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  1. Use to be organizer for Coffee Session once upon a time back in the day....it was fruitful memorable moments. From Suntec City to Marina Square to Rochester Mall Starbucks haha even organize novice leisure badminton 🏸 tennis 🎾 (tennis wall) volleyball, night swim, tights run/jog n day hiking... all u need to do is just show up!) People change...miscom or misunderstood....it is never ever easy being a organizer. U take feedback from all but still people have this expectations.... Anyway, here again not to organize but creating a topic if there anyone like to meet up for SG related events be it anything art fest, or art box or running events or concerts or etc ... From time to time will just post what SG have to offer. Cheerios
  2. Shin Min Daily News 新明日报 Man molest man! A middle aged man was charged for hiding in a male's toilet and subsequently molesting a 29 year old man. The molested 29yo man was using the toilet at HDB Hub Toa Payoh when he met the molester. The molester not only watched him from the opposite cubicle, and also molested his legs by touching them through the gap below the partition. The 29 year old man was shocked and ran out of the toilet immediately. This molest case occurred in 19 Nov 2004, at around 6:30pm at Toa Payoh HDB Hub. The molester was a 44 year old man named Hong Ya Sai. He is a computer promoter. He was charged this morning in court. Hong Ya Sai was wearing a blue T-Shirt and was medium built. He faced a charge for molestation and another for peeping. He is out on bail of S$12,000. The case will be adjoured to 24 Oct 2005. According to the courts, the molestation happened at the 3rd level toilet of Toa Payoh HDB Hub.
  3. Meghan Markle and her husband prince Harry made some bombshell revelations in the last days about their relationship with the royal family. I am not a person who pays much attention to royal families, but here are some details that call my interest. How much of a SIN is it to speculate about the color of the child of a woman who is of mixed race? Is it worse or better than speculate about the sexual orientation of a child from a gay father? If I would have been an open gay and my family had made speculations about my future son, concerned that he might come out gay like I am,... I would have BRUSHED IT OFF. It would not have made me suicidal. I am not a member of any royal family, who is in the eye of a whole nation, not to mention the whole world. The revelation among acquaintances and friends that I am gay and that I may have soon a gay son would not be earth shattering. Yet, in consideration to my family, I would have kept quiet and accepted this kind of false blemish without rushing away to distant lands and claim victimization. Did this Meghan Markle not understand that she was joining a ROYAL FAMILY? That this offers great benefits, but also some responsibilities? That privacy is one price to pay for the distinction? There is a saying in Spanish: "Nobleza obliga" (nobility assigns responsibility). There is also some responsibility of prince Harry. The British royalty is not famous for the personal quality and intelligence of its members. Look at prince Andrew and his dealings with prostitutes buddying with the infamous Epstein. Harry, taking advantage of his position of 'prince', was able to get the attention of the very pretty actress Markle. What straight would not love to have sex with her? So he went ahead and married her, unconcerned that she is a person of mixed race and from a somewhat shady family. This is like timeless fairy tales where love conquers everything... But, it is not a wise move. Let's consider that what Harry and Meghan did was perfectly acceptable, but not wise. Whichever consequences this had in the reactions of the royal family, these reactions were also perfectly understandable and excusable. It is not a crime to want to preserve the ethnic homogeneity of a royal family. And the result should not have to be so happy as Eddy Murphy played it in the movie "Coming to America". My point is that there were no big sinners in this tragedy with the royal family, and that the Dukes of Sussex should have kept their grievances to themselves. They have had enough good Karma to have landed in the position they found themselves into. If they had to leave, that was not such a devastating tragedy. But to set up an interview with Oprah Winfrey and air all their dirty laundry in front of the whole world, unconcerned with the damage they do to the prestige of their royal family, is pure crap! And I have a last thought about this: If people can be so perturbed about the questioning of the color of the offspring of a woman of mixed race, why cannot they be equally perturbed about the outing and/or harassment of a LGBTQ person? .
  4. John Lennon recorded the song in his home in 1977 just by piano and singing on a demo version. The song was never released. The Beatles had broken up in late 60s (1968/1969), the exact date of break up is not certain. There was never any reunion to start as Beatles again after 1970. Story on the song/ how it came to the other Beatles: In 1994 Lennon's widow Yoko Ono gave a tape of Lennon's recordings to George Harrison of a number of songs that Lennon never released commercially or had completed. The Lennon demo also had technical issues, there were overdubs and a technical humming sound that could not be reduced (until recently). But “Now and Then” proved more difficult to work with. In the original recording, Lennon had the TV on in the background, and a hissing sound diminished the quality. A second issue was that voice of Lennon and the piano part could not be separated from the demo tape. But: Peter Jackson (Lord of the Rings director) created some technology that was able to separate voice and music. Jackson was able to extricate John's voice from a ropey little bit of cassette. Some call this technology "AI " but I m not sure it would really fall under the category of AI, as technology just managed to separate voice and instruments. To create the final version: McCartney and Starr worked on finishing the song last year. The final version of “Now and Then” features all four Beatles—including Lennon’s vocals, electric and acoustic guitar recorded by Harrison in 1995, a new drum part from Starr, and bass, guitar and piano from McCartney. The two living band members recorded backing vocals, and McCartney added a slide guitar solo played in Harrison’s style. A string arrangement for the new track was composed by McCartney, Ben Foster and Giles Martin, the son of the Beatles’ former producer George Martin, who wrote orchestral parts that were hallmarks of the band’s sound. The song includes backing vocals from the original recordings of “Here, There and Everywhere,” “Eleanor Rigby” and “Because.” The "Beatles" version: What's your point? Can we consider this a true Beatles song?
  5. Many reports are pointing to the Ukraine war and Russia's invasion telling that China might make a move to conquer Taiwan. What is your idea. Do you think the Taiwan - China issue can be resolved by peaceful means or only forcefully? Will Taiwan ever be a part of China or never ? What move is required to advance the issue?
  6. Updates on the Big 6 pageants Miss Universe Miss World Miss International Miss Earth Miss Supranational Miss Grand International Let's discuss the winners of each national pageant, scandals, news and anything that is new to the world of pageants
  7. Arrested exec shared drugs in F&P flat 18 June 2006 By ADAM DUDDING Graham Ball, the former Fisher and Paykel executive arrested in a Singapore drugs bust, was sharing drugs at a flat paid for by F&P when police swooped, say charge sheets released to the Sunday Star-Times by the Singapore courts. Ball, 45, and local man Lim Kim Hui, who is in his late 20s, were charged with trafficking, consumption and other drug charges after police found 2.25g of methamphetamine and 1.19g of ketamine in Ball's company flat. Urine samples from the men tested positive for drugs. Ball has continued to live at the flat since he was released on bail a week after his March 31 arrest, but a Fisher and Paykel spokesman in New Zealand said he would leave the flat when its lease expired in a few days. Ball's lawyer, Harbajan Singh, said the company fired Ball from his post as Singapore general manager soon after his arrest. He said Ball had "lost everything". "He was earning good money, he was number one running operations here. It's hit him very bad." Ball's $S100,000 ($102,000) bail was paid by his brother, who flew to Singapore after being told of the arrest by the New Zealand government. The two trafficking charges against Ball, each carrying a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison and 15 strokes of the cane, have since been replaced with possession charges in a plea bargain arranged by Singh. Singh said Ball, who is originally from Te Puke, in the Bay of Plenty, was likely to face a sentence of about nine months in prison plus fines. He will next appear in court on June 29. News of the arrest came as Singapore's prime minister, Lee Hsien Loong, arrived in New Zealand for an official five-day visit. Prime Minister Helen Clark yesterday refused to comment on Ball because his case is before the courts. She would not say if she would raise the matter with her Singaporean counterpart during his visit. A Fisher and Paykel spokesman in New Zealand said the company was "shocked" when Ball was charged, but he declined to comment on whether its reputation in Singapore had suffered as a result
  8. Man found guilty of sexually assaulting younger man who had fallen asleep on his room floor A High Court judge found the victim "unusually convincing" and the accused man "a disingenuous witness". File photo of the Supreme Court of Singapore (Photo: CNA/Jeremy Long) Koh Wan Ting 18 Apr 2023 07:47PM(Updated: 18 Apr 2023 08:07PM) SINGAPORE: A man accused of sexually assaulting a younger man who lay inebriated on the floor of his bedroom was convicted of his charges on Tuesday (Apr 18) after a High Court judge found him to be a "disingenuous witness". Singaporean Jeffrey Pe, 45, had in September last year claimed trial to three charges of sexually penetrating the victim, then aged 20, on Aug 9, 2017. The victim cannot be named due to a gag order protecting his identity. As part of his defence, Pe had argued that before the sexual encounters, the victim had indicated he was exploring his sexuality and had shown romantic interest in him. Pe claimed that the acts in two of the charges were consensual while denying the act in the last charge. VICTIM'S ACCOUNT UNUSUALLY CONVINCING Delivering the verdict, Justice Mavis Chionh observed that in cases where the only witness is the victim, the victim's evidence must be found to be "unusually convincing" or must be corroborated. Having reviewed the evidence and submissions, the judge found that the victim in the present case was an "honest witness" whose evidence was unusually convincing. "Not only was the complainant’s evidence unusually convincing, I am also satisfied that there was other evidence in this case which corroborated his account of the alleged offences. "Not only did the complainant consistently deny the accused’s claims of a consensual sexual encounter, but he also consistently told numerous third parties – his friend, the police, and doctors at the Singapore General Hospital (SGH) – that he had been sexually assaulted; and he made these complaints at the first reasonable opportunity – indeed, within a very short time of the alleged offences," said Justice Chionh. Referring to audio recordings of calls the victim had made to the police after the incident, the judge said: "I could hear for myself the state of emotional distress the complainant was in." During his examination by doctors, the victim had also provided an account that was consistent with his testimony during trial, the judge noted. According to the prosecution, Pe met up with the victim on Aug 8, 2017. The two consumed alcoholic drinks before heading to Pe's residence. At the apartment, Pe made the victim an alcoholic drink. The victim fell asleep on the floor of Pe's bedroom and awoke sometime later to find Pe sexually assaulting him. ACCUSED IS DISINGENUOUS In contrast, the judge rejected Pe's argument that there were material inconsistencies in the victim's account before and during the trial, as these focused chiefly on differences in terminology and were immaterial to the victim's credibility. "I find (the accused) to be a disingenuous witness whose claims about the complainant's alleged romantic interest in him and the complainant’s alleged expressions of interest in exploring his sexuality were not at all borne out by the objective evidence before me," she added. The accused attempted to suggest that the victim was flirtatious or seductive in his text messages, but there was nothing to show that the victim had been romantically interested in or sexually attracted to Pe, the judge said. She also dismissed the accused's suggestions that he was intimidated by police officers or that there were inaccuracies in his statement. In fact, the accused had penned and signed beside the amendments on his statement, she noted. "Having perused the accused’s Aug 10, 2017 statement, it was clear to me that there were telling differences between his narrative in the statement and his testimony in court, which strongly suggested to me that he was embellishing his testimony in court in an attempt to make his account of an allegedly consensual sexual interlude more convincing," Justice Chionh said. "I find (the accused) to be a disingenuous witness whose claims about the complainant's alleged romantic interest in him and the complainant’s alleged expressions of interest in exploring his sexuality were not at all borne out by the objective evidence before me," she added. The accused attempted to suggest that the victim was flirtatious or seductive in his text messages, but there was nothing to show that the victim had been romantically interested in or sexually attracted to Pe, the judge said. She also dismissed the accused's suggestions that he was intimidated by police officers or that there were inaccuracies in his statement. In fact, the accused had penned and signed beside the amendments on his statement, she noted. "Having perused the accused’s Aug 10, 2017 statement, it was clear to me that there were telling differences between his narrative in the statement and his testimony in court, which strongly suggested to me that he was embellishing his testimony in court in an attempt to make his account of an allegedly consensual sexual interlude more convincing," Justice Chionh said.
  9. 2 men convicted of molesting male Grab driver on way home after night of drinking Ili Nadhirah Mansor/TODAY Neo Wei Meng (left) and Goh Suet Hong (right) arriving at the State Courts on July 5, 2022. Goh Suet Hong and Neo Wei Meng had contested a charge each of molesting a Grab driver Both men were found guilty of doing so in November 2018 A judge found that the male victim’s evidence was convincing beyond a reasonable doubt LOUISA TANG Published July 5, 2022 Updated July 5, 2022 WhatsAppTelegramFacebookTwitterEmailLinkedIn SINGAPORE — Two men were found guilty on Tuesday (July 5) of molesting a male private-hire driver who was ferrying them home after a night of drinking in 2018. Singaporean Neo Wei Meng, 41, and Malaysian Goh Suet Hong, 40, were convicted after claiming trial to one charge each of outraging the modesty of the Grab driver. The victim, then aged 28, cannot be named due to a court order to protect his identity. Magistrate Hairul Hakkim Kuthibutheen had rejected Goh’s defence that he mistakenly believed the victim had consented, as well as Neo’s denial of having touched the victim at all. Neo was employed as a freelance interior designer at the time, while Goh worked as a hairdresser. They have not been sentenced yet and will return to court on Thursday. READ ALSO Grab driver gets jail, caning for molesting teenage passenger during midnight ride home The two friends had gone out for drinks at a bar along Neil Road on Nov 11 in 2018 before booking a Grab ride to their respective homes. Grab’s computer system then assigned their ride to a driver who picked them up around 1.30am. Both men sat in the rear passenger seats, with Goh directly behind the driver. WHAT HAPPENED The driver testified during the trial that both men told him he was “very cute”. They also asked him: “Do you know God has sent us to pleasure you?”, and said they were both a “woman disguised as a man”. While travelling along Central Expressway (CTE) on the way to Neo’s Hougang home, Goh then began touching the driver's chest and rubbing the driver’s groin over his trousers. The driver told him to stop, but Neo then unzipped the driver's pants and performed a sex act on him. When the driver also told him to stop, Neo persisted and licked his cheek and ear. After some time, they switched their actions despite the victim’s repeated pleas. They stopped only when they spotted a police car. READ ALSO Prosecution files appeal against ex-Grab driver's acquittal for attempted rape of drunk passenger When they got to Neo’s home, Neo alighted and Goh sat in the front passenger seat before the driver took him home. During this leg of the journey to Punggol, Goh then touched the victim’s thigh, kissed his cheek and the side of his lip, and rubbed the other man’s groin over his pants. The victim testified that he also tried to resist this to no avail. Upon reaching the drop-off location, Goh told the driver to enter a multi-storey car park. The victim had already declined Goh’s request to spend more time with him after reaching the destination. Goh then alighted and asked the driver to wait while he relieved himself, but the victim drove away. The mode of payment for the ride was cash but the driver did not collect the fare. The driver called the Grab hotline to report the incident, and was told to lodge a police report. He then did so at Punggol Neighbourhood Police Centre. READ ALSO Jail, caning for former private-hire car driver who molested 3 passengers He also handed over Goh’s belongings that had been left in the vehicle, including a few debit cards, a Malaysian driving licence, iPhone, branded Versace bag and Goh’s National Registration Identity Card. Goh and Neo were arrested that same day. During their trial, they were both represented by Mr Kalaithasan Karuppaya from Regent Law LLC. 'EXTREMELY INCREDIBLE' On Tuesday, Magistrate Hairul found that the victim’s testimony was unusually convincing enough to be the sole basis of convicting both men. In contrast, Goh’s account of what had happened was “extremely incredible”, the judge said. Goh testified that he was asleep during the first part of the journey, but woke up when his friend left. He admitted to moving to the front passenger seat and kissing the victim as well as rubbing his groin. READ ALSO Private-hire driver on trial for molesting two girls, aged 7 and 10, in his car Magistrate Hairul said: “It defies logic that Goh suddenly decides to move to the front seat and be sexually excited all of a sudden.” Goh had also said in his police statement: “I regret doing such acts on him and I was drunk during that time. I thought he was fine with what I did.” The judge noted that Goh gave this statement voluntarily. As for the issue of consent, Magistrate Hairul noted that the victim was “very consistent” in testifying that he had repeatedly asked Goh to stop. “If the victim truly consented to Goh’s sexual actions and as Goh claimed, 'I liked him and he liked me’, there’s no reason why he would suddenly dash away when it was safe for him to do so,” Magistrate Hairul said. The magistrate also rejected Goh’s and Neo’s suggestion that the victim wanted to steal Goh’s belongings, given that the victim had handed all the items over to the police. The judge then addressed the defence’s argument that the victim failed to seek help despite having ample chances to do so. READ ALSO Limo driver who molested music festival goer after giving her a ride gets jail, caning The victim had explained that he continued to drive because he was “terrified” of Goh and Neo, and was worried that his Grab account would be suspended if he terminated the trip prematurely. He had been driving for Grab only for a year and it was his only source of income. He also testified that he feared not being able to pay the daily vehicle rental and not being able to drive when his account was deactivated. Magistrate Hairul agreed with a higher court’s decision in another case that victims’ behaviour “cannot be straitjacketed in that they must act and react in a certain manner”. The magistrate added: “He was very consistent with his evidence and did not waver despite vigorous cross-examination. All in all, I find (his) details of the assault to be unusually convincing because it does contain a ring of truth that leaves me with no reasonable doubt.” Following the conviction, Deputy Public Prosecutor David Menon sought nine to 10 months' jail for Goh, and 14 to 15 months' jail and three strokes of the cane for Neo. He pointed to aggravating factors such as the victim being a public transport worker and being trapped in an enclosed space where he could not take evasive action. The prosecutor argued that because the victim was driving, Goh and Neo had taken advantage of his vulnerability and distracted him, which posed a safety hazard to the victim and other road users. Both accused persons were also voluntarily intoxicated. Mr Karuppaya did not make submissions for a particular sentence, merely saying that he asked for leniency for his clients and that it would “leave a very bad mark on their lives in the future”. The defence counsel also stated that the two men did not specifically get drunk to molest the victim. Those convicted of molestation can be jailed for up to two years, fined, caned, or punished with any combination of the three.
  10. https://www.todayonline.com/singapore/hdb-amends-graphic-suggestions-same-sex-lifestyle-1927491
  11. Most of us started wondering why we are actually different in our sexual orientation. This thread is not supposed to discuss, what we personally think or what bizarre reasons we or society has given to explain homosexuality but is shall be a rapport of the latest explanation or scientific basis on why there are people who are homosexual. Science itself is contradicting on this topic. I will place some first articles here as a starting point. But my "research" on the net is not exhaustive and surely it would be helpful if some experts from the science are able to contribute if they have better access to researches.
  12. Stigma among factors why some find it hard to accept LGBTQ family members: TODAY webinar panellists By NAVENE ELANGOVAN Published NOVEMBER 20, 2021 From left: Moderator Elizabeth Neo, TODAY supervising editor Yasmine Yahya, The SG Boys podcast co-host Yeo Sam Jo and researcher Mathew Mathews. The second of TODAY’s Live webinar series on Nov 19 looks into the topic of youth attitudes towards LGBTQ issues A researcher on the panel said that while people are tolerant of friends or co-workers in same-sex relationships, they apply other values such as their moral views on family A gay panellist who helms a podcast said that there needs to be accurate representation of LGBTQ individuals in the media It is not possible for everyone to come to a consensus on LGBTQ issues, but there must be a willingness to talk, he added SINGAPORE — Young Singaporeans are less accepting of family members having same-sex relationships than they are of their friends and colleagues as they apply different values on both groups. While they apply tolerance on their co-workers, other values such as their notions of morality or the traditional family unit come into play when dealing with a family member. Researcher Mathew Mathews, who was speaking during a TODAY Live webinar on Friday (Nov 19), said: “So in my family setting, I would want that value to operate. I need people to live within a certain kind of boundary.” Dr Mathews, who heads the Social Lab at the National University of Singapore’s Institute of Policy Studies, was commenting on the findings of the TODAY Youth Survey 2021. The survey, which polled 1,066 respondents between the ages of 18 and 35 in early October, found that more than 70 per cent of respondents were willing to accept friends or work alongside those having same-sex relationships, but 58 per cent were willing to accept family members who do so. Relating his personal experience, another panellist on the webinar, Mr Yeo Sam Jo, said that the difference in attitudes towards friends or family members who are homosexual could also stem from a place of concern. Mr Yeo, who helms The SG Boys podcast that discusses gay issues, said that when he finally told his parents last year that he was gay, his mother expressed concern over whether he would face discrimination at work or be treated differently by people due to his sexual orientation. “I can’t speak for why there is a discrepancy (in the survey results) as a whole… but if you go by a case-by-case basis, I think a lot of it really boils down to the stigma of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQ) identity,” he said. Friday’s webinar was streamed at 8pm on TODAY’s Instagram and TikTok accounts. The topic for the second instalment of this year’s four-part webinar series was on youth attitudes on LGBTQ issues. The event was moderated by CNA presenter Elizabeth Neo and also featured TODAY’s supervising editor Yasmine Yahya as a panellist. MEDIA PORTRAYAL OF LGBTQ COMMUNITY The panellists of the webinar also discussed the portrayal of LGBTQ individuals in the media. TODAY’s survey found that a third of the respondents (33 per cent) felt that the community was positively portrayed, while almost half (46 per cent) were neutral about it. About a fifth (22 per cent) said that the portrayals were negative. On this, Mr Yeo said that it was not just enough to have representation of LGBTQ individuals on screen, but also have accurate portrayals that did not dehumanise, rely on tropes or portray such individuals in a negative light. He cited the example of the Chinese-language drama series, My Guardian Angels, which aired on Mediacorp’s Channel 8 last April. The series had faced criticism for featuring a paedophile character who molested teenage boys and had sexually transmitted diseases as well as a character who was worried about the sexual orientation of her son. Mediacorp had apologised last July for causing offence and distress, and reiterated that there was “no intention to depict the LGBTQ community in a negative light” in the series. Such portrayals perpetuated stereotypes of the LGBTQ community, such as how gay people spread sexually transmitted diseases and are sexual predators, Mr Yeo said. As individuals with aspirations and dreams, members of the LGBTQ community would appreciate positive portrayals in the media, he added. On the portrayal of LGBTQ issues in the news media, Ms Yasmine said that TODAY is still “navigating” its way on how to report such issues fairly without flouting laws on how they could be portrayed. TODAY has thus tried to centre the community’s voice in an accurate, fair and non-judgemental way in the hope that reports on LGBTQ issues will be read by the wider public, she said. LEGISLATION The panellists also touched on the question of whether LGBTQ individuals can be equals in Singapore without legislative changes, such as the repeal of Section 377A of the Penal Code that criminalises consensual sex between men. To this, Ms Yasmine said that “only time will tell” if there will be legal changes in Singapore, but in the meantime, individuals can create safe spaces for LGBTQ persons in their work settings, social spaces or at home. Mr Yeo said that even if Section 377A is repealed, mindsets about the LGBTQ community, such as how it is here to “tear apart the fabric of society”, must also change. “If anything, we are all for stability and cohesion as well. We want to be part of this society as much as you are. We want to feel like we belong.” BUILDING CONSENSUS Ms Neo asked the panel about the concerns of people in society who are opposed to the normalisation of LGBTQ issues. Dr Mathews said that it stems from how people frame the idea of a family. These segments of the population have questions about an alternative way of running a family, whether it would be viable and its impact on children of homosexual families. On whether different segments of society will ever reach a consensus on LGBTQ issues, Ms Yasmine said that it is not possible to convert everybody. Drawing parallels with the feminist movement, she said that there will always be pushback from society whenever progress is made. However, society must keep fighting for change while trying to reach across the divide and build bridges between groups who have opposing views, she added. Agreeing, Mr Yeo said that it is not possible to force someone to agree in something they do not believe. However, it is important that the different groups are mature and open-minded enough to listen and be receptive to what the other side is saying. He added: “If there’s no willingness to sit down and have a proper discussion, then the battle is already lost.” The third part of the webinar series will be on Nov 26 at 8pm where TODAY journalist Natasha Meah, mental health researcher Jonathan Quek and founder of counselling service Talk Your Heart Out Shilpa Jain discuss the impact of Covid-19 on mental health and social relationships.
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    Guests Bitching Fights

    Tan Yong Jian and Ho Yong Jian. Both Forever Jian! Such stupid, grotesque names! Pray tell what nationality are they? I suspect they are both.... Ho Yong Jian is the best name for a whore!!! Lol
  14. Quit posting links with no original words from yourself telling us what's in those links. It's extremely annoying and I will NEVER click any link with no explanation of what's inside. Either become a more considerate poster or just completely stop posting. Schwachsinniger verdammt scheisskopf. And don't just type useless rubbish phrases like ... "this is so violent" ... inform the readers what the link is actually about.
  15. Sexual Offenders will Face Tougher Punishments for Sex Crimes Written ByShawn Ambrose If crimes involving sexual misconduct or assault seem like they’ve been on the rise lately, well, that’s because they have. The number of reported cases of outrage of modesty has shot up by 24% from 2016 to 2020, as compared to 2011 to 2015. Public backlash against leniency towards students at elite universities who commit sex crimes has compelled the authorities to review the laws in place to deter such acts. Earlier this year, Law and Home Affairs Minister K. Shanmugam said offenders of sex crimes will soon face tougher punishments. “An offender will not receive a lighter sentence simply because he has higher educational qualifications, or has better prospects in life,” he said at the time. Now, the legislation has finally been passed. Sexual Offenders will Face Tougher Punishments for Sex Crimes Parliament passed a bill yesterday (13 Sep) to toughen penalties for certain sexual offences. As part of the “Criminal Law (Miscellaneous Amendments) Bill”, the penalties for three sexual offences will be increased, namely: Outrage of modesty or molestation Sexual activity carried out in the presence of a minor aged between 14 and 16 or showing them sexual images, Sexual activity carried out in the presence of a minor aged between 16 and 18 or showing them sexual images Outrage of modesty, previously punishable by up to two years in prison, will carry a penalty of up to three years’ imprisonment now. The maximum jail terms for the other two offences will also be increased from one to two years. Expanding Scope of Other Sexual Offences The new bill includes another amendment to the penal code, which will expand the scope of certain offences and defences. One such offence is deceiving a victim into giving sexual consent by lying about the use of any sexually protective measure or being infected with any sexually transmitted disease (STD). The offence will now cover deception about the risk of the victim contracting an STD too, such as lying about whether one’s STD is transmissible through sexual activity. Clarifying Terms Related to Child Abuse Material & Necrophilia Under the new bill, terms relating to “child abuse material” and “abusive material” will also be clarified. At the moment, this is defined as “material depicting minors’ breasts, or their genital or anal regions, in circumstances which reasonable persons would consider offensive”. Now, the body parts exhibited in this material may be either “exposed or covered”. Under another clarification, the offence of sexually penetrating a corpse will become gender-neutral. Previously, the law only prohibited a man from penetrating a corpse’s vagina, anus, or mouth with his penis. Now, all forms of penetration of a corpse will be punishable. Modernising Legal Terms As you may have noticed, some laws sound like they were written a thousand years ago, due to the archaic language. Well, this bill aims to address that too. Words like “wantonly” and “malignantly”, for example, will be replaced with ones that are more easily understood, such as “rashly” and “intentionally”. All these laws will certainly help protect victims in court, ensuring that their abusers are properly dealt with.
  16. OnlyFans to ban content showing 'sexually explicit conduct' LONDON, Aug 19 (Reuters) - OnlyFans, the online subscription platform known for adult content, will prohibit users from posting any material containing "sexually explicit conduct," the company said on Thursday. The London-based company said in a statement that the changes, which will go into effect Oct. 1, were to comply with the requests of its banking partners and payment providers. "In order to ensure the long-term sustainability of the platform, and to continue to host an inclusive community of creators and fans, we must evolve our content guidelines," OnlyFans said. It said it would allow creators to post content containing nudity if it was consistent with OnlyFans' policies. The site, which was founded in 2016 and has boomed in popularity during the COVID-19 pandemic, says it has 130 million users. OnlyFans also this week said it was launching a new streaming platform and app called OFTV on which creators can share video content on topics such as fitness, cooking, comedy and music.
  17. Muscly Japanese men fill stock photo site with hilarious poses in unusual settings Oona McGeeyesterday Muscle Plus has the perfect “macho man” image for your all-important presentation. Late last year, a new free-to-use stock photo site burst onto the scene, making jaws drop and touchpads scroll to enlarge with its image collection of buff, muscular men. The site, called Muscle Plus, is the brainchild of buff model Akihito, who says he found a gap in the market for free-to-use images of “macho” men. He decided to solve the problem with a few images of himself, before adding other men with similarly built physiques to the collection, and now the online stock photo site has grown to include even more men…and even more interesting scenarios. ▼ The models in the photos belong to the performance group “All Out”, named after the phrase “go all out”, which is often used in the fitness world. ▼ The definition of a well-built site. Take the situation of needing to find an image of “A macho playing catch the macho in a rapeseed field“, for example. You may have spent hours online searching for appropriate material previously, but now you have a selection of options ready and waiting for you at your fingertips! And remember that time you needed an image of “A macho playing catch the macho in a teafield” for that all-important business presentation? ▼ Problem solved! The teafield series of images is actually the newest addition to the collection, so anytime you need an image related to tea, you now know where to turn to! ▼ Whether you need a photo of tea-picking… ▼ Hide-and-seek… ▼ General malarchy…. ▼ Or “A Macho that’s been torn down and thrown away in the battle for supremacy of tea leaves” (hey…isn’t that what happened to our reporter P.K. recently?)… ▼ Muscle Plus believes it’s an image best expressed with semi-naked men. There are plenty more images to choose from as well, covering scenarios like sakura cherry blossom viewing… ▼ …Setsubun… ▼ …muscle class… ▼ …and bathing at the sento (public bathhouse). You can even check out some videos of the photo shoots on their official YouTube channel. Muscle Plus runs by the theme of “adding muscles to everyday life!” and has a tongue-in cheek approach to stock photography, as the management openly declares they specialise in “free photos of macho men that are unlikely to be in demand”. However, given the growing popularity of the Muscle Plus Twitter and Instagram accounts, and the accounts run by Akihito and All Out, there’s certainly demand for photos like these. As well as being popular with advertisers and illustrators looking for reference photos, the free image site will no doubt be popular with anyone interested in buff physiques, including users of Vber Macho, which is kind of like Uber Eats, only with macho men delivering food to your door.
  18. Indonesian soldier gets seven months' jail for gay sex Published AUGUST 02, 2021 Updated AUGUST 02, 2021 Indonesian soldiers display their fighting skills at the Barang Indah Kiat port during a military parade to mark the 72nd anniversary of the Indonesian military's founding, in Cilegon on Oct 5, 2017. JAKARTA — An Indonesian soldier has been given a seven-month jail term for having gay sex, which is banned by the Southeast Asian nation's military as "deviant sexual behaviour". The 29-year-old recruit based in Kalimantan — Indonesia's section of Borneo island — was also booted from the army, according to a military court ruling dated July 15. The decision was made public this week. "The defendant was warned by superiors about the ban on LGBT behaviour in the military but... he still insisted on doing it," the 71-page ruling said. "(Gay sex) is deviant sexual behaviour... and the defendant has tainted the image of the (military) by doing so." The lengthy decision went into explicit detail about the soldier's romantic liaisons with another soldier, who was listed as a witness in the case. In July, a member of Indonesia's navy got a five-month jail term for having sex with a male serviceman. Last year, Amnesty International said at least 15 members of Indonesia's military or police had been sacked for having same-sex relations in recent years. While gay sex is barred in the military, it is legal for civilians in the world's biggest Muslim majority nation bar one province. But there is widespread discrimination and some gay Indonesians have been arrested for lewd conduct under its anti-pornography law. Same-sex relations are banned, however, in conservative Aceh province where it can result in a public flogging under local Islamic law. AFP
  19. In towns and cities across Pakistan, tens of thousands of vulnerable young boys have become the victims of pedophile predators who seem to have nothing to fear from the law. It’s an open secret that few acknowledge publicly and even fewer want to do anything about.
  20. Jail, S$26,000 fine for ‘SG Nasi Lemak’ chat group administrator who advertised sex By LOUISA TANG Published MARCH 09, 2021 SINGAPORE — A 39-year-old man on Tuesday (March 9) became the first administrator of sex-themed Telegram chat group “SG Nasi Lemak” to be dealt with in court. Liong Tianwei, a married father of two, was sentenced in a district court to nine weeks’ jail and a fine of S$26,000. He had posted advertisements for sex workers on the chat group. When police raided his home in October 2019, they found more than 11,000 obscene images and videos on his electronic devices. The chat group is no longer accessible but had more than 44,000 members when it was still active. Several women had called out the group after discovering their photos were shared there. Between March 15 and Oct 3 in 2019, the police received 31 reports islandwide and arrested Liong, who was self-employed, with three others. Two of them have been sentenced to probation for distributing obscene material in the group, while the case of another administrator — Leonard Teo Min Xuan — is pending. Liong pleaded guilty on Tuesday to six charges in total, including two under the Women’s Charter as well as possession and transmission of obscene material. Eight other similar charges were taken into consideration for sentencing. CHAT GROUP CREATED IN NOVEMBER 2018 The court heard that 29 members of SG Nasi Lemak, which was created in November 2018, had administrative rights. Liong used the moniker “Crazy Rich Asian” in the group. He had developed a close relationship with a sex worker from China in 2016, whom he frequented often. She then introduced him to another China national known as Hua Ge, who asked Liong to help him promote female China sex workers featured on a vice website known as “sex727”. Liong agreed, downloading pictures, posts and videos from the website to repost on various social media platforms. Between 2016 and when he was arrested, he posted advertisements of the women on a Twitter account. He mainly used his Asus laptop to download the material, and used his Samsung mobile phone to retweet or check responses to the Twitter posts. When the SG Nasi Lemak chat group was formed, he posted advertisements there with his iPhone. He received weekly payments in cash for his services, ranging from S$300 to S$800, collected from different mainland China women. At about 4am on Oct 14, 2019, the police conducted a coordinated operation. Liong was arrested at his Marine Parade residence and his electronic devices were seized. He was highly uncooperative at first and refused to provide passwords or access codes for the devices. When his case was referred to the Criminal Investigation Department’s Specialised Crime Branch, he gradually became more forthcoming and eventually provided the code for his Telegram account, in order to access SG Nasi Lemak. JUDGE DENIES GAG ORDER In mitigation, Liong’s lawyer RS Bajwa said that he had merely uploaded obscene material “along with everyone else in the group”. “He shouldn’t have done it,” the lawyer acknowledged. He also later asked the court to grant a gag order preventing the media from publishing Liong’s photograph. Liong’s wife had asked for this, Mr Bajwa said, because the couple have two young sons aged nine and 11 who are “very impressionable” and would be “very embarrassed and ridiculed if he was identified”. This was despite his photo already having been published recently. “A gag order is to protect young children, usually a victim. In this case, it’s to protect his own children from what he has done,” Mr Bajwa added. While Deputy Public Prosecutor Huo Jiongrui initially did not object, he clarified that there was no legal authority to prevent Liong’s photo from being published. District Judge Janet Wang agreed, telling the court: “Unfortunately, the risk of embarrassment or public shaming is an inevitable consequence of the accused’s wrongdoing.”
  21. 港版N號房|解構AB房運作 迫演員無酬演出賣淫 合約列33條罰款 2020-12-14 19:53 最後更新日期:2020-12-14 19:53 本港今年中爆出「港版N號房」事件,自稱「阿希」的主腦人物,以男同志色情電影製作公司「iSexParty」負責人的頭銜,在男同志社交平台物色演員、工作人員、觀眾,打造「AB房」色情王國。酒店房間「A房」用作拍攝及直播色情片,並做成人表演供觀眾現場欣賞,入場費為700元;觀眾可挑選演員到「B房」進行性交易,視乎內容收費500至3000元不等。 男受害人被月薪高達5萬元吸引,網上簽約做演員,詎料自此墮入被迫賣淫陷阱,收不到酬勞之餘,更被合約中的魔鬼條款壓榨。「iSexParty」的罰款表多達33條,演員及工作人員一旦違規便要被罰錢,例如當演員拒絕與觀眾性交便要交罰款,提早解約要付高額違約金。 (林振華攝) 「iSexParty」是自稱於2018年成立、專門拍攝男同性色情電影本地製作公司,但該公司在港沒有任何商業登記及公司註冊,地址亦是虛構。而自稱是負責人的男子,據悉暱稱「阿希」,他聲稱居於加拿大。 男同志社交平台招演員、工作人員、觀眾 犯罪集團透過男同志社交平台,招募演員、工作人員、觀眾。首先,集團成員以3萬至5萬元月薪利誘年輕受害人做合約演員,受害人在網上簽合約,交出身份證、銀行戶口、每個月時間表、申請表格資料,以及10張有樣貌及身材的照片。當集團掌握受害人的住址、工作地點等資料後,日後更易操控受害人。 然後,集團成員以時薪200元招募工作人員,聲稱月薪可達1萬元,負責訂酒店房,安排皮製道具,以及持機拍攝真人表演。集團成員再經網上平台招徠有經濟能力的同好者,向他們宣傳「iSexParty」的付費節目,包括現場真人表演,表演後可以選取表演者作性交易。 此外,任何人如果可以介紹新演員入職,可獲2000港元介紹費,結果令更多人墮入賣淫陷阱。 魔鬼合約至少33條罰款條款 然而,「iSexParty」的合約條款甚嚴厲,根據其網上宣傳資料,工作人員及演員的合約中有罰款表,合共33條,其中包括不可拒絕與觀眾的性交易要求、提早終止合約須賠償違約金。警方接觸到的四名受害人,在「A房」表演後沒有收到酬勞,拒絕再工作時便被勒索2.4萬元的違約金。 演員及工作人員的罰款表中,包括不可以拒絕與觀眾性交。(林振華攝) A房直播錄影成人表演 B房作性交易 「iSexParty」每月有四個拍攝日,每日分不同時段有多場場次,演員及工作人員可以自由註冊任何適合的時段,每一個場次約90分鐘,並有兩款活動,觀眾需要預訂入場票。「iSexParty」聲稱演員除了有不同底薪,亦可獲取額外獎金。 當選定日子訂好酒店房後,工作人員會與受害人在酒店大堂會合,然後帶他們上酒店房間「A房」,受害人在房內作出一系列指定的春宮表演,有工作人員會持拍攝工具作直播及錄影。付費觀眾可在A房欣賞表演,並可以指定一些演員到另一房間「B房」進行金錢為基礎的性交易。 「A房」入場費為$700  「B房」$500至3000 「A房」入場費為700港元,亦要視乎房內演員數目再作決定。同一時間,A房最多有4名演員、2名工作人員、2名觀眾,過程會被拍攝;如果觀眾要求帶同演員在「B房」作進一步性活動,要額外支付500至3000港元費用,視乎活動內容而定,而「B房」最多有一名演員及一名觀眾,活動內容不會被拍攝下來。
  22. Article here: https://sg.style.yahoo.com/oral-sex-more-partners-throat-cancer-105836943.html
  23. Share your tips on how to kill time and learn new skills! ~ Can be anything! Porn, skills cooking, wanking skills, games, health sports kamasutras etc etc. https://freerice.com http://m.ninjakiwi.com/android.html https://www.ted.com/talks
  24. 'As a result of my upbringing, I am properly clothed at all times': When S'pore made nudity in own home illegal (in public view) Home is where the potential to get spotted naked is. Nyi Nyi Thet | November 02, 2020, 10:27 AM In season three (1996) of hit U.S. TV show Friends, an oft-mentioned, but so far unseen, character made his first appearance. He was usually off-screen, for obvious TV guideline reasons, and was almost always naked in his apartment. More an observation one of the Friends made when a conversational lull had crept up during the show's runtime, rather than a character itself. Ugly Naked Guy, their neighbour who lived in the block next to Monica and Rachel's apartment, was observed as being unusually sedentary in that particular episode. The Friends, after 20-ish minutes of good-natured joshing and hijinks, decided to fashion a "giant poking device" to reach his flat and see if he was actually dead, or merely in slumber. After Joey made a couple of penis jokes (i.e. poking device), they successfully managed to rouse the man from his slumber. The poked man, still naked, was rightfully apoplectic, leading the Friends to hastily withdraw their poking device. "Now he's showing us his poking device" Rachel remarked as Joey slipped in another quick observation about how the man's "poking device" couldn't make it all the way to them. It of course would have been an extraordinary feat if it could indeed make it across, but the audience laughed anyway and the Friends appeared to face no further consequence from their wanton disregard for common decency, and basically assaulting an innocent man. 28.9 million people in America tuned in for that particular episode. In the same year the episode aired, a country of less than 4 million people were having their very own tussle with the concept of neighbours au naturel. How the sausage is made During a 1996 February parliamentary session, then-Senior Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for Home Affairs (Assoc. Prof. Ho Peng Kee), proposed three amendments to the law. 1. making nuisance or silent calls on public emergency telephone lines, ie, 999 or 995 calls; 2. using threatening, abusive or insulting words or behaviour towards a person to provoke violence, cause fear, harassment, alarm or distress; and 3. appearing nude in public or exposed to public view. The third amendment would eventually become Section 27A of the Miscellaneous Offences (Public Order and Nuisance) Act. It would also give the police the power to "use such force as may be necessary to enter the private place". But just what prompted this particular amendment? Among other things, an incident in Yishun: Ho was referring to a 1993 case when a couple was spotted walking naked around their Yishun flat late at night. The first English article on this particular case being dubbed "A Room With R(A) View in Yishun". This lead to quite a bit of coverage in the papers. Nuts and bolts Nearly 30 years after the nude couple strutted around in their Yishun flats, an MP for the same area, Louis Ng, brought up the issue of nudity in one's home again in relation to a proposed bill on second-hand smoking. Perhaps if a nude neighbour is particularly attractive, and lives in a resale flat, the offence could also be colloquially referred to as second-hand smoking. Less harmful as well. While 27A was just a tangent in Ng's broader point about second-hand smoking rules, and the perceived difficulty of enforcement. He did make this rather nifty point: So if potentially lethal exposure to genitalia wasn't what the amendment was hoping to prevent, what exactly was the case made to clamp down on these free-wheeling residents? In Ho's speech on the amending the bills, he pointed out the need to "maintain a certain level of public morality and behaviour" and that the crux of the bill was to protect the "morality and dignity of neighbouring residents and passers-by". One of the few arrests based on the law came in 2009, when a 56-year-old man was spotted naked twice in his own house over a three-day period. The first instance was when his neighbour's daughter spotted him eating through the common corridor window, he was sitting completely nude at the dining table. The second instance occurred two days later, this time it was the mother herself who saw the man standing naked through the common corridor window. She subsequently made a police report. The 56-year-old man, who had reacted rather poorly when later confronted by his neighbours, was fined S$2,600 for "being naked in a private place and using criminal force to annoy his neighbour". The seeming novelty of the law has led itself to being part of plenty of listicles proclaiming the weird, unknown rules in Singapore you have to look out for. But as you might have guessed, the law doesn't seem to be implemented all that much, or at least in any heavily publicised manner. Perhaps people are naturally reticent to bring in the police for something that could be avoided by looking in another direction. Instances of showing privates in private were therefore funnelled mainly through media reports and citizen tipoffs. Bottom more A myriad of reports about naked neighbours have appeared in the papers over the years. These include a Japanese family in Sengkang that walked around naked after a bath, a family of four in Jurong that walked around naked, and two separate residents in Mei Ling Street that cleaned their bodies in the kitchen. According to Stomp, via an AsiaOne article, the incident in Mei Ling involved two separate residents in different flats towelling off and showering. The pictures, which was taken in the evening, in the article appears to show the two residents wholly unaware of anyone taking photos of them. There was also a bizarre report in The New Paper, with a prior report in Shin Min, about three women walking around topless in their flat. The neighbour was scandalised by the fact that the three, while having nothing on, were going about their daily activities like brushing hair, teeth, and chatting. Reporters who staked out the flat also noted that one of the residents was topless in the kitchen Which brings up the question, were some of these cases really undermining public morality? Most of the reports appear to show families or individuals going about their day, just without clothes. Rather than purposely going full monty to get back at the conservative values that heartland Singaporeans hold so dear. In other words, what is the intent? Pitching an intent The issue of intent was brought up during the 1996 parliamentary session as well. No less than then-nominated member of parliament, and future Attorney General, Walter Woon brought up the issue. Woon said that in the times Singaporeans were in (1996 of course), whether just the sight of a nude body was "so disgusting" that Singapore had to criminalise it becomes a contentious issue. He then warned of potential future private prosecutions by "prudish prim busybodies". Thus, Woon argued, with the inclusion of the word "intentionally" in the first line of section 27A, many of those woes could be deterred. Now, if you're reading about this in 2020, you would most likely know that the word "intentionally" was not in fact placed in the first line, or at all. We'll get back to the rather interesting exchange later, but intent and nudity in your private property is an issue not just in Singapore. In Wales, Lynette Burgess, then 55, was charged with indecent exposure after she was filmed walking naked along a shared driveway. According to BBC, her neighbour was "extremely shaken" by this, and expressed his wish not to bring up his children in "such an environment". The case was ultimately dismissed, with the magistrate finding that Burgess had not "intended to cause harm or distress". The New York Times assured a concerned reader in 2018 that walking naked in your own house, "even if your neighbour spots you", is not breaking New York law. Although just like with other countries, they did hedge it by saying the intent of the nude person matters as well. Interestingly enough, a real estate lawyer they cited had this to say when talking about the issue of nudity in another person's home: Perhaps that explains why the cast of Friends kept Ugly Naked Guy as a character on the show for over five seasons. To them the man wasn't a moral hazard that had to be reported, like three topless women in a flat, but rather just another part of the skyline. Taiwan also has a somewhat similar law in their books. So intent is not an unheard of modifier to any private nudity laws that might come up. May I ask Mr Choo whether he baths fully clothed? Woon's call to add a word to the law was therefore definitely not plucked out from thin air. Ho's reasoning for not putting "intentionally" was so nudists could not hide behind technicalities, he also assured the House that the police would not take a "blunderbuss approach". Basically, the Police will exercise discretion and caution when carrying out this law, if it needs to be carried out at all. Woon's comments were also met with disconcertion by then-PAP MP for Jalan Besar GRC, Choo Wee Khiang. Choo found Woon's call for the word "intentional" to be placed before "appears nude" in the first line quite "problematic". His reasoning for it was there was no such thing as unintentional nudity: Woon countered that if Choo could not think of any instance where nudity could be accidental, then he must be a man "a man of very limited imagination". Woon then gave a few examples where nudity could be rightfully be counted as accidental. You can read the entire exchange here but the two spent some time exchanging blows on whether nudity at home was understandable. Woon asserted that being seen naked would be embarrassing enough, without the possibility of a "police officer knocking on your door", or the entire kerfuffle turning into a police case. Woon also gave a very succinct piece of advice for those who offended by the sight of a neighbour's nudity: Choo took umbrage at Woon's remarks, asking him if he was on the side of the public, or the side of the nudists. To that Woon directly asked Choo if he bathed fully clothed, or if he ever disrobed completely. But when your only two parameters are "the public" or "the nudists", perhaps grey areas are hard to come by. Choo, rounding up the exchange, gave a passionate defence on his moral stance:
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