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  1. http://youtu.be/6pTRGVUzbaE
  2. Some people wear both their pyjama AND undies to bed. How bout u?
  3. Anyone here their armpits are like a little black black? Like got dirt like that? Was wondering if waxing would help? I'm chubby so I'm guessing it happens mostly to fat people. Need all the advice/help i can get and not mockery or sarcastic answers. Thank you all so much
  4. Hi Everyone Trying to clear some harness & fetish gear, if interested, can pm me at Line - killerkss85 Telegram - misaki85 Thanks!
  5. Throwing and buying new stuffs is kinda wasted. Would fun and useful if can trade/ exchange. Or even maybe making friends throughout this
  6. I plan to open a group of for public fun, underwear Lover, Underwear Fetish in Penang, Pleasr leave ur Telegram ID for adding
  7. If he lets you buy his underpants, you're "The One" Nov 10, 2009 http://www.reuters.com/article/lifestyleMolt/idUSTRE5A926120091110 LONDON (Reuters Life!) - Men only buy their own underpants when they are hoping to entice a potential partner into a relationship, according to a new survey. The poll by British retailer Debenhams showed that men normally leave the purchasing of their underwear to their mothers until about the age of 19, relatively late when compared to women, who start buying their own knickers around 13. Between the ages of 19 and 23, men tend to buy their own underwear, up to 31 pairs a year in the belief that wearing new underpants is an essential prerequisite to a relationship. Buying declines gradually to zero between 23 and 33, because most men are in stable relationships and leave the shopping to their partners, unless they are still on the prowl. "Our research shows that you can tell when a man is looking for a partner by the number of new underpants they buy for themselves," said Debenhams Head of Men's Accessories Buying, Rob Faucherand. "If he buys more than 31 pairs every year then he's either still trying desperately to impress the woman in his life -- or else she's not The One." However, Faucherand said that if your man seldom goes to the underwear section on his own, and instead assumes that you will choose for him, then you can be certain that your relationship is in a very stable phase. The survey also reveals that underwear-buying among men picks up again briefly between the ages of 38 and 40, when some men are going through relationship break-ups and seeking new partners again. The incidence of this new-found purchasing enthusiasm is short-lived however. It goes into a sharp decline and slumps to zero again at the age of 44 when men mostly find themselves in another stable relationship. After 44, most men remain strangers to the underwear department for the rest of their lives, handing all responsibility for their underwear to women, Debenhams said. "This is the one issue that feminism has never addressed," Faucherand said. "It's not who wears the pants in each household -- it's who has to buy them that counts." (Reporting by Paul Casciato, Editing by Steve Addison)
  8. anyone visited (many of u earning so much based on that thread) such barbers' shop(also avail in facial/waxing shop too) is sprouting everywhere! easily an OUE downtown has 2 U guys visited any? how was it?? hairstylist shop of course for me, but not so much of facial hair services (hairstyle shop has to be at least S$25 to begin with, not those what K cuts and i have straight friends telling me that they are able to source for S$8 in sg , oh dear! we are not goin to bring in ) spending a HKD 500+ is nothing esp based on how much u earned - his wife scolded him, but from the comments on facebook, supporters are more! and women do a pedi/manicure plus hair is way more than that already i think the video is NOT to show off his wealth, dont be mistaken the point is stressed several time in his video: ie purely a men's world that only men get to do it (all the staff in it are male-nt suggesting u to do hankypanky of cos!) In jp, dept stores that totally sell men's stuff is not uncommon from flowers to clothings, everything is men's dept Sadly it is still a long way for sg, even for straight men''s waxing shop, most of the time is female doing it who carry such man clutch for putting laptop too? not sure why virile? (doesnt need to be designers' labels) https://carousell.com/p/virile-korean-men-s-clutch-157716455 https://carousell.com/p/【m688】men-s-bag-hit-color-hand-bag-wrist-bag-men-s-bag-clutch-bag-hand-bag-pu-leather-korean-version-of-the-envelope-bag-big-clip-package-tide-159315241/?ref=product&ref_rank=15&ref_referrer=%2Fp%2Fvirile-korean-men-s-clutch-157716455%2F%3Fref%3Dprofile%26ref_referrer%3D%2Fonlinemenfashion%26ref_sId%3D94552&ref_pId=157716455 https://carousell.com/p/korean-fashion-clutch-bag-1035-blue-113313110 Side story : from what a man carries, it said so muchhhh abt him a flex ONCE told me that when he wanna top a btm one day, the btm qn has he "prepared" those stuff (i instantly guessed the btm is askin him whether he got the stuff for protetion) flex took a long time to guess it meant protection!? he qn why shd he be spending on such items and not the btm's role? He felt sored abt the purchase even as a flex So sorry, according to the video, one shd always get prepared , i too carry them around , it is abt how much u believed in safe sex (how heavy is to lug a pack of lube or condom around? no1 feeling sore spending S$100 over on a gym membership, but felt sore about a Condom! Not gentlemen https://www.facebook.com/fj234/videos/363091534175345/?t=0
  9. "South Korea leads men's beauty market": https://www.cnn.com/style/article/south-korea-male-beauty-market-chanel/index.html " South Korean men have long embraced beauty products deemed unmarketable to their Western counterparts. Over the past decade, they have become the world's biggest male spenders on skincare, a market that grew by 44% in the country between 2011 and 2017, according to Euromonitor. Additionally, about three quarters of South Korean men undertake a beauty or grooming treatment (from salon hair treatments to at-home facials) at least once a week, according to a recent survey by GlobalData. This figure is even higher for Generation Z respondents, with 58% of those born after 2000 saying they pamper themselves with "lengthy" beauty or grooming treatments at least once per week, compared to 34% of South Korean men overall. This phenomenon can be explained in part by the influence of K-pop, according to Roald Maliangkay, director of the Korea Institute at The Australian National University. "I am struck by how many local young men are now emulating the look typical of Korean male idols," he said in an email describing a recent visit to Seoul's old city center district, Myeongdong. "I saw many men in sharply cut outfits with perfectly groomed dyed hair and double eyelids (as a result of cosmetic surgery), and I even noticed a few men wearing some light makeup." .... Trend spreading west? Some beauty brands are betting on Western men joining the pursuit of perfect brows and flawless skin. In September, Chanel released Boy de Chanel, its first cosmetics range for men. The line features eight shades of tinted foundation, a two-in-one brow pencil and brush, and a transparent matte lip balm. Aiming to "write the vocabulary of a new personal aesthetic for men," the French house piloted the collection in South Korea before making it available online to US shoppers last November. ... " LOL! I welcome this trend, and I hope that it spreads worldwide. I welcome the acceptance of me using heavy makeup to hide all my wrinkles and dark spots (I'm kidding, I don't have much of that). I see nothing wrong with men making themselves more beautiful. It is time better spent than watching some stupid football or baseball game... I imagine that the South Koreans are smart enough to realize that beautiful facial skin and tight clothes are not enough. More important are slim bodies well covered with muscles, with a six-pack and a bubble butt. So exercise and good nutrition should still take priority over "lengthy beauty treatments at least once per week". But this is another story...
  10. Hi, have a new e-store selling men's undies. Do browse and give your support 😄 Browse Here
  11. Hi guys, we're Male-HQ, a new men's lifestyle store curating cult labels from around the world with a mission to help men look great inside out. We stock men's underwear, swimwear, socks, accessories, and grooming brands including TOOT, STUD, Very STUD, 2EROS, Groovin', Teron, Unsimply Stitched, and more. In partnership with Blowing Wind, we're launching monthly giveaways exclusively for BW members starting July. There'll be new prizes every month, so stay tuned for July's giveaways on Mon night. Meanwhile, this weekend, we're celebrating the freedom to love. Visit us in any pink apparel item (underwear counts!) from today to Sun and enjoy 20% discount off your purchases. We're at #02-06, Ming Arcade (opp. Hard Rock Cafe), 21 Cuscaden Road. We're open Wed-Sun 12pm-9pm.
  12. Brand New AJAXX63 Athletic Fit T-shirts (Size: Small) For Sale Want to show off your hard work in the gym? Yearning to be the centre of attention when you party hard? Or just want to surprise your special love one on his birthday? You can with these athletic-fit AJAXX63 T-shirts! They are brand new, unworn and still attached with their tags. The retail price of each T-shirt is typically about $50 (inclusive of shipping cost from USA). I am selling each at $45. You will enjoy a discount of 10%. If you buy both T-shirts, you will only pay $85, which is an additional 5% off. There are two designs to choose from, with the captions: "Drill Instructor' and "Cheap Beer and Loose Morals". Both are size S, sizing 17 x 25.5 (width x length) and 34 (chest). Please let me know which design you are keen to buy. This is really a great bargain. Grab this opportunity to get something nice and affordable for yourself or your boyfriend now!
  13. Hi, selling Authentic Brand new in box Calvin Klein Men's Underwear Air Fx Micro Hip Brief. Comes with original box. 4 Different colours available, all size S. I have a few quantity for each colour, pm me for the availability. (Fit Waist 28" ~ 30") Selling at the following prices. 1 pair for $30.
  14. Hi, discrete uni 22yo boy in Singapore selling used socks for some extra cash. Requests can be made. Please dm for info..
  15. All ANDREW CHRISTIAN collection; from and bought in the United States NEW and individually packaged. Each pair costs S$28 10% off for THREE (3) pairs and more Limited stock : First-come, first-serve only. Questions? Please PM me, thanks. Size: S M A L L 1. TROPHY BOY Tagless - Electric Boxer ( Striped/ Pink & Black ) 2. FUKR Gloss Brief ( Red/ Black trim ) 3. FUKR Gloss Locker Room Jock ( Red/ Black trim ) Size: M. E. D. I. U. M. 1. ALMOST NAKED Pride Y-Back Jock Thong 2. TWERK Brief with Show It ( Black/ Lime trim ) --- with Diego Sans postcard 3. TWERK Boxer with Show It (Lime / Blue & Orange trim ) 4. TWERK Brief with Show It ( Lime / Blue trim ) --- with Photo postcard 5. TWERK Boxer with Show It ( Lime/ Blue & Orange trim ) Size: L A. R. G. E. 1. SLAY Eclipse Brief ( Mesh - White/ Blue trim ). x. 2 pcs 2. PEEKABOO Brief ( Blue/ Red trim ) 3. SIZZLE Comfort Jock ( Pink & Black/ Striped, Black trim ) x. 2 pcs 4. AIR Y-Back Thong ( Mesh - Pink/ Black trim ). x. 2 pcs 5. TROPHY BOY Web Thong with Show It ( Red/ Blue trim ) 6. BLACK Collection Jock ( Red/ Black ). x. 2 pcs 7. ECLIPSE Air Brief ( Black/ Blue trim ). x. 2 pcs 8. COOL FLEX Tagless Brief with Show It ( Red/ Blue trim ). x. 2 pcs 9. COOL FLEX Tagless Brief with Show It ( Aqua/ Black trim ). x. 2 pcs 10. SHOW-IT Bubble Butt Jock ( Red/ Blue trim/ White straps ). x. 2 pcs 11. SHOW-IT Bubble Butt Jock ( BLACK/ Blue trim / Lime straps ) 12. SHOW-IT Bubble Butt Jock ( BLUE/ White straps ) 13. FUKR Expose Brief ( Black ). x. 2pcs 14. FUKR Cock Ring Brief Jock ( Black ) 15. FUKR Gloss Brief ( Red/ Black trim ) 16. FUKR Gloss Locker Room Jock ( Red/ Black trim ) 17. FUKR Provocative Brief ( Red/ Black trim ) 18. CALIFORNIA Chillin Brief ( Mesh - Sunglass prints, White trim ) 19. CALIFORNIA Chillin Jock ( Mesh - Sunglass prints, White straps ). x. 2 pcs
  16. Gym-toned local chinese guy selling used undies briefs and more... Collection discreet at Popstations, mailing, or meetup at my convenient location Briefs/undies (assorted) worn and sweaty -- $10 onwards Briefs/undies (assorted) worn and sweaty w fresh cum/ cum stains -- $15 onwards Socks (assorted) worn and sweaty -- $5 Bottle of golden goodness (only popstation / meetup) -- $5 Condoms - $1 per piece Other requests may be accommodated on case by case basis. PM pls. My carousell id: @shyboynextdoor, Line me @ vujja
  17. Hello dear all, My name is Scott. I am a fashion designer graduated from Paris. I am currently doing a pop-up store, opening on the 3rd of August in Avenue K. I am selling some t-shirts which were design by me. Feel free to drop by and have a look. this pop-up store will be there for 6 months. Here are the photos of my Glory T-shirt ad. Campaign. Enjoy!
  18. Size M Brand New $19.90 Check out the fabrics!
  19. Item : 45mm cock ring Material : Silver (can pm me) Price I Bought : $79 (still have receipt) Asking Price : $75 Collecting Point : Any Downtown line MRT station (from EXPO to Chinatown station) Date I Bought: February 14, 2019 Description : thick with quite a bit weight. Not new. Used once when i tried on it, thereafter back in the box. Details - Been struggling a while with hardon issue, so yesterday after work, due to impulsive desire to improve my level of hardness.. bought myself a Valentine gift cock ring. It was kinda embarassing as i wasn't sure which size to get. Tried rubber material 40mm diameter before but was too tight...was worried 50mm may be too loose for me since mine is just around average size. So asked for 45mm. Fast forward, when back at home, tried it after shower, was really struggled to get both my balls and dick inside the ring. So no choice have to sell it off before get myself a bigger ring hehe
  20. Hi would like tips/information on buying reasonably priced non- iron or wrinkle free shirts for office wear/ formal wear in Singapore/ JB. Any ideas?
  21. ABOUT NO FRILLS FACTORY OUTLET ▲ ASIA'S TRUSTED ONLINE LIFESTYLE SHOPPING STORE No Frills Factory Outlet was first established in 2010 as a niche online fashion store offering trendy apparel and accessories for people of all ages, shapes and sizes at affordable prices within a no-frills, simplistic online shopping environment. A few years later on, we shifted our focus more on Singapore's retail market by introducing a new product mix and targeting a younger audience as can be seen from our instagram account. After going through a major reorganization of our business model while keeping our current local retail mix intact, we have decided to go online again on 28 Oct 2018 to offer a comprehensive range of lifestyle products. As a trusted lifestyle shopping store, we focus on the retail and distribution of the best selling premium brands/products in the market. We guarantee that all our imported premium products are authentic and not easily attainable in the market. Our team diligently sources for the best quality products and to offer them at the most economical prices for our valued customers locally as well as worldwide ! Premium product offerings include Backpacks, Men's Grooming, Skin Care, Shoe Care, Streetwear, Aromatherapy, Accessories, Playing Cards, Eco Products, Fragrance, Diffusers , Essential Oil, Tshirts, Footwear, Caps, Wallets etc. As we and our valued customer base continue to grow, we will endeavour to source and offer more premium product offerings. ▲ OUR COMPREHENSIVE PRODUCT OFFERING We carry a comprehensive selection of products ranging from Backpacks, Grooming, Face Care, Streetwear, Aromatherapy, Accessories, Caps to various Lifestyle products. Imported via reliable sources from around the world, every product that reaches our warehouse is inspected of its authenticity before putting up for sale. ▲ WHOLESALE / B2B COLLABORATION We believe in business partnerships and growing every brand we carry/represent. We are constantly looking for Suppliers / Distributors / Resellers to be part of this amazing business network. Also, if you simply love what we do at No Frills Factory Outlet, come join us as our Brand Ambassador or sale representative ! Come talk to us ! ▲ WORLDWIDE SHIPPING We are here to provide you with a pleasant and secured shopping experience. Local orders are shipped via Singpost. International orders shipped via registered Singpost/DHL Express/FedEx. ▲ GENERAL ENQUIRIES We will love to hear from you. Connect with us via : Email :albertlee@nofrillsfactoryoutlet.com Instagram : nofrillsfactoryoutlet Wechat : Knockoutsg Twitter : Mermanlee Website : www.NoFrillsFactoryOutlet.com
  22. Just wondering. Is it popular among us who wearing cheaper brand underwear? Because many post discuss about how good is the branded underwear. Anyone find cheap underwear is good as well?
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