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T&C: Message Sub Forum / Home Masseur [ House Rules ]


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Terms and Conditions that governs the posting of threads here in this Sub-Forum.

For Service Providers

  • * All NEW threads can ONLY be started by Registered Members. Service Providers who wants to post your commercial activities here, Please Register.
    * You Need to login to reply and post so that your BW nick does not get abused by Guest.
    * Flooding / Repeated & Multiple posting in a single day is prohibited. Please post responsibly and allow others a chance to post their Ad.
    * Moderators have the rights to moderate all post by service providers.

For Members and Guest

  • * Members and guest can reply to threads (started by service providers)
    * Everyone can read and reply in the Massage Sub-forum
    * Offending postings will be removed if its in violation with BW's Guidelines.
    * Moderators have the rights to moderate all post by members and guest.

The massage forum will be moderated by the existing moderators as in the Main Forum.

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Announcing the new BW Massage sub-Forum (Click link to take you to the NEW Massage forum)

1. The massage series have being very popular with our readers as evident by the longevity of the massage threads and thread view counts.

2. Based on feedback from readers, masseurs and discussion among moderators, we have decided to start a DEDICATED massage sub-forum under the Special Interest Section.

3. This will be a ONE-STOP forum for everything massage in BlowingWind Forum.

All massage threads, the Home-based Massage List (HML) will be moved into this Massage sub-forum.

All advertisements by masseurs and establishments will also be put into this Massage forum.

4. We will enact the following rules in this Massage sub-forum.

- All new threads can only be started by Registered Members.

Therefore you want to post your commercial activities, please register.

- Members and guest can reply to threads started.

- Everyone can read the massage sub-forum

5. The massage forum will be moderated by the existing moderators as in the Main Forum.

We will be monitoring the activities of this new massage forum closely.

6. Please support the BW Massage sub-forum, the masseurs and make the forum useful and informative.


On behalf of the moderators,

Hendry Tan

Admin cum Moderator

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  • 9 months later...

I shall not repeat the posting, but I thought I should highlight what is important for those whom are in the business. Please take a look. and do the necessary.


The following notes were extracted from the News - Resident Unaware of Next Door Sleaze (2011)



Lawyer Sunil Sudheesan said that because these sex workers offer their services to other men, they could be committing offences under Section 377A of the Penal Code, which criminalises such acts.


Their clients could also be charged with the offence. Those convicted can be jailed up to two years.


The home owners can also get into trouble. Mr Sudheesan said the HDB can take back the flats if they are use for commercial purposes which are not sanctioned.


By soliciting their massage service online, the Indonesian men could be committing offense under the Massage Establishment Act, another lawyer, Ms Gloria James-Civetta, said. This is because it is an offence to publish or display advertisements for unlicensed massage establishments. Anyone convicted of this can be fined up to $1,000. He can be further fined up to $50 a day if he continues to commit the offence after conviction.

Ms James-Civetta said the men could be committing employment and immigration offence if they did not have work permits or are working while here on social visit passes can be jsiled up to a year and fined up to $5,000. Under the Employment of Foreign Manpower Act, those who employ foreign workers without valid work passes can be jailed up to a year and fined up to $15,000.


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  • G_M changed the title to T&C: Message Sub Forum / Home Masseur [ House Rules ]

Do and Don't when posting in BW forum For Masseur / Massage Company
(We allow masseur / massage company to ply their business in our forum for free but they will have to adhere to strict guidelines and rules of our forum)

1. Masseur are only allow 2 ads per week in the Massage folder.

2. Do NOT spam your ad in other Chat/ Thread / Folders. 

3. Do NOT show naked pics of men in your ad or in your profile pic.

4. Anyone caught prostituting will be banned immediately.

5. Anyone caught opening multiple accounts to post fake reviews will be warned with demerit points. Recalcitrant members will be banned.


6. Masseur MUST provide the followings in their ad.

a. Location / Area where they service. If it is outcall, state in ad title.

b. Price / Package (if any)

c. Form of Contact, e.g. Mobile, Telegram, whatsapp, etc. so that customer can inform you if they are going to be late. Do not expect the customer to PM you.
d. Years of experience, certification, if any.


7. Masseur Must NOT mention the followings in their ad:

a. Personal info e.g. Age, weight, height, etc. [You are providing a massage servce not a match making or hookup]

b. Anyone caught providing their sexual roles or or anything related to sex will be banned!

c. Masseur who are caught discriminating on Age, body size, etc. will not be allowed to practice in our forum. 

d. Do not remove your ad after posting and leaving only a "." Anyone caught will have their thread locked.

e. Do not post in other BW folders if you had been ad already in the Massage folder.

f. Only trained and experience masseur are allowed in the massage folder.


8. Any masseur whom are caught by members with unethical acts, e.g. filming, harassing, spamming  customers, etc. will be invested and temporary have their accounts suspended. If proven they commit the acts, their account will be banned. 


Any masseur caught violating the above rules or do not adhere to the Forum rules may get their thread locked / suspended or banned.


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