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  • Recent Status Updates

    • milky_boi

      ♪Although we've come♪
      ♪To the end of the road♪
      ♪Still I can't let go♪
      ♪It's unnatural♪
      ♪You belong to me♪
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    • upshot

      Cleansing Enema, Deep sleep.
      Raytheon Honored As Best Place To Work For LGBTQ People.
      Krystal Ball and Emily Jashinsky discusses Raytheon's positive PR amidst President Biden's plans to withdraw US troops from Afghanistan.
      Cuomo faces FOURTH investigation as poll numbers PLUMMET
      NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo's diminishing approval rating.
      How CRONY CAPITALISM Could DESTROY Biden's Infrastructure Plans. Executive editor at The American Prospect, David Dayen, joins us to discuss dynamics that threaten the promise of Biden's infrastructure plan.
      Medical Report PROVES Jan 6th Officer Died From NATURAL CAUSES, CNN Defends Pushing Lies
      (So CNN/MSM proceed to still give him a heros death ceremony and keep the story he was killed at RiOT to keep the narrative but still made it sound like it has something to do with the 'riot' instead of the truth that he died from being too excited on the scene and his health condition could not take it)
      Ryan Grim And Wall St Whistleblower Claim Banks Engaged In SYSTEMIC FRAUD In Commercial Real Estate
      Will Rich Liberals REVOLT Over Biden's Tax Hikes On The Wealthy? Krystal Ball and Emily Jashinsky debate how President Biden will go about passing more progressive aspects of the infrastructure package.
      Emily Jashinsky: Earmarks And The Battle For The Soul Of The GOP.
      Joe Scarborough SNEERS At Andrew Yang Mayoral Campaign.
      react to the MSM's attempts to take down Andrew Yang as he runs for New York mayor.
      How The Government MANUFACTURES Terror "Plots" To Terrify The Public. Krystal Ball breaks down the downfalls of a heightened security state, referencing the government's manufacturing of terror plots.

      Is Ron DeSantis Protecting Law Enforcement Or Criminalizing Protest?
      Republicans fret over divisive candidates, Republicans are sounding the alarm that divisive candidates running across the country could cost them key Senate and gubernatorial races next year.
      #BREAKING: Judge says that Rep. Waters may cause entire Chauvin case being overturned.
      Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick Died of Natural - Odysee Exclusive
      Trump slams Biden's border failures in 'Hannity' exclusive
      Judge ROYALLY Screwed Up In Chauvin Case ADMITTING Maxine Waters Threats May Overturn ENTIRE Trial
      White Guilt Is Mandatory | Ep. 703
      Today on the Matt Walsh Show, outrage over a plan by some congressional Republicans to form a caucus dedicated to preserving our Anglo-Saxon political traditions. This is offensive because, as the new rules clearly states, anything even loosely associated with whiteness is bad. We’ll talk about, and break, that rule today. Also Five Headlines including a high profile elected Democrat committing jury tampering and incitement. Shockingly, the people who were so worried about “incitement” a few months ago have nothing to say about this. And the mother of a “trans boy” goes viral. But the video proves the opposite of the point it’s supposed to prove. In our Daily Cancellation, we’ll talk about the millions of Americans who apparently will cling onto their masks, even after they are vaccinated, because for them it has become nothing more than a security blanket.
      Do fact check. Want a say? Do diligent at length by viewing discussion in-depth to gain perspectives. Don't read 5% of 1 point you like, ignore 95% of other (boring) related or linked subjects making up the full story. Don't debate with ignorance. Truths' never apparent and not about winning a silly 'one-up-showmanship debate' to feel good in forum thread or gloat for your favourite political side.
      As a local, know exactly what you are listening to contextually and not be gullible to blind proud parrot coming in to boast Pick your fights. Ignore some barking dogs not worth debating. The type who loses then nitpick your English grammar or spellings as cheap shots. LOL. There's no real winners in social media or forum arguments. Share your truth, listen to correct yours if so.
      I don't post Lefties news much because its prolific and mindfully flooded by cocky bias ppl in here. Read, listen and compare fine lines & context for a balance view. Truth's always in the middle.
      Political podcasts aren't all I listen to 24/7. View many other subject interests too. Good to stay informed with world events and stuff than just SEX 24/7. Grow the big brain is key to survival and living well. Sex's a good pastime but not a priority. heh.
      Censorship Does Not Confirm Truth. It Merely Denies Reasons.
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    • hairy40'sgindian  »  bood

      Hi there.." Welcome on board to the Blowing Wind forum"♥♥♥”
      · 0 replies
    • iamziz

      Good Morning, Guys - “Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about. Be kind. Always.”
      ― Brad Meltzer
      · 0 replies
    • jackomaki

      There's just something naughty about wearing matching black mesh innerwear and a completely white outfit. 
      · 1 reply
    • hairy40'sgindian  »  sgshorts

      Hi there.." Welcome on board to the Blowing Wind forum"♥♥♥”
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    • hairy40'sgindian  »  Bottom23

      Hi there.." Welcome on board to the Blowing Wind forum"♥♥♥”
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    • hairy40'sgindian  »  mch60

      Hi there.." Welcome on board to the Blowing Wind forum"♥♥♥”
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    • sexyxd

      I think I'm the least attractive CD here, as I'm not a full dressed CD. I only wear a short & tight red skirt, a Tees & a sexy male underwear.
      · 1 reply
    • fallmerees

      Just 1 week into the fasting month and I've lost 1.1kg. 🥺
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    • iamziz

      “I know there’s evil in the world, and there always has been. But you don’t need to believe in Satan or demons to explain it. Human beings are perfectly capable of evil all by themselves.”
      ― Tess Gerritsen
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    • hairy40'sgindian  »  Diamy Femboy

      Hi there.." Welcome on board to the Blowing Wind forum"♥♥♥”
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    • Bubblecakez

      Uncut or cut? I prefer uncut  
      · 0 replies
    • Averagejoe93

      Must be a new record for me to have someone lose interest just after 3 days
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