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Upper Serangoon Shopping Centre - aka USSC (compiled)


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Guest hornystock

Was there ard close to 7 - 8 pm , saw a few younger guys there other then the usual older crowd but was really suprised to see that cute young boy. Think so far he is the youngest i saw there :) but don't think i am his type though cos guess mostly there is looking for older or slimmer guys.

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Oh no! They are going to tear down another building. So make hay while the sun shines, :P . Real estate prices in sing are getting too high to let people to hang around, maybe we can go to some opernings in some canals to escape this harsh world. enjoy ussc while the going is good. before the gong strikes, lets have one for the road. :hat:

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Business Times

Commercial properties look to be next wave of collective sales


(SINGAPORE) The next wave of collective sales could well come from commercial properties - strata-titled office buildings and shopping centres.

BT understands that three office buildings in the Central Business District (CBD) could be headed for the en bloc route - UIC Building along Shenton Way, a smaller building on Cecil Street and Satnam House on High Street.

And the ageing Upper Serangoon Shopping Centre, on Upper Serangoon Road, could also be put on the market soon, according to property consultancy Credo Real Estate which is marketing the project.

Mainboard-listed United Industrial Corporation has been buying up strata units in the leasehold UIC Building over the past two years and is now said to own about 78 per cent of share values in the property.

BT understands that property company UIC is exploring the possibility of carrying out a collective sale of the building, although no decision has been made.

Sources say that potential tenants looking for space at UIC Building have been told that leases can only be signed up to June 2008, which is when vacant possession has to be given to the building for a sale.

The 72,958 sq ft leasehold site is zoned for commercial use and can be redeveloped into a new 50-storey project with nearly 900,000 sq ft gross floor area (or 12.32 times the site area). Sources estimate this could be about 70 per cent more than what the existing 40-storey building offers.

Market watchers suggest that UIC could get approval from the planning authorities for other uses - such as residential or a hotel. The property is on a site which has a remaining lease of about 62 years.

Elsewhere, Upper Serangoon Shopping Centre is also gearing up for a collective sale - and it could become the second mall to do so, after Ming Arcade on Cuscaden Road. The mall has a plot size of 51,000 sq ft, and contains 164 shop units, as well as eight residential units and one office unit.

Sources also told BT that Satnam House and another office building in the CBD are working towards an en-bloc sale.

News that these four commercial sites could soon be courting buyers comes after last month's report that the first collective sale of a shopping centre in the Orchard Road area may be in the offing, as Ming Arcade was said to be close to nearing a deal with owners controlling a requisite 80 per cent of share value for a collective sale.

Ming Arcade's announcement immediately led to speculation that other ageing strata-titled commercial properties in the Orchard Road belt and elsewhere could potentially follow suit.

Now, with the hoped-for launches of the three office buildings in the CBD and Upper Serangoon Shopping Centre, it seems like owners of strata-titled commercial properties are also climbing onboard the en-bloc bandwagon.

Real estate investment trusts (Reits), which are constantly on the lookout for opportunities to grow their portfolios, might form a ready pool of buyers for retail and office properties, market watchers said.

But the number of commercial en-bloc transactions is likely to be much lower than the number of residential collective sales to date, they added.

'In terms of quantity, it will not be anything like residential,' said Jones Lang LaSalle's regional director and head of investments, Lui Seng Fatt. JLL is marketing Ming Arcade.

Launching a commercial site for an en-bloc sale is not as easy as launching a residential site. For starters, unit owners might disagree as to how the money is divided among them.

'The method of apportionment for commercial properties is still untested,' said Mr Lui. For example, when it comes to retail properties, factors such as the floor level, a shop's distance from an escalator and even its distance from the toilets might affect its value.

Also, in every shopping centre, no matter how old, there will be profitable shops whose owners will not want to sell.

'A lot of them (unit owners) operate their own businesses,' said Mr Lui. 'It is their livelihood. They must get a really good offer to entice them - a good en-bloc premium.'

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Guest hornystock

was there ard 8 pm , kinda of late due to work but manage to find one to have fun but so lucky everywhere we go also got ppl interrupt , esp that old man who keep following us in the end ... DIY cos no place safe , sianz. me at lvl 2 then go lvl 4 . alot of gays ard 8 pm + but most are regulars there and not my type.

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Guest hornystock

Guest - cannot say the "everywhere" lar but just means places we tried and "do"

Regulars - quite a few , if u been there a few times think u will know. they always group themself and chat at the staircase.

bearbear74 - if you like older guy, yes you can try there and i mean there are really "older" , some quite desperate so anyone as long as offer them dick , they ok ( no offence to anyone but i think it's true cos i politely reject before but they still very pesistance and follow you or peek at you .

friday again ... tonight anyone ?

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Dont ever bother! I was 'conned' into going there once on a Sunday afternoon. Nobody in all level of toilets I went. Just me and my sorry reflection. In a ulu location. I felt so stupid. All because of this thread. So think carefully b4 u go. At least when u cruise at City Hall, there are many shops to fall back on an 'empty' day. I just wish someone would stop writing about USSC unless there's really a good reason to go there.

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Guest Guest_guest

I TOTALLY agree. Looking at the number of views to this thread, one would think that USSC is the most happening gay crusing site in Spore. ha ha. Far from it! I was also there once. EMPTY. EMPTY. EMPTY. And wah lau, so far away. Waste my bus fare.

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Guest hornystock

I totally don't agree that there is NONE at all , but of cos there are times when those around are not our type so we put across NONE around. So far none of the days i been there when i don't see a single plu but just that maybe we don't click.

so anyone of you keen to go today ? i make sure i am there to wait and show you there IS gays there , hehe

evening is the best time , think a few fridae i went there , there was like more then 8 plus but then sigh all don't click with each other and a few are the "regulars" there.

P/s : heard form one of them that they let the door of the 6th florr open so that they can "trapped" plus in ? is that true ? anyone can vertify that ?

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I been there a few noon time, most are regular, sorry but is true ( They all not my type ), hardly see anyone that are fit & smart looking, but if you like mature uncle & don't really into look & built, you can try your Luck.

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Guest hornystock

as been said along time , unless you into mature or old , if not this is not the place for you , only once in a blue moon you will find a better catch , to each his own. just that i hope can see younger guys there , ha ha , cos near my place mah and the security not as tight as the town area one , i think lar , unless someoen can suggest a place nearby to find fun ?

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I was there on Sat night. Except for a few run of the mills gay fellas, there wasn't any action at all.

And they were huddle together chatting away...all old regulars!

And i was there for an hour. Waste my time! :yuk:

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Just back from USSC, nothing happen,empty when i walk down the staircase from 5th Level to 2nd Level,saw 1 regular in the toilet that want to cruise me many times,not interested & leave for home

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USSC just like all places - cruise your luck. Like fishing - sometimes got fish sometimes no fish. Sumtimes "Bo He Hay Are Ho".

So I try try lor. Sumetimes got fun with one kinky one who like to be tied and played lvl 2 toilets. Othertimes got fun at top of staircase get b/j.

But good thing security not on the ball. but weekend after 4pm seem better fishing time. Good Luck!

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