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    • Hi guys,
      I took up the task of being a BW Moderator with a very poetic desire to provide help and safe space for the rising population of younger (and highly possibly confused and worried) gay/bi guys coming to Blowing Wind to explore and find themselves and try to navigate life as men who have sex with men. (And of course I would be happy to offer advice to anyone of any ages, provided you want to receive it)
      After careful consideration, I have decided to run a small Confessions/HTHT/Help Corner programme/initiative.
      A safe space for you to ask your questions, share your worries and seek advice to overcome the tough yet rewarding journey of exploring yourself, your sexuality and relationships with surrounding people as men who have sex with men (a.k.a. gay, bi men)
      1) You can send confessions totally anonymously. Your confessions will be checked every Friday.
      2) I will post them on Blowing Wind Member's Lounge so only members can give their own advice and points of view (and you still can read their replies anonymously). I will exercise censorship on troll and judgmental replies as I deem fit, to prevent hurting the "confessants".
      3) I'm currently working on a tracking mechanism so confessants can keep track and read new replies easily. Will update once I figure it out.
      4) Click HERE to confess/ask question/share your worries.
    • Chapter 1 - Mint
      I feel despondent as I take heavy steps towards the company line. Having just finished my POP a couple of days ago, it feels surreal to be back here. I see a few other guys who have already arrived. I quicken my pace and join them. I see Sgt. Lee, one of the specialists in-charge of Platoon 4, exit the company office. He adjusts his Duty Sergeant arm band as he walks towards us. 
      "Okay, I know that you all don't want to come back here, especially after your POP. Unfortunately, all of you screw up somewhere during your BMT and got caught by your Sgt. and now must serve this confinement. But at least just one night. So just suck it up, don't give me any trouble and you can go home happily tomorrow and enjoy the remainder of your weekend. Can?"
      We reply with a resounding "Yes, Sgt!" He ticks off our names. Besides myself from Platoon 2, there are a couple of guys from Platoon 1 and another one from Platoon 4. Sgt. Lee looks up and looks a little confused.
      "Eh, how come there's one guy missing."
      Just then, we see a guy running towards us. 
      "Sorry, Sgt. I got delayed at the gantry. Not my fault."
      Sgt. Lee isn't impressed with his answer.
      "You forever with your excuses, Kelvin. Go join the rest."
      Kelvin is from Platoon 3 and is known to be quite notorious. A bit of a troublesome character, there isn't really anyone who didn't know him in the company. He had been yelled at several times by Seargents and Officers alike. He must also be the one who must have gotten punished the most during our BMT. He cuts quite an intimidating presence especially with his muscular built and...
      • 127 replies
    • Was with a few old friends and was chatting about places we've been and missed.  A few names which pops up and some at the tip of my tongue but failed to recall.
      LGBT Bars
      Pebble Bar at former Forum. very rowdy crowds. not much impression.
      Inner Circle at Tg Pagar.  A place where I ventured alone and later found that it was a place I belong. Had many great and happy times. Always remember the New Year Eve celebrations. Lots of fond memories and met many friends there.
      Vincent's Lounge, Far East Plaza. Hardy been there but it's a place where the Ang Mo and the MB hangs out.
      Xpose - South Bridge Road - Remembered that there were many singing competitions held there and the owner Alan.
      MOX bar - Tg Pagar Rd - remembered this place as it's mostly white. don't hang out there much.
      DYMK - Neil Road, been there a few times for gathering or someone's birthday
      Locker Room - Neil Road. been there only a few times
      Disco / Clubs
      The Hangar - Opposite Bayshore park but the colonial building demolished to make way for condos.  Remember it as a a building up a slope. Sunday is where there will be drag queen shows. Rather happening but due to the location. don't go there much.
      Marmota / Shadows. Kallang Leisure Mall.  Disco dancing only on Sunday
      Niche. Far East Plaza level 5. First official gay disco club in Sg. Owner Bernard who later close Niche and open Inner Circle Karaoke. was one of the most happening gay disco bar of it's time.
      Rascal - Disco at (can't remember the hotel). Only on Sunday
      Studebaker / Venom at Orchard Pacific Plaza (building next to Holiday Inn)
      Why Not? Tras Street The famous twins who owns the dance club and the Babylon KTV
      Taboo at Neil Road which recently closed.
      ...and the rest and in between all forgotten.
      What are the bars and the discos that you remember and the memories you had?
      • 52 replies
    • Hi just wanna rant. 
      So i like my best straight friend. He knows it too and despite of that, we are still friends. I got a boyfriend now, who is really great, and he got a girlfriend too. But at times, i still fraternize about him and we still talked and...
      • 64 replies
    • 1.  We just did our BlowingWind Annual Forum Version upgrade.
      Our Forum Software Provider just released this as a Major Upgrade.
      A brighter UI with more saturation & contrast and simpler overall color scheme Improved typography
      Better, more consistent, spacing around and between elements, especially on mobile Better logical grouping of sections of each page
      Reducing underutilized links/buttons...
      • 50 replies
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    • doncoin

      In other news, Madonna turns 64 today. 

      · 0 replies
    • yokohamajin

      2022 is too tough..
      I feel like vomiting, fainting, heart-breaking, and dying...
      · 0 replies
    • Crusier197

      Work stress left me feeling horny all the time. 
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    • DMassage

      "Control your emotions. Learn to react less." 
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    • benjamin1212

      after a short period of not doing anything remotely sexual, i've been way too horny these days 
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    • yokohamajin

      China in statistics:
      264 million are elderly over the age of 60.
      118 million elderly live alone.
      8.4 million elderly have dementia.
      292 million peasant migrant workers.
      85 million disabled people.
      54 million people with depression.
      6.44 million left-behind children.
      20 million people with intellectual disability.
      20 million people with rare disease.
      1.8 million drug abusers.
      2.34 million incarcerated people.
      50 million gay people.
      20 million Muslim.
      44 million Christians.
      125 million non-Han Chinese ethnicity.
      610 million people living in the bottom 40% of the society earn on average 1,000 yuan (147 USD) a month.
      · 0 replies

      Looking to reengage with an acquaintance from a few years ago.
      You were into smelly armpits, bottom and an older asian gent. We hooked up at BB Nature park once. 
      Your username is missing. 
      If you recall, please drop me a PM
      · 1 reply
    • jackomaki

      Super frustrated at work today. Not cause of work itself, but damn am I horny 😩 
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    • Chucky2468

      当诗人遇见他的音符 .. 注定最难的难得 🙏
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    • notd

      Every time I hook up with someone, I get asked, "Why are you still single?" This time, it finally hit home. 
      I was cruising, and a reasonably good-looking man hit on me. We did things together, and at the end of the session, we accompanied each other back to our cars. Right before that, the two of us sat by the pavement and talked about ourselves.
      "Why don't you go look for a boyfriend?" He probed.
      "I have someone," I answered.
      "Oh?" He looked on in surprise.
      "Only, he doesn't want to be in a relationship with me." I mused.
      He never probed further.
      "He's the reason I began cruising," I offered.
      "You mean he brought you into this little dark corner of the gay circle?" His interest piqued.
      "No, he was in this cruising group. And I joined it too. I guess... I cruise because it reminds me of him." I laughed it off.
      "I... never got over him. And he cut me off out his life when he knew I had feelings for him." I continued.
      After that, we talked about our careers and life. I drove home thinking about you. Every single time someone asks me my reason for being single, I know it's you. It's always been you. I miss you so much. 
      Do you know, last year today, I texted you after you cut me off. It was raining heavily, and I just got my Pfizer jab. I texted you because I miss you. Surprisingly, you told me to take care, and I told you how nice it was if we could both have a bowl of steamy rice with grilled salmon and miso soup by the side. You said "Ya." I never forgot our conversations.
      I miss you so much, S. 
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    • MasterFitMalaySG4U

      Taylor Swift - "August" 
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    • bigbuttboy

      best colour for my next chastity cage?
      · 3 replies
    • yokohamajin

      They say we might face global food shortages in 2027-2030, so bad that even rich countries like the US and European countries might have to resort to food rationing,
      due to the growth of global population, especially in Africa and Middle East.
      The world population is reaching 8 billion soon. And might reach 9 billion by 2037, 10 billion by 2057.
      Education for women is the best contraceptive.
      They should build more girls' schools in Africa and Middle East to lower down the fertility rate.
      · 0 replies
    • hairy40'sgindian  »  Museli

      Hi there.." Welcome on board to the Blowing Wind forum"♥♥♥”
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    • feilyxnixx

      basket these people. take the holy morning shifts yet dont come to work , wasting slots. _l_
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