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  1. Hey, Any Top or Flexi near by SengKang, Fernvale, Seletar Mall, RiverVale Mall, Jalan Kayu, Hougang or Punggol Waterway Point, wanna have fun? Skype Cam Fun on night also can, leave your skype ID
  2. Shiok〜any slim, slender or skinny guys, want to jerk off on weekend night🤔⁉Haha...😃Shiok...✊💦 Hum...come and I'll help you lah...✊🍆💦Shiok😗
  3. i am at a local sauna. i pull one guy into a dark corner to fxxk. he later told me he was virgin. after some rest, i went back for second round. got another guy. after fxxking and talking cock, he also said he was virgin. either it was virgin nite or there is a trend that btm like to say they are virgin. need to say they were quite tight but one of them seem too familiar with fxxking position. i think he lie to me.
  4. I live in a condo in the east. Yesterday, after a swim, I went to the changing room/shower. The sauna is also in there, and the lights were on (it usually is not in use). So I walked in, and there was a mature China man (50?) standing in the nude. I was surprised, said hi, and also took off my towel. We sat opposite one another in the small sauna, with cocks/balls in full view. He was about 3inches uncut, with low-hanging balls and lots of straight pubes. I was thinking "OK, if he makes the first move - like a 'come-here' smile - I would be brave and move closer to him and see what happens". But too bad, we just sat there with out legs wide open and nothing happened. He went out for a quick shower and came back in, but he never said a word. Then he went out for good. I followed shortly to see him showering with the cubicle door open. And while I was showering (with the door open of course), he sat on the wooden bench naked while drying himself, all in full view of me. It may be nothing at all but it was such a torn-on to know two naked men were so comfortable with nudity. After he left, I actually JO in the shower. Anyone has similar experience in your condo sauna?
  5. Guys do share your views about security guards. Have seen some of them wearing those tight pants like its gonna get split. Personally, I have gotten sucked off by one when I was staying in a condo in the west. Was kinda drunk that day n had gone to the club house toilet in the condo to pee. This Indian security abt 28 yrs old walked in. While peeing beside he kept looking at my cock. Suddenly he just spoke to me, "big cock u have". I was drunk n high so I just smiled. While washing hands he offered to blowjob for me. He was have noticed that I was drunk too. High that I was I grabbed the offer. He locked the toilet and started blowing me. Damn he blowed me really good. Best part was that he swallowed every drop of my cum;) A week later, saw him again when I returned home late one night. Got to f**k him. Damn hot buns he had.
  6. Hi guys, I'm currently a year 3 student in poly and I would have to take my IPPT test soon for my NS. Do you guys have any tips completing it? I'm currently having difficulties passing.. Any tips, experiences or training programmes would be appreciated hehe thank you
  7. jphiellen


    Hey it’s your fave 19 yo Jap-Chi NSF looking for FWBs again! I’m looking for someone who I can click with and meet to fuck often (preferably in the west) do send in your applications! Preferably younger guys (18-25) but fitter older guys are welcome to talk to me too! telegram: knzfoo
  8. Hey guys I’m just a random jap-Chinese NSF looking to see if there are any chat groups for boys like me to join haha. I’m 19 and looking for some friends in the community and possible some friends with benefits. If you know any active groups on telegram/line please do leave a reply! Thank you
  9. jphiellen


    Also looking for friends that might become FWBs between the age of 18-25. I’m your 19 yo Jap NSF again haha
  10. Hi guys, I have trouble passing IPPT so i'm a regular at IPT/RT. And we all know going to IPT/RT alone can be quite boring, so maybe we can use this thread to look for buddies to go IPT/RT with. At least then we won't be so lonely everytime. So let's post when and where you are going for IPT/RT. Cheers.
  11. guys you know when entering the army get medical check up one right? Then when they check my penis (if they do) then my foreskin cannot retract then how, will they ask you to do circumisation or anything?
  12. Slow Edging fun in empty Showers at Bishan Sports. Warm Showers , bring Shampoo. Groups
  13. Name : Russell Bodyworks Male Masseur (Local Exotic Indo Chinese) Place : Outcall your place or INCALL@Hotel every saturday Week Nights near Clementi MRT flat plus Sunday afternoon after check out Monday to Friday starting 8 pm nightly Rate : $60 (Hotel included) or $80 your place Technic: Pure Acupressure Sensual Oil Massage Hotel Note: NO checking in. Straight to room. Hp: +65 8239 3846 Email: Russellbodyworks@hotmail.com Facebook: Russell Bodyworks I LOVE my BODY. I may flaunt it BUT my body and soul and my car are NOT for sale. I don't have a problem with my body but I DON'T want my body to be a distraction from my TALENT or my brain. PROFILE: I'm a laid back, open minded, well-educated, nice guy I’m looking to hook up with all cool, CLEAN guys who are into mutually respectful and mutually satisfying hot bodywork. Whether you’re CURIOUS and want to have a NEW experience or experienced and want to have a new experience. CURIOUS? I'd be a fool not to also shamelessly market myself to the curious straight guy out there. Fulfill that fantasy that's played over and over in their heads. You know the fantasy I mean, buddy. The one with you lying naked and some hot shirtless guy standing next to you working you over. That fantasy doesn't go away until you find some balls and go for it...and when you finally do, its even better than you imagined. I celebrate any man, of any age, who allows himself to experience something NEW. That is what life is about, peace. RUSSELL
  14. PM me if you have full set of military police no.3 uniform or the old pokice uniform to sell Thanks! (Not going to lie, im desparate for them :p)
  15. Arrested exec shared drugs in F&P flat 18 June 2006 By ADAM DUDDING Graham Ball, the former Fisher and Paykel executive arrested in a Singapore drugs bust, was sharing drugs at a flat paid for by F&P when police swooped, say charge sheets released to the Sunday Star-Times by the Singapore courts. Ball, 45, and local man Lim Kim Hui, who is in his late 20s, were charged with trafficking, consumption and other drug charges after police found 2.25g of methamphetamine and 1.19g of ketamine in Ball's company flat. Urine samples from the men tested positive for drugs. Ball has continued to live at the flat since he was released on bail a week after his March 31 arrest, but a Fisher and Paykel spokesman in New Zealand said he would leave the flat when its lease expired in a few days. Ball's lawyer, Harbajan Singh, said the company fired Ball from his post as Singapore general manager soon after his arrest. He said Ball had "lost everything". "He was earning good money, he was number one running operations here. It's hit him very bad." Ball's $S100,000 ($102,000) bail was paid by his brother, who flew to Singapore after being told of the arrest by the New Zealand government. The two trafficking charges against Ball, each carrying a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison and 15 strokes of the cane, have since been replaced with possession charges in a plea bargain arranged by Singh. Singh said Ball, who is originally from Te Puke, in the Bay of Plenty, was likely to face a sentence of about nine months in prison plus fines. He will next appear in court on June 29. News of the arrest came as Singapore's prime minister, Lee Hsien Loong, arrived in New Zealand for an official five-day visit. Prime Minister Helen Clark yesterday refused to comment on Ball because his case is before the courts. She would not say if she would raise the matter with her Singaporean counterpart during his visit. A Fisher and Paykel spokesman in New Zealand said the company was "shocked" when Ball was charged, but he declined to comment on whether its reputation in Singapore had suffered as a result
  16. It's not easy at all when he's serving NS while you're not. Especially when he's your one and only. There are a lot time where you feel like giving up because you're just so deprived of his time, his company, basically deprived of him. But you can't do anything. Even when he's out, he's mostly tired which means he would spend most of his timing resting. This is just one of many unspoken pain points. But at the end of the day, we keep reminding each other to be understanding and think from each other's point of view so we can come to a common ground. As long as I know deep down we still love each other, I will continue to wait for him. Anyone share these common pain point as well?
  17. What are things ur section mates/buddy do to u when they horny,do they gang rape u?
  18. What underwear do elist nsf wear nowadays? Do u guys peek during shower?
  19. PM for Group BUY...Tank tops , Camo Shorts...more TOTAL TOP POWER BTM Blow Me
  20. Any stories to share of these rare chances we get to fool around with genuinely straight guys? Pictures and videos also can! I'll start the ball rolling: Last month, I was having a party at one of my uni coursemates' house. That clique of about 8, though only 6 were present that day, were very happening. The type that go partying often, a lot of sexual hijinks. The guys' parents were on holiday and we brought many bottles of alcohol so that night was quite wild. Anyway, after we got done with the snacks... we started to play games like kings and truth or dare. I am quite straight-acting so no one suspected, and us 4 guys sort of kept arrowing the only 2 girls to do very suggestive things for the dares. One of them opened her bra and flashed us, then later they also happily made out with each other on a dare. The best is one of them let another guy put his hand up her skirt for 2 minutes. In turn, they were also quite horny and gave us equally suggestive things to do on our turns. I really had my eye on one guy there. His name was Stanley, pretty face damn hot body from canoeing. Looks like a J-pop star that type. But he was very straight lah. On his turn, his "truth" question was something about his ex gf that he refused to answer, so we decided he had to do a super intense forfeit dare. I saw that the girls were eyeing him with lust already, and they eventually decided that his forfeit would be to let them fondle his body for 15 minutes. The other 2 guys were very amused but lost interest quickly and decided to go on the balcony to smoke. Luckily, I am a non-smoker so had an excuse to stay behind to watch the show. Stanley was a bit shy but not that reluctant. Got 2 hot and horny girls want to touch you who don't want? They started the clock, very quickly unbuttoned his shirt and touching his chest and abs all over. Stanley's face turn red and he was just laughing and squirming. They also undid his pants and pulled them down. Leaving his grey briefs exposed. I was very turned on that I could roughly make out the shape of his dick resting over his two balls. Looks quite a decent size. Then one of the girls very shameless, grab hold of his groin area then rub and rub. I saw already also very turned on. But I hid my boner and pretended to be laughing in the background. I saw Stanley's dick also must have been hard already, have a huge tent in his briefs. Still let the girl fondle up and down. Suddenly, one of them turned to me asking, "Is your's as big as his or not?" I sat there didn't know what to say. But eventually gave the typical guy response that of course mine is bigger. I think they heard, then getting more and more horny; so they said since I'm next to take a dare anyway, they want to use it now: the dare is that I must strip and show them whether or not I'm really "bigger". I was very reluctant because I didn't want Stanley or them to see that I was turned on by seeing him being jerked off through his underwear. But after a few refusals, one girl quickly whisper something to her friend then her friend nodded eagerly. They said okay, I don't have to stripped... they change the dare to I must join them in playing with Stanley's body! I heard already felt very faint. Cannot believe what was happening. Of course I was very willing to seize the opportunity to play with this hot guy but must act like I'm reluctant. Stanley also protested a lot saying it was damn gay and he didn't want. But the girls kept saying if not he must answer the original question about his ex gf (something very personal) and that they were also willing to kiss each other earlier because the dare process had to be honoured. Eventually, he agreed but looked at me and said, "Dude, don't touch too much." I gave him a nod. The moment I agreed, one girl pointed at his clear bulge and said, "Now you must take over!" Then she demostrated what she expected me to do by rubbing up and down his cock shaft through the fabric. Essentially giving him a handjob through his briefs. Stanley complained "What the fuck lah!" but didn't bother to resist. I saw my opportunity, I also knew how I could get away with playing a little bit more. So I pretended to be a bit cheeky, I grabbed hold of his cock through his briefs then shouted "Yaaahhhhhhh!" as I jerked very fast. This made me appear like I was making a joke out of it, acting like a cartoon character. But actually I was very very turned on. Feeling Stanley's hard cock in my hand, and the warmth from his shaft was damn shiok! The best part was that I could feel his thick cock and swollen head throb every now and then. The girls were giggling and staring intently. I was impossibly overcome with lust. I suddenly got the overwhelming urge to make this handsome straight boy cum a hot load by my hand! Even though my facial expression still remain cartoonish, I actually make the effort to change my technique to the most effective one possible. I rubbed his cock head a bit more knowing it is the sensitive area on a guy's penis and also grip a bit firmer. I soon heard Stanley say, "What the fuck lah, enough!" Then he tried to push me away. But I used my other hand to pin his chest down (his chest also a bit sweaty by then) and said something lame like "Yaaahhh, cannot stop not fully charged yet." I continued stroking, feeling my palm glide across his shaft over and over and over again through the cloth. Stanley started shouting, "What are you trying to do? Stop lah! I going to cannot take it already!" I heard the girls laughing and one of them was mumbling, do it do it! I felt the piece of meat in my hands expanding a bit, becoming thicker and harder. Stanley was also grunting repeatedly and saying, "Fuck! Going to cannot take it already!" as his handsome face and mascular bod contorted in pleasure. I knew this hot straight boy was very close to cumming already! But then, DAMN SUAY! He managed to break free of my pin. He cursed a bit and pulled up his pants, then said we teased him till this point, he had to go finish himself in the bathroom already. And he quickly walked to the toilet and locked the door. I was fucking disappointed can! Very soon, the other two guys came back and we contnued to play and talk a bit. But I was actually damn sad imagining Stanley in the toilet just in the next room stroking that big tool between his legs and cumming his massive load by himself when it could have been me doing that for him. Anyway, me and Stanley (and also that clique) are all still friends now. But every time I see him around school or as we hang out, I can't help but drift back to the feeling of his hard cock in my hands and how it thickened and swelled, nearly ready to burst at my touch. Gives me a boner every time I see his handsome face now! Anyone have similar experiences with straight guys? Do share and discuss. Hopefully you all were luckier than I was and manage to go all the way with your guys!
  21. There are real-life stories for you to read on the blog: "I Will Survive: Personal gay, lesbian, bisexual & transgender stories in Singapore"You can also read the full version of all the stories here in the e-book. And the book review HERE.
  22. Hi Anyone will be at Bedok camp tmr? I will be going for the evening RT. If possible pls pm me we can chat further from there. If you have line, wechat, kik or skype pls pm me so I can add you. 26 179 68kg mly here. Body : Average Looks : Average
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