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  1. Hey, Any Top or Flexi near by SengKang, Fernvale, Seletar Mall, RiverVale Mall, Jalan Kayu, Hougang or Punggol Waterway Point, wanna have fun? Skype Cam Fun on night also can, leave your skype ID
  2. Hi guys, I have trouble passing IPPT so i'm a regular at IPT/RT. And we all know going to IPT/RT alone can be quite boring, so maybe we can use this thread to look for buddies to go IPT/RT with. At least then we won't be so lonely everytime. So let's post when and where you are going for IPT/RT. Cheers.
  3. So...im a fan of the author who writes the series titled the same here. Without stuffing the original thread, thought it might be better to have a separate one on how the key characters might be like, or how we fantasize about them 😀. Came across some images online (disclaimer, these are images over the web). Starting off, would this be Jason or Kelvin, going by how they were described?
  4. Guys! Those who freeball / go commando! Have you ever wondered how the term "Go Commando" came about? "Freeballing" is easily understood, literally crystal clear. What about "going commando"? This thread is purely Info-Documentary ... a non-sexual oriented thread. Happy Reading! Happy Contributing!
  5. Name : Russell Bodyworks Male Masseur (Local Exotic Indo Chinese) Place : Outcall your place or INCALL@Hotel every saturday Week Nights near Clementi MRT flat plus Sunday afternoon after check out Monday to Friday starting 8 pm nightly Rate : $60 (Hotel included) or $80 your place Technic: Pure Acupressure Sensual Oil Massage Hotel Note: NO checking in. Straight to room. Hp: +65 8239 3846 Email: Russellbodyworks@hotmail.com Facebook: Russell Bodyworks I LOVE my BODY. I may flaunt it BUT my body and soul and my car are NOT for sale. I don't have a problem with my body but I DON'T want my body to be a distraction from my TALENT or my brain. PROFILE: I'm a laid back, open minded, well-educated, nice guy I’m looking to hook up with all cool, CLEAN guys who are into mutually respectful and mutually satisfying hot bodywork. Whether you’re CURIOUS and want to have a NEW experience or experienced and want to have a new experience. CURIOUS? I'd be a fool not to also shamelessly market myself to the curious straight guy out there. Fulfill that fantasy that's played over and over in their heads. You know the fantasy I mean, buddy. The one with you lying naked and some hot shirtless guy standing next to you working you over. That fantasy doesn't go away until you find some balls and go for it...and when you finally do, its even better than you imagined. I celebrate any man, of any age, who allows himself to experience something NEW. That is what life is about, peace. RUSSELL
  6. Anyone interested to meet for side fun? 21/175/65 mix mly here. if we click, we can be fuck buddies too!
  7. Hi, I have special liking for military officers in uniform, especially if you're married/bi straight /manly looking guys. Free to connect if you're ones. I'm Straight looking tall btm. 45,181,87, local chn Private msg if you seek discreet companionship or brotherhood.
  8. This is a collective plea from all of us here at BW for you readers to share your sexual experiences. Come on don't be shy! I am sure everyone has some unique experiences to share. Do not worry about writing in broken english. It in fact provides a distinctive flavour to the post. Since we have allowed posting to be made anonymously (you do not need to be a registered member to post), your identity will not be exposed. I am attaching an example of a great post written in somewhat working class singlish. Up to today, I get hard reading it. I am sure many of you guys have similar stories to tell. Kindly share. ==================================================================== SteamedFish Unregistered User (4/8/04 7:23 am) FishingMan Last weekend I was drinking with friends at the NTUC Club. When we said goodbye, I thought I'll go to the nearby seaside to get some fresh air. There are some lovers and 2 men fishing. I walked to the far side to sit near the man to see how was his luck. The lights were quite dim but I can see him. Quite a stout chap with a handsome fair face about 30+. After a while, he got up, unzipped and peed into the sea. Hehe, I of course looked at his cock. Nice. He saw me that. He sat down and carried on his fishing. I asked him got any fish. He said no but got cheekopek. I know he was referring to me. But I was thick-skinned. I said we all men why say until like that? See also no harm right. He said don't know why ah quas like to peep at him. Happened so many time already. I said he's handsome, that's why. He say he old cock liao and got 2 children already. So I say he got man flavor. He said I got very sweet mouth. Is it I want to makan him. I say I dare not, wait he beat me up. He said don't bluff, last time that kelong owner also behaved like me. Seems like he's got naughty story so I asked him to tell me. He said last time he fishing at Changi, got one man saw him and told him he got kelong and he can fish there many fish. Since he said it's free, so he went because the kelong's nearby. When they got on the kelong, there were 2 workers there. The owner told them to go mainland to do something so they left. While he's fishing, he caught many fishes. The owner took a big pail to put in the fishes. But one time, he accidentally spill water on him. The owner said sorry and told him to wash with the clean pail of water. He said here nobody so can just wash naked nobody see also. So he got naked and washed. Then the owner also strip naked and his cock was hard already. He said he also want to wash. So they washed. Then the owner washed his back for him. Then told him to relax while he massage his back. He put a big canvas cloth on the floor and told him to lie down. He told the owner he's not gay. The owner said never mind, only help him relax. The owner massaged until his cock stand also. Quite nice. Then he asked him want to release fire or not? He said no. But the owner already shaking his cock until he cums. The owner also masturbated till he cummed. I said his story made me steamed. He said he also steamed. He asked me whether I got let people play backside. I said very seldom. He said he want to fxxk my backside. I said cannot, here so dangerous. He said I am so hamsup, he want to fxxk me also think twice. Wait he changed his mind then it's too late. So I said go someplace can or not? He said can if not far away. So he kept his fishing line and carried his big bag. We walked to Marina South and saw a big lorry park that's quite dim. There's one big lorry so we climbed on. He lay his canvas on the floor and we striped naked. He asked why I not shy to let men fxxk. I said not always but must be handsome like him then I willing. If not, then I don't want also. He laughed, like that he can fxxk any men if he want. I asked he got condom or not. He said no. He say how? I said if not then we just shake out. He said cannot that means he not handsome enough is it? I said no condom dangerous. He said I clean backide or not? I said should be, I washed before going out. He said he got plenty of water. He said he has an idea. He took out a plastic bag and inside was a big sandwich wrapped in lots of cellophane. He carefully removed the cellophane and put the sandwich back into the plastic bag. He wrapped the cellophane a few times round his cock and tie round his balls. I touched it and it felt quite strong with the few layers. He said I am like a wolf. But then no lube. Again he opened the sandwich bag and took out the small piece of wrapped butter. Wah lan eh, he said this time it is like people said I "bua" butter on my backside and kan karchng. I must say he's quite a good fxxker with all the right moves. I got my legs on his shoulders and told him he's good. He smiled and pumped me slow and fast. First I cummed then he after. We used his water to wipe clean and put on our clothes. He said it was fun. I said next time we better go hotel. ======================================================================
  9. What’s It Like To Come Out As Gay To The SAF? by Yeo Boon PingJune 27, 2020 SHARE TO All images by Zachary Tang unless otherwise stated. In 2001, an article entitled “Understanding Homosexual Servicemen—A Case Study” appeared in Counsel-Link, the quarterly publication of the SAF Counselling Centre (SCC). It was written by Lily Wong-Ip, who was, at that time, Head of Research and Training Branch at SCC. The article describes her experience counselling N, a 22-year-old “Chinese homosexual serving his National Service as a clerk in an army camp”. N was referred for counselling through his medical officer for help in “deal[ing] with interpersonal problems in camp as a result of his effeminate behaviour”. Lily and N established a “warm and amicable” client-therapist relationship. She writes, “I found N positive and motivated towards counselling.” These sessions, however, seemed to trouble Lily: “I had wanted very much for N to choose a ‘straight’ life … I was saddened when he chose to remain as a gay after we had explored the challenges he would face as a homosexual. In fact, as the counselling relationship strengthened, I encouraged N to attend a programme for homosexuals, run for the purpose of helping gays change their sexual orientation to one that is ‘straight’. “I also felt hypocritical when I assured N my acceptance and respect for him, regardless of his decision on whether he would remain gay, when my desire was for him to make a different decision.” Despite this problematic perspective, Lily ends her article on a positive note. “I am grateful to N who gave me the privilege to enter into his world of homosexuality,” Lily concludes. “I have learnt much about the homosexual subculture and it had challenged me to review my own worldviews and stereotypes.” Screenshot of an archived version of Lily's article on Counsel-Link. Accounts of Singaporean men coming out in the army, whether to their medical officer, or informally to their bunkmates, are rare. Correction: local forums are rife with speculation and anonymous—hence unverifiable—tales. They range from the closeted pre-enlistee worried about being bullied in the army, to gay men sharing their experiences declaring 302 (the official medical code the SAF uses to classify gay men), to car fanatics who are “scared kena touched in the dark” by their gay bunkmates. Properly documented reports of what happens when you declare 302, however, are few and far between. The most reliable and oft cited belongs to Lim Chi-Sharn, who meticulously detailed the process of coming out as gay to his medical officer because he, too, was frustrated by “[sketchy] word-of-mouth … information available online” and “wanted to partially fill this lack of publicly available information by documenting [his] own experience”. Originally published in 2002 on the email group SiGNeL (the Singapore Gay News List), and later picked up by Fridae and Yawning Bread, his account is lengthy and worth reading in full. For those short on time, some things stood out to me: 1. Chi-Sharn’s “officer cadet training … [was] terminated” after he disclosed his homosexuality; 2. Homosexuality is listed as an example of a “social problem” in the medical declaration form (though, in a later version that I found, the phrase seems to have been altered to “social issue”); 3. Capt. Tan, the interviewing doctor, asked Chi-Sharn, “Are you the man or woman?”; 4. Capt. Tan mentioned that ‘sensitive’ areas [in the military] are probably out-of-the-question” to gay servicemen; 5. Capt. Tan told Chi-Sharn that the SAF does not consider homosexuality a mental illness. However, Capt. Tan also acknowledged that the SAF’s “‘Directory of Diseases” contains entries on homosexuality and transsexuality. Lily’s article may provide some insight into why, in his interrogation of Chi-Sharn, Capt. Tan took this line of questioning. In an attempt to understand N, her client, better, Lily constructed a model of the potential problems gay servicemen may face. The military presents a challenging environment for them, Lily writes—completely without irony—because: ■ It is assumed that gays would threaten discipline and morale ■ It is assumed that the male bonding that takes place in combat would be jeopardised if its potential for erotic contact were condoned ■ It is believed that gays are subject to blackmail in the military context Seen in this light, the interview by Capt. Tan was designed to assess if Chi-Sharn would pose a problem to the armed forces in these ways, and, if assessed to do so, what vocation would suitably sequester him away from his fellow servicemen. Granted, these pronouncements are by one woman and do not necessarily reflect the motivations underpinning SAF’s treatment of homosexual men. But we must remember that Lily was the Head of Research and Training Branch at SCC, and was writing for a publication affiliated to the SAF. Therefore, it is hard not to understand her article within the larger context of institutional policies regarding homosexuality in the military. It is, however, almost too easy to demolish each assumption or belief. All three points are categorically disproven by multiple militaries around the world, such as Israel, Canada, and Australia, which have abolished discriminatory policies towards queer soldiers without compromising military effectiveness. In fact, “British military officials saw an unexpected benefit of allowing gays to serve openly—better retention of qualified soldiers and sailors in key positions.” Moreover, if eroticism in the army were truly disastrous to its capabilities, then it logically follows that all women should be banned from serving. Yet the SAF constantly attempts to attract women to a military career and celebrate its female soldiers, which is a glaring contradiction to its fear of “erotic contact” in the army. (Just to be clear, I am all for equality in the army, whether it’s gender or sexuality.) Equal treatment also removes any need for queer people to stay in the closet while serving the military. The freedom to live openly, in turn, prevents them from being susceptible to blackmail: blackmail loses its power when its victims have nothing to hide. Discriminatory policies based on a fear that “gays are subject to blackmail in the military context”, therefore, create an absurd Catch-22 situation. Soldiers in such armies keep their sexuality a secret because of institutional discrimination motivated by the fact that these soldiers have a secret … It is a circular (il)logic that characterises the contradictions gay servicemen experience while serving NS. A rendition of the medical questionnaire pre-enlistees have to fill in. It is unclear if this is the most current version of the form. Credit: Singapore LGBT Encyclopaedia. Both Chi-Sharn’s account and Lily’s article were published almost 20 years ago. The treatment of gay men in the army may—should—have changed since then. In fact, Lily’s article, “Understanding Homosexual Servicemen — A Case Study” can be accessed only through a snapshot of the page taken by the Internet Archive. It is no longer available at its original URL, which may suggest that the SAF is now more enlightened in its policies regarding gay servicemen and no longer endorses or subscribes to outdated views about sexuality. “It felt very tiring … to have to wear a mask [and hide who I am]," Kennede says. On a peer level, it certainly seems so. Four years ago, Kennede Sng, a second-year university student, came out to his medical officer (MO) during Basic Military Training (BMT) because he was having issues adjusting to military life. “My bunkmates were making jokes like, ‘Do you think there are any gay guys in our bunk? Are they going to rape us at night?’ And my sergeants would say, ‘Run faster! Stop being such an Ah Gua!’ “It felt very tiring … to have to wear a mask. I was already very out, and it felt like I had to step into the closet again … There was [also] a lot of built-up resentment because the first day, [the commanders] try to motivate us by saying things like, ‘Picture your house with your wife and your kids’.” Expecting the casual homophobia and heteronormativity to persist in the medical centre, Kennede was thus surprised to find the MO being “very chill about it”. “The MO … told me, ‘I don’t want you to think it’s a mental health problem. I also want to know exactly why this is causing you any problems that you have now,’” Kennede recalls. “I really appreciated that.” Kennede's PC told him, "If anybody is giving you shit for [being gay] ... you can let me know." Kennede’s superiors were as understanding. On his first day at Selarang Camp, Kennede’s platoon commander (PC) assured him: “I read your file. I know why you dropped out of BMT … If anybody is giving you shit for it or anybody teases you for it, you can let me know.” With the support of his PC, Kennede eventually felt comfortable enough to come out to his fellow clerks, who took the news in their stride. Most of them had never met a gay person; their main reaction was fiery curiosity about all manner of gay things. At the same time, they were careful enough not to offend Kennede by bombarding him with potentially sensitive questions. But Kennede opened the floodgates to them. “I told them I’m very sex positive. They can ask me about whatever,” he laughs. Encouraged by his experiences in Selarang camp, Kennede decided to come out soon after when he underwent BMT a second time. Now that his section was consciously aware of the presence of a gay person in their presence, no one cracked a single homophobic joke. “I came out to my CO and DYCO by email … They know me quite well and were quite positive about it," Prashant says. Prashant Somosundram, the general manager of The Projector, came out 16 years ago when he returned to Singapore after his undergraduate studies to serve as a regular in the Republic of Singapore Air Force. Like Kennede, his peers and superiors were supportive of him and his decision. “I had a core group of friends in the service who were fully aware … and [provided] a support system at a peer level,” Prashant tells me. “I came out to my CO and DYCO by email … They know me quite well and were quite positive about it. They were keen … for me to continue working there. At that level, it wasn’t an issue.” What was an issue, however, was Prashant’s security clearance. Prashant served in a “classified operational unit”, in his words, and thus had to go through Category 1 security clearance. As part of the process, it was mandatory to answer a questionnaire designed to “weed out people who visit prostitutes, who are financially indebted, or are gay,” according to Prashant. “Because these three, they believe, would subject you to blackmail, and therefore trade national secrets to the enemies,” Prashant speculates, correctly alighting on Lily’s (fallacious) belief that “gays are subject to blackmail in the military context”. After he declared he was gay in the questionnaire, the Military Security Department (MSD) put Prashant through two full-day, one-to-one interviews in a windowless room. “It was a very long interrogation process,” Prashant recollects. “Right down to intimate details about your life, who you hooked up with, all these. And then there’s a polygraph test after that to see if I had compromised security while I was away [for my overseas studies]. “The process with the interviews was quite painful. You’re dealing with people who are not familiar with what queer lives are … The burden was on you to try and explain what your lifestyle was. “Some of the questions were, ‘Do lesbians become lesbians because they have very bad experiences with guys? Do you think you’ll get HIV?’” In the end, Prashant obtained his Category 1 clearance. When he finished his 3-year stint in his operational unit and was up for his staff tour, however, his homosexuality became a thorny point for MSD. "It was always trying to negotiate this space and trying to pretend you don’t know the reason [why you are passed up for promotion].” “When I applied for the renewal … I didn’t get the clearance. It’s supposed to be an automatic renewal. But, yeah,” he laughs helplessly. “I kept chasing MSD, but they wouldn’t commit to anything. They basically just said, ‘your new job doesn’t require Cat 1 clearance.’ Which wasn’t the case. “MSD [also] gave directions I shouldn’t [come out] to anybody during my staff tour. They said it would compromise my position then. “And even though my staff tour bosses were putting me up for promotions, at some level higher up, it wasn’t happening anymore. I was getting letters that said ‘You’re not meeting your promotional requirement.’ But my bosses don’t know why, because I’m performing well at the staff tour … it was always trying to negotiate this space and trying to pretend you don’t know the reason.” Prashant’s inability to obtain Category 1 security clearance after he came out, unfortunately, does not seem an isolated case. The 2014 book Mobilizing Gay Singapore: Rights and Resistance in an Authoritarian State by NUS law professor Lynette J. Chua describes a similar scenario: One activist, Robbie, was a career officer but not a government scholar. After having kept quiet on previous checks, he decided to disclose that he was gay during a routine security clearance. He was ordered to write down the names of places he frequented socially and people he knew. Subsequently, he was blocked from the highest level of security clearance, which he had obtained before; however, Robbie is uncertain whether that was due to his coming out or due to the fact that he had already told his superiors that he did not intend to renew his contract. The near identical nature of Prashant’s and Robbie’s experiences suggests that such policies regarding homosexual servicemen are widespread, even institutional. Kennede, too, says he knows of officers who were decommissioned for being gay (though I could not verify this information independently). Credit: Singapore LGBT Encyclopaedia. Under the “SAF’s ‘Directory of Diseases’”, as Chi-Sharn puts it, any gay serviceman will be classified under Category 302. The code derives from ICD-9 (the 9th edition of the International Classification of Diseases published by the World Health Organization), in which 302 is code for “Sexual deviations and disorders”. ICD-10, published in 1992, removes code 302 entirely, signaling that it is now understood that sexuality exists on a spectrum and should not be pathologised. The SAF’s internal “Directory of Disease”, however, still retains its ICD-9 roots, 28 years after the publication of ICD-10. Egregious as that sounds, such medical anachronism in the military is slightly more pardonable when we realise how enormous an undertaking such a migration entails. For instance, as Singapore LGBT Encyclopaedia notes, Singapore’s hospitals only adopted ICD-10 in 2012; it even had to enlist help from the University of Sydney to ensure a smooth transition in what was essentially a complete revamping of its systems and processes. In other words, it may be possible that these ostensibly discriminatory practices are not motivated by homophobia or malice, but bureaucratic inefficiency that prevent policies from keeping up with the pace of change in the real world. Prashant’s reflection of his times as a regular serviceman seems to attest to this. “My challenges were more at a bureaucratic level, where there are arcane policies that they haven’t changed, or where they don’t know how to deal with somebody who’s out. “People were generally quite supportive and open. And it wasn’t a threatening environment,” he concludes. Kennede agrees: “In that environment, there was no maliciousness at all.” That said, both Prashant and Kennede acknowledge that they may possess certain privileges that make it easier for people to accept them. Prashant reflects, “We are in positions of privilege, whether it’s education or passing as cishet [a cisgender, heterosexual person]. [To someone not familiar with queer issues,] we may not be perceived as offensive, as a very effeminate person might be.” Gay soldiers do not discriminate in their willingness to give up their life for Singapore. Credit: Jordan Tan / Shutterstock.com. While it appears that attitudes, both medical and fraternal, towards gay men in the armed forces have greatly improved (“We are the generation that grew up with Glee,” Kennede says, by way of explanation), this, in no way, excuses the systemic discrimination that still seems to operate in the background, preventing gay servicemen from working in sensitive positions or rising up the ranks. The SAF’s reluctance to let go of ICD-9 also reminds us that progress, sometimes, has to come from the top. Most people are ready for change; those who are not tend to revise their opinions after interacting with a gay person. But policy-based discrimination legitimises and naturalises hate. It allows hate speech to disguise itself as the defender of an imaginary moral world. And yet gay soldiers do not choose who to defend. They do not discriminate in their willingness to give up their life for Singapore. Do you have any experiences coming out in the army? Share them with us at community@ricemedia.co.
  10. during my last ict I met this very cute sargeant. and I do mean cute, petite adorable, high cheek bones, cute nose, a real actor kind of good looks, though he's just under 170 cm, which I think is perfect. I wanted to "ghost" thru my ict, keep to myself, try not to talk to anyone, none of my buddies got called up anyway, I enjoy being alone. so I got a bunk by myself, by chance the cute sargeant asked to bunk with me, he came in with his best buddy, they were inseparable, probably went to the same camp, lived in the same area, same height. but one look and you know the buddy is definitely straight kind. tattoos all over, constantly talking about gf troubles. during that ict we had to go outfield for a few nights, but I noticed he is one of those East Asian bodies, no smell even after sweating. but his clothes does have a particular smell, and I really enjoy his scent. anyways he started talking to me after he saw me watching some Kpop content on my phone, he suddenly opened up, told me he liked Kpop too, girl groups and boy groups, we liked the same groups, which was my first clue, if you enjoy watching cute handsome idol guys dance around on stage, chances are you prolly aj. ict ended and we left it at there. nothing happened. until this last, recent, ict, he msg me before we entered camp if I wanted to bunk together again. of course I agreed, I'm fine just being close to him. I noticed that all the guys tend to smile more when he's around, and enjoy teasing him, in a friendly way. I guess humans enjoy the company of attractive people, even straight ppl. they would ask if he has any girlfriends, he would say no and give the same answer everytime, since last year, almost like he rehearsed it in front of a mirror. sometimes they would joke amongst themselves, inevitably conversation in the army would end up on gfs or pussy, his straight friend would some times turn to him and say; what about you?, you like pussy? he would say me too, then his straight friend would say are you sure? not guys? like he knows something we don't. later when the guys asked him if he had any gf, he would just give up and joke that he was gay. fast forward to the end of ict, the last possible moment, his straight friend asked him if he likes eating pussy or dicks, I thought I heard him say dicks, before I can react he turned and asked if I liked dicks. I didn't answer, I realise that he has asked me more than once if I have a gf. I am about 80 percent sure that he likes guys, and is trying to sound me out, but why would he want anything to do with me, I'm fat ugly short and uninteresting. real life is not some drama where the school "flower" falls for the ugly poor student who turns out is not ugly at all, after a round of make up. my question is this, even if I had answered him, what is his follow up? how's the gay lifestyle? where to club? I can't imagine he would even consider liking ugly old me. now, how should I follow up, should I continue to text him, or work on myself first, take the plunge and ask him, or stay as is and preserve what little we have between us. maybe all of it is my hyperactive imagination and I fantasied the whole thing in my head.
  11. Arrested exec shared drugs in F&P flat 18 June 2006 By ADAM DUDDING Graham Ball, the former Fisher and Paykel executive arrested in a Singapore drugs bust, was sharing drugs at a flat paid for by F&P when police swooped, say charge sheets released to the Sunday Star-Times by the Singapore courts. Ball, 45, and local man Lim Kim Hui, who is in his late 20s, were charged with trafficking, consumption and other drug charges after police found 2.25g of methamphetamine and 1.19g of ketamine in Ball's company flat. Urine samples from the men tested positive for drugs. Ball has continued to live at the flat since he was released on bail a week after his March 31 arrest, but a Fisher and Paykel spokesman in New Zealand said he would leave the flat when its lease expired in a few days. Ball's lawyer, Harbajan Singh, said the company fired Ball from his post as Singapore general manager soon after his arrest. He said Ball had "lost everything". "He was earning good money, he was number one running operations here. It's hit him very bad." Ball's $S100,000 ($102,000) bail was paid by his brother, who flew to Singapore after being told of the arrest by the New Zealand government. The two trafficking charges against Ball, each carrying a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison and 15 strokes of the cane, have since been replaced with possession charges in a plea bargain arranged by Singh. Singh said Ball, who is originally from Te Puke, in the Bay of Plenty, was likely to face a sentence of about nine months in prison plus fines. He will next appear in court on June 29. News of the arrest came as Singapore's prime minister, Lee Hsien Loong, arrived in New Zealand for an official five-day visit. Prime Minister Helen Clark yesterday refused to comment on Ball because his case is before the courts. She would not say if she would raise the matter with her Singaporean counterpart during his visit. A Fisher and Paykel spokesman in New Zealand said the company was "shocked" when Ball was charged, but he declined to comment on whether its reputation in Singapore had suffered as a result
  12. AJ is only a term Singaporean gay use. You ask other gay in the world what is AJ they also dunno. Actually I also dunno what AJ stands for. I guess during back then, it's so taboo and we scared that we even speak in code like AJ. Remember most of us still have a gay nickname. Yes a name we only used for our gay circle.oir gay friend only know us by the gay nickname and not our real name. Now, today, the young gay flaunts being gay like it's right.
  13. There are real-life stories for you to read on the blog: "I Will Survive: Personal gay, lesbian, bisexual & transgender stories in Singapore"You can also read the full version of all the stories here in the e-book. And the book review HERE.
  14. guys you know when entering the army get medical check up one right? Then when they check my penis (if they do) then my foreskin cannot retract then how, will they ask you to do circumisation or anything?
  15. Anybody knows what is the formal procedure to request for excuse from IPPT? Been enduring this for years, partly out of ego and greed. But my knees and back are really reaching the critical point. Anyone can advise?
  16. It's not easy at all when he's serving NS while you're not. Especially when he's your one and only. There are a lot time where you feel like giving up because you're just so deprived of his time, his company, basically deprived of him. But you can't do anything. Even when he's out, he's mostly tired which means he would spend most of his timing resting. This is just one of many unspoken pain points. But at the end of the day, we keep reminding each other to be understanding and think from each other's point of view so we can come to a common ground. As long as I know deep down we still love each other, I will continue to wait for him. Anyone share these common pain point as well?
  17. Indonesian soldier gets seven months' jail for gay sex Published AUGUST 02, 2021 Updated AUGUST 02, 2021 Indonesian soldiers display their fighting skills at the Barang Indah Kiat port during a military parade to mark the 72nd anniversary of the Indonesian military's founding, in Cilegon on Oct 5, 2017. JAKARTA — An Indonesian soldier has been given a seven-month jail term for having gay sex, which is banned by the Southeast Asian nation's military as "deviant sexual behaviour". The 29-year-old recruit based in Kalimantan — Indonesia's section of Borneo island — was also booted from the army, according to a military court ruling dated July 15. The decision was made public this week. "The defendant was warned by superiors about the ban on LGBT behaviour in the military but... he still insisted on doing it," the 71-page ruling said. "(Gay sex) is deviant sexual behaviour... and the defendant has tainted the image of the (military) by doing so." The lengthy decision went into explicit detail about the soldier's romantic liaisons with another soldier, who was listed as a witness in the case. In July, a member of Indonesia's navy got a five-month jail term for having sex with a male serviceman. Last year, Amnesty International said at least 15 members of Indonesia's military or police had been sacked for having same-sex relations in recent years. While gay sex is barred in the military, it is legal for civilians in the world's biggest Muslim majority nation bar one province. But there is widespread discrimination and some gay Indonesians have been arrested for lewd conduct under its anti-pornography law. Same-sex relations are banned, however, in conservative Aceh province where it can result in a public flogging under local Islamic law. AFP
  18. Selling this rubberised swimming trunks(xs) PM for details
  19. Enlisting into tekong in a few weeks time as PES BP Anyone with tips/tricks that will be useful (especially for current/recent BMT/ POP ) Thanks in advance !
  20. Hi guys, I'm currently a year 3 student in poly and I would have to take my IPPT test soon for my NS. Do you guys have any tips completing it? I'm currently having difficulties passing.. Any tips, experiences or training programmes would be appreciated hehe thank you
  21. PM me if you have full set of military police no.3 uniform or the old pokice uniform to sell Thanks! (Not going to lie, im desparate for them :p)
  22. What are things ur section mates/buddy do to u when they horny,do they gang rape u?
  23. What underwear do elist nsf wear nowadays? Do u guys peek during shower?
  24. PM for Group BUY...Tank tops , Camo Shorts...more TOTAL TOP POWER BTM Blow Me
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