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    • Chapter 1 - Mint
      I feel despondent as I take heavy steps towards the company line. Having just finished my POP a couple of days ago, it feels surreal to be back here. I see a few other guys who have already arrived. I quicken my pace and join them. I see Sgt. Lee, one of the specialists in-charge of Platoon 4, exit the company office. He adjusts his Duty Sergeant arm band as he walks towards us. 
      "Okay, I know that you all don't want to come back here, especially after your POP. Unfortunately, all of you screw up somewhere during your BMT and got caught by your Sgt. and now must serve this confinement. But at least just one night. So just suck it up, don't give me any trouble and you can go home happily tomorrow and enjoy the remainder of your weekend. Can?"
      We reply with a resounding "Yes, Sgt!" He ticks off our names. Besides myself from Platoon 2, there are a couple of guys from Platoon 1 and another one from Platoon 4. Sgt. Lee looks up and looks a little confused.
      "Eh, how come there's one guy missing."
      Just then, we see a guy running towards us. 
      "Sorry, Sgt. I got delayed at the gantry. Not my fault."
      Sgt. Lee isn't impressed with his answer.
      "You forever with your excuses, Kelvin. Go join the rest."
      Kelvin is from Platoon 3 and is known to be quite notorious. A bit of a troublesome character, there isn't really anyone who didn't know him in the company. He had been yelled at several times by Seargents and Officers alike. He must also be the one who must have gotten punished the most during our BMT. He cuts quite an intimidating presence especially with his muscular built and...
      • 18 replies
    • Was with a few old friends and was chatting about places we've been and missed.  A few names which pops up and some at the tip of my tongue but failed to recall.
      LGBT Bars
      Pebble Bar at former Forum. very rowdy crowds. not much impression.
      Inner Circle at Tg Pagar.  A place where I ventured alone and later found that it was a place I belong. Had many great and happy times. Always remember the New Year Eve celebrations. Lots of fond memories and met many friends there.
      Vincent's Lounge, Far East Plaza. Hardy been there but it's a place where the Ang Mo and the MB hangs out.
      Xpose - South Bridge Road - Remembered that there were many singing competitions held there and the owner Alan.
      MOX bar - Tg Pagar Rd - remembered this place as it's mostly white. don't hang out there much.
      DYMK - Neil Road, been there a few times for gathering or someone's birthday
      Locker Room - Neil Road. been there only a few times
      Disco / Clubs
      The Hangar - Opposite Bayshore park but the colonial building demolished to make way for condos.  Remember it as a a building up a slope. Sunday is where there will be drag queen shows. Rather happening but due to the location. don't go there much.
      Marmota / Shadows. Kallang Leisure Mall.  Disco dancing only on Sunday
      Niche. Far East Plaza level 5. First official gay disco club in Sg. Owner Bernard who later close Niche and open Inner Circle Karaoke. was one of the most happening gay disco bar of it's time.
      Rascal - Disco at (can't remember the hotel). Only on Sunday
      Studebaker / Venom at Orchard Pacific Plaza (building next to Holiday Inn)
      Why Not? Tras Street The famous twins who owns the dance club and the Babylon KTV
      Taboo at Neil Road which recently closed.
      ...and the rest and in between all forgotten.
      What are the bars and the discos that you remember and the memories you had?
      • 25 replies
    • Hi just wanna rant. 
      So i like my best straight friend. He knows it too and despite of that, we are still friends. I got a boyfriend now, who is really great, and he got a girlfriend too. But at times, i still fraternize about him and we still talked and...
      • 54 replies
    • 1.  We just did our BlowingWind Annual Forum Version upgrade.
      Our Forum Software Provider just released this as a Major Upgrade.
      A brighter UI with more saturation & contrast and simpler overall color scheme Improved typography
      Better, more consistent, spacing around and between elements, especially on mobile Better logical grouping of sections of each page
      Reducing underutilized links/buttons...
      • 50 replies
    • 1. what are you watching now?
      2. what is it about?
      3. why do you like it?
      4. anything else you would recommend?
      • 254 replies
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      wants to be face fucked by matured daddy and receive facial.
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      I am not so great at picking up phone calls.
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      Noooo sian raining makes it so hard to get home 
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      Hi there.." Welcome on board to the Blowing Wind forum"♥♥♥”
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      Might drop by KeyBox later! 
      Say hi if you recognise me!
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      a bit drunk - I feel like being naked on cam
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      Good Morning, Guys - “Enlighten everyone you meet in your journey of life with the light of your love and kindness.”
      ― Debasish Mridha
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    • upshot

      Morning Congee Breakfast and podcast
      Biden's Sleepy Start EXPOSED. NO Checks, NO Minimum Wage, NO Infrastructure
      Fact Checking the Biden Administration: Volume One
      Make The Rich PAY For Pandemic Destruction Of Working Class.
      (DEM won and still the support to make the rich richer still carriers on and letting the ordinary folks suffer thru this epidermis and no AID give still. Where is the $2K?)
      Jen Psaki Struggles To Justify Kids In "Containers" vs "Cages" (Do what Obama did but blame the Orange Man during his term but now who can you blame?)
      "Kids In Cages" Narrative Exposes The Left's Hypocrisy
      Survey Shows Leftists Buy Into FALSE Police Shooting Narrative
      Incoming AG Merrick Garland Says Portland Riots Maybe Not Terrorism | Only the Capitol Raid
      How Dems Weaponize Empathy, Identity To Kill Progress
      Dem Ask To DEPLATFORM Fox News Is Gravest Threat To Press Freedom In Modern Memory
      Panel: Are Cotton, Hawley, Romney SERIOUS About Raising Minimum Wage?
      Ingraham: Biden prioritizes migrants over American citizens
      Laura Ingraham examines the president's plan to confront the crisis on the southern border.
      Panel: Is The Two Party System Perpetuating Polarization And RUINING Democracy? (Uncontrolled social media tech is what makes matters worst for demon power-hungry politics)
      Bloomberg CAUGHT Screwing Over His Campaign Staffers AGAIN
      Pelosi’s 9/11 Commission For Capitol Riots Will End TERRIBLY
      (Crazy bitch run by emotion then brain and bent on staying in power using whatever tactics she can think up)
      Genius Behind Iowa DISASTER Raises MILLIONS For New Media Venture
      Disney Adds TRIGGER WARNINGS To "The Muppet Show"!
      Disney has placed "trigger warnings" before 18 episodes of "The Muppet Show" featured on its Disney+ subscription service.  The "warnings" appear on a black screen for about twelve seconds before the episodes in question to further "contextualize" potentially "harmful" content. This is how you indoctrinate peopole to be delicate snowflake with no spine.
      It's A Rigged Game - Part Of The Problem #701
      Dave Smith and Robbie The Fire Bernstein bring you the latest in politics! On This Episode Of Part Of The Problem Dave and Robbie take a look at the Corporate Medias take on the demonstrable transfer of wealth that has taken place in this country, and we also take a look at a recent clip from Kyle Kulinski and critic his take on whether America is a meritocracy.
      Strange Terrorism Definitions & Cartoon Network's Woke Propaganda | DIRECT MESSAGE | Rubin Report
      California Democrat Says The Quiet Part About Minimum Wage Out Loud! (A bad move to have that kind of control given to large corporation to build business while crippling small biz to compete and grow)
      Anita Sarkeesian DEMOLISHED After DEMANDING "Consequences" For Harry Potter Developer b(stupid feminist bitch at it again to make money and stay relevant to cheat)
      LA Times: Kamala Harris Is A "Top Target" For Online Hate
      Cancel Culture Mob Targets Rosario Dawson After Disney Fires Gina Carano | Lucasfilm Is GARBAGE! ( and so the drama of WOKE continue when you take the knee)
      Strange Terrorism Definitions & Cartoon Network's Woke Propaganda | DIRECT MESSAGE | Rubin Report
      Being an independent thinker (Daniel Schmachtenberger & Bret Weinstein)
      Social media is a democracy killer (Daniel Schmachtenberger & Bret Weinstein)
      Carl Benjamin - Why Words Are Being Redefined In 2021

      Do your fact check. Want a say? Do due diligent to know all sides at length by reading or watching discussion in depth from their perspective's ground up. Don't read 5%, ignore the 95% of the story and try to defend with ignorance. Truths are never apparent and its not about winning a silly 'one-up-showmanship debate' to feel good in a forum. Even at a distance in SG, know exactly what you are talking about contextually and not be a blind parrot.
      Why I don't post many Lefties news and commentaries? Because its prolific and flood by bias useful idiots and supportersby default locally. Read, listen and compare the fine line & context for balance news. Truth's in the middle.
      And no, I don't just listen to political podcasts. I have a lot of other special subject interest too. Always good to keep up with what's happening in as many interest in this world & work than just think of SEX and how to get it 24/7. Grow the big brain as much as the little one too.
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    • Forbidden Vulpes

      At times i just wonder.. did i faint asleep and woke up gasping for life? Or is something wrong with me?
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    • skinnycurious

      Hais going to work
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    • royalcheesecake

      I make you shoot on yourself then u know... 
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    • hairy40'sgindian  »  Danzyl

      Hi there.." Welcome on board to the Blowing Wind forum"♥♥♥”
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