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Straight Massage Shop Recommendation in Singapore

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Hope this is not irrelevant post. But I encourage all massage loving brothers to check out ulu places like bukiit timah shopping centre n beauty world plaza for good massage. Personally, I m cheapskate slut n will never pay more tha $50 per hr for massage. These places offer very good value massage by various types of men. Is like cheap n good buffet. To me is sinful to pay $60 or more for massage.

Wanlin n people's park is also very good. Check out jalan sultan also many new massage places.

I never touch any masseur and always treat them with respect n I behave very virtuously, like pure decent person with no ulterior motive. Most of the time they believe me - maybe I good actor, except for certain occasion like the finger incident when I dunno maybe I was too slut. Paiseh n wasted, dare not go back there or show face to him.....

I njoy being touched n pleasures by straight massage men. Especially the very serious manly guys with 'hot hands'. Some of them radiate heat when u get close to them, very hot n sexy feeling. Some guys smell very nice n good n manly. Like my current 'secret bf', Angelo, Leslie n Louis...... Leslie hand very hot n strong, he never use elbow to massage, his hand so power one.

I m addicted to massage because 1st time I cum from mansex was by a masseur.

I used to go beauty world for foot reflex when I in school. Used to go with my fren. A few times we try foot reflex. Find it very nice n always book the same 2 guys in the shop. late 20s, 30yish guys. 1st he do for me, cannot remember his name. He playful n joke joking. Explain which part of the foot for which organ etc. n really prove to me. He press on part n ask me can feel something at the neck? Then he press another part and ask, can feel something at the heart? Very funny n joking guy. Then he press my heel the bottom n ask me whether my 'bro' waking up? Haha, really I felt blood rush to my kkj. He then tell me that part press good makemy bro stronger! My fren we laugh n laugh. But secretly I very excited n become very hard more n more becoz the masseur guy keep giving sly looks at my groin (I was wearing those sports shorts)dat time.......

After a few times I go foot reflex, he ask me try do body. Say very good.

My fren didn't want, but I go try. Very shiok, especially the part he pull my shorts down n massaged my butts. I cum in my pants!

Tats my 1st time story. Lucky he not see when I turn over because wearing thick cotton brief, so all cum not leak out. If wearing those sexy Groovin undie the slut wear nowadays, sure the guy see n disgusted.... After graduate no go to there anymore.

But so fun n exciting those times. Now I hooked hot hand guy touch me, I cum......

Very horny now recounting my history. I wonder if I should visit my secret BF so soon tonight?

Sometimes I wonder what all these straight guy thinking in their brains?

i went to teh one at Sims ave just now abt 12 midnight. Only got 1 lady working n a china boy who do only foot massage n a Malaysian called Ah De who do body. Didn't see the cute China boy u said. What is his name actually? There is no person by the name of Foong Fatt. Can u write in Mandarin?

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Johnny can you clarify if you normally take the one or two hour massage? And does the masseur massage just your back or front as well?

I recently tried Ah Hock from Green Apple and Xiou Di from Lush. Yes the massage was strong but it was disappointing because they only massaged my back. I was totally nude but it wasn't fun at all. I was lying face down throughout the massage and was not able to see the masseur. My arms became numb after one hour in that same position. Absolutely no chance that they would accidentally touch my cock or balls.

I asked Xiou Di why he did not massage my front and he said there was no time. So does it mean that one hour massage at straight shops are all like that?

Was thinking of trying Max or Alan but am now having second thoughts. Good massage is important but I also want a bit of thrill.

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After read all the comments for this recent topic of 'Straight Massage Shop', my personal feedback is I won't pay money for the molestation by the masseurs! This is because I preferred both are nude during the session if it is not a decent massage. I will not let the masseur to touch my private part if he is dressed during the service. Furthermore, it is illegal for the masseur to provide such service in the massage shop with license. In other countries like Japan, Korea, Thailand, the masseurs in the straight man massage shop are nude and you can enjoy the service while you can see something hanging on their body closely. Ha..haa...

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What happened?

Who did you engage?

I ask for male therapist and the receptionist said okay and collected money in advance. This my first time doing massage have to pay money in advance. I choose to do a 90 min massage and paid by credit card.

After changing in the room, the girl came in said they have only female therapists ask me if I'm ok to change. I said I still prefer male one. She told me to wait for 15 mins. But I waited for 40 mins before the male therapist came in. During this 40 min no one come and serve me drink. Just left me waited in the room. The worst thing is the male therapist told me he actually not good at body massage. He only do foot reflexology. If I didn't pay in advance I'll definitely leave that place.

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Tony ,

Not too sure of the name of the shop.

But u r right - There was these 2 mature guys i saw last time.

Both kinda slim.

But sg had a fat one ? Cud b new.

Guys besides what we discussing , any other str8 joints to share here?

What we need are places that give good rub down , n ability to be naked or not?

Other info as of interest to us.


Keno, Below straight joint can be in nude.

Posted 25 August 2012 - 05:41 PM

I would like to recommend this straight joint Massage at Ang Mo Kio


Blk 532, AMK Ave 10

#01-2479 (Green Signboard)

There are min 2 theraphists eveyday. (I male & 1 female).

$45 for 1 hour full body oil massage.

Ah Xiang mature malaysian chn age 48.

His strokes and finger press are very strong and really provided a good rub-down.

Highly recommended if you want a good professional massage in a nice air-con environment.

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Tried a foot massage place at joo Chiat . Near Katong laksa. There are 2 well toned guys there at the reception. The taller one is friendly. Shorter one looks a bit anal.

Had 1 hour foot massage, which is up to standard. Crowded place. Seats should be placed further apart. Shares place with dog grooming business. So it's noisy with dogs barking.

Ambience is like 3/10.

Both guys look gay. Think they may be a couple.

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Tried Alan from Imperial Apple Spa last evening. As recommended, his massage was indeed very sensual. However, he insisted that I put on the disposable undies, which was quite a turn off. Midway through the massage (when he was working on my inner thighs from the back), I asked him again if I could remove the underwear, but he declined... It would have been so much more erotic if this was done in the nude.

To those of you who successfully go in the buff for Alan, does he still allow that? Any pointers on how to get him to relent?

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I believe that the management also reading in this forum as they are young and tech savvy. Wearing disposal is compulsory for this establishment.

That's quite true. This thread appears on the first page when you search for Imperial Apple Spa on Google... Such a pity that the massage with Alan couldn't have been better. I would frequent this place more if they allowed massage in the nude, instead of those icky disposable underwear!

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For an entirely new sexexperience, try this place:

Ma Kuang Chinese Medicine & Research Centre Pte Ltd

Branch at Bras Basah Complex Lvl 1

Call 6336 6386

I had a young, enthusiastic and shy 'Tuinalogist' Mr Yang Chen Lin

Booked 2hrs and gave very good massage, in a hospital-like setting on medical examination bed covered with a soft felt material. (He was wearing a doctors' white coat sans stethscope)

Under glare of hospital fluorescent light. I was permitted to wear my dinky underwear. Massage started with rubber gloved hand deliciously moving around my neck n shoulders. Initial misgivings about the gloved hand were cast aside after how good it felt. For rest of body, he took off his glove and used bare hands, especially at 'areas' where I needed most 'attention'

Will not bore your with more details. But assurance that I enjoyed him tremendously and found him obliging me more intensely when he 'saw' how happy he made me.

I was in my comforty zone with my dinky underwear almost popping out my cock, which he eyed many time with clinical albeit slightly embarrased / abashed interest. Will not know how he would react if naked. He did not offer me shorts, but quite directly told me to remove my clothes before the massage. Meaning, maybe he would be fine if I had been naked.

Someone pse try and report how he reacts when naked? A bit pricey at $60 p/hr and they charge GST. Mr Yang Chen Lin is available 11am - 8pm everyday, except Thursdays at the Bras Basah Complex Branch Level 1 Call 6336 6386 for Appt.

Please do not expect high class environment. But relatively quite except for some other irritationg and talkative clients and one guy distinctively asking for a male therapist at the Reception Counter. Another me!

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Tip to all friends: All the male masseurs are working for extra money apart from the fix price, if you are willing to pay them extra more, both will have HE and you no need to play guessing game with the masseurs on the bed. Of course, you have to choose your favorite masseur before offering the extra to him. Ha..ha...

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The room have glass window and those ladies will walk pass the room quite often. I don't feel comfortable even with the disposable undies. How you all can go nude?

I agree with you Alfred. The room which I was assigned to was even more ridiculous. It had an attached bathroom with full panel transparent glass partition. That means anyone looking into the window will have direct view of me bathing! Good for exhibitionists!!!
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My suggestion to all friends in this topic: Go to man spa if you want to be nude for massage service and hope for HE, there are many man spa and can be found in yahoo or google search in Singapore. For unisex spa or general massage shop, the licence is not allowed for customer to go nude in the room with the masseurs.

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Tried Alan from Imperial Apple Spa last evening. As recommended, his massage was indeed very sensual. However, he insisted that I put on the disposable undies, which was quite a turn off. Midway through the massage (when he was working on my inner thighs from the back), I asked him again if I could remove the underwear, but he declined... It would have been so much more erotic if this was done in the nude.

To those of you who successfully go in the buff for Alan, does he still allow that? Any pointers on how to get him to relent?

I recently tried Alan. The receptionist brought me to the room and gave me a disposable underwear. I put it on as I didn't feel comfortable going naked with the window at the door and ladies walking outside.

Have also tried Max from Green Apple. Took the body scrub and massage. Max asked me to put on the disposable underwear. When I asked him if it was really necessary to put on underwear for the scrub he replied, "It's OK put it on". So looks like can't go nude anymore.

Body scrub by Max was above average but it could have been more thorough. His massage was super erotic. I was so high after he finished and left the room that I just jerked my dick and came within 10 seconds! Then I used the disposable underwear to wipe off my cum. One minute later Max came into the room with some hot tea. I pretended nothing happened, had my tea and went to shower.

In comparison I prefer Max's massage. Alan's massage is also erotic but it got erotic only when he was doing my front. Max on the other hand started his erotic moves even when he was doing my thighs and buttocks from the back. And there was one part where he sat on a stool in front of my head and massaged my arms. My hand rested on his crotch as he massaged my arms and the heat from his crotch really made me high. I wanted so much to squeeze his crotch but I controlled myself.

Perhaps I also prefer Max because he is more well built and manly.

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quoted Keno

So ,

just book for a 2hr massage session ?

Tot he is in doctor's attire - need to state symptom for the massage to order ??


Yes Keno,

Is a so called clinic, but he is not doctor. He is a Tuinalogist. Just call them n book him. Please provide some feedback after you do. Especially if you strip in front of him, the expression on his face, how he touch you etc etc. Priceless, hardon inducing information. Sexes me up completely. He is off Thursdays.

When I was removing my clothes he was in the partitioned area, pulling the curtain close. I asked him remove all is it? He nodded yes, so I took of my t-shirt. Then I pointed to my shorts in an enquiring way, he nodded. So slowly n deliberately took off my shorts. Usually when I change in public, I turn away, but for him I stripped for him to see my underwear n erect hard cock. He was looking at it increduluosly, curiously, maybe wondering why I was so hard. It was that silly white Groovin underwear n so small, I had to wear my cock sideways, if it was upright, it would have pop out. I am so hard now thinking of it, I very tempting booking him after work. I is horny.

There was a wet spot too, which I m sure he noticed when he was stroking near my upper thigh, and I told him it was so hot there so he pushed aside the towel covering my groin, giving him a complete view of my quivering throbbing cock and the wet spot was getting bigger n bigger, making my cut cock head visible, the underwear being those microfiber type n white.

Be sure to tell your massuer your problem n desired spots for him to work on. If you want a more sensual, indirectly sexual massage, please tell him the following:

1. I just came back from a 2 days or overnight cycling trip

2. I not enough sleep, very busy with work n very stress - had to sit hours n overnight at my computer, doing wok.

3. I had to walk a lot my legs are very tired

4. My shoulders n lower back pain like hell. Got problem sitting down n getting up.

Must say any of these very seriously, with a pained suffering voice n looks. Do not over drama. You are sure to get good massages at all the necessary sensexual places.

Another trick is to tell the masseur to go easy, soft or 'relaxing' massage around the lower butts, upper thighs n stomach area. Tell him you are very tired n all these places aching n cannot take hard massage. Let him do hard on the shoulders etc. that will disarm them.

When they are working at at the secret places, slowly n gradually open your leg wider, twist your butt slowly for his easier access. Usually they will get the hint n will oblige.

They value you n will be very obliging, especially customers who book them more than 1hr.

I don't know if it is a good idea sharing this here. Maybe straight people n massage shops are reading it n I may be OUTing myself. I will just have to learn / Fabricate new ways to sexsatisfy myself.

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I tried Yang Chen Lin and when I asked if I need to take off my shorts he said don't need. Haha

Nothing erotic.

I suppose different people are turned on / off by different stuff. Different strokes for different folks?

Ha ha maybe I just horny desperate slut. Every man is game n a big turn on for me. I had an instant hard when I saw him at the counter n just wanted to Makan him. Whether any massage is eroticised is got to do with both the masseur n the massage, I would like to think I call the shots, n always believed n achieved things I wanted my way through manipulating the masseur.

Whores well versed in the art of pleasuring n pleasures are like me. Woah so liberation writing like this.

I want to change tactic already because sharing so much is detrimental to my originality in pursuit n obtainment of sextastification. I am got new tactic I will share. Next few days if sunny, I shall go tanning in super skimpy - ensures I have an obscene tanline.

No more dinky or stupid Groovin underwear. I will wear very decent long shorts for massages. When masseur pulls down n see the tanline, sure to be shocked to see such skimpy use of swim trunks. I have had comments about this long before...

Wah you swim a lot huh?

Very exciting n horny just talking about this. Sheesh

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