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  1. coeurdelaurent

    Proud To Be In/from Njc?

    Hey Guys! This is a thread for anyone who's from, or recently graduated from NJC! I'm currently serving NS and am from the batch of 2011, Anyone who was already in College then should probably know me. HEHE, no lah, I said that just cuz I kinda held a prominent position in school. I was from NJCIP and if you calculate, yes indeed I was from the 08IP batch. I'm just looking for people who are/were from the College and hopefully we can make friends with people who share this awesome common heritage! Seniors and juniors alike, let's congregate! PS: Let's avoid bringing up "FUN" etc, as we should all try and be friends! (:
  2. When things get hard… We’ve #GotYouCovered A Wingman is somebody who looks out for you and is there for you through all your ups and downs in life: Be it on social events, sexual encounters, mental matters or even other areas. A Wingman is someone whom you can confide in about your sexual experiences, without fear of judgment because you know they have your best interests at heart. You also know that they will be able to help you make the best decision for your sexual health. A Wingman is someone who guides you through the good & bad days. They are, after all, your pillar of support and you know you can depend on them because they love you for go to the link to claim your free test coupon for your friend(s)! http://www.gayhealth.sg/wingman/
  3. husbandsbestfriend

    Married Pinoy

    Is there any married pinoy here?
  4. My friend is looking for someone to help him with Temporary area monitoring at woodlands (Simple job) - $15 per hour . Suitable for poly/ITE students or fresh gradNo need special qualifications. -To be completed within a week (weekdays) -To monitor a woodlands site for crowd/activity. Just need to take a picture and send a simple hourly report to my friend. Purpose of this is because a friend of mine bought a landed house there and would like someone to help him monitor the crowd and activities within a 24h period. Something like doing guard duty. -Total number of hours to clock -24 (different hour of the clock). Can split shift to 2-5 days example: (Mon 12pm to 12am, Tuesday 12am to 12pm). -If keen, please WhatsApp me at +65 88082568 . My name is Sam
  5. Hi. Been here in BW for sometime now and as a non-native come across lot of Singlish/chinese/malay slang words used by Singaporeans. Any one care to add there english translations here. Okay to add terms which are/were pejoratives also. But requesting not to turn this translation message into a verbal boxing match. How about we start with some simple ones like - A) Shiok B) Ang Mo C) Ah Peng (I hope i got spellings right....) Rest we can keep adding in subsequent posts
  6. Anyone watches Rupaul Drag Race? Just created a line group where we can chit-chat about previous seasons, and the upcoming seasons. Huge big spoilers and teas in there xD Lemme know!
  7. I will be providing private help for subjects like Maths for Poly / Uni studentsI don't charge fees for this , I have limited time as well. If you have questions for such subjects , can have a session to clear your doubts & explain you theory & help you resolve questions.
  8. deceptiveeyes.deceivingminds

    Lost my appetite for cockles

    I love eating cockles especially in char kway teoh but this morning as I was browsing Qoo10, I lost my appetite after seeing this promotion. .... I did burst out laughing out loud!
  9. TWO BURGLARS SODOMIZED FOR FIVE DAYS STRAIGHT AFTER BREAKING INTO THE HOUSE OF NOTORIOUS GAY RAPIST Two burglars got more than they bargained for recently after picking the wrong house to break into. Garfield Morgan, 54, and his 36 year old accomplice friend Kim Gorton are both career burglars, having stolen from hundreds of homes in their lives. But it’s unlikely they’ll go back to crime after the nasty episode they experienced in the home of one Florida man… Harry Harrington is 6’7″ and weighs over 300lbs. It’s pure muscle. He’s a notorious gay s*x predator who has served time in jail for numerous sexual assaults. An aggressive and predatory offender, he’s not the kind of man you want to annoy. But that’s just what Morgan and Gorton did that fateful night. Harrington, known as ‘The Wolfman‘, easily overpowered the men, tied them up and assaulted them for five full days. Police only intervened after a neighbor heard the men’s cries for help and called them. As you can see from their mug shots below, the men were extremely traumatized by their ordeal. What they went through is inexcusable, but many online commentators are saying that they deserved some kind of retribution for their crimes. Though we tend to think that a spell in prison is probably more fair. Five days of being raped by a man mountain is a bit much, isn’t it? “They broke in my front door, so I broke in their back doors!” The Wolfman is said to told police on his arrest. The men face burglary charges, while Harrington is looking at another stretch inside for his actions.
  10. The ambassador and campaign video launch event of Pink Dot 10 (Pink Dot's tenth edition) was held at 7:30pm on Tuesday, 22 May 2018, at 72-13, the home of TheatreWorks, along Mohamed Sultan Road. During the event, representative ambassadors from all nine previous editions, since the inaugural Pink Dot held at Speakers' Corner, Hong Lim Park on Saturday, 16 May 2009, were present to make speeches describing their experiences during their particular year of service. The official ambassador video, as well as three campaign videos, were unveiled to the audience who was urged to share them widely on social media.
  11. heliumduck

    The Hidden Flag

  12. Hey not sure whether this is the right place to ask but does anyone knows where I can get Prep ni Klang valley area?
  13. fab

    Petty straight men

    A few guys in my gym love to blink when there is eye contact. Not wink. Straight but so petty. Donno what is the world becoming.
  14. UberFlash

    Islamic Prayer

    Recently, I came across an interesting Ayat verse and I tried to do recitations. The problem is, the slang and tone is hard to "catch". Do you know any Preacher who can teach me the correct pronunciation and tone? I think a few hours of coaching will be good enough. *Please do not tell me you know a gay Preacher or tell the Preacher that I am a member of BW forum.
  15. Rip Bernice. You will be missed
  16. http://bbs.duowan.com/thread-18329549-1-1.html 刘正风和曲洋是同性恋不 注: 原题: 《笑傲江湖》中的同性恋描写 , 没找到作者的名字, 不好意思了. 本来想把题目写的大一些,比如《金庸武侠小说中的同性恋描写》,不过首先没有那么多时间,另外金庸的其他小说中涉及同性恋行为的实在不多,恐怕加起来也顶不上一部《笑傲江湖》。金庸曾经说过,《笑傲江湖》是他的作品中江湖味最浓的一部小说,他没有说的是,《笑傲江湖》也是他的作品中对同性恋描写最多的一部小说,看来历史功底深厚的金庸创作时并没有遗漏这一少数但却普遍的社会现象。在这里,本身是一个金庸迷的我就简单的剖析一下《笑傲江湖》中隐含的同性恋描写。 (一)《笑傲江湖》的年代 首先是《笑傲江湖》的故事所发生的时间。金庸在《笑傲江湖》的“后记”中说:“……本书没有历史背景,这表示,类似的情景可以发生在任何朝代。”这句话是事实,小说中也确实没有明确指出故事的年代。但是只要稍加推敲,就知道《笑傲江湖》一定是发生在明朝。 书中说“……‘吸星大法’,创自北宋年间的‘逍遥派’,分为‘北冥神功’与‘化功大法’两路。后来从大理段氏及星宿派分别传落,合而为一,称为‘吸星大法’,……”可见《笑》的故事必定在北宋之后。另外根据《倚天屠龙记》所描述,武当派是武林泰斗张三丰 在宋末元初创立的;而在《笑》中,武当派掌门已经是冲虚,因此《笑》的故事必定发生在元朝之后。 但元和之后的清朝都是异族入主中土,武林中人多以驱除鞑虏或反清复明为己任。倘若《笑》的故事发生在这两朝,那么刘正风以当朝廷地方官为借口来退出江湖,必定被武林中人唾骂,怎么能堂而皇之地开什么“金盘洗手大会”?而且《笑傲江湖》中出现的全部姓名 都是汉人名字(蓝凤凰除外),文中也没有反映出任何蒙汉、满汉之分,因此毫无疑问,《笑傲江湖》的故事应该发生在明朝。 而明朝,恰恰是中国历史上男风盛行的时代,“上有‘宠狎年少俊秀小内臣’的正德皇帝,中有‘昼非金(男戏子)不食、夜非金不寝’的大官,下有‘溺于男宠、不问妍媸老少’的儒生。……明清两代法律皆禁止官吏**狎娼,这可能是他们不得不寻找‘替代性出路’的原因之一。当时士大夫所狎男色,多半是梨园中的戏子……”(李银河,《同性恋亚文化》,第2章) 金庸把《笑傲江湖》的故事设定在这样一个特定的历史时代,自然为他在故事中穿插同性行为留下了很大的余地。 (二)《笑傲江湖》中的几个细节 《笑傲江湖》的故事围绕着一部《辟邪剑法》展开,武林中传说谁练成了上面所载的神功,谁就可以天下无敌。这个说法并不是骗人的,有三个人练成了辟邪剑法:东方不败,林平之和岳不群。他们的武功后来都变得很了得,可是三个人的结局都十分凄惨,因为他们都付出了太多,甚至失去了男人的身份。也正是因为要练辟邪剑法会有这样一个副作用,《笑傲江湖》的故事里多处流露出了同性恋情的萌动,在金庸塑造的无数经典爱情中显得分外凄美与另类。 故事的一开头的情节就仿佛说明了这本书“会涉及同违规内容内容,如对此有反感的人士请自动离开”。第一章首先描述了富家少爷林平之出外打猎,这个林平之是一个外表有些女性化的男性,因为这一点,虽然他不是一号男主角,但是也在故事里占据了很重要的位置。书中说他“……相貌像他母亲,眉清目秀,甚是俊美,平日只消有哪个男人向他挤眉弄眼的瞧上一眼,势必一个耳光打了过去……”换句话说,平日里确实有不少男人对他流露出好感。 打完猎后一行人在酒店里与青城派的两人相遇,其中一个是青城派掌门的儿子,也是书中出现的第一个有同性倾向的人,因为平时就有这方面的爱好,言语中对样貌俊秀的林平之不停的挑逗,先是说他是“兔儿爷”,接着又说他象是台上唱花旦的,两人动起手后他更是不加掩饰,直截了当的对林平之说道:“小兄弟,我越瞧你越不像男人,准是个大姑娘乔装改扮的。你这脸蛋儿又红又白,给我香个面孔,格老子咱们不用打了,好不好?”林平之这样娇贵的人平白无故的被他嘴上占了便宜,心里自然大大的不痛快,终于一时失手杀了他。 后来是林平之全家被灭门,林平之为了寻找仇家辗转来到了衡山,参加刘正风的“金盆洗手大会”,在一场风波中引出了金庸小说出场最晚的男主角令狐冲,同时也引出了另一段可能的同性情缘,也是“笑傲江湖”这四个字的由来。 我个人认为《笑傲江湖》是金庸的小说中书名起的最好的,可是这四个字虽然看起来很有侠气,事实上却与武功无关,而是一部乐谱(更确切的说,是一部琴谱,一部箫谱)的名字。乐谱的创作者,分别是衡山派的刘正风和魔教的长老曲洋。两人的关系书中没有明确,可以说是一个不解之谜。 刘正风是吹箫的高手,曲洋是七弦琴的大师,两人因为音乐而相识、相交,并成为知己,甚至因为音乐而一同毙命。两人“一见如故,倾盖相交”,“琴箫唱和,心意互通”。刘正风说得明白:“……言语文字可以撒谎作伪,琴箫之音却是心声,万万装不得假。……曲大哥虽是魔教中人,但自他琴音之中,我深知他性行高洁,大有光风霁月的襟怀。刘正风不但对他钦佩,抑且仰慕……” 自古正邪难以两立,但是刘正风在金盆洗手大会上任五岳剑派几百人动之以情,晓之以理,威之以胁,一家老小背后刀剑相加,仍然不肯出卖曲洋。如果说他们只是朋友关系,未免太难以让人相信,连岳不群听着听着都吃醋了,说道:“刘贤弟,……你说大丈夫不能对不起朋友,难道天下便只曲洋一人才是你朋友,我们五岳剑派和这里许多英雄好汉,便都不是你朋友了?这里千余位武林同道,一听到你要金盆洗手,都千里迢迢的赶来,满腔诚意的向你祝贺,总算够交情了罢?难道你全家老幼的性命,五岳剑派师友的恩谊,这里千百位同道的交情,一并加将起来,还及不上曲洋一人?” 另外刘正风提到曲洋和他曾经“十余次联床夜话”。这十几次同床共枕除了聊天以外还干了什么,书中没有说明,也不好擅自猜测,是一桩无头公案。也许象刘正风说得那样只是研讨音律,不过这两个人都是搞音乐的,而“有艺术家性格的人容易成同性恋。”(李银河,《同性恋亚文化》,第23章) 两个人对未来似乎也早有打算,那就是——私奔,一起远离世俗的偏见。曲洋向魔教祖师爷立誓,从此对魔教和白道争斗置身事外,决不插手;刘正风放弃了江湖中的名利金盆洗手退出武林,再也不参与江湖恩怨,甚至捐了个芝麻绿豆大的武官,以求掩人耳目。他们计划的很好,可惜差了一点未能实现,与很多同志爱情故事一样以悲剧收场,不但两人的亲人都被杀死,两人也身负重伤,最后一起毙命于荒郊野岭。除了黑白两道的对立外,这个结局仿佛也影射着社会对同违规内容情难以包容。 两人的心意到底如何,到死也没有表白。我想他们死的时候可能是想说的,可惜被令狐冲和仪琳撞见了,所以还是没能说出来,但两人心血的结晶——《笑傲江湖》总算流传了下来。 后面的故事主角就是令狐冲了,因为他是个异性恋者的缘故吧,后面大部分的篇幅描写的都是男女情爱,不过作者还是没忘了在其中穿插两句同性话题,提醒大家同志情结无处不在。 比如书中第十二章里,嵩山派的狄修看起来就是个有同性倾向的人,似乎还有虐待的倾向。他看到了令狐冲和田伯光在一起,逼迫令狐冲去杀了田伯光,令狐冲不肯,他就威胁说要把他们“……剥得赤赤条条地绑在一起,……拿到江湖上示众,说道一个大胡子,一个小白脸,正在行那苟且之事,……”武林中这么胁迫别人的,在金庸的小说里还是第一次出现。 终于,到了故事进行到四分之三的时候,书中完完全全的一个同志——东方不败出场了。关于东方不败,本文后面还有讨论。这里要说的是,东方不败这个人物实在是金庸惊人的想象力的创造,可以看出金庸在他的身上花了不少心血。 首先是东方不败的出场。作者把他安排在故事进行到了四分之三左右处出场,而前面对他的描写只是武林中各种各样的传闻,没有一点正面描写;后来令狐冲向任盈盈询问,由盈盈来转述,但也总是不尽不实。作者不断的为他的出场制造悬念,让读者不断猜测这位“武功天下第一”高手的庐山真面目,而当他的样子真实的展现在所有人的面前时,已经完全是出乎所有人的意料。绣房中一场打斗,是金庸的武侠很精彩的一个段落,是全书的高潮,后面虽然也有不少战斗场面,有的更加危险紧张,但水平都没有这场高。金庸在这一段中把东方不败的武功和性格展现的淋漓尽致。虽然他的外表和举止很怪异,但是他的思维很清晰,大敌当前却异常的冷静,言谈话语中对爱情、友情、仇恨、道义的分得清清楚楚,而且感情很真挚。你也许不会喜欢他,但你会觉得他的存在是合理的,而不是作者完全凭空想象出来的。 《笑傲江湖》有不少同性描写,说到底与一件事有关,那就是阉割。不知道金庸为什么在这本书里对这个调调儿这么有兴趣,东方不败、林平之、岳不群等等,是自宫的,为了练“辟邪剑法”。此外的不戒和尚夫妇,简直就是一对“骟猪”专业户:不戒和尚要田伯光加入大部分由女性组成的恒山派,又怕他乱搞,于是剪去了他的“那话儿”;他老婆则是为了成全女儿仪琳,绑架了令狐冲,威胁他要么做和尚娶仪琳,要么做太监。连书中这样一个妇道人家都对这种事情清清楚楚,还能自己动手实践,《笑傲江湖》如果分起级来,肯定是少儿不宜了。 (三)《辟邪剑法》的象征 《辟邪剑法》还有另一个名字,叫《葵花宝典》。想修炼神功的人必须要先挥刀自宫,迈出了这一步以后,武功便可突飞猛进,傲视武林。从这个角度讲,《辟邪剑法》可以说是代表了一种诱惑,一种可以让人迅速达到自己的愿望的捷径,但同时也要为此付出很多代价。现实生活里,很多同志不就是因为禁受不了这样的诱惑而自甘堕落? 书中东方不败是第一个被描写的因为修炼《辟邪剑法》而付出沉重代价的人,他最后死在了自己的绣房里。他的故事曲折很多,完全可以再写一部小说来描述。但是究竟为什么东方不败堂堂日月神教的教主,竟然会心甘情愿的扮作女子,当杨莲亭的夫人?难道真的象他自己说得那样是因为修习了《葵花宝典》,“才慢慢悟到了人生妙谛。其后勤修内功,数年之后,终于明白了天人化生、万物滋长的要道……”?难道一个人自宫了之后真的会有那么大的变化么?其实想一想东方不败发迹的过程就知道,这种变化是连续的。 从书中我们可以知道,东方不败的出身很平寒,完全是靠后天的勤奋和智谋当上了日月教的教主,但在他的内心深处是非常没有安全感的,以至于对每一个人都要小心翼翼,不能轻易相信,生怕被别人出卖。练功只不过是他追求安全感的一种手段,当上教主后深入简出、让所有的教众对他顶礼膜拜,口中说着言不由衷的口号等等,全都是他追求安全感的一种手段,这种情况一直持续到他遇见了杨莲亭。 杨莲亭对东方不败怎样,书中没有说,但有一点可以确定,就是东方不败确实在杨莲亭的身上找到了安全感。安全感是一个人生存的基本条件,如果没有它,那简直可以说是生活在地狱里。很多人,包括异性恋者,都一直在寻寻觅觅,到底在找什么呢?说到底其实也就是一个肩膀,一种安全感而已。 自从在杨莲亭那里找到了自己所需要的东西之后,东方不败就完全的放弃了一切,把所有的事业交给了杨,自己甘愿做一个家庭妇女,这一点是很可贵的。且不管这样做是对是错,这是一个很大的牺牲,并不是很多人能有这样的决心。可惜的是,杨莲亭没有领导的才能,把东方不败的事业搞得一团糟,并最终导致了两个人的灭亡。从这个方面来说,东方不败的人生也是可悲的。 东方不败的下场很惨:自己变成了不男不女的怪物,掌管的日月教被男宠搞得七零八落,最后被来寻仇的任我行等人打得遍体鳞伤而死。但他其实也应该算是一个很幸福的人,在事业上他是所有人公认的“武功天下第一”,在爱情上他找到了知心的伴侣,甚至死的时候也和爱人死在一起,应该说他的一生是完整的,该拥有的都已经拥有了,唯一的遗憾是他不能成为一个女人。在与任我行决战前他对任盈盈说得很清楚:“……一个人生而为女子,已比臭男子幸运百倍,何况你这般千娇百媚,青春年少。我若得能和你易地而处,别说是日月神教的教主,就算是皇帝老子,我也不做。……”我想,这也是很多同志的愿望吧。 另外一个修炼者林平之与东方不败不同,他先天就是一个很女性化的人,以至于会常常有男人对他表示好感,可惜他却丝毫没有珍惜,最后爱上他的是一个女人。 虽然林平之先天有些女人气,但是在前半部书中他可以说是一个好同志。他不乏英雄气概,面对当街调戏妇女的歹徒,不计自己的安危,奋不顾身,挺身而出;在后来镖局的兄弟一个个被杀惨死时,又勇敢的站了出来,一人做事一人当。他也有勇有谋,在技不如人的时候,还能出奇制胜杀了余大少。在流浪的过程中,他为了救出父母,还能毅然决然的自身的少爷脾气一刀两段。他身上这些闪光点,让他在故事初期风头劲出,甚至盖过了令狐冲。但同时他也是个可悲的人,因为复仇的念头渐渐蒙住了他的双眼,成为他唯一的人生目标。他也渐渐的为了目的而不择手段,甚至要给邪派人士下跪,认其作爷爷学习武功;泡岳不群的女儿而保……有人说他杀死岳灵珊的情节有些过分,不太可信,但其实当他认木高峰作爷爷的时候,已经走上了一条不能回头的不归路。 《辟邪剑法》之所以不是一部好书,关键在于它的第一步,而最根本的原因是因为它的第一步极大的冒犯了人的尊严,侵犯了人天生的完整性,否认了一个人存在的价值。金庸为了表示他对《辟邪剑法》的憎恨,让所有练习者都没有好结果。林平之就是最大的牺牲者,也是描写的最细致的,很多细微处都能表现出他的时运不济:他被迫在仇人窗下偷听,以至被泼了洗脚水;报仇成功不能全身而退成了瞎子,还破了相;练成神功的喜悦却无法发泄,只好以购物来排解,享用名牌西服和香水来抬高身价。 林平之的下场也很惨,他在非常快意的报了父母大仇之后,却发现自己已经一无所有,虽然武功已经变得奇高无比,但却已经没有了他能相信的人,只得投靠了左冷禅,彼此相互利用对方;他一生也没有找到自己爱的人,而这个世界上唯一爱他的人却被他亲手杀死了;他也不再是一个健全的人,除了不再是真正的男人以外,他还失去了光明,再也无法看到这个世界的色彩。但其实在他决定把复仇作为人生的唯一目标时,他已经看不到这个世界的美丽了。 第三个修炼者岳不群可以说是金庸笔下的第一奸恶之人,一个彻头彻尾的伪君子。当他的真面目随着故事情节的展开慢慢呈现完全时,我想不论男女读者,都没有一个人会喜欢他,希望他是自己的爱侣。但同时他也很可怜:他心中要求自己一定要出人头地,要有权有势,但是在现实生活中,却处处被世俗的理法所束缚着,要保全一个“君子”的好名声,而不能为所欲为来实现自己的欲望,于是只好把他真正的面目隐藏在正人君子的面具之下。在这一点上他的心理与同性恋者是有共同之处的。许多中国同志都是在家庭和父母的要求下,背负着大家的希望,给了自己许多的压力,要求自己一定要出类拔萃,同时又不敢把自己是同志的真正身份表露出来,只好把内心深处的渴求用各种各样的谎言裹藏起来。看完了《笑傲江湖》的人,都会说岳不群很虚伪,但是又有那一个同志敢跳出来大声说自己没有虚伪过呢?从这个角度讲,岳不群的所作所为也是有情可原的,只不过他走向了一个极端,而他的虚伪又被人发现了而已。 《笑傲江湖》里练了《辟邪剑法》的人不少,除了以上三个人外,还有左冷禅,劳德佑,林平之没有血缘关系的爷爷林远图等等。也有不少人拿到了剑法却没有练,比如令狐冲、任我行、还有林远图的师父红叶禅师等,他们的武功都不如练了神功的人。从这个角度上说,《辟邪剑法》可以影射违规内容对人事业的影响,而它的要求是可以理解的。因为一个人如果没有了情的困扰,那他至少可以把时间和精力更多的投入到他的事业中去,司马迁受了腐刑后不就写出了《史记》?同时一个人没有了违规内容,也可以避免因为情爱而犯错误或走弯路。相信广大同志都感受过暗恋别人时为情所困的痛苦。 不管怎样,《笑傲江湖》作为一部脍炙人口的武侠小说,涉及了这么多同性描写,实在是难能可贵的。遗憾的是,金庸在书里对同性恋还是表现出一种唾弃、鄙夷的态度。第十二章里狄修威胁令狐冲和田伯光,要把他们“……剥得赤赤条条地绑在一起,……拿到江湖上示众,说道一个大胡子,一个小白脸,正在行那苟且之事,……”既然是“苟且”,自然不会是什么好事。而书中自宫而对女人没有欲望的几个人虽然武功不错,却都会让人看不起:东方不败妖里妖气,林平之为了巴结左冷禅杀了真心爱自己的妻子,岳不群更是道貌岸然的衣冠禽兽。唯一有点英雄气概的是林平之的爷爷林远图,他练成了“辟邪剑法”后行侠仗义,“不在佛门,行的却是佛门之事”。但是他当初是被红叶禅师派去向岳肃、蔡子峰讨还《葵花宝典》,拿到手之后却据为己有,改作《辟邪剑法》,而且后来凭此成名于江湖。虽然后来一生作了不少好事,但毕竟履历上还是有一点瑕疵。 鉴于《笑傲江湖》完成于上个世纪中下叶,那时人们的思想还很保守,作者又是一个异性恋者,这本书对同性恋的描写浅尝辄止也是顺理成章的。也许有同志会对此耿耿于怀,可是如果真的写成同违规内容情故事,比如把书名改作《东方不败与他生命中的男人》的话,大家可能又不干了,因为太不可信了,现实中哪有那么理想的爱情呢?
  17. To fellow Gay, Bisexual, and Queer men, Action for Aids (specifically Gayhealth) is organising a symposium entitled "All About Me" which will be held in March 2018. All About Me is a sexual health symposium for GBQ men aged 18 and above. Discuss and gain practical skills and insights from community leaders and sexperts. It is a free, one-day event! Sign up today to be part of a fun, personal and sex-positive programme! This is all about your needs as a GBQ man. This is All About You. Sign up here via http://www.gayhealth.sg/kys/#all-about-me--your-symposium
  18. http://www.pinknews.co.uk/2018/01/31/indonesia-is-set-to-ban-gay-sex/ Indonesia has proposed banning gay sex – and the law could pass in the next two weeks. The bill, which reportedly has support from all 10 of the country’s main political parties, would make gay sex punishable by up to five years in prison.  The Indonesian Supreme Court narrowly blocked a similar measure from passing last month, but it seems that was only a temporary reprive. The bill could pass as soon as Valentine’s Day, according to Kate Walton, an LGBT activist in the Indonesian capital, Jakarta, who was speaking to ABC in Australia. Arsul Sani, the secretary general of the PPP Party, helped to create the new criminal code. He said: “It applies to people of the same gender who have sex, which is basically a forbidden act. “It’s considered the same as adultery, where men and women having sex outside marriage can be considered a crime.” The news comes just days after Indonesian police arrested 12 transgender womenin Aceh and shaved their heads in an effort “to turn them into men”. Aceh is the only part of the Muslim-majority country where gay sex is already illegal, as the region has Shariah law, having won this concession from the government as part of a 2005 autonomy deal. The raid on salons was called “operasi penyakit masyarakat,” which translates as “community sickness operation”. The police chief in Aceh said his officers also humiliated the trans women “by way of having them run for some time and telling them to chant loudly until their male voices came out.” Gay hook-up apps have also been pulled from the Google Play Store in Indonesiaamid a government crackdown on the LGBT community. Andreas Harsono of Human Rights Watch said the new law “will create new discriminatory offences that do not exist in the current criminal code. “It will slow down Indonesia’s efforts to develop their economy, society, knowledge [and] education … if law enforcement agencies are busy policing morality. “It’s sounding like the Acehnese sharia code,” he added, according to Reuters. In May, two men were caned 83 times in Aceh as a legal punishment for having gay sex. The 20 and 23-year-old, identified only by their initials – MH and MT – were the first to be sentenced to punishment for gay sex in the region. The father of one of the men, who requested anonymity, said that he was unaware that his son was not straight before he was arrested. “This is an ordeal for our family,” the father said. “After this problem is resolved, we will send him to an Islamic boarding school to be educated so he won’t be deviant anymore.” Amnesty International has repeatedly urged Indonesia to stop its horrific treatment of LGBT people in Aceh. A report alleged that there had been attempts to ‘cover up’ the anti-LGBT oppression in the region by moving the floggings away from the public eye. But it’s not just in Aceh where LGBT Indonesians suffer. The caning punishment came the day after 141 men were arrested in Jakarta, the capital, for having a “gay sex party”. And earlier that same month, eight men were arrested for holding a “gay party” in Surabaya, the second biggest city in Indonesia. It was also announced that the country’s government would clamp down on gay culture – instituting a ban on online “gay propaganda” after a request from the police. Last year, Indonesian lawmakers gave the green light to a proposed law that would outlaw ‘LGBT behaviours’ on television.
  19. In an ultra-modern country like Singapore, transgender persons are still facing a lot of stigma and discrimination in the society as the awareness on transgender issues is very low. Some transgender persons are forced to leave their home because their families do not accept their gender identity. Many are rejected by friends and denied jobs by employers because of their gender identity. Many low income transgender persons could not even afford to rent a room as some landlords will charge very high rent when they know that it is easy to exploit a marginalised community, which others care little about. Social service agencies in Singapore are not equipped with the right knowledge to support the community while many mainstream shelters do not offer a safe space for homeless transgender persons as they do not recognise their gender identity. All these factors contributed to the serious homelessness issue in the transgender community. (Photo credit: The T Project) Created in 2014, The T Project is Singapore's only shelter for the homeless transgender persons. Its co-founder, Ms June Chua and her volunteers have been working tirelessly to provide a safe and comfortable space for these disadvantaged and homeless transgender women and men. In its small borrowed space from a local non-profit organisation, these residents find a safe space to keep well, rebuild their lives and find the courage to carry on. (Photo credit: The Straits Times and The T Project) For those who decided not to move into the shelter, The T Project offers short term financial assistance and regular food ration so that they can get some support despite of the challenging situations they are in. The T Project also plays a pivotal role in raising the awareness of transgender issues in Singapore through its public education programs so that transgender persons can live in a more accepting society. (Photo credit: The T Project) Unfortunately in May 2016, The T Project announced that the local non-profit organisation which lent the space could not afford to keep it anymore. This means that The T Project has to move out and the homeless transgender persons, like the 8 persons supported by the project will not have a place to turn to. Rose, a 78 years old transgender woman who is featured in the Pink Dot 2016 Our Heroes series (see video below) will not have a stable home anymore. The T Project and its residents need your support now. Help The T Project by making a cash donation so that Rose is 78 years old, and the other residents do not have to worry about not having a place to be safe and secure. Watch the story of Rose and The T Project. (Video produced by Pink Dot SG) How you can help? Make an online donation via Generosity to The T Project. Make an interbank transfer to the project's POSB saving bank 207~42502~8 Contact Ms June Chua at june_chua@yahoo.com and find out how else you can contribute. Help us to keep the shelter open. More information about The T Project: https://www.facebook.com/TheTprojectsg More media reports on The T Project: "Please do not leave me" by the New Paper "A rare shelter for transgender Singaporeans is in danger of closing" by SG now "Singapore transgender activist fights to keep shelter for homeless trans women" by Gaystarnews "Old shophouse attic transformed into shelter for homeless transgender people" by The Straits Times "I've Never Hated My Body": Trans Woman June Chua On Being Born This Way" by Vulcan Post
  20. http://www.todayonline.com/singapore/all-ewl-stations-see-early-closures-late-openings-weekends-and-select-weekdays-march All EWL stations to see early closures, late openings on weekends and select weekdays in March SINGAPORE ― All 35 stations along the East-West Line (EWL) will have shorter operating times in March, SMRT said on Friday (Jan 19) in an update of the train service schedule, to free up more hours for maintenance and rail renewal works. In a statement, the rail operator said that the changes will be more extensive. Two weekdays during the week-long March school holidays — Monday March 12 and Wednesday March 14 — will see the entire line shut down at 10.30pm. Previous decisions to shorten operational hours on certain stretches of the EWL and the North-South Line (NSL) were carried out over Fridays and weekends. In March, all 35 stations on the EWL will start services later at 8am every weekend until the first Sunday of April. They will close at 11pm every Friday and Saturday during this period as well. However, there will not be full-day shutdowns on the EWL in February and March. In December, stretches of the EWL and NSL were fully shut on two Sundays, while 10 stations saw full-day closures on Jan 21 and 28. SMRT said in its latest statement that the shorter hours on 35 MRT stations in the month of March will allow multiple teams to carry out maintenance and rail renewal works concurrently. "This will also accelerate the implementation of the communications-based train control system on the EWL by June 2018." As for ongoing early closures over the weekend for 10 stations on EWL, from Paya Lebar to Pasir Ris and from Tanah Merah to Changi Airport, they will continue to the first weekend of February. These stations will close earlier on Friday Feb 2 and Saturday Feb 3, and open later on Saturday Feb 3 and Sunday Feb 4. Shuttle bus service will be available for affected commuters during this period. From Feb 2 to 4, there will be no train service between City Hall and Raffles Place MRT stations on the NSL. "Commuters travelling between these stations will need to use the EWL," SMRT said. During this period, commuters should also expect a longer wait for trains travelling between Orchard and Marina South Pier stations. SMRT said that trains on this affected stretch of the NSL will arrive at longer intervals of 10 to 15 minutes after 11pm on Friday Feb 2 and Saturday Feb 3, and before 7am on Saturday Feb 3 and Sunday Feb 4. Companies and commuters interviewed by TODAY said that they are going to make alternative transport plans, especially on the two weekdays in March when the entire line will close early at 10.30pm. Ms Pauline Chua, office manager of shipping company Anchor Marine Supplies, which is located near Joo Koon MRT Station, said: “Our staff members work round the clock… some of them will not have trains home by the time they knock off.” This is particularly for boarding officers who work at shipyards, she added. “They have staggered work timings… (and) end work at around 11pm, sometimes even past midnight, depending on duties for the day.” Ms Chua said that car-pooling may be a possible option, where a driver drops off workers on the late shift. The company could then reimburse the driver for the amount of petrol used and overtime hours. “Otherwise, the last resort is to reimburse each one of them for their taxi fares home,” she said. Commuters such as freelance designer Hakim Samat, 24, who frequently takes the last train from Somerset to Lakeside stations, said that he would either take a taxi or bus when the line closes early. His friend Ryemie Muhaimin, 25, a film student who lives in Bukit Batok and normally takes the EWL home, said that taking taxis can be costly. “But I guess there is no choice if we wish to get home.” [/quote]
  21. Link to original article: https://broadly.vice.com/en_us/article/mbqvzy/the-growing-movement-of-men-who-secretly-remove-condoms-during-sex?utm_source=vicefbus I think this is slowly becoming in issue in Singapore, and would like to raise a little bit of awareness in this forum. A new study takes an in-depth look at the practice of removing a condom during sex without a partner's knowledge or consent, also known as "stealthing." In a summary, this article talks about having sex and their partners removed the condoms without their consent. Besides the fear of STDs and pregnancies, there's also psychological injury: betrayal of trust and explicit consent. Some of these people engaging in deliberate removal of condoms use excuses like "Oh it slipped off" or "I thought you knew it wasn't on!" Statistically speaking, MOH's website states that 92% of HIV+ people are male, and majority of them are 20-49 years old at 72%. Given that 95% of the time, the reason for HIV transmission is sex, and 52% was from homosexual transmissions, it is pertinent as ever that we enforce the topic on protecting ourselves by understanding the dangers of "stealthing", which is the act of secretly removing condoms without the other party's consent. Source: https://www.moh.gov.sg/content/moh_web/home/statistics/infectiousDiseasesStatistics/HIV_Stats/update-on-the-hiv-aids-situation-in-singapore-2016--june-2017-.html From me to you: use condoms whenever you meet someone new. Don't risk anything unless you can trust that person- with informed information like HIV/STD tests. Learn to wear the condom properly (both as a top or bottom!) and make sure it stays on.
  22. https://mothership.sg/2017/12/east-west-line-mrt-full-day-closure/ A total of 10 stations on the East-West Line (EWL) will be closed for two full days on Sundays, Jan. 21 and 28, 2018. The affected stations run between Paya Lebar and Pasir Ris MRT stations, as well as Expo and Changi Airport stations. Early closures, late openings There will also be early closures on Fridays and Saturdays at 11pm and late openings at 8am on Saturdays and Sundays. In other words, train service on the eastern sector of EWL will be affected on all weekends in January 2018, as maintenance and renewal works on the rail line continue. Shuttle bus services Two shuttle bus services — one between Aljunied and Pasir Ris, and another between Expo and Changi Airport — will be available. Longer waiting times for trains on NS Line Trains will also come at longer intervals on the North-South Line late at night and early in the morning on weekends. This is because MRT train services between Orchard and Marina South Pier stations will be operating on a single track on late Friday and Saturday nights, and early Saturday and Sunday mornings. Train services will therefore operate at longer intervals of between 10 to 15 minutes before 7am and after 11pm on certain days. At these times, there will also be no service between City Hall and Raffles Place MRT stations on the NSL. Commuters travelling between these two stations will need to use the EWL, or use other MRT lines or bus services. Detailed information on the exact train service timings and alternative transport arrangements will be made available soon. Update, Dec. 18, 2017: Efforts to speed up the re-signalling works on the East-West Line will be extended to January 2018. Shuttle bus services will be available. Trains will also arrive at longer intervals on the North-South Line late at night and early in the morning on weekends in January 2018. At these times, there will also be no service between City Hall and Raffles Place MRT stations on the NSL.
  23. http://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/transport/partying-late-on-new-years-eve-smrt-and-sbs-transit-have-got-your-back-till-the Partying late on New Year's Eve? SMRT and SBS Transit have your back till the wee hours SINGAPORE - Partygoers on New Year's Eve will have the option of taking public transport home as both transport operators SMRT and SBS Transit are rolling out their customary longer hours on their train lines and certain bus services. SBS Transit's North East Line (NEL) and Downtown Line (DTL) will operate for at least two hours longer than usual, to get revellers home from their countdown parties. The last train will leave the NEL HarbourFront Station at 2.16am on Jan 1, while the last train will leave the DTL Expo Station at 1.49am. Its LRT systems in Sengkang and Punggol will run until after the last NEL trains arrive at their respective town centre stations. The last train on SMRT's North-South Line towards Jurong East will depart from City Hall at 2.15am. The train in the other direction, terminating at Marina South Pier, will depart from City Hall at 1.59am. On the East-West Line, the last trains terminating at Pasir Ris and Tuas Link will leave City Hall at 2.15am. The journey to Tuas Link will include a bus transfer from Joo Koon MRT Station to Gul Circle MRT Station. On the Circle Line, the last train from Dhoby Ghaut to HarbourFront leaves at 1.41am, while the last train in the other direction leaves at 1.38am. The last train on the Bukit Panjang LRT will depart Choa Chu Kang station at 3.16am and terminate at Bukit Panjang via Service A. Select bus services will operate for longer as well. The following SMRT bus services will have their last buses depart between 3am and 3.15am: 300, 301, 302, 307 and 308 in Choa Chu Kang; 901, 911, 912 and 913 in Woodlands; 859A in Sembawang; 804 and 812 in Yishun; and 920 and 922 in Bukit Panjang. SBS Transit will extend operating hours of 24 of its bus services, on top of the six late-night Nite Owl services - 1N, 2N, 3N, 4N, 5N and 6N - that will be extended to operate until 4am. Its 24 bus services will depart from their various beginning stops between 2.45am and 3am, with the exception of Bus 400, which will depart Shenton Way Terminal at 1.30am. The services are: 33, 133, 261, 269, 222, 225G, 228, 229, 410W, 181, 240, 241, 243G, 60A, 63M, 325, 51A, 315, 400, 291, 292, 293, 232 and 238.
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