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Straight Massage Shop Recommendation in Singapore

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On 10/28/2022 at 7:44 PM, sg89ailikesi said:

Went to 371 Beach Road. Contacted the number response was fast. However don’t know why I suspect kit might be the owner. The masseur say the shop haven’t open yet, how will kit know all China lean to muscular? (Well just a guess if you are not the owner then sorry)


anyway review is don’t go. New is new so towel no smell is normal. The masseur is extremely pushy, when entered ask me how long the massage I prefer I say 60min (I know is short, but I not free to do longer) then in the course of massage ask me to do this do that (I already say I not free) and I say no more than 3 times. After pushing fail on other services, he ask is it I bring not enough money? He can offer cheaper since he is free (but I am not).


half way the massage say 60min too short he haven’t finish my upper body massage still got leg and front ask me want to do 90min? Impt thing is he started late, next is he was preparing this and that. I did not see the time till the massage ended, he minimum eat me 15min.


lastly the environment, I feel no privacy if it is fully open, all curtain drawn, then the shop is in a shopping mall so the room is just next to the glass panels, the shop (even opaque and got things block). Next door unit people talk I also can hear very clearly.


overall this is the last choice if I want go any massage. My 2 cent worth of comment.

I totally agree. I opted for 60 mins for $60. When I was there, he asked whether I wanted to add on $50 for dun know what ling ba massage. I said I didn't bring enough cash. So he mumble something which I didn't quite understand or hear him well. Then towards end of massage, he asked whether I want HE. I asked him how much. He say up to me. End of massage, he say $150. Massage 60, ling ba whatever 50 plus tips 40. That will be my first n last time.

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this is gd if u r into thai massage or thai-themed

and Straight! (of cos) Ladies masseur usually

I alwys believe tht quality wont come too cheap

We are happy to announce our new
branch Wisma Atria @sabaaisabaaiboutiquespa will be opening tomorrow (02/11/22) 🥳 there will be a 15 % off our temporary menu with advance booking. Please note that Sabaai Sabaai Boutique Spa is GST registered and the service provided is different from @sabaaisabaaiboatquay thank you and we look forward to seeing you there!



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On 10/18/2022 at 9:01 AM, luv_sex said:

Found a new place after went to the pasar malam at Bedok 85. It just right beside the Hock Hua. Although the shop serve more straight guys but you can find some guy in the shop. Managed to get 1 guy to massage, skill is average but sensual. They got another shop behind which have individual room and shower facility. You can request if you need a room. But the hygiene still need to improve, the hole of the massage bed was smelly even cover with the towel. Overall 3/5 but worth to give it a try with the guy masseur.

Where exactly is this place ? 

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On 11/1/2022 at 11:14 PM, yolotodo9191 said:

Hihi guys, 

Check w ya all...

If any of you have had massage experiences at "BLOSSOMspa @Purvis Rd

I seen their male masseurs advertising their massage services here in BW forums. Haha

Yes. Been there a couple of times. Their massage is good. Look for Michael and do try out their body scrub 👍👍👍

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On 10/26/2022 at 1:44 PM, mp440028 said:


Just curious, for massages at WL or NL, how much do you tip the masseuse, or do you even tip at all? Just regular 90 min massage, no HE or special service. 

10% of the booking fee for good above

15% for excellent. 

$5 or $4 for good effort.



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On 10/29/2022 at 1:41 AM, TinnieShawnnie said:

went to Oriental Foot Spa today. When I entered, there was only 1 China lady.. probably the Lady boss. When I asked for the price of 90 mins body, I was told $88 instead of $75 which someone commented. She didn’t even ask if I wanted oil or tuina. She also added that you can add $2 for the promo. $90 for addition ba guan or Guasha or Cai er. I added that $2, only to realise that it eats into my 90 mins.

Started my massage at around 4 ish. About 45 mins into the massage, he turned me front and asked if I’m ok to be nude as their disposable is the pants type and he asked if I’m ok as he can’t reach the upper thigh. I’m ok and he covered with the towel. 5 mins in, he removed and massage all the way up (less the lil bro). Then, he asked if I wanted to add on, quoting $60. Honestly, I was quite shock about the price.

anyway, an hour of massage and I was doing the promo extra service for the next 30 mins. I chose Cai er btw.

honestly, I kinda felt cheated because I ended at around 530 which was honestly less than 90 mins (inclusive of cai er).

also, @eric9693 is probably their “marketing”. It’s a new account and felt different from my experience.  You can take a look at his account and you’ll realise that he only has 3 comments so far and it’s in this trend. 

Ok, so if you wanna go, be prepared to be disappointed. I’ll rather spend my money at NL or WL that has real good massage. Ohh btw, the massage was still ok in the first 15 mins and when he does the leg, it was kinda rushing and bad. 

Hi Bro TinnieShawnnie,


I'm sorry about your experience but please don't mistaken me as their marketing "account". I took the oil ($88)while my partner took just Tuina ($75). They also told me the add-on but all i want is just pure massage thus not sure about those add-on. All I commenting is I did get a decent-to-good massage from my money spent as compared to NL and other "atas" parlours. I lived near Paya Lebar thus this is a location that suited me well. 


I'm new with the account without a doubt but new doesn't mean I have to be a marketing account. I just merely shared what I got from. 


Their foot reflexology is 28/hr also. Maybe you can call me cheapo but I get what my money's worth is all what most important to me.


Cheers to all bros..No hard feeling i hope, sharing is caring.

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On 10/19/2022 at 11:38 PM, BusinessBi said:

I went to try the Precious Foot at Toa Payoh outlet on one of the day, the price is $85 for 1.5 hours but upon arrival, they ask me want to use paper or oil press and need to pay $22 additional if choose oil press then I choose lavender oil and pay additional $22 on top of $85 so total is $107.


The male masseur who is a china man leads me to one of the room upstairs, the room has proper partition and door instead of the curtains etc, the room is basically used for other facial services as there is a basin and some beauty equipment inside with two beds, one is massage bed while the other is the normal bed.


The masseur ask me which portion of the body I want to focus on so I tell him that the lower back, buttock and shoulder as those are the common areas for working in the office and looking at the computer screens. The stroke from this masseur is hard type but he really focus on those areas which I mentioned, rest of the areas like the leg, hand, tummy and head which never covered at all, the last part of the massage is only the face.


I guess I will not go back again and with that kind of price, I can even shower and get better massage at CloudNine instead with just top up additional $1 at $108 instead.

I think you must have got this China guy named Ah Wei. I had the same experience as you 2 days ago. He spent a ridiculous amount of time just doing the back. Minimally on legs but no butt. When he finished, he asked me to turn around and only did the arms, no chest or tummy. Then he asked me to turn and did the back again. Felt it was a waste of time and $$. They just renovated the place, so maybe they're trying to recover costs.

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9 hours ago, davidsg said:

Hi 👋🏻 any recommendations for NL massaues? Thank you

Ive never been keen on getting massage from masseuse (female therapist) but masseur (male) at NL I’ve tried a few. For hard pressure, can try Rock at NL RQ. For light pressure, can try Wu at NL RQ.

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recently I tried WanLin for the second time. Good massage overall - medium pressure, masseur asking for directions, and quieter than the first time I went there (probably because it was a weekday). I only find the massage booths a bit small overall but good experience, recommended.

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14 hours ago, BusinessBi said:

Any recommended masseur there?

Can look for ah qiang, he is tall and good looking. Plus point he is muscular and have six pack abs


东方Spa @ 588 Geylang Road (Next to traffic light - lor 34)


can pm me for more info

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6 hours ago, Wei Qiang said:



6 hours ago, Wei Qiang said:

@东方Spa @lor 34 geylang 


7 hours ago, Wei Qiang said:

You can try 东方Spa @ 588 Geylang Road (Next to traffic light - lor 34)


The next spam of your company's ad in unrelated thread will get your account & company account suspended for 1 week.

Don't say I never give chance. 

Do you see other masseurs in this forum spam like you?

Your Last Chance!

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On 10/19/2022 at 11:36 AM, ArvinR said:

My experience based on my visit to REJUV Footwork last week. 

I’ve seen some bad reviews about rejuv on this forum and wasn’t really keen on trying them. But the other day, I had some time to kill and was nearby so I decide to check out their place. Do note that this joint provides services for male & females. 

Parking: There’s street parking nearby but it was impossible to find a lot. I parked at the swimming complex and walked over (~8 mins)


Location: Being located at Jalan Besar makes it central and accessible to all.  Their shop is on the first floor. Very easy to find. 

Appointment: Venue wasn’t crowded. I walked in and all 3 male masseuses were available. I picked Peter (from india). 

Atmosphere: Felt like it was lacking privacy & comfort.  Body massage was conducted in a small curtained space. You can hear customers from left and right speaking. There’s a slight gap at the side where people from the beside space can peep and see you. 

Service: I choose their 60 mins hot oil massage. I was rather in disbelief that the masseuse took 15 minutes of the massage time to just heat up the oil while I was just laying on the bed waiting for him to start. Within the first 5 mins that the masseuse worked on me, I could conclude that he was completely inexperienced. It was just random uncomfortable hard squeezing. What ticked me off the most was that he was constantly asking me about my personal information. Towards the 30 mins mark, I just told him to stop the massage. 

Conclusion: Don’t waste your time & money here. Service provided was ridiculously poor. 

Thx for the long review Sir! 💋last year I went to REJUV, can't remember anything except the Masseur was very chatty, lol


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On 12/4/2022 at 11:37 AM, luv_sex said:

Still got people go zufu? Any recommendations ?


i like ah lee from zufu, middle-aged man with medium-hard pressure, good techniques, very professional and the price is pretty good value generally. theres another uncle who does a more sensual style one, forgot his name but i personally didn't enjoy it

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On 12/5/2022 at 10:40 PM, WakkaWakka said:


i like ah lee from zufu, middle-aged man with medium-hard pressure, good techniques, very professional and the price is pretty good value generally. theres another uncle who does a more sensual style one, forgot his name but i personally didn't enjoy it

think not good as last time. which have a lot of masseur.. now getting lesser...

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