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  1. Hi all, I had a wet dream last nite!!!!! I couldnt even remember when was the last time I had a wet dream... and last nite was shiok!!! I woke up with cum all over my boxer shorts, and it was very very wet. I could remember parts of the dream... I was in a public toilet and was at this urinal next to a guy who was wanking his cock off... Then the urinal had one kind of object that helped me to masturbate, and I wasnt masturbating at all.. it was the object that acted like an ass, and I was like fcuking an ass... isnt that cool???? Well, it was good... hopefully I can dream of that again tonite, but it's messy though... Any guys wanna share your wet dreams???
  2. Hi, 1. This thread is for users who are encountering problems with accessing Blowing Wind forum normally. You can ask questions on forum features or report technical problems here. Before posting, you may find it useful and often faster to go through the FAQ and help section. If you don't find your answer then, you are welcome to start a new reply here, I will get back to you as soon as I can. Help - http://www.blowingwind.org/forum/index.php?app=core&module=helpFAQ - http://www.blowingwind.org/forum/index.php?showtopic=67 2. This thread is strictly for technical issues pertaining to the forum. You should post your complaints and non-technical queries to the respective moderators. 3. I will be housekeeping this thread regularly to remove any non-related posts. Best regards, Bern
  3. My doctor recommend I take shingles vaccinations. He said it is a precautionary measure, just like taking Covit Jab. First time about it. Is Shingles vaccinations a MUST HAVE for human to prevent future infection?
  4. hi all, just hope all can share your experience on your first time.. got mine during my ns... got it from my buddy... painful but song... now addicted must have it once a week if not more...
  5. Time Should I waste my time on you who i can't control Should i waste my time on things that is of my beyond Can't we see the time that went tick tock Is this the right time or is it not? They say time flows like a stream To a land where there are many dreams But you told me you did like to be a place full of surprises and supremes There are no other choices but this is the way its seems. I do not know what to say The world is so full of grey You say I am imperfect and this I know Yet I still think you are gold I may be kind and silly but it’s not fine. Your avoidant ways clearly shows through time Time will reveal who you are And you can really be a pain in the arse Letting you go should keep you afar As there is nothing left to be my fuss Finally I can get on my path. E.T. 13.01.2019
  6. helloo i was wondering if anyone is able to give some work out tips if i want to work out at home (mainly focusing on fat loss rather than muscle gain) thank youu🙏🙏
  7. Hi all, Just curious, I wunder if every session has to have anal sex? Is there any who does not enjoy anal sex but enjoy companionships, huggings, non-anal sex? Care to share or comment. cheers
  8. i like to start a new topic abt how bottoms make preparation to do anal i.e CLEAN HOLE lah .. i only know my way n i wonder if there are any better ways to do it .. my way using me fingers n hose pipe water ready to clean the waste . im quite kiasu n want to make it really clean so i dig deep inside .. ths sometimes cos a bit of temporary pain , thus if not in a rush i will do it halfnhour b4 the top arrives .. by then my muscles are relax n the hole is stretch-ready for anal .. any other ways or styles ? tops can put input also please B)
  9. Anyone doing it? Multiple sources pointed out the full health benefits experienced by practicing at least 100 days. I'm giving it a shot ...but...it's my day-03 and it's already so hard ... I went for decent massage yesterday and precum was already leaking non-stop... At this rate, I don't know how long i can last.. Anyway, here are some of the purported health benefits**: 1. Improved mental clarity and focus: Semen retention is believed to increase focus, clarity, and mental alertness. This can help with tasks that require concentration and focus. 2. Increased energy levels: By harnessing and retaining sexual energy, individuals may experience a boost in energy levels, helping them feel more energized throughout the day. 3. Improved physical performance: Some individuals believe that retention of semen can lead to increased physical strength, endurance, and athletic performance. 4. Better emotional health: Semen retention can help individuals feel more emotionally balanced and stable, reducing feelings of anxiety, depression, and mood swings. 5. Increased confidence and self-esteem: Some people report feeling more confident and self-assured when practicing semen retention, which can lead to improved relationships and social interactions. 6. Enhanced sexual experiences: By practicing semen retention, individuals may experience stronger and more intense orgasms, as well as increased pleasure during sexual activities. 7. Overall health benefits: Some studies suggest that semen retention may have positive effects on the immune system, hormone levels, and overall well-being. **Disclaimer** It's important to note that these benefits are largely anecdotal and may not have scientific evidence to support them. Additionally, semen retention may not be suitable or recommended for everyone, so it's important to speak with a healthcare provider before making any significant changes to your sexual habits.**
  10. Those who need encouragement... motivation...need advice...etc... Open to anything...chat...mingle...share..meet...repeat... If keen, pm. 🥂
  11. Hey guys, do share any info on new cruising spots here. So far from what I know, we have these in KL: Parks 1. Taman Tasik Permaisuri (Bandar tun Razak) 2. Taman Kelana Jaya 3. Bukit Jalil Park (upcoming?) Swimming Pools 1. Kompleks Renang Bandar Tun Razak 2. Kelana Jaya Municipal Pool 3. Chin Woo Stadium Swimming Pool Malls 1. KL Sentral/Nu Sentral 2. Cheras Sentral Mall (upcoming?) 3. AEON Big Kepong? Gloryholes 1. Putrajaya Presint 6 Public Toilet 2. Gyms 1. CF Sunway? Saunas 1. Otot otot 2. Mandi manda 3. Kakiku Feel free to add to the list!
  12. Hi all thought I'd share some stuff I've been testing out this past 2 month plus on how to increase the volume of your ejaculate! And also why i started haha Anw I had my first gay experience about 2 mths ago and as the guy wanted to give me a bj i was thinking my first time must make it super awesome! So i start taking some supplements after quite alot of research also start eating a lot of fruits and veggies which are supposed to make cum taste better. Long story short this stuff works really well, for me at least, i mean before this when i jack off i cum like 3-5 spurts average after eating this stuff i think average spurt is like 9 times now and i precum bucketloads. For example now when i jack off from the edge of chair i'll have precum dripping in a line to the floor...some ppl might not like the mess but i like it haha no need lube to Jo anymore. The guy was impressed huhu success! So anyway i took these few health supplements after breakfast and they are generally good for your health just not too much, should be able to see results in few days. 1) Zinc no more than 40mg a day (too much it will give you diarrhea and zinc poisoning! Try right after a meal ok or lower the dosage cos this one might give you stomach cramps and headache) Problem is most zinc supplements come in 50mg pill so you might need to split it in two 2) Pygeum 90mg (took mine in a mix with saw palmetto which is good for prostrate health) 3) Lecithin granules non-gmo ones (taste pretty alright eat a teaspoon with my cereal) 4) L-carnitine (i didnt take the suppl but i eat alot of nonsweetened dark chocolate which has L-carnitine in it) Good luck guys and keep em cumming! PS: As with all health related stuff do your own research as well to be certain can try thunderspalace forum lots of info on this
  13. Disclaimer: First and foremost, my apology for the poorly thought-out title. I think it might sound like victim-blaming. But my intention is to encourage each and every PLU, whom this post reaches out to, to be braver, stand up for themselves and as a result contribute to LGBTQ+ community's efforts to eradicate discrimination. Long post, as the new Mod, I take this chance to tell you more about myself and my belief. I come with a self-mission to drive positivity to the forum, and I think I need to get the ball rolling with a good story, eh? Back to the topic So I came across this article today. https://zula.sg/homophobia-singapore/?fbclid=IwAR3cObfbGSUpq4o3SvaBjFWIqeK_GQ8ycZnSSV3xbc4fPHzktX4_FjMbe94 TL;DR: Kennede Sng was bullied in pri and sec school for being different. During NS and uni, he suffered homophobia from people around him. BUT, when he had enough and came out, things went well. In short, he shut down homophobia simply by letting himself be known. I relate to this article so well because I always believe that in this day and age, with Singapore's highly educated population and LGBTQ+ activism gaining quite the momentum and recognition, homophobia might stem from lack of exposure to homosexuals. It is human's nature to fear what we don't know and understand. My belief is mostly based on my personal experience (Of course the experience will different for other people due to different personalities, environments and various factors) My coming out journey started since my teenage years (16yo), shortly after I noticed that I focused more on the guys in porn and found pussies a little distasteful. From close friends, to indirectly acknowledging "rumors" that I'm gay, to my parents and some colleagues. I personally think coming out to colleagues was a little excessive, but it happened because my performance was severely affected when my last relationship was failing. And, I'm not done yet. My ultimate goal is to come out to my relatives as well, but this affects my parents so I gotta wait for them to be ready. Since then (7-8 years), I have never ever met anyone who displays homophobic behaviours towards me knowing that I'm gay. No discrimination as well. Some did before I came out to them, then stopped after I came out. My closest girl friend used to be slightly homophobic because she was shocked when another girl confessed her feelings to her. After I came out to her, she became an LGBTQ+ activism advocate. She told me I changed her. She is proud of me, and I'm proud of her. So, I kind of came to a conclusion that homophobia happens because of lack of exposure. PLUs can shut it down by giving homophobics the exposure. It's frightening, yes, I recognize that although I don't truly understand because I have not experienced it. The pattern repeated itself for my ex. I talked and forced him into coming out to one of his close friends. Okay I admit now that forcing him to come out is very toxic, I could have used more patience. But I felt like he needed a friend to talk to whenever we fought, but he was closeted, so he could only keep it to himself - at that time our relationship was falling apart. ANYWAY, guess how his friend reacted. "Orh". THAT'S IT! NOTHING CHANGED. Oh actually got. I was finally visible in his world. After that, things became easy. Now he can IG story and post photos of his travelling with his new love. I'm bitter AF though. All those were all thanks to me, no??? Previously, I used to think that maybe I'm just privileged to have a pretty stubborn, I-don't-give-a-fuck, dominant (no, not the kind of dominant you are thinking) personality, together with a relatively modern, positive upbringing where most social norms weren't forced upon me. Asides from the "arts and F&B no future" b.s (which I experienced only in adulthood, why so late though???), I can do whatever I want. Like dolls? Sure no problems, go sew some clothes for it. Here is a fashion design kit for your birthday, have fun. Befriend with mostly girls, no problems. Wanna stop tuition, no problems, mama don't want you to stress. Just like that, I grew up with a very strong sense of self. Sadly that my younger sis don't get to experience that same parenting style. I think my mom is probably trying to make her another success (ps let me hao lian a bit ok), but forgets that her parenting style was what made me grow up well. Funnily though, my mom was shocked when I came out to her and has been in denial for 4 years (she loves me still, just scolds me whenever I remind her that I love cocks). I thought they have prepared themselves because I have been kinda feminine since young. My dad was shocked as well, but being the science guy he spent the night reading online about homosexuality, had a debate with me about why PLUs have not been eliminated by natural selection since we don't reproduce, asked me about how gay guys have sex, then decided he can be cool with me being gay (although still sad cos no-one to carry his bloodline) and tried to talk to my mom. Anyway, after my ex's experience, I came to realise that maybe my smooth-sailing coming out journey was not because of just me being a brave bitch, but there is an actual mechanism/pattern (exposure eliminates homophobia) that everyone can get to experience once they gather enough to courage to make the first baby step. From there, there will be snowball effect, things will get easier. You get the idea. And the article I shared above, once again, reaffirmed my belief. My belief might only be true in this day and age, among young people thanks to the many privileges we have and take for granted. But still, not bad right? Getting to be your true, authentic selves, at the same time contributing to the LGBTQ+ movement. As long as the movement gets to spread, everyone in the community will eventually benefit from it. One thing to note though, a movement is caused by collective efforts of individuals, not the activists - the activists are there to guide you only. So you, yes, you, must contribute to the best of your abilities as well. By contributing, you also help yourself out. Coming out to just one friend means you are already less lonely. Coming out to more friends means you are getting the acceptance you deserve. etc etc Anyway, to conclude this long dreadful post, homophobia can be shut down by simply letting ourselves be known. I come with this belief and I hope to empower youths who are coming to this forum, and also anyone of any age who needs a little empowerment. Empower them enough so they can first accept themselves. Then maybe one beautiful day they might gather enough courage to come out and fight for themselves. Words only no use, there will be actions. Give me some time to familiarise myself with Mod tools before I implement some ideas to do what I just said. Anyway, debate away. Your sharing is much appreciated and will help me get a better, less one-dimensional picture. Thank you!
  14. Hey guys Let's start a pretty harmless discussion. As on the title - I'm perplexed over the Malay/chinese or Chinese/Malay mix background.. I am noticing on dating sites, most of the Malay chaps here identify themselves as " Mly/Chi " mix - but upon meeting, most of them basically good old Malay guys. I did ask - which part are they Chinese - and I get "oh, I can speak a bit of Mandarin" This is where I'm stumped with the response? What defines a Malay/Chinese mix when there is no trace of Chinese DNA in one. Why can't a Malay guys admit that they're Malay? I have friends who are actually Arabs by race, they look like any Malay or Filipinos here in Singapore, they converse in Malay but define themselves as Malay because most of them claim that it be less complicated to explain the ancestry background. I have friends who look very Chinese, fair skinned but they're just full blooded Malay joes... So are the Malay guys here having an identity issues?
  15. I’m a twink. A few months back, I’d never have imagined that I’d be dating a really cute muscular boy who’s into me too. Plot twist? It’s been abt 3 mths into our relationship & we haven’t gotten physically intimate. I admit most of it stems from my own insecurities about intimacy. My previous relationship (which was also my first) was with this toxic dude who gaslighted and shamed me for liking fitter guys, even though I told him I wasn’t expecting him to get ripped for me. But that didn’t stop him from calling me a ‘superficial fuck’ besides other horrible things he made me feel. So coming into this relationship, I have this emotional baggage with me where I don’t dare touch my bf because I always fear that he’d think I’m only with him for his body (not true because he has a sleeper build so I only found out he even had abs just recently when he was changing clothes). & I also don’t feel at all deserving of ‘enjoying’ his body he worked so hard for when.. I’ve nothing notable to offer back physically. But his bday is coming up soon & I was thinking of giving him a bonus ‘surprise’ at the end by finally getting intimate with him. I think even with these insecurities, I’d like to take that initiative since he’s told me that he respects my decision & is ready to wait. But I’ve a few concerns of mine: 1) With what I’ve mentioned about my insecurities, is there anything I can do or change my way of thinking to finally be comfortable with the idea of touching him without that guilt & feelings of undeserved-ness? 2) It’s gonna be my 1st time trying anal as a btm (didn’t do it with ex because he had performance issues). & I want to make it extra special by initiating to try raw (I’ve thought to bring him to test together for peace of mind). As a 1st time btm abt to try raw, anything I can expect or prepare so that the experience won’t be so awkward or painful? 3) Anything different I can expect from being intimate with a really fit muscular guy (I’d say he’s currently at his peak physique given that he’s in NDU. I’ve heard from friends that fitter guys tend to have more testosterones so generally have more stamina but I’m not so sure how I can keep up! You may help to answer some or all of the questions I’m asking. Appreciate any response! TLDR; twink is anxious abt 1st time raw sex with fit bf cause of previous baggage & wanna know how he could deal with it.
  16. Side: people who are not into anal sex, or prefer non-anal sex to anal sex TELEGRAM GROUP https://t.me/+hVg3WbqOwGI2MTU1 connecting with likeminded people Please do not introduce yourself prior to chatting - Age/height/weight /description of look/ prefered activity Without an introduction there will be no connections
  17. The Purpose of This Writing This writing - and I shall confess that it comes with some emotional struggles - is my commitment to reach out to the gay community. It will be my story. It is written in memory of Fitz (not his real name). It is the space of our contribution; to honor my relationship with him. This space, after much persuasion from some close friends, is to render support to the community. To reach out mainly to gay couples (and hopefully to all gays) to share that everything is possible. Every strain, every burden, every chain and every hurdle retreats. Here, in this space, I hope to share: How to safeguard shared assets (about Wills, about Joint Account, about Joint Tenancy, about CPF Nomination, about Insurance Beneficiary, about Lasting Power of Attorney) How to (hopefully) survive a gay relationship The pains of grief losing a loved one Being a primary caregiver to cancer patient. I hope to share what I am experiencing and learning. It has, somewhat, impacted my way of life. Still, this sharing is not the absolute right way nor it is the only utmost course. This writing is to bring awareness to others as this awareness has served me. I just want to reach out to those who might be in the need and whom might be in the same path. About Grief Grief is a process. I hope, as I am allowing myself to be much exposed here, that it will grant me to heal and reconnect myself with Life. It is, at the same time, for me to maintain an ongoing connection with Fitz. It is my process to acknowledge that I am grieving. This space will probably be my healing ground. I learn that while the phrase "Letting Go" is so often easy to say, the process in itself is not. I learn, till anyone truly experienced the impact - the brunt, the shock - of a spousal loss and when the loss is still very much at the height of everything beautiful, that he/she will be able to fully empathize on the process of grief. A loss is a loss but there is variable difference towards grief. The reactions to a loss are unique and psychological. In my life, I have lost a father, a mother, a sister, a nephew and a beloved pet. I love all these people (including my beloved pet) but, somehow, the grief I experienced from each loss does not level up to a loss of a spouse. There is huge difference. There is unexplained uncertainty. There is unfamiliar fear. I learn that the only cure for grief is to let myself do my grieving. While time will heal, it is not that simple in truth. Time itself does not have any magical healing properties though it allows reality to take place. It is only when one is in the real experience that understanding evolves. Grief does not recognize deadline. There is no predictable trajectory in grief. The ebbs and flows are a landscape with peaks and valleys. Some days are easier than others. Some days, it can be riding a roller coaster. The roads are never a straight line. What makes it not easy is the mourning and grieving of the surviving gay partner. While I feel lucky that I am able to express and share my grief with family members and with good close friends - straight and gay, I realize it will not be easy for many other 'gay widows' who are not as privileged. Grief can be a bitch when there is no one out there to understand the real situation. The real loss. More so when we are gay and, probably, closeted. Grieving can be a lonely experience, though in solitude it brings one to surrender and accept. Let this space be another avenue to share, to care. Let it be a space to let grief takes new opportunities to present for another positive moment. When a chapter in life ends, another begins. It shall be in our own hands for that possibility to write the new and next wonderful stories. Thank you for listening. Thank you for taking time to read.
  18. can anyone explain how to organise, and what happen during orgy? normally, can a chub join? it seems like its very quiet in this kind of event.
  19. Source: Straits Times Sexually assaulted behind bars By K. C. Vijayan THREE prisoners have been charged with physically and sexually assaulting their fellow inmate in a prison cell in Changi Prison earlier this year. The three men, aged between 19 and 21, are accused of punching and kicking the man in his chest and body, some time between April 26 and May 5. All three are also said to have forced him to perform oral sex on them in the cell on several occasions between April 27 and May 5. One of them, Mohammed Zameen Abdul Manoff, 20, also allegedly sodomised him in the cell on April 28.
  20. Testicle Breathing – Why You Should Breathe With Your Balls by Steffo Shambo | Testicle Breathing Testicle Breathing is the subtle art of contracting and lowering the family jewels. It is done in the pursuit of mastering your inner sexual energy. Testicle breathing is also known as Scrotal Compression or Testicular Breathing. It transforms raw sexual energy into higher energy. This energy then nourishes the spine, the nervous system, the brain, and other organs. This practice results in a tremendous increase in the energy of the brain and nervous system. Table of Content Testicle Breathing after 30-days of Non-Ejaculation The Benefits of Testicle Breathing Testicle Breathing Instructions Testicle Breathing Sitting Exercise Testicle Breathing Standing Exercise The Big Draw Technique How To Practice The Big Draw How often Should I Practice Testicle Breathing? When To Practice Testicle Breathing? Testicle Breathing Video Testicle breathing is an easy and effective exercise that trains a man to be sensitive and in tune with the subtle energy within his testicles. Testicle breathing uses the mind and breath to move internal energy via muscle contractions. When a man is unaroused, the energy in the testicles is in the cold Yin state. Testicle breathing guides this cold energy from the testicles up the spine and into the head. Here, it stimulates and activates the pineal and pituitary glands. Dr. Joe Dispenza has researched ancient yogic knowledge. This is what he said about these kinds of exercises: “When we inhale through our nose, and at the same time squeeze our intrinsic muscles, we accelerate the cerebrospinal fluid into the brain. As we follow the movement of energy to the top of our head, then hold our breath and squeeze, we are increasing intrathecal pressure. The increased pressure moves the cerebrospinal fluid from the fourth ventricle through a small canal into the third ventricle (arrows). At the same time, fluid traveling around the cerebellum (arrows) compresses the crystals of the penial gland. The mechanical stress that is applied produces an electrical charge in the penial gland, creating a piezoelectric effect.” Testicle Breathing after 30-days of Non-Ejaculation Men who have not ejaculated in thirty days or more will see quick results from testicle breathing. Men who have not learned to control their ejaculation as yet will not reap as many of the benefits from this exercise. I understand that it can be daunting when first attempting to control your ejaculation. But once you get the hang of it you will see that it’s actually super feasible. Honestly, you’ll even start to enjoy it! This will greatly increase your success in lasting 30 days. You might struggle with ejaculation control, or you might have an addiction to ejaculating frequently. Worse yet, you might suffer from premature ejaculation. It is common in a man’s life at some point, and studies suggest that around one in every three men suffers, or has suffered from premature ejaculation (PE). Having worked with hundreds of men with those issues, I know how devastating it can be. It can greatly affect your confidence, relationships, and vitality in life. Find yourself in the same boat and are committed to working on solving these issues? Book a breakthrough session and let’s see if we’re a match to work together! We can then craft a game plan on how you can master the art of ejaculation control. Please note, this is only for men who are 100% committed to working on overcoming their sexual issues in a short amount of time. If that’s you – find a time, and answer a few questions in the application. The Benefits of Testicle Breathing Energizes the testicles with fresh pranic life-force. Removes stagnant energy in the pelvic floor from sitting too long and wearing tight undergarments. Increased testicular health and general male sexual health. Increased perception of subtle energy in the energy body. Removes sexual frustration, stress, and tension. It helps to control sexual energy by moving it upwards. It rejuvenates the kidneys, prostate, and other organs. Testicle Breathing Instructions The best way to get started is by freeing your testicles. You want them to hang freely and away from tight clothing. So you can either do it naked if you’re in a warm climate or you can wear loose-fitting clothes sans any undergarments. Start breathing in and out through the nostrils. Visualize pranic energy flowing down into the testicles as you inhale and up into the brain as you exhale. Picture the movement along the central channel parallel to the spine. As you inhale, you’re also squeezing on the Mula bandha, the root lock. But this is a gentle squeeze that comes from the mind rather than from physical exertion. While exhaling you release the contraction of the pelvic floor and lower the testicles. This is all done while internalizing with the eyes closed. The best way to practice it is to do it standing, and the second-best is to be sitting down as explained below. Testicle Breathing Sitting Exercise Sit on the very edge of a chair with your testicles and scrotum unsupported. Your weight should be entirely on the buttocks and feet, and not on your perineum Inhale deeply through the nostrils and lift the testicles with your mind and root lock. Visualize energy moving down to the testicles. Exhale and lower the testicles. Visualize how the energy is moving along the central channel up to the brain. Repeat this 9 times and you will start to feel the activation of your sexual energy within the lower body. After 9 rounds, inhale deeply and hold your breath while doing the Big Draw. Visualize you drawing bright white energy upwards. Relax, take a few recovering breaths, and you will notice the effects. That’s one set, now repeat for 3-6 rounds. Testicle Breathing Standing Exercise Stand with feet hip-width apart, knees slightly bent. Shake your hips to loosen the scrotum and let it hang freely. Inhale deeply through the nostril and lift the testicles with your mind and root lock. Visualize energy moving down to the testicles. Exhale and lower the testicles. Visualize how the energy is moving along the central channel up to the brain. Repeat this 9 times and you will start to feel the activation of your sexual energy within the lower body. After 9 rounds take a big inhalation and hold the breath while doing the Big Draw. Visualize you drawing bright white energy upwards. Relax, take a few recovering breaths, and you will notice the effects. That’s one set, now repeat for 3-6 rounds. The Big Draw Technique Known as the Power Lock for men in the Taoist tradition, the Big Draw differs slightly from Tantric circles by way of practice. The idea is to draw aroused sexual energy up to the higher chakras and energy centers of the body. And thereby, transforming sexual energy into spiritual energy – a higher form of Shen. You can use this by yourself or with a partner. How To Practice The Big Draw Begin to contract the root lock, Mula Bandha. Contract the muscles of the anus, Ashwini Mudra. Contract the muscles of the abdomen, Uddiyana bandha. Pull the navel against the spine. Contract the throat lock, with the chin down towards the chest, Jalandhara Bandha. You have now entered the famous Granthis – the three main knots of the human body, which is the key to awaken Kundalini. Press the tongue to the roof of the mouth, i.e. the soft part of the pallet. And lastly, roll your closed eyes up locking towards the third eye, in the middle of the forehead. Practice these movements one at a time until you are able to combine all of this into one swift motion. Start from the bottom and do a wave-like motion from bottom to top, in a repeated manner. This will release a tremendously powerful Kundalini energy shooting into your brain. The most important thing is not to focus on perfecting your movement to 100%. Instead, it’s how you feel and how you experience the energy that matters most. So try playing around with it until you find a way that feels natural. Try not to overly fixate on the different ways this technique is being taught in different teachings. Tantra is an experiential path, and your experience is what matters most. This practice is safe to perform anytime throughout the day. However, please don’t use it together with The Million Dollar Point technique that some teachers would recommend. The MDP can be devastating for your health and sexual functions. How often Should I Practice Testicle Breathing? You may do this practice with rounds of 9 breaths and 1 big draw, for 3-6 sets. It can be done at any time throughout the day, but especially when the energy is stagnated, or you are feeling frustrated. You can practice it while standing in line, on a flight, on the bus, or even while making love! When To Practice Testicle Breathing? You can do it at any time throughout the day, especially when you feel negative feelings of irritation coming up from sitting down at your desk all day. As mentioned above, it’s especially good to do while on a long-haul flight. Because it’s so discrete, you can get up during the flight and stand up in the aisle in order to practice it! No one is ever going to even realize what you’re doing. 🙂 And of course, you can practice testicle breathing when you are making love. Try to do it when you feel you are close to ejaculation. This will help to calm you down and to charge your brain with that powerful sexual energy called Jing Chi in Taoism. Thus it will help you preserve your seed – the youthful elixir stored in your testicles. Testicle Breathing Video Watch this Testicle Breathing instructional video. As I guide you in the practice step-by-step. Now over to you, have you experienced the benefits of testicle breathing? Or do you feel inspired to start practicing after reading this? Share your observations, and how it goes, in the comments below! If you enjoyed this article, then you’ll likely also love reading: Testicle Sunning – Boosting Testosterone by Sunbathing Your Balls
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