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  1. Updated 29 Jan 2023 As the previous topic "Hot Guy Who Caught My Attention/IG Cuties" has been deleted today, this thread serves as a 'reincarnation' of the old thread with stricter rules for posting: 1) TikTok and Twitter images/links are NOT allowed! (if you don't like it, please leave immediately, thank you) 2) strictly only images/pictures allowed, with the link/source (such as IG link, but not private IGs) - for PDPA protection act purpose. 3) NO stolen images/pictures, i.e. those posted without any source (where they came from). If members are not able to follow the rules mentioned above, kindly avoid posting. Thank you! Since Straits Times had ceased its weekly Hot Bods; 8Days had gone digital without anymore shirtless guys pictures; "Attitude" Thai magazine had stopped publication, it is also a good time to 'revamp' this thread. Latest update 17 Mar 2023 Inclusion of Yahoo's #Fitspo of the Week series - chanced upon this site, which is some what similar to previous Straits Times' weekly Hot Bods, just not sure how frequent they published them. Author/Contributor is Cheryl Tay, where she mentioned in her article that "Life goes beyond the digits on the scale and your body is capable of so much more! Yahoo's #Fitspo of the Week series is dedicated to inspirational men and women in Singapore leading healthy and active lifestyles. Have someone to recommend? Hit Cheryl up on Instagram or Facebook!" Will post them in reverse chronological order. The title itself will hyperlink to its source. ========================================================================= Previous topic title: ST / Magazines Hot Bods Dated 30 July 2014 The new ST 100 Hot Bods e-book actually only contains 50 past male hot bods, while the first 50 would be female of course. Not sure if it is possible to post all 50, but maybe post some as suggested by moderator. The first one is not the best but the only one with the "then" and "now" update. Here goes: My personal favourite (77): My next favourite (96):
  2. Hello guys! So basically this is a space where you can post and share pictures of whatever things that you do / happen in your daily life! "Inspired by Instagram, BWgram is a whole new concept and a fast, beautiful and fun way to share your photos with friends and and the BlowingWind community. Snap a picture, choose a filter to transform its look and feel, then post to BWgram, it's as easy as cookie. It's photo sharing, reinvented." :clap: :clap: p.s gif is the new thing in town yo. gifs are accepted too. ^^ To start the ball rolling and avoid awkward penguin situations I'll post a photo lol. "Time to work a lil harder " ....okay this is awkward. Have fun!
  3. 大陸名攝影師道仙騏原創首部古裝男色寫真集:『明紅塵』,拍攝出君王、男寵與武將之間錯綜複雜、愛恨交織,唯美且又充盈著色慾的寫真集,…………以下只是部分攝影師分享的圖片,若想要觀看完整版的,可以自己到攝影師的TWITTER去詢問看看此寫真推出的時間以及購買方式……
  4. Among the Big 5 male pageants listed above, pick only 1 choice that best answers the subject of this poll, what is your first choice?
  5. Thew Mister Supranational this year is Varo Vargas.
  6. Hi Everyone I'm an intermediate photographer who would like to take shots of you alone or maybe with your partner. Providing a discreet service for you where you can get me to take photos of you in your full glory. Be it: 1. Glamour Nude (In lingerie or undies of your choice) 2. Fully Nude 3. Erotic (With toys of your choice) 4. Sexual Act a) Solo (Masterbation, Toys, etc) b) Partner (Mutual Masternation, Oral, Full intercourse, etc) c) 3some or more d) Gay, Lesbian, Ladyboys, Transexuals or Straight 5. Anything else you require to be taken of if you are daring Pictures will be safe and not leaked And you will keep a copy. Hit me up and we can discuss what you like to be done. Do note that I am offering this service with Nominal Charges. Disclaimer: Do not ask for free Photo Shoots. Do not ask me for photos of people I have taken off. Models must be of Legal Age, 21 & above.
  7. have u people noticed that MANY and people state themselves as mixed-blood in this community but they are nothing more than just pure Malay OR Indian or some even Chinese? What are they trying to gain? What's so good about it? Anyway, lets share pict of true mixed LGBT in SG here!
  8. Since most are working from home, do any of you wear speedos or swimming trunks at home? For me, I always wear my aussiebum speedos at home because they are nylon so they are soft and comfortable. Sometimes I just lay on my bed in my speedos. w5cnakfvfkq41.webp
  9. This is my one week's worth of growth, for my facial hair, ie. Longest time I've ever kept my facial hair!!! : P
  10. Well uhh yeah I wanted to share with you guys about this and my experience. Yes you can buy a fucking machine, you know those decent size fucking machine(not the cheap loud crap) you seen in homemade porn? Where it look like a small size running barricade to jump over? Yeah, that machine. I took the risk and I bought it on Taobao, I use Ezbuy ship for me as it's a sensitive item and Ezbuy is the only forwarder I know will ship sensitive items and have multiple collection points to pick it up. In total it cost me $200 for the machine and $50 - 60 for sensitive sea shipping so $250+ in total , I was worried at first because I did not know whether is it banned in SG because I couldn't find any post in any SG sex forums talking about a fucking machine. Anyway, I was surprised it went through and now the machine is in my hands. The package box itself is heavy, weighs around 11kg with the size dimension of 23cm Breath and width and 55cm length. After unpacking, the steel legs are the heaviest parts of the whole machine which definitely over makes up the majority of the 11kg weight as expected since it needs to keep the machine from shaking and toppling over. After assembling, I decided to its time to take it for a test fuck, lube up my suctioned dildo(or a fleshlight for those toppers) and slap it on the metal plate attachment which I paid extra $10 for it First thing first, it's quiet. REALLY QUIET, it's very quiet when you start the machine slow but even though it get louder as you increase the speed the sound is still soft, you can play some music from your PC/TV speaker to drown it out easily. I took a step out of my room in the dead of the night and tried to listen through my door and its not very obvious. I gotta say the machine fucked me real good, I enjoy it as I don't have to tired my hands and legs riding my dildo and just concentrated having a nice cock plowing my ass at constant pace, I can choose how fast or slow I wanted it to be. I say for $250, its very worth it. Q: Why buy when you can go out and find a dude to fuck you? A: I'm a straight guy but I like having my ass fucked, I don't have time to go out to find dudes as it's not my interest and I don't want my family asking why I come back late or where I'm going. And some people don't like to go out as its a hassle or you just want some private time to yourself. Q: $250 is alot of money. A: Alot of times in our lives we have bought expensive things that we either regret, hardly use, make full good use it. $250 isn't alot when you think about it. You go out, eat with your friends & family over the weekends at some nice restaurant/cafe and you can easily rack up that same amount of cash easily. Q: Why are you telling us about this? A: Because I just want to tell my experience to my fellow brothers in here and I hope they might too enjoy it if they want to buy a fucking machine. Q: Wheres the link to this fucking machine if I want to buy? A: https://item.taobao.com/item.htm?spm=a1z09. There are plenty of sellers that may sell their own versions of fucking machines that is cheaper but I pick this seller as I feel I can trust it. Thanks for reading.
  11. Musk Ming paints Chinese men in suggestive poses. Delicate ink-formed faces stare longingly from the paper, their lean bodies dressed in green caps with red stars. Some wear white and navy sailor hats with ribbons. Others are cloaked in olive coats with brown faux fur collars. The men may not be wearing much, but the accoutrements of the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) are unmistakable.' For Ming, born and raised in China but living in Berlin since 2005, the risqué motif of homoerotic PLA soldiers came naturally. "Expectation" by Musk Ming. Credit: Musk Ming "I paint what interests me -- and from personal experience," said the 40-year-old gay artist, who uses "Musk Ming" as a pseudonym. He grew up in a military compound in northern China and attended a Chinese naval academy before moving to Germany. "The soldiers I saw were the ideal men: young, innocent ... and beautiful." That's hardly how China's strictly controlled state media described uniformed men in its recent exhaustive coverage of the country's grand military parade, which marked the 70th anniversary of Communist rule. On October 1, millions of Chinese viewers watched an all-powerful President Xi Jinping approvingly inspect 15,000 PLA troops -- mostly young male soldiers with chiseled faces and fierce looks -- as they goose-stepped through the center of Beijing, followed by columns of tanks, missiles and drones. Chinese soldiers shout as they march in formation during a parade to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China. Credit: Kevin Frayer/Getty Images Underscoring the soldiers' physical and mental toughness, adulatory news reports detailed every aspect of their selection and training for the grandiose display of Chinese military might. The vast chasm between Ming's work and the images shown in state media perfectly illustrates a heated debate in China about what constitutes the image of the "ideal man." It's a conversation unfolding as the ruling Communist Party's cultural czars tighten their grip over the country's creative sector by, among much else, regulating the on-air appearances of male celebrities, from movie stars to boyband members. Depicting masculinity in art In discussions about masculinity in China's heavily censored cyberspace, a consensus often emerges on the gold standard of an ideal Chinese man: the PLA soldier. It's a sentiment that experts say has been reflected in art throughout the history of the People's Republic, which was founded in 1949 by Mao Zedong following the Communists' triumph in a bloody civil war. From vintage propaganda posters to slick new music videos, images of PLA troops have long shaped modern Chinese perceptions of masculinity. The soldiers' strong bodies and minds are touted as the ultimate male virtues, along with their fierce loyalty to the party -- qualities that some say Xi eagerly wants to promote as he vows to lead China into a great "national rejuvenation." Propaganda poster decpits a People's Liberation Army soldier holding Mao Zedong's "Little Red Book." Credit: GraphicaArtis/Archive Photos/Getty Images For the first three decades of Communist rule, artistic depictions of Chinese men were dominated by heroic portrayals of PLA soldiers and, to a lesser degree, farmers and industrial workers -- two pillars of the proletariat class. Although some of the genre's works were created with ink, in a traditional Chinese style, the majority comprised neoclassical oil paintings or watercolors by artists who either studied overseas or were influenced by Western trends, according to You Yang, deputy director of the Beijing-based UCCA Center for Contemporary Art. Neoclassical art, which traces its origin to ancient Greece and Rome though it rose to prominence in 19th-century Europe, is known to feature male protagonists with accentuated muscles striking gallant poses. After 1949, Mao made it clear that "all artwork must reflect the leadership of the Party and the will of the state," said You, explaining that neoclassicism found fertile ground in Communist societies -- first the Soviet Union and then China -- where artists used the style to fulfill their political duty of worshipping war heroes or strongman leaders. Beijing residents pass by a huge poster depicting two workers and one soldier. The poster reads, "Workers, peasants and soldiers are the principal force in the fight against Lin Biao and Confucius" in May 1974. Credit: AFP/Getty Images The oil painting "Forcibly Crossing the Dadu River" is one oft-cited example in this category. Illustrating a turning point during the Red Army's famous Long March in the 1930s, the unknown artist depicted 10 young soldiers on a small boat as they charged toward enemy fire. Their tanned, sinewy arms in various states of motion, half of the soldiers row the vessel against rapid currents and high waves, while their comrades point their guns at the banks -- a moment in time, captured before Communist troops clinched what they have since described as a miraculous victory against a bigger and better-armed enemy. "Forcibly crossing the Dadu River" by unknown artist. Credit: via HSWH Such portrayals of male characters and historic victories reached their peak during the decade-long Cultural Revolution that Mao launched in 1966. In paintings, as well as on stage and on screen, all protagonists -- who were almost always men -- had to be "red and bright" to highlight their revolutionary credentials and heroism. The result was an inevitably politicized masculinity, said You, represented by military men with sharp jawlines and muscular arms. Throwing their clenched fists into the air as they vowed to defeat the enemy, these heroes were devoid of any hint of sexuality, in line with the party's puritanical moral code. A Chinese Cultural Revolution poster encourages people to exercise in the "big ocean," a metaphor for a large challenge. Credit: David Pollack/Corbis Historical/Corbis via Getty Images Mao's death in 1976 spelled the end of the Cultural Revolution, but the now-entrenched public perception of masculinity persisted despite growing diversity in artistic depictions of men -- a trend that began with the display of male subjects in more vulnerable emotional states, ranging from angst to melancholy. 'Little fresh meat' In a country now boasting more than 800 million internet users, the ideal aesthetics of the PLA soldier are being challenged by a new generation that increasingly looks to young celebrities -- and their social media presence -- for cues on what it means to be a man. This includes some of the country's most bankable young entertainers, including singer-actor Lu Han, who appeared alongside Matt Damon in the 2016 action film "The Great Wall" and has more than 60 million followers on Chinese social media platform Weibo, and boyband TFBoys, three teenage heartthrobs estimated by local media to be multi-millionaires. Actor Yang Yang pictured backstage at Majestic Hotel in Cannes, France. Credit: Vittorio Zunino Celotto/Getty Images Europe Dubbed "little fresh meat" by domestic media for their boyish features and popularity, many of today's young male celebrities put on makeup, dye their hair bright colors, accessorize and sport androgynous clothing. Like South Korean K-pop stars, they boast slender figures and often wear cutesy expressions. In a report released early this year, the online shopping platform of Chinese tech giant Alibaba found sales of men's cosmetic products jumped more than 50% in 2018, naming the popularity of "pretty boys" as a reason. But after a period of social liberalization in the post-Mao era, there are signs that Xi's government is beginning to turn against male role models deemed too effeminate. A widely cited commentary, published last year by state-run Xinhua news agency, said: "Whether a country embraces or rejects (effeminate men) is ... a grave matter that affects the nation's future." Actor and singer Lu Han performs at a New Year's countdown party in 2016 in Shenzhen, China. Credit: VCG/Visual China Group/Visual China Group via Getty Ima Focusing its ire on wildly popular male idols, the article blasted the "sickly aesthetics" that had propelled "gender-ambiguous, heavily made-up, tall and delicate" young men to stardom on television and online. "The phenomenon of 'sissy men' has caused a public backlash because the impact of such sickly culture on the youth cannot be underestimated," it said. "When critics say 'sissy young men turn a nation sissy,' they may sound somewhat facetious," it added. "(But) nurturing a new generation that could rejuvenate the nation requires the resistance of erosive unhealthy culture."  Following Xinhua's lead, other Chinese media outlets have published blistering editorials and commentaries criticizing male celebrities who appear effeminate. Roy Wang Yuan of TFBoys performs his first solo concert at the Nanjing Olympic Sports Center in August 2019. Credit: VCG/Visual China Group/VCG via Getty Images There have also been user-generated online campaigns calling for some celebrities to be banished from the country's airwaves and internet platforms because of how they look. The government also seems to be tightening restrictions on what is seen on screen. Earlier this year, China's major video-streaming platforms began censoring male actors' earrings, blurring their earlobes. Incidentally, the ban came after censors prohibited the depiction of same-sex relationships on television and online, along with a wide range of what China calls "vulgar, immoral and unhealthy content" that also includes incest and one-night stands. Some targeted celebrities, including TFBoys, have responded to critics by ditching cosmetics and flowery wardrobes in favor of showing toned muscles in photo shoots. Another trend has been the launch of a growing number of so-called "masculinity programs" aimed at instilling traditional gender roles in boys and young men through outdoor sports and classroom training. Last year, one such club in Beijing attracted attention -- and some criticism -- for having its students run shirtless in the dead of winter. "There is a crisis in boys' education and I threw myself into practical actions to save them and help them find their lost masculinity," the Boys' Club founder told the South China Morning Post. "'Sissy men' are under attack because they are perceived to be challenging the traditional notion of manliness," said Fang Gang, an associate professor at Beijing Forestry University whose research focuses on gender studies and sex education. Fang points out that, ironically, the current controversy is partly due to recent progress made by sexual minorities in China. Activists say a nascent but increasingly visible LGBTQ rights movement is slowly changing hearts and minds, encouraging greater social acceptance. "Some parents extend their worries about perceived gender-neutral appearances by linking it to homosexuality," he said. "Greater social acceptance of the gay community has only deepened fears among homophobic people, making them more anxious and afraid of non-mainstream masculinity." Others suspect a more direct link between the crackdown on "sissy men" and top officials' worldviews, which for many were shaped during the Cultural Revolution.  The strongman President Xi's attitude towards masculinity may trace back to his youth, which, from the late 1960s to mid-1970s, was spent in the Chinese countryside along with as many as 17 million other high school students and graduates. They were part of the "sent-down" generation relocated to the country's far-flung corners to learn agricultural and political lessons from poverty-stricken peasants. "In the summer, I was almost sleeping in a pile of fleas -- all the bites and subsequent scratching turned my whole body swollen," he wrote in 2002. "But after two years, I became used to it and could sleep through the night no matter how much I got bitten." Chinese men in military uniforms reading from Mao's "Little Red Book" before starting their day. Credit: Keystone/Hulton Archive/Getty Images The Chinese leader's definition of manliness also has a political dimension. During a meeting with officials in southern China just months after taking power, Xi reportedly lamented the lack of strong convictions among Soviet communists when their party was on the verge of collapse. He was widely quoted by overseas Chinese-language media as saying that: "In the end nobody was a real man, nobody came out to resist." Xi's government seems determined to resist the perceived feminization of Chinese men through regulations and propaganda. In a sign of a tightened political environment, artist Ming was reluctant to acknowledge the sensitivity of his art, which includes an almost-naked portrayal of the iconic PLA soldier from the Cultural Revolution-era opera "Taking Tiger Mountain by Strategy." "Strength is needed -- with muscles -- for militaries, revolutions and the proletariat, which means manual labor," said Ming. "But in traditional Chinese art and literature, male beauty is about being delicate, pale and pretty," he added, pointing to a contradiction in the way men have been depicted through history. "I paint from a Chinese perspective -- and my work is on a continuum of Chinese aesthetics," he said. For now, Ming's website remains blocked in China and the artist doesn't foresee his work being exhibited in his home country anytime soon. The cultural tradition that inspired him appears increasingly incompatible with the muscular strength appreciated and projected by the Chinese leader at home and abroad. "Tiger Mountain" by Musk Ming. His paintings combine the traditional ideal man in Communist China -- the PLA soldier -- with homosexuality, which remains a taboo subject. Credit: Musk Ming Last year, China's largely ceremonial parliament endorsed a constitutional amendment scrapping presidential term limits and paved the way for Xi, 66, to stay in power indefinitely. Nevertheless, Ming anticipates an eventual change of guard in leadership -- and the impact it could have on cultural attitudes. "The older generation finds it harder to accept new things ... it applies to not just 'sissy men' but many other things," he said. "I think we need time." Source: http://edition.cnn.com/style/article/china-masculinity-intl-hnk/index.html Musk Ming's website: http://www.muskming.com/
  12. Sgboys that caught my eye. Do share your Twink or SGBoy candy too. The more the merrier These are the kind of boys I like (Some slept with). If too buff or old, post your own instead of complaining Also on tumblr http://www.tumblr.com/blog/sirgm
  13. “Ikemen Kanno Emaki” (イケメン官能絵巻), or Scroll of Handsome and Sensual Men, is a series of artworks that were installed earlier this year at Kokujoji Temple in Japan’s Niigata prefecture. Established in the year 709, the temple is believed to be the oldest in the region. And yet it, along with many other temples dotted across the land, has been plagued by a decline in visitors. So in an attempt to drum up interest, particularly among young women, head priest Kotetsu Yamada decided to invite Tokyo-based artist Ryoko Kimura to create the scrolls. News article Other works of the artist: Artist's Page
  14. Parc Vera Condominium. A newly renovated ,cosy Condo Common room for rent in Hougang area, just 2 bus stop away from Hougang MRT station or 10-15 mins walking distance. $850 monthly include cleaning fortnightly, excluding utilities (PUB will be shared). Single only. Can move in immediately. What's inside the common room: aircon fan queen size mattress wardrobe study table with chair will have own bathroom (not sharing) Available in the house WiFi washing machine fridge oven gas cooker (light cooking) Condo facilities Swimming Pool Gym Tennis Court Function room BBQ Pit Car Park Amenities Nearby - the famous and cheap mixed rice is very near, bakery, cafe, clinics, kopitiam just 3-5 mins walking distance 10-15 mins walk to Hougang mall - McDonald’s, KFC, NTUC, more coffeeshops 2 bus stops away from Hougang MRT station Requirements 1 month deposit no visitors 6 months minimum occupancy About landlord: A young couple aged 32 and 30, who are friendly, working as professional, like the house to be kept clean and neat. Love to cook whenever is free. No agents please. PM to arrange for viewing or for more details. Thank you for your time. For more details, Line: tkchin5375 whatsapp: +65 86255323 Common room: Own shower room (not sharing) Cosy living room balcony
  15. Parc Vera Condominium. A newly renovated ,cosy Condo Common room for rent in Hougang area, just 2 bus stop away from Hougang MRT station or 10-15 mins walking distance. $900 monthly include cleaning fortnightly, excluding utilities (PUB will be shared). Single only. Couple maybe considered. Can move in immediately. What's inside the common room: aircon fan queen size mattress wardrobe study table with chair will have own bathroom (not sharing) Available in the house WiFi washing machine fridge oven gas cooker (light cooking) Condo facilities Swimming Pool Gym Tennis Court Function room BBQ Pit Car Park Amenities Nearby - the famous and cheap mixed rice is very near, bakery, cafe, clinics, kopitiam just 3-5 mins walking distance 10-15 mins walk to Hougang mall - McDonald’s, KFC, NTUC, more coffeeshops 2 bus stops away from Hougang MRT station Requirements 1 month deposit no visitors 6 months minimum occupancy About landlord: A young couple aged 32 and 30, who are friendly, working as professional, like the house to be kept clean and neat. Love to cook whenever is free. No agents please. PM to arrange for viewing or for more details. Thank you for your time. For more details, Line: tkchin5375 whatsapp: +65 86255323 Common room: Own shower room (not sharing) Cosy living room balcony
  16. Ok BW'rs. Lets look at your creative sides. Some of us are all for the stereotypical shave down stairs but who of us likes to go for having a Grand Design down stairs? Lets see your clean, sexy, creative, trimmed and au natural man bush pics. Are you a 'bushier the better' kinda guy or is it a 'landing strip' to guide in the oncoming traffic? Are you a black, blonde, red, curly, straight or stubbly hair type? Post those pics now and perhaps we might uncover a new trend? Dont forget to mention where or how you get this look (self, salon, spa, barber?)
  17. I had a straight couple aboard for their wedding shoot and he was way too cute. Here is their video. Note the close up of his crotch. How homoerotic is that?  Cool video of my sailboat. I can't wait till I get drone footage while under full sails.
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