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Found 144 results

  1. Loves human dick

    Do u like ur nipple to be lick?

    Do u like ur nipp to be lick? I loves and such turn-on if nipp being lick.. wat abt u?
  2. A collection of print ads and commercials from around the world that showcases the beauty of the male form, the seductive gaze, the bulge, muscles, the double entendre and of course the hidden or even obvious phallic symbol. If you have anything to share, please post it too . Bertolli Kraft Zesty Italian
  3. Come and share ur encounters..
  4. Sgboys that caught my eye. Do share your Twink or SGBoy candy too. The more the merrier These are the kind of boys I like (Some slept with). If too buff or old, post your own instead of complaining Also on tumblr http://www.tumblr.com/blog/sirgm
  5. Loves human dick

    Warm Golden Shower...is it nice?

    I wish to try it... Is it nice? Anyone experience before? Share ur encounters..
  6. Anyone saw the trailer - cannot tahan that Wong Lx Lxx - so pretenious when the other male judge was "singing praise" of her.....one moment she twitch her mouth, one moment she giggles and laughs....Wah Piang - Mr Wu really Eye "da" stamp......
  7. Aside from their hard work and manual labor these blue collar workers provide us, I also admire their physical aspects , bulging muscles, hot abs, perfect pecs , a good tan and a cute perky butt. Here we could share photos of those strangers we seldom talk to or appreciate but on this page we will admire and make them our priority. Photos and experiences from construction workers, tradies, laborers, farmers, fisherman, drivers, guards etc lets share stories (sexual and non-sexual), acts of kindness and most importantly photos, videos and gifs.
  8. Lean fit boys are definitely nice to look at... but where my buff fat boys at?? Hahaha, I love a man that’s muscled but also a liiiiitle fat :P
  9. Hey Huys, Calling out to University Students in KL, share your post on anything gay. Lets meet up sometimes for a gathering. Or better lets cruise among ourselves, well if youre looking for Young Uni Students. thanks.
  10. Chris Ali

    KL Selangor - Daddies WeChat

    Daddies are always one of the trends. His huge arm, you can always depend on. Especially those who had married, no matter he is top or bottom, he will always give you the aura of Manly feels. Sorry for those who is not interested. Anyone interested can always message me. I’m planning to open a Wechat for daddies. Of cause, stay active also in this thread and discuss further in Wechat group. Only for Klang Valley. Thanks.
  11. dante

    Cyberjaya/Putrajaya Group Fun

    Cyberjaya/Putrajaya Group sex or 1 to 1 pm if u interested 26, 170, 60 vers
  12. Hello, Just that we married guys get busy with "family first" "work second" "us and our fitness last". So having a forum page, where we can all find like minded folks, who are also interested and live in the neighborhood to go for jogging, gym, and some physical activities time for ourselves and in turn keep ourselves fit. Thanks
  13. I see them in porn, in underground movies etc... But never seem to meet any in Singapore, or even in SG's internet space. Where are all these femboys hiding at?!?! These babes are aged between 19-25, and don't we have similarly gorgeous femboys here?!?!?!
  14. I am searching for some discreet "action" are these the only place we can go to for some "action" that is discreet?
  15. Try my service u will know what I do..... real person and real massage.... I’m work with my heart..... don’t worry about cheating..... text me for more detail
  16. Loves to see bushy,sweaty armpit hair.. wish to sniff,smell and lick the armpit hairs....with the musky smell....
  17. Hades

    Zong Zijie

    Hi All, I cannot find any bulge / sexy pics of him in swimwear during his last drama on Ch8. Anyone with those pics, please share. Much appreciated. Btw; is he local?
  18. FOR CHAT/s or Meet Up/s Was at Raffles City after meeting last evening and thought the place was 'dead' after renovation...not really har. Went to the toilet beside ALDO, was at the urinal (open area with mirrors at the back of us)...came a smart office wear 'uncle' in his late 50s beside me and smile at me (I smiled back). After my urine, I washed my hands and went out to look look see see at Timberland shoes and again he was beside me...he smiled again! He then asked me, buying shoes? And that was where we ended up chatting at basement 'toast shop' (sitting area quiet close to one another) and glad that he is married and seeking fun with married man who are discreet. We chatted and ended up in my car, drove over to indoor stadium, had a good kiss, hugs and we shook one another dicks until we came. Quite rush! But fun lah...hehehehe Any mature man wanna meet up for chat or... pls pvt message me, thanks!
  19. Hades

    Macron vs Trudeau

    Between these 2; whom you prefer? Into their bulges when they are wearing those suits! Haha
  20. I am finding so difficult to approach a Bangla or Indian workers for a quick bj for their big cocks. Can you guys share tips...... I could not find any latest forums on this.
  21. Hi... Date: 18/7/18 Time: 3++pm Location: U-Tapao Airport Pattaya Attire You: Black Cap with Kyoto Athelic wording, Black Tee and long Light Blue jeans Me: White Tee with colorful printing and blue short jeans First, I almost fell front the row of seats and you told me not to sit as it’s not stable. I said Thank You and moved to the row of seats behind you. Second, I was inside the smoking room, you came in and sit behind me. I wanted to start the conversation by commenting that you have nice tattoo on your hand but I didn’t. Sorry. If you are reading this, please pm me as I would like to know you. Joe
  22. Second post. Let me start the ball rolling by presenting the cute,hot,popular plu boys of Instagram! Nay for the ladies but yay for us!! Unless they're bi,in which case..it's a win-win!! XD I don't think any discussion of hot plu boys could be done without Jonathan Phay - jhwphay Then there's the how-could-he-be-so-cute Daniel Nathaniel - dnwh Jerome,Jerome,everywhere. And no I don't mind one bit - jeromealexanderchan Hot Bertram is hot!! - bertram_k Ryan,breaking hearts since..the Big Bang - ryanteb Walter Wong,if being incredibly hot and boner-inducing is a crime,he'd already be on death penalty :twisted: - waltermelonwong Ohh Soon Kiat,you can come and make a 'special report' on me anytime - assk Jason Khor,cute,mature,sensitive,cute. What more could you ask for? - whitehot_surfer Bill Ho,making our hearts swoon with his cooking at 8 Cafe! Do go down to support! - bill8cafe Franco Louis puts the F in fashion and L in lust! - francolouis And of course,my personal fave,Desmond Khor!! Everything you could ask for - cute,handsome,smart,nice,adventurous.Too bad he's already probably attached - des_ertstorm So yea,these are the plu boys that make my transition to bed every night smoother (figuratively and literally) Of course I don't know every single one of them so do enlighten me. Now's time to share YOUR favorite Insta plu boys that make you twitch violently down there. p.s. About the privacy of these individuals,please,their photos are all up in the public domain. And don't tell me you don't appreciate this cause I know you're gonna check them out on your way to bed tonight I'll of course put the photos down if they come to personally request that their photos be removed.
  23. Helium_balloon

    Any JC students here?

    Looking for similar age people to talk to! HAHAHAHA
  24. trekingthroughasia

    Play time

    bottom looking for thick top to suck now!