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Circumcise (Cut) / Uncircumcised (Uncut) + Tight Foreskin & Phimosis + Foreskin Restoration Discussion (Compiled)

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OralB Registered User, Posts: 360

(11/16/04 7:03 pm)

The M J Trilogy

The M J Trilogy Part 1 - It wasnt meant to be

The M J Trilogy Part 2 - Shanghai Lian Bang Suana

The M J Trilogy Part 3 - Destiny Child


The M J Trilogy Part 1 - It wasnt meant to be

(25th Nov foreword: Just changed the topic of the posting to link the 3 postings into one main heading!

... and it has nothing to do with Michael Jackson...)

i have been attending this class for over a year. somehow one person managed to catch my attention, let's called him M.

Tried talking to M and his initial responses were friendly and encouraging. I wasnt sure whether is he one of us so our topics revolved around work, weather and politics. I suspected he is, as he is over 40s and still single. certain mannerism do hint that his orientation.

the big break came when I told him i was going to BKK for a break and he asked whether I was there to see the Pride parade. honestly i didnt know about parade but was glad that that question somehow enforce my suspicious.

I asked for his mobile and he threw me this funny look. I took his number and sms him that I am fond of him and would to be something more.

His reply was a str8 in my face rejection. From then onwards, he avoided small talks in the class and his sms replies were normally delayed...

I tried to tell him that though we might not move forward but we could still remain as friends. he didnt accept that. I sms him that being honest on my feeling actually backfired...

there was even once I saw his face frowth when he walked in and saw me. needless to say, it didnt feel good.

this dragged on for a few months. close friend told me to forget him but easy said than done.

Recently, due to work commitment, i wasnt in the class for more than 1 month. I was hoping he would sms me to check upon me but this hope was in vain.

I finally show up in the class and he still shown me the cold shoulder.

Somewhere somehow I decided to let it go, i bumped into him on the cooridoor and apologized to him for all the trouble i had caused. his reply was "small matter" maybe i was hoping he would tell me there never was a trouble. guess i have to move on with life....

alas maybe it wasnt meant to be..... maybe we werent meant to be together, even as friends....


The M J Trilogy Part 2 - Shanghai Lian Bang Suana

(25th Nov ADDITION:

Lian bang Address: (from Utopia)

228 Zhizaoju Lu, 021-6313-0567. There are two Lianbang bathhouses, both at the same address. One of them is straight and the other is all gay men. The gay one is the more inner one (and more run down). The second floor is active. Busy on weekends. Beware of hustlers. Massage available.)

was at shanghai recently. tons of meeting and only managed to have 1 night free as the dinner ended early.

copied down the only suana from Utopia - Lian Bang. Gave them a call, was told to not to come as they had a blackout. done my fair share of shopping and sight seeing, too early to go back to hotel anyway, thus decided to go down and to take a look.

Lian Beng is near the Lian Bang hotel, but the street is a 1 - way street, so best is to call the sauna and pass the phone to taxi driver. There are 2 lian bang suana, one nearer to the street is more posh and cater to str8 crowds whereas the one inward, more run down is for us.

Though it was a blackout night, the place was still operational with candles. decided to give it a try. was ripped off at the counter as they insisted that I paid RMB 40 for the VIP class (instead of RMB30) no difference in treatment, no room just a name difference.

there are 3 level, the 2nd and 3rd are the private rooms whereas the 1st consist of changing room, small hot pool, shower place, small steam rm and small suana.

pop up to 2nd and 3rd level, all rooms occupied, later someone told me that many truck drivers and odd job labours treated the place like overnight mortel, even though they arent gay.

found 1 guy standing along the cooridor smoking. had a small chat with him and he started fondling me.

seeing that I have no rejection, he ushered me to follow him. we went rooms after rooms where he shine his mobile phone on the occupiants on the beds. i couldnt understand the conversation between as it was shanghainess dialect.

finally we stopped by 1 room and he asked one guy to leave the bed. after he locked the door, i was a little suspicious. I asked him whether do i need o pay him and he told me just a little amount.

upon hearing that, i opened the door and bid him goodbye. the reason was that I didnt bring a lot cash with me and i dont believe in paid sex.

that's when I realised that 2nd and 3rd level are clustered with money boys. They would "chop" the room while others look for target.

I went back to 1st level. If you think the old suana in singapore was bad, you havnt seen Lian Bang. Generally not very dirty, but the facilities are nothing to shout about.

there are 4 showers heads, but 1 only spur super hot water while another cold water. Thus effectively only 2 works.

Forgotten to mention that in China Suana, you are only given 2 towels - one big to wipe clean and 1 small one for modesty. thus walking around the suana area means covering your privates with the small towel, but most chinese just merely walk around naked. if you are going up to the rooms, you can ask for shorts and t-shirt.

the crowd in the suana area various, from young to old, fit to average. Dont think there is chubby though.

pop inside the darken suana where all the action is. the usual dark suana experience, overcrowding naked men inside a darken room, plently of sucking and touching. luckily didnt see anyone doing anal bareback sex in the public.

gotten my load with one mature guy who like to suck. Later he told he was a reporter in a local newspaper.

It was a usual experience in a suana until i decided to clean up and leave.

that's when I saw someone who's look like M (refer to early posting - It wasnt meant to be)

and that's another story...


The M J Trilogy Part 3 - Destiny Child

He was wearing his underwear when I came out of the sauna room after I had shot my load. Initially I was thinking of going upstairs again to check out the scene, but when I saw his face, I decided otherwise. He looked just like M, albeit a more matured version.

As I had just gotten my load off, it wasn't just lust. It was as if I wanted to fulfill a psychological portion that I was rejected totally by M in Singapore. Somehow, fate has given me a chance to fulfill it in Shanghai and I wasn't letting it go that easily.

His locker was beside and that gave me an excuse to stand near him. I thrown him some eye contact, he looked interested but didn't response. As he started to put on his shirt, I was starting to get desperate. I told him I was interested in him and whether he would like to go inside the sauna room again, even if to hold him for a while.

He replied it was getting late and he needed to go home. I went further by telling him I was staying alone in a hotel, and I would like to invite him over. All this while he was spending a long time wearing his socks, and I was starring at him wearing his socks. There were around 10 odd folks in the changing room and I was sure some heard our conversations. I didn't care or, maybe I should say, I didn't have the time to care. I was determined to get this man in my room, very very determined.

That was when I said something that I thought it was really funny for me to say; I told him I wasn't a bad person. Imagine me a foreigner in a distant place, saying that to a local!

He, too, was surprised at my statement and also my bluntness. He didn't reply and walked out after he had worn his pants. I was really disappointed. I thought I was unlucky with M and now I was rejected by an M-look-alike in shanghai.

However before he stepped out of the changing room, he looked back and paused for a while. That prompted me to go after him. I used my skill that I acquired during Army’s change parade, put on my streets clothes as fast as I could and literally ran out of the Lian Bang Sauna. I was hoping he took public bus or cycled here and could still be around. I looked at the bicycle area and the bus stop opposite and I didn't see him. As I was planning to give up and went back to my empty room. He appeared at the opposite of the road. (I know this really sound like a scene in a romantic drama but it happened to me)

I could still remember him crossing the street while holding a bottle of Pepsi in his hand. (He told me shanghainess like sweet things, including man :P ) The sight of that eased my anxiety. We had small talks along the street and realized we had a number of things in common. We had the same surname and the same Chinese zodiac sign (he is exactly 12 years my senior) He is married with a son and works for the government. Average built, wearing specs and he emits a scholar aura whenever he talked. He told me his name is J (that’s why this posting is called the MJ Trilogy)

Seeing that it was getting late (around 1030pm), I extended my invitation to my room again. This time J agreed. I asked him why he didn't reply to my invitation in the changing area; he told there were other people watching. But he did give me hint that he was interested by taking his own sweet time wearing his socks and his look back before he left. My, that’s really subtle hint…

We stripped naked in my hotel room. J has a very smooth skin, almost like a young girl’s skin. Unfortunately he told me he had his load off earlier as well and reckon he couldn't get another erection. I told him it was fine, I was contented that I was holding him in my arms. At one point, I caress his face and looked at his eyes as if I was looking into M’s face. He told me he had never met anyone like me before, straight forward and direct as if I was deprived of sex, and yet I always had this romantic spark in my eyes.

Though I can still get an erection, I told J that like him, I had cum once that evening and I didn't have to do it again. He was a good spot by insisting to suck me off. After I cum for the 2nd time, I wanted to reciprocate but tried as I might, I couldn't get him hard again.

He had to go back to him family, while I very much liken to ask him to stay for the night. I bid him farewell. We exchanged contacts and till today, we were still SMSing each other frequently.

Looking back, I made the same mistake that I did with M, I was too direct, too blunt to the point. However if I had held back, either on approaching him or subsequent chasing after him, I might not have meet someone that I like. While initially I used J as a replacement for M, I have grown an affection for J. If not for our geographical restriction, I would have continued my relation with J.

Destiny played a funny hand on me this round; introducing me to 2 persons that are so similar and yet so different (M cannot speak Mandarin while J’s English is what I called limited company) lucky for me, I lost some I gained some. I also learnt from my experiences with M; that I should take things slow and steady. Gaining through losing eh?


40sumthing Registered User, Posts: 23

(11/16/04 8:15 pm)

Re: it wasnt meant to be not sure what is your age, but in my 40+ years, life is full of such encounters :) . Move on. Be happy. He is probably not worth your attention.


OralB Registered User, Posts: 361

(11/17/04 8:45 am)

thx thank you for the kind words

i was prepared not to be something special with him, but never would I thought I couldnt even be his friend!

i wouldnt say i love him as it is way too short for that to happen, i am fond of him.

guess singayporean is right, ×ðÖر˴˵Äßx“ñ respect each other's decision.

sometimes the greatest courage is to let go....


Lungker Registered User, Posts: 107

(11/17/04 12:35 pm)

Small A s s hole Hello my friend,

Why the hell would you even want to consider this prick as a friend. Please lah, as because he is attractive to you? What other qualities has he demonstrated towards you so much so you think he would make a good friend??

By not replying to your sms?, by ignoring you?, by giving you the cold shoulder? Hello??? You know he is just a prick that is attractive to you that's all. I say fuxk him and good riddance. He is so not worth it.

Can you even imagine if you guys get together and later you find out what is his true colours??? Or will you just ignore that cause you "love" him??? Lower you values and principles because of a man???

Brother, I know you and you are better than that! Wake up your idea or else uncle here will be over to give a good spanking. :smokin


OralB Registered User, Posts: 362

(11/17/04 1:40 pm)

maybe.... maybe it is lust...

maybe it is attraction...

maybe i am just too bored with my life...

anyway all you guys are right, i should get on with my life... posting to BW sure beats theraphy. folks should really bomb this forum with real life stories of happiness and sorror. share you life here... it works...

last but not least, lungker, unfortunately I am not your type leh, else will be more than a spank... hahahahaha


lemon Registered User, Posts: 2

(11/17/04 2:17 pm)

Life's like dat lah All too often we jump to the conclusion that if someone whom we fancy is on the same standing as we are, we stand a chance to wriggle our way into his life. The fact of the matter is far from the imagination because we never factor the individual preferences and own lifestyle.

Let me explain:

Yes, your idol may be on the same platform but please respect that he has his own cup of preferences too.

Jackpot to you, if you happen to be of his liking. But then again, he would have made the first approach in the first place instead of you.

By bringing up the subject of the parade to you, he may be opening up slowly to you, perhaps as a community friend, which he was looking forward to. He may have read about the parade in a journal and thought of sharing it with since you were haeding to BKK, but that does not necessary means he is one of us. Unfortunately you tilted the opportunity by jumping leaps and bounds into an amorous approach. That would have frightened him. Also, perhaps he is already in a relationship and not prepared to go astray at any cost.

The months that both of you spend as fellow participants may have taken roots with him in finding you as someone to converse with, and nothing more. And than again, given such a platform, you could have patiently cultivated and nurture the opportunity to a closer relationship where perhaps by a twist of luck, when he needs a shoulder to lean on, you are there for him…and whoala!

Least of all, never take a stand of defensiveness towards he who spurns you. You were the one who took the uninvited step towards him thus to brand him as someone not worth your attention or some kind of a prick is duly unwarranted. In true life instances, you must have personally experienced the situation of unsolicited advances from an admirer but alas, he was not to your acceptance. I believe that though you may not accept his advances, you nevertheless would not like to loose hold of your idol image to him, much less have him written you off as a prick!

You will definitely have another similar opportunity as you go along life's long corridor of loneliness. This time, remember to be patient and don’t set sex as a priority goal. Go through the preludes of pursuance and cultivation of trust before you lay the bait.

If you are into sex without love, log on to read the postings on "prison sex" in the forum of SMITS


birdjurong Registered User, Posts: 4

(11/17/04 5:31 pm)

Re: it wasnt meant to be what is SMITS ?


moodyriver53 Registered User, Posts: 22

(11/18/04 1:21 am)

what's SMITS? It stands for Slim Man In The Street, a new local website dedicated to slim man. They have an interesting posting in their forum. Check it out at:



Edited by: moodyriver53 at: 11/18/04 1:22 am

OralB Registered User, Posts: 363

(11/18/04 8:20 pm)

to Lemon thank you lemon for writting a long reply

I agreed on the first part that I may have freighten him by making the bold step forward.

However I disagreed on your paragraph on "never take a stand of defensiveness towards he who spurns you."

In all my posting, never did I defence myself. I accepted his rejection, merely stating how i felt. never did i mentioned he is not worthy nor he is a prick. Those are from my supportors that I knew they dont really meant it, rather as a moral support for me. (BTW Lunker is even more str8 forward than me)

also i didnt SMS my intention of sex to him, i wanted to know him more, not naked...


Lungker Registered User, Posts: 108

(11/19/04 12:10 am)

Re: to Lemon Aiyoh, OralB, your classmate is a prick lah!

He was being extremely obnoxious from the way he behave. He could have politely let you know that he wasn't interested in "that of relationship" but at least you guys could still be friendly classmates.

The way he re-acted was as if you pricked him with a sharp needle. Suddenly he just turned cold and blue. WTF! This prick has an insecurity issue. Only people that is his type can be his friends. I have seen lots of this kind of people, sad to say, among gay people in Singapore.

Ever had this conversation with your friends, that gays overseas are a lot more friendly and approachable even though you are not their type? Why is that so?

I find that when people are more educated they actually become more insecure. As such, the friendliest gay people I know actually are the down to earth working class type. The worst are the snobbish nose in the air professional types who are usually insatiable bottoms for the people they like.

Your classmate is a prick because he was so freaking insecure about your attraction to him he behave like an a s s hole. Unfortunately for you, these people are usually insatiable bottoms which would have been ideal for you. ;)


sblueknight Registered User, Posts: 16

(11/19/04 11:42 pm)

Re: to Lemon There a few reactions when confronted by the fact that one is gay:

1) The person accepts you for who you are

2) The person still talks to you but you know that something has changed in the relationship between you. Either of you feels awkward in each other's company.

3) The person totally cut all ties with you.

I like to think that the same reactions apply to a person when faced with a declaration of admiration/love by another person.

From your description, he's no. 3. Unfortunately, he's in the same class as you so he can't cut all ties and ignore you point blank as yet but I suspect he would like to. Save yourself the heartache/sad songs/etc and put him out of your mind. There are other fishes in the sea eh? :P


OralB Registered User, Posts: 364

(11/20/04 11:31 am)

well... u r right.

given a choice, he would have cut all connections with me

well everyone is right also, i should live and let go. there are still many trees in the forest...

let me share my experience in shanghai in my next posting.... to lighten the mood a little


Gachi Muchi Registered User, Posts: 46

(11/23/04 12:54 pm)

At least you tried OralB, at least you tried, instead of playing the guessing game. When you try, the chance is 50/50. By not trying, it's certain that your chances are zero.

Anyway, when you decide to 'out' yourself to someone, you must be prepared to be rejected in love as well as in your lifestyle, as what Sblueknight had said. So, it's either you hit the jackport or you fall flat on your face.

I think you must have muster alot of courage to tell someone you liked him. But I felt that you could have given more time to acertain your classmate's inclinations before you profess your liking for him.

If it were me, I would have casually asked him out for movie or dinner and start building a bond with him before professing my liking for him. If he is interested or uninterested, you will know for sure.

Being 40+ and single don't necessary makes someone gay and being 40+ and married also dosen't make then totally str8 either.

I once met an old schoolmate, whom I know is married with kids, in a gay sauna. He told me he was confused and that he is exploring his feelings for men.


Airbin Registered User, Posts: 41

(11/20/04 10:00 pm)

Re: continue.... Wow, either the world is very small or it could be your fate/destiny to meet M again. So did anything happen? Sometimes, meeting a second time is just to let you say a proper good bye.


Airbin Registered User, Posts: 42

(11/20/04 10:02 pm)

Re: continue.... Oopps... so that guy only look like M and IS NOT M. Aiyo, so silly of me.:rollin

Edited by: Airbin at: 11/20/04 10:02 pm


40sumthing Registered User, Posts: 24

(11/21/04 1:05 pm)

Shanghai Saunas There is another sauna in Shanghai but I cannot remember its name .... Liu something I think, and it uses the name of the road as its name, which means I cannot remember the name of the road too :) But Liu xxx Road is at the end of Tibet Road. Although it is along the Liu xxx road, the entrance was not lighted when I was there making it not easy to find. Luckily the road was not very long and I only found it when I walked along it a couple of times. The bar tenders at Bobos may be able to direct you to this sauna.

The sauna is not new, but seemed that it is newly gay. As with most gay sauna in China, not very hygienic but tolerable. Been there only once. As with Liang Bang, mixed crowd and no cubicles but there are some rooms on the top level which if occupied, would be locked. Saw some MB sucking off their clients in the open when the lights are turned off. There are some massage boys, unfortunately (for me), none meaty or chubby.


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Im cut 

Mine was done at age ard 23-25. Cant remember. I have no issue with my foreskin back then, as we have checkup during school days and never did the docs mention that i need to go for the ops. But when

Yes I agree, the circumcisions done in Filipino villages are ugly. A lot of them leave a piece of skin behind their dicks, I dunno why.   South Korean circumcisions are much nicer looking an

Posted Images

Pull back the foreskin and apply a small amount of pure Shea Butter or pure Cod Liver Oil (without any flavour) every night before you go to bed and after you take your morning shower.

Shea Butter is a bit expensive however it heals wound faster and because of its oily texture it will relieve any pain if penis erect while sleeping.

Do practice to pull back the foreskin while you peeing. This will allow the skin to loosen automatically.

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foreskin can sometimes gets infected, if it does the process of healing will cause scar formation which will inturn cause it to be tighter....ive seen a lot of patients here with very tight foreskin even at start (phimosis), some totally iretractable and for their age like 30s they didnt even know that it is supposed to be retractable, that the full sensation during coitus can only be felt when it is retracted.....if u have recurring problem like this you should go for circumcision.

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Guest big_problem

maybe i didn't use the right term or i did

my frenulum tore the 1st time and i went for one stitch at TTSH A&E

2nd time i went to a GP for help

when it tore it really caused me a mess, it bleed non stop

i can pull back my foreskin without difficulties, just that i cannot fully pull it or stretch it.

will circumcision or massaging helps?

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Guest guest_news

I am not here to advocate unsafe sex or barebacking.

friday's straitstime made a report of circumcision reduces HIV infection.

So for those who refuse to practise safe sex, circumcision may reduce the chance of getting HIV. if you are top, circumcised. if you are btm, make sure the top is circumcised. At least you reduce the chance of getting HIV.

still the best way to avoid HIV is sex abstinence or monogamy.


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This is just bullshit. Safe sex is what counts. And the occasional slight penetration unprotected or bj when there is a slight mouth sore may not lead to HIV. Take care of your immune system if you are an active gay. Avoid poppers, drugs and anything substance that can lower your resistance to infection.

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top chinese, i do not think that guest_news is advocating unsafe sex. it is just the result of one of the study in HIV/AIDS.

I'm not saying he is. I'm saying that circumcision may not be an effective measure in reducing HIV incidence. Worse still, it may be used by some people as an excuse to indulge in unsafe activity just because they are cut.

The studies are also confined to third world countries so far. More studies needs to be done to justify mass-circumcision as a preventive measure.

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they are basing this fallacy on the fact that there may be some laceration on entry for uncut foreskin (i.e. not enough lube, ass got sharp edges, etc.)

if your ass is well lubed, and his uncut dick is well lubed, there is no laceration on the dick, there will be no transmission of AIDS.

cut dick also can get lacerated if not well lubed and rams in dry... and that ass is constipated...and hard...

in essence, wear a condom, lube properly... dun fxxk if ass is bleeding... or stop... will be the best policy

just my 2 cents' worth...


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Whether cut or uncut, condoms must be worn w/o any excuse. Besides HIV, there are many nasty STDs viruses around. So play hard but also play the game smart!


I agree with that.. just that all sex matters must be safe b4 sorry...

Anyway, i going to BKK tonight... haha.. see u...

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Sad will be the day when guys buy into this fallacy and nip off what nature has so wonderfully endowed them with naturally.

Somehow, to me, circumcision = dried prunes.

Dont ask me why, just my mental association with this barbaric procedure.

You get more things done with sugar than with vinegar.

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Lately I observed more whitish stuff under my foreskin, in the past never had such thing.

and now when I pull back my skin during hard on it pains a little, in the past can pull back wothout problem.

did i got infected? any good discreet doctor i can consult?

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It could also be Balanitis. This is due to poor hygiene and not enough "airing". My doctor mention this can be quite common like for those who are in army on the ground...while in training, alot of sweating and not get to change their underwear for a few days. You can get this condition where the foreskin feels very tight and you might see a whiteish ring where the tightness occur. And sometime it gets more pain when you find tear lines on your foreskin like as though your public hair got caught in the foreskin and your penis head and it is like it has some tearing...when you try to put it back and it stretch this tear it can be really painful.

This can be quite common though ..guy might not talk about it and some might thing they caught STD. They can easily cure it with a cream you apply every 8 hours and of course a change of underwear. The cream I use is call combiderm ( if I can read it properly on the small jar my doctor gave me.) I get this more often then others due me having diebetes II...so if I let my sugar get abit too out of control...I can get this even from something as simple as having cummed and I do not bother to wash off the cum from my cork and when next morning comes..it can already show some sign of tightness. Well that's my story lah.

IT can therefore be a sign you might have diebetes too. SO go see a doctor to get a check up. Nothing to worry about like it is some kind of STD you got from someone hehe....well you might have but this can be cured.

** Comments are my own opinion & views. There's more than one way of looking at things. Issue with that? It's your own perception that left you feeling conflicted or offended. Maybe it will motivate you to RETHINK them and see if's still valid. All ideals should be tested periodically to validate it's relevant, current and truthful. Mine included. Agree to disagree. I don't get personal nor enjoy conflict for the sake of it. I keep life and matters in balance thus that's how I sincerely present my commentaries at BW - Updated: Oct 2020

* Supporting the Positive Strives of the Intellectual Dark Web Community.

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At a time when fewer parents are opting to have their newborn sons circumcised, a new study has come along that shows that removal of the foreskin may also remove the five most sensitive areas of the penis.

The research, reported this week by LiveScience, contradicts previous studies that found circumcision led to little, if any, decrease in penile sensitivity.

For the study, Morris Sorrells of the National Organization of Circumcision Information Resources Center and colleagues created a


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i would believe that when you are circumcise, your uncovered head tends to rub against the fabrics of the underwears/ pants etc, which lead to losing of sensitivity. (else you will be walking around with a hard on) :P

now there is another myth that if you circumcise when you are in your developing stage (read: puberty) your cock will grow bigger, at least the cock head will be bigger than those uncircumcised.

any comments?

:thumb: When I Think It, I Do It, I Win It! :thumb:

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Yeah, when circumcised you recieve a lot of stimulation to the head everyday, since its unprotected.. Overstimulation causes the nerves to get used to the stimulation, and then reduces overall sensitivity.. [or the nerve cells can die]

I read that there's reconstruction for foreskin though.. some people can slowly stretch it... or you can do surgery.. I think wikipedia has some info about this :P

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Guest Guest

I am always wondering about whether people like circumcised penises or not, or it doesn't really matter. I am Chinese and circumcised and I am always very shy about it, afraid that people will mind it.

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Guest, you think too much. There are people who like cut or uncut guys, to each his own. I ever know a group of PLUs into cut guys...

I am cut also, never have problem, so why should you?

It's just me.... Asura... don't fear, but be very afraid....

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Cut cocks can be smelly too. Like this

dont have such link lah. But it's all about personal hygiene. Imagine a cut man who doesnt shower for days and dont believe in changing his undies. It might not have cheese but it sure can perma-destroy your smelling ability.

To the guest that is conscious about his circumcision: There are people who want to know you as a person. Dont let the lack of that little skin stops you from knowing them.

google areanpull

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Sigh.. there must be something in the water. This week alone I had to counsel two very sexy handsome guys who INSISTED that their foreskin have to be chopped off.

For some reason, after putting up with a shar-pei cock for 30+ years.. they are getting VERY tired of having to pull back their skins every time. They complain about too much precum, too much sensation... cockhead too big etc.

They just won't listen to reason. About how their admirers will now dump them for more foreskin. About the pain of having your pee pee cut off. About the WEEKS without an erection. About the agony of going to the toliet. About having thick bloody bandages for weeks.

I spent hours getting down on my knees trying to dissuade them. Now my jaws are aching...

*sigh* <_<

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Sigh.. there must be something in the water. This week alone I had to counsel two very sexy handsome guys who INSISTED that their foreskin have to be chopped off.

For some reason, after putting up with a shar-pei cock for 30+ years.. they are getting VERY tired of having to pull back their skins every time. They complain about too much precum, too much sensation... cockhead too big etc.

They just won't listen to reason. About how their admirers will now dump them for more foreskin. About the pain of having your pee pee cut off. About the WEEKS without an erection. About the agony of going to the toliet. About having thick bloody bandages for weeks.

I spent hours getting down on my knees trying to dissuade them. Now my jaws are aching...

*sigh* <_<

Hi hi...I like your description of uncircumcized cock as shar-pei cock

So I presume circumcized cock is pug? :rolleyes:


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it is very hard (no pun intended) for us to determine what's the actual cause based on what's written here.

I suspected that maybe a case of tight foreskin (as painful only when erected) you can apply body oil to the penis head when it is not erected and pulled back the foreskin to keep it there. Hopefully that will stretch the foreskin bit by bit.

However if it is still painful after erection, it is better to see a doc and check whether is it necessary to go for a day operation.

:thumb: When I Think It, I Do It, I Win It! :thumb:

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Guest ShogunGuest

Tight foreskin can be eradicated by circumcision.

Alternatively, regular pulling back the fore skin during shower over time would help though slower.

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Hi Fatguy, i read your post with great concern.

If u do have phimosis, please consult a urologist immediately.

Untreated phimosis might result in penile cancer.

For health reason, the foreskin should be pull back fully so that the penis head can be washed during shower daily.

Otherwise it will result in build-up of smegma or cock cheese which smells and can cause infection.

I thought all school boys were taught this during puberty and yet there are still so many ignorant people around?

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the orginator of this thread has decided to close off his topic (he edited his 1st post)

hence I will lock this thread.

As said, while we can offer advices, the best is still to seek a doctor opinion.

:thumb: When I Think It, I Do It, I Win It! :thumb:

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Guest naturel

The keyword here is chooses to be cut , a person chooses for himself to go for operation to remove foresin.

So there is a choice involved, an adult choice involves some thinking choosing and selecting.

For some people, the choice is made by parents , mum and dad both decides if the person is a minor and underage to decide for himself or to sign consent form.

Yes , there are some NON Malay muslim parents, like example Chinese, Indian and Sikh or any othe parents may choose for their child usually because the father himself is cut and the mother has tried the cut version and both thinks that cut version has a lot of good points going for it. Then they make an appointment with the doctor and boy boy goes along and usually told a lie that it will only hurt like ant bite and then after that it will be painless. what a lie LOL.

I see it as vanity, like plastic surgery to improve once appearance or improve once beauty so that can attract sex partner. Same reasoning goes for women who go for plastic surgery.

If the dick is functioning properly, and it does what it is suppose to do biologicaly, is there a need to cut away healthy tissue that is not causing trouble like tight foreskin causing strangulationb of the cock head if too tight , alternative is do self stretching of tight foreskin , but this involve skill and patience over maybe one month to two months, and it may lead to self masturbation if not done properly , so the fast and blunt solution is to lopped it off, and it heals in about two weeks.

I am all for it if it is done aesthetically, it must be beautiflly cut and the cutline and scar must be not obvious and the line joining the bottom of the cock head must be aligned so that it is continuos.

I have seen some guys with cut dong that are horribly scarred, it looks fierce and threatening like some sort of battle scars .

i have seen some also with a nice scarline that is very fine, and looks so natural its as though the person was born with a naturaaly cut dong.

you know the nice pinkish ones.

So the lesson here is If you want to get cut, find a doctor adn discuss with him . If you just want to be cut because you want to look like the guys you saw and just don't mind how the end result looks like than by all means any doctor will do.

But if you want a nicely cut cock , then it pays to check around the doctors , some do laser cutting that is suppose to bleed less and cost more but scar tissue hard to control and predict, then there are those that uses a klamp like Tara klamp that is suppose to leave an even looking scar and bleed less and suppose to be less painful also.

Check here.



But some people prefer to go the traditional way of using, the surgeons knife and painkiller injections and down time is about five days , need to take a longer leave cause dick is in bandage about three to four days and inconvenient to shower.

so weight the options before deciding.

Or just leave it alone if it is functioning well , it gives you good satisfaction and pleasure , and also more importantly if your partners are not complaining and you also give good pleasure to your partner and they are satisfied maybe consider leaving your dick alone is a wise move.

You will save at least S$500 dollars for the surgery, may cost more if opt for private and laser surgery.

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Mine was cut due to phimosis during young age. Now I get people saying that my dick looks like those pxxn stars ones, dunno if it's a good or bad thing :blink:

well mine is cut too, 3 yrs back due to tight foreskin, and I make the choice myself. I'm 30 now. of cos there is pain, especially on the first nite which i never forget. and the very first morning erect aft the ops. but after fully recover abt 2 weeks time, it feels good down there. really different feeling compare to the past 27 yrs i had with foreskin on. just tat very sensetive during the first yr as it gets erect easily while walking cause the head is touch directly on the undies without anymore foreskin to cover. its really up to oneself whether to cut or not. But for me i find cut looks beautiful and i not regerting it. :)

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