cannot wait to share with you so like us on our Facebook page to keep up to date with the latest updates! Support Dear Straight People On Patreon Support Dear Straight People and our mission in telling stories that broaden hearts and open minds by joining us on Patreon! From as low as $1 a month, you will receive access to patron-only content, behind the scene material, exclusive deals and discounts and many other rewards: bit.ly/PatreonDSP
  21. HI ALL HAPPY 2018 to all in BW Special mention to the regulars in the general BW chat room, thanks for always being there <3 You guys are a great bunch of pseudo friends
  22. Are there any guys at your office / gym / transportation hub that intentionally or unknowingly make you drool for their hug bulges? Snap a pic and share your “Yum” rating out of 10. Here’s 10/10!
  23. My first attempt at erotica on BW. Please be merciful! Enjoy. Part 1 A guy I had over recently, told me frankly, that my underwear collection is looking pretty sad with those dull colours and worn out aesthetic they possess. He told me, “these underwear do no justice to the work of art I see before me” Fuck! It was then, that I decided I need to up my underwear game. It's time for underwear hunting!! Cues dramatic music… The very next day I made my way to Singapore’s shopping heaven, (and also hotties heaven) - Orchard Road. On my way to the department store, my eyes were working harder than my legs, they were darting about, from face to face, chest to chest, arm to arm, butt to butt, bulge to bulge. Running on everlasting batteries, my eyes went on a feast! I arrived at the underwear section and I always get a little tingly down there when I’m there. But, I guess I think more with my dick at that section... Fux, those 6 pack models clad in those sleek underwear on the underwear boxes always have a way of turning me on. No, I can’t be walking around with a boner. But, what I encounter next only made it harder… Of all the different faces, chests, arms, butts and bulges I saw just now, this is a fine one. Swinging his bubble butt of an ass around the store, this luscious piece of meat went around arranging those now seemingly mild underwear boxes. Hiding behind the wall of neatly stacked underwear boxes, I scan him down. His hair, kept neat and short for work reasons. His arms, toned but not big. His chest, perky and you can kind of see those nipples standing underneath the white polo tee he was wearing. His shirt was a little small, revealing that six-pack hidden underneath when he stretches to place those underwear boxes on the highest shelf. It was then, that I noticed the underwear he was wearing underneath his tight denim. High raised kind, with little red reindeers against a neon blue background. Fux, that is what I call a sexy underwear! Imagining it hugging his firm ass… ah! the eye rape has began... A stream of fantasies kept me staring at him as he works his body around the store… Santa baby was playing at the background of the store, oh damnnn, his my santa baby! To be continued…