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  1. Cyberjaya/Putrajaya Group sex or 1 to 1 pm if u interested 26, 170, 60 vers
  2. I am finding so difficult to approach a Bangla or Indian workers for a quick bj for their big cocks. Can you guys share tips...... I could not find any latest forums on this.
  3. Those who into malays do pm me here with your id will add u up. And for the malays do PM me personally in malay for malay official tele. For those malays, I be conducting jog run and after virus free bootcamp this to encourage malays to running or jog or fitness or swim or all....burn bodyfats and lose weights...hope it help pass your IPPT ah kong give free money take advantage of it. Join a few of us 4th Jog run this Friday. From heartlands to place of interest parks (canals/pavement/bridges/beach/parks/stadium) for now is 5km run normal pace objective non stopping. Let me know if you keen. You feel damn good. Fitness help give you stamina best sex best energy no need the temporary drugs or coffee or ch*ll or p*lls. If you don't fitness n take any temp stuff u cum fast haha unless you jelqing or edging.
  4. Well, lets discuss where do the gay always cruising in Tanjong Malim. Hope this forum will help you to meet your luck.
  5. i know this is a pretty common erm preferences but i recently developed this weird obsessions with ultra hot married daddies... i mean i saw a few really (for the lack of a better word) orgasmic straight married men with kids... and all i wanna do when i saw them was to rip their clothes off and let them fuck me silly... grrrrr
  6. Please reply here with your Telegram ID.. Only for chubs and their admirers..
  7. Hi all, I seek connection with any matured above 40s / Tall lean Chinese top. Hopefully you're discreet and decent looking. I'm 42, local Chinese. 181..90kg. PM me.
  8. Wallace


    Hi, folks . When is your first ' blowjob' ? And where ?
  9. Any top / married top want to sex cam now? Add me at tele @ chong30... Preferably local chn / Malaysian Chn aged between 33 and 46..
  10. Any married top / top aged between 32 to 46 want to sex cam now? (Preferably local chn or Malaysian chn) Horny.. Add me at tele chong93
  11. Hi , I'm in early 40. Tall Decent looking chn. Consider myself good-natured soft spoken person. Hope to form discreet relationship/ friendship, with straight act and manly individuals. Look for someone whom can feel comfortable with and that can have deep intellectual conversation with. I may not be good at talking but i can be a good listener to You. PM for more if u r in 40 and 50s . I'm single fyi 🤠
  12. Since most gay social app profiles are filled with topless pictures, it got me thinking... Does everyone take picture of their bod/dick? Or is it just me who don't?
  13. Nudist Group for KLites and Malaysian alike. Nude get togethers whether in Open or Closed Environment. Possibilities of the like minded nude hangouts with possibilities of pleasurable times together. https://t.me/nudekl
  14. Hello there, Aye. Andrew, 28, 170, 72, Chn mix Ind, Pure bottom guy here. Consider myself bi but purely a bottom slut for guys. You’ve probably read my other posts too. People have gaydar? I do too I guess and I sniff gay from far away lol. Nothing bad but it’s also the kind that I’m not attracted too (I know I’m not the only one) But…. I really am attracted to straight and bi guys. Freshly minted or straight curious guys especially. I have a lot of likes but size of brain, personality and dick at the upper mean levels are desired. I will never say no to a thoughtful conversation about life and switching to a sexy sext conversation or interchanging between them. of course, it feels like I have exhausted all means in BW with very little luck. So if you’ve got someone to intro or you have been reading all my post but never texted me - hurry up already 😂 Reach out - Line/WeChat at grocksd Looking forward Cheers, Andrew
  15. Long shot, but are there any Slavs (not a typo) here?
  16. Clean Fun refers to; Edging, BJ, HJ, nipple play, jerk off together, touching each other bods and others like worship each other bod...indoor or outdoor....host or seekers (fit) Doesnt matter if you slim fit or muscular fit. As long you have abs you are in. Even washboard abs is okay too. This TELE is for us to meet up from group friends to bromance to group run/swim/fitness/beach to group shower to group fun/sex and hopefully when virus ends yearly chalet or villa retreat If Keen Pls PM me personally if keen to join. Subject head and proof your body pic. You work hard for it,dont be shy to flaunt it. Pls Do NOT put your tele here. Will not entertain. For your privacy and safety plz. Thanks brah. 💪 The rest can keep doing your best don't give up. Discipline is important and focus positive a must. I know you can do it. Jia yu! Anything you can PM me. Cheers!
  17. Hi everyone, I guess I am just ranting and hopefully get some constructive feedback and perspective from the fellow members here. Just to share my side of story, I recently have been binge-dating with different guys because of some personal issues. I want to connect with strangers who do not know me and eventually establish a different support system/group. But my intentions weren't solely on that, I welcome all the side fun and whatever that comes along I guess. There was this bi guy who I felt quite connected to because he was able to respond and carry on discussions about all my odd topics that I threw on him, so it instantly became a good start and I took a liking on him. Nothing serious and I thought it was a good match to connect because he only started exploring his bisexuality and I thought I could be a good friend/brother for moral support. Fast forward and we agreed to go on our first date, the day before I got quite annoyed cause I had to put in the efforts to travel and his vibe was a bit off-putting to me. Anyway, I decided to go to meet him, we grabbed a drink and we talked, felt a bit like a friend catch up, although I thought the date was quite sucky and he seemed disinterested to have a second round for fun or whatever, I offered to grab dinner but he declined and gave the impression he needed to go home. So feeling that there is no second date, I texted him and told him honestly about my feelings in the hope you can take away some pointers to meet his subsequent dates. To my surprise, he thought the meet up went well (according to his definition if he still wants to meet up for a second time then it means it went well) and I found out that we would have brought me home to play if I had indicated so. To him, I did not give him any signal to proceed, so that felt a bit like opportunity wasted for me and makes me wanna meet him sooner for the next date to make up the missed out parts. Then we chatted and texted each other quite regularly and shared our own experiences with other dates. I kinda developed a crush on another date of mine and him too on his other date, so we became a bit more like friends than fun buddies. But I told him I still wanted to have fun with him and tried to keep the chat a bit light and dirty as well, and my progress with my crush did not go well because I felt like I was being toyed (my crush would ghost on me and come find me whenever he wants). Meanwhile, he actually played with his crush but it ended also badly because his crush blocked him afterwards. Then he tried to avoid me by postponing our second date to June, I was not aware that he actually felt pressured and that our lines and boundaries became very blurry. Every now and then he told me he had like last minute fun and would schedule to fun with someone, it made me feel a bit not valued because I expected him to prioritize me in the fun queue. So I told him about my feelings (I feel we were quite honest with each other) and my side of story. I got very upset and felt annoyed and then he wrote me a letter to apologise and reflected on his 'mistakes'. He said he can't express well via chat so he promised to call that night but in the end he said he went back to parents' and couldn't call, I felt a bit annoyed. The logical sense of me is like wtf did he actually reflect if he plans to do sth that will annoy people, and what's the value in the apologies and how sincere is me. Anyway, he maybe sensed that I was quite upset and he said he could go to the balcony and do a short call, but I feel I don't want him to accidentally come out and reveal his sexuality so I told him to schedule the call the next night. Again, he said he has badminton session and wants to schedule the call to 11.45. I told him I am tired by that time but I would make the effort to take the nap beforehand to take that call since it's bugging me more than him. Then, the night came he never replied me and did not answer my call. The first thought was he was busy and maybe something was wrong and I was a bit worried, but then I quickly realised I probably thought too much and felt disgusted by his actions. It turns out he had a last minute date with another guy that was spontaneous and he was busy the whole night losing his virginity and getting his ass fucked by him. So the next morning I asked him and he did eventually give me a call and told me the whole story. Naturally, I felt hurt and upset and bitter because I have only been nice and sincere and felt so taken advantage of emotionally. I told him my side of story and said I wanted to have that fun with him but he said he wants to be friends only because I put too much pressure on him and he wants to have a clearer boundary. Anyway, I was upset but eventually agreed that we should cool down and really meet in June but not for fun, more for dinner and discuss if we can be friends or support system to each other. I told him the way he treats me makes me feel worthless and so disposable, it's so not cool. He acknowledged that and politely asked me not to feel that way cause it is not my fault. I find it quite stupid from my end though. He was not my crush out of all my dates but definitely the one I feel most emotionally attached to. I know I can be too sensitive and persistent and that can take out the fun element and put pressure on people, but I felt it's so damaging to my self-esteem. After speaking to him, I am not sure whether I actually like him or I am just obsessed with the fact that I missed the chance to actually have fun with him and I want to make up for that. I feel like this kind of people sometimes are quite shameless, they don't know what they want and they have tons of excuse to do hurtful things, as if they never realise they lack basic human decency and respect. He said he believes in karma, but he certainly doesn't not live his life with that principle. I don't believe in karma but the evil side of me is thinking, if karma does exist, then I hope it will be his bitch. The audacity of him promising to give me a call and then ditching me, waiting like an idiot, and still shamelessly acting as if nothing happens, that amazes me quite a bit. Perhaps my impression of him being a nice and sincere guy was wrong, it was blinded by my connection towards him and the fact that I miss out the chance to have fun with him. Then, I basically bugged him the whole day with messages, just to kinda annoy him and pay him back but I don't think it bugs him at all. So it feels quite silly from my end, as if I am creating the drama myself and playing a role in it, in the end I was the one getting hurt and affected, and he still stands from the moral high hill and said it's his fault bla bla bla but clearly it did not upset him much. I am pretty naive and gullible I feel, I feel like I did have a certain trust and expectations with him but he repays me with these actions that feel like he is toying me around. Do you guys think it is a good thing to meet him in June when we both kinda cool down a bit? I hate that feeling that I feel like I can't trust his words anymore because of what he did to me. It's like when he says sorry it does not carry the meaning to my ears and when he says sth nice, I would second guess his words. It's such a stark contrast during the first week of chatting because I felt like I connected with someone that I liked and could hopefully trust to be a supportive buddy. Just hope to hear from you guys, whether positive or negative though. P.S I even asked his consent if I could share this here (I think I am quite considerate) but I told him try not to read it. If he does, he said he will let me know. I most likely will delete this thread if he reads it, I don't want to create more drama cause I'm doing this for myself, not for him.
  18. Confession Over the yrs, I am attracted to straight acting, decent, respectful and matured top. If the person is Handsome , discreet and intelligent all at the same times, that would definitely be plus points. As for u, What traits and personalities of men r attractive to You ?
  19. Hi , I'm local Chinese, in early 40s. Tall, STR acting looking.. stocky built. Consider myself good-natured person. To keep things less complicated, I hope to find a discreet relationship with straight acting/discreet individuals (top Chinese), preferably a rather long term arrangement. Someone who is intellectual is plus point Someone who share the same sediments so we can satisfy each other's needs, while going back to our families feeling physically and emotionally satisfied. I know it's hard but it is worth the shot. If you r looking for the same, we can meet up for coffee or a meal, and see where chemistry leads us Married, bi curious tops are welcome.
  20. Are those beefy guys or beefy muscular guys ( bears or muscle bears ) only attracted to their own kind? So far those I have met only into their own kind and rarely have an exception. Any thoughts on that? Would love to see how bears guy reaction to this post too. PS: personally I like bears a lot 😆
  21. Lets share about the hot guys we spotted on Grindr or Jack’d!
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