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  1. Hi all, I had a wet dream last nite!!!!! I couldnt even remember when was the last time I had a wet dream... and last nite was shiok!!! I woke up with cum all over my boxer shorts, and it was very very wet. I could remember parts of the dream... I was in a public toilet and was at this urinal next to a guy who was wanking his cock off... Then the urinal had one kind of object that helped me to masturbate, and I wasnt masturbating at all.. it was the object that acted like an ass, and I was like fcuking an ass... isnt that cool???? Well, it was good... hopefully I can dream of that again tonite, but it's messy though... Any guys wanna share your wet dreams???
  2. hi all, just hope all can share your experience on your first time.. got mine during my ns... got it from my buddy... painful but song... now addicted must have it once a week if not more...
  3. Any good and safe glory holes or understalls inn KL? I am keen on experiencing such thing in KL...
  4. Thou this will be a good place to know more people whom are keen in sharing their experience at the superb cruisy Jurong Point or even arrange meet up... I will start the ball rolling..
  5. Other than SPGG which is situated off campus - SP itself has many conducive areas to play Anyone here from SP?
  6. i like to start a new topic abt how bottoms make preparation to do anal i.e CLEAN HOLE lah .. i only know my way n i wonder if there are any better ways to do it .. my way using me fingers n hose pipe water ready to clean the waste . im quite kiasu n want to make it really clean so i dig deep inside .. ths sometimes cos a bit of temporary pain , thus if not in a rush i will do it halfnhour b4 the top arrives .. by then my muscles are relax n the hole is stretch-ready for anal .. any other ways or styles ? tops can put input also please B)
  7. Cyberjaya/Putrajaya Group sex or 1 to 1 pm if u interested 26, 170, 60 vers
  8. Hi just curious, does anyone has experience sex in office or workplace? I had mine in the ex workplace address and currently at the new location as office shift location. To share abit, know my ex at the workplace. He was in HR and I was hired for the job. We became close and eventually few months later we are attached. During our period together, we always find excuses to visit the toilets in the office. We are in different levels. He was at level 10 and I was at level 15 and level 13 I think was a lounge and we know the toilet there is always quiet so we will visit there ard 3pm. He will msg me and I will find excuses to say I am hungry and will go down to buy food. Then we will meet at the toilet at level 13. We will kiss and we will bj each other till we cum. After that we will go back to our respective levels and I will wait for him to finish work before going home. But the sex was really shiok and kind of missed having fun there in the office. The excitement and anxiety of not being discovered. Anyway, here is just one of my story, do share urs here. Cheers.
  9. 25 and I've never even touched another person's dick before.. The thing with this kinda post is, you just have to look up their post history, and you'd be like o.o ... Same thing for all the profiles looking for LTR in the other section.. The innocent ones aren't on platforms like this forum. I've learned this long ago. Rings true today. Call me judgmental, but it's nothing personal. We all judge in our heads; keeps us safe.
  10. Hello all Nowadays the average age for new generation to have gay sex is getting younger i.e 16 / 17 / 18 yrs old. Not sure whether I am old fashion... Hahahaha... So I Just want to have a quick survey - how old were you when you had your first gay sex (i.e oral / anal/ HJ). cheers!
  11. I'm not a prude but I've always thought sex is a very intimate experience that should be reserved for someone you love (until I came across BW and Grindr lol). I'm not the wait-until-marriage type but I'd at least want to be in a relationship with someone I'm losing my virginity to. At the same time my teenage hormones are driving up my sex drive and I feel sexually frustrated and unsatiated 99% of the time. Anyone with experience wanna share if it's worth it to give up your virginity to a meet-up stranger or a random hot guy who wants to pick you up at a bar? I don't wanna eventually be in a relationship and feel sexually inexperienced anyway.
  12. If he lets you buy his underpants, you're "The One" Nov 10, 2009 http://www.reuters.com/article/lifestyleMolt/idUSTRE5A926120091110 LONDON (Reuters Life!) - Men only buy their own underpants when they are hoping to entice a potential partner into a relationship, according to a new survey. The poll by British retailer Debenhams showed that men normally leave the purchasing of their underwear to their mothers until about the age of 19, relatively late when compared to women, who start buying their own knickers around 13. Between the ages of 19 and 23, men tend to buy their own underwear, up to 31 pairs a year in the belief that wearing new underpants is an essential prerequisite to a relationship. Buying declines gradually to zero between 23 and 33, because most men are in stable relationships and leave the shopping to their partners, unless they are still on the prowl. "Our research shows that you can tell when a man is looking for a partner by the number of new underpants they buy for themselves," said Debenhams Head of Men's Accessories Buying, Rob Faucherand. "If he buys more than 31 pairs every year then he's either still trying desperately to impress the woman in his life -- or else she's not The One." However, Faucherand said that if your man seldom goes to the underwear section on his own, and instead assumes that you will choose for him, then you can be certain that your relationship is in a very stable phase. The survey also reveals that underwear-buying among men picks up again briefly between the ages of 38 and 40, when some men are going through relationship break-ups and seeking new partners again. The incidence of this new-found purchasing enthusiasm is short-lived however. It goes into a sharp decline and slumps to zero again at the age of 44 when men mostly find themselves in another stable relationship. After 44, most men remain strangers to the underwear department for the rest of their lives, handing all responsibility for their underwear to women, Debenhams said. "This is the one issue that feminism has never addressed," Faucherand said. "It's not who wears the pants in each household -- it's who has to buy them that counts." (Reporting by Paul Casciato, Editing by Steve Addison)
  13. Any Btms Ever Just Want To Be Holes Or Do U Ever Feel Ur Hole Is Just An Object Or Tool To Be Used?
  14. can anyone explain how to organise, and what happen during orgy? normally, can a chub join? it seems like its very quiet in this kind of event.
  15. Source: Straits Times Sexually assaulted behind bars By K. C. Vijayan THREE prisoners have been charged with physically and sexually assaulting their fellow inmate in a prison cell in Changi Prison earlier this year. The three men, aged between 19 and 21, are accused of punching and kicking the man in his chest and body, some time between April 26 and May 5. All three are also said to have forced him to perform oral sex on them in the cell on several occasions between April 27 and May 5. One of them, Mohammed Zameen Abdul Manoff, 20, also allegedly sodomised him in the cell on April 28.
  16. Looking for fun around Cyberjaya this coming Sat and Sun. I can't host tho. If any of you are interested, PM me. We'll talk things out from there. Love daddies, muscle, someone around my age is okay too. Or email me at misoislove@gmail.com
  17. Anyone have any stories to share, well hopefully it's real life experiences and not some fantasies. Please share them out here!!
  18. Yalor, in Singapore you better guai guai do it with all your curtains drawn at home. Sekali they also install cameras in toilets to catch you doing that. Masturbating in public toilet is not economically productive at all
  19. Anyone bought any adult toys in sg? Can you share details and how they feel when you use them?
  20. Sometimes the sauna not many people, very sian. Then suddenly you hear the backside banging noise and a man moaning. Really make you beh tahan. Some of us will stand outside listen. Feel like force open the door and watch the man get fxxked. Only twice got so lucky. They purposely left the door half open. Watched until I all steam. But not always so lucky. No choice but to wait see them come out because we want to see who fxxked and who get fxxked. The one get fxxked sure very shy especially when he looked like a married uncle. Make him look malu also quite fun. So big already still shy like ku niang. You all also like to do that or not?
  21. @singalionis perfectly correct and @Steve5380 is being perfectly petty and ridiculous. To judge an entire nation by one's own experience of one, two or a handful of people is so childish. I have met more than a few Americans outside the USA whom I find boorish, intolerant and hardheaded and whom I totally dislike. On the other hand I have several dozen very good American friends both in and out of the country who are almost the total opposite. All but one of my work colleagues in the USA were also lovely people. Same is true to a lesser extent with Germans (but only because I do not know so many) and an even lesser extent for the same reason with Argentinians. In Thailand there was a huge influx of Russian tourists some years ago. Many were total boors and many were thoroughly disliked by Thais. On the other hand, I have visited Moscow 3 times and St. Petersburg twice. Without exception, my partner and I were treated with smiles and kindness by warm-hearted Russians. I do not judge a nation's population by a tiny number of bad apples. I suppose when you live on your own in virtually one room, your outlook on life becomes much more narrow and it becomes easier trash other peoples.
  22. Open Relationships: What People Don’t Want You To Know 17th Oct 2013 While my “Common Relationship Mistakes Gay Men Make” can be both controversial and loved, allot of people have problems with the whole “Open relationships are a mistake thing.” Allot of opinions have arisen from simply assuming I was telling you to NOT be in an open relationship. That’s not the case at all. However, I was telling you that open relationships can be excuses to not work on your relationship or just a reason to fuck around. And as I read all of your comments good and bad, I have to say I call bullshit on some. Allot of gays try to copy and re-enact my “mistakes” (unsuccessfully might I add) but most opinions are more complicated than mines. And yes, I said opinions. These are my opinions. But the difference between a human sexuality lesson, an angry gay who shoots down any advice, and life experiences is that the latter is a huge part of who we are as people. We did not learn about sex from Phys. Ed. We learned it from life experiences both personally and what we’ve observed. I’ve seen many open relationships in my lifetime and I can say first hand that my first “mistake” is truly a real one. Many gays don’t like to say it, but they do get into an open relationship because they make too many excuses. They don’t like to think they make mistakes so they use defense mechanisms. But the truth is, open relationships while they aren’t always a bad thing, they can be detrimental. What I’ve seen in most of my friendships with couples who mostly have open relationships is: lack of respect towards one another, a flame gone out, a inability to get out of that Peter Pan syndrome and trying to fix something that’s already broken. A reader informed me today that there are “studies” that open relationships DO work. Well of course they do! You get to have a meaningful relationship and then sleep around. Sounds like a win win situation if I ever saw any. But how about we take the hand away that covers the sky and get to the facts: STD’s are easily spread through open relationships, and if there is a “you do you but don’t tell me about it” that many open relationships employ, then you have a very real chance of contracting a disease whether you agree or not. Open relationships always seem to be a sweet spot for many people LGBT and straight because you can have your cake and eat it too. There is this notion that open relationships are extremely healthy and you can lead a normal life and be just fine doing it. Most of these opinions come from Metropolitan gays who either populate Chelsea, San Fran or any other heavily populated gay areas. They have tons of men at their disposal especially with all these apps and websites. So you tell me. It might just seem like being in an open relationship is pretty new normal to you too right? But what about gay men who don’t have tons of bars and clubs in handy? What happens when they want to be in an open relationship and they can only find a handful of men in their area? Is it the same “study” as the one a reader mentioned previously? You see certain gay men go by the “there is no right and wrong and your words don’t mean shit” method. They are threatened by the truth and by the very foundation of what an open relationship means. While exploring your sexuality and doing whatever you want is fine including an open relationship, it just seems like the typical scapegoat answers to prove a point. It’s just like when a Christian goes to the bible to use a verse to back their own special point of view. Open relationships are fine. You can have multiple partners and if your boyfriend or husband is fine with it, go for it. But common sense really needs to kick in or I’d be happy to get jumper cables for your brain. Every open relationship I know has by tradition become meaningless and existential. It is as much of a fad as MC Hammer pants. Its always a good idea when you think about it, not a good one when you actually do it. Let’s have some examples. Your boyfriend comes home to surprise you with dinner and some alone time but you’re fucking a stranger or your usual go to fuck buddy. In a porn mentality it just seems like a dream come true. But think about it. You are fucking a person you don’t know versus the person you love who wants to spend time with you. You start to lose respect for what matters. You start to lose the fact that you really love your boyfriend’s body even if time has passed. You are saying that your boyfriend is no longer sexy enough to look at every night. That monogamy is only for boring people. That having another person in your bed fulfills your relationship when in fact it only satisfies what you want. There are even times when even though you’ve both agreed to having an open relationship one feels left out or afraid to say “I don’t want you to have sex with that guy tonight.” The addiction to knowing you can have anybody you want can feed your ego and it can make you forget how your partner is feeling. But let’s look at it from another angle. 5 years have passed and it seems like an open relationship is a perfect idea. All is going well and it has not at all disrupted the way you look at your lives. But what happens when you age and those club boys don’t want you anymore? What happens when you’ve slept with the whole tri-state area and you need to travel out to fuck more people? Is this a healthy relationship or are you fueling a sexual addiction? You really have to think about all these things. When will you say “I’m done with fucking other people I just want you.” What happens? Will your partner feel comfortable with that? Will he feel like going back to “normal” is okay or will he eventually leave you for someone more adventurous? Will you leave him for someone more adventurous? Anything you do that involves risky behavior has consequences. And there is a very real opportunity to fall in love with someone else, spend more time with other men, or really devalue the worth of who you’re with at the moment. It means its okay for you to randomly flirt and get to know other men without that attachment but we’re human and what if you find someone better, cuter, smarter, funnier? Than you’re basically saying to your partner “Be good to me or you might just get replaced.” From my very real observations with friends in the gay community who have been in open relationship or are currently in one, the following has happened: Estrangement: A very weird distance between the couple. They seem to be in love on the outside but something is always brewing on the inside. Random guys will come to their house and they’ve seemed to compete for their attention or they secretly get super jealous but still allow it to happen. This awkwardness stems from so much open trust that you lose control of what’s happening and it just down spirals. You don’t know where he is what he’s doing, but you can’t ask him either because if he says something you don’t like you have to go with it. Social Status & Money: Some friends that are in open relationships always complain about one another when the other is not around. They seem to always say that the other can be replaced whether it be money issues or friendships. There is a total lack of respect and a lack of responsibility. The couple starts to experience this emotional detachment. They start to be void and empty and shallow and have excuses they think seem valid. Friends Or Fuck Buddies: Once the couple is knee deep in the open relationship they can’t differentiate whether they can keep a friend or not. They seem to only stick to people who are either unattractive or totally brother material as friends. Any other friend is possibly a target to fuck. The class goes out the window and its a free pass to suck the dick of that hot friend you’ve always borderline flirted with before. It just seems like the world is a personal playground and friendships aren’t options anymore until you’ve fucked the friend and then you don’t want to be around him anymore. Awkward Moments: As I mentioned before, I’ve had friends who have asked me to the bar or club with them because their boyfriend was hosting a fuck buddy at home. They then tell me how this is annoying and how this cannot go on. They tell me they’ve found dirty underwear, empty condom wrappers, dirty sheets and missing money. What really happens is that while you may think you have control of something has now spiraled into no man’s land, or ALL MAN’S LAND. Arguments A Plenty: When the friends I knew had open relationships, they seemed to always have something to fight about. It just seemed deeper and angrier than other arguments. They start throwing all this dirt and one finds out the partner slept with close friends and the other partner feels betrayed. They can’t look at the other partner in the eye and not be disgusted. But the problem is they call certain things cheating and other things NOT cheating so its plenty to get a headache about. Now understand that all relationships are different but I guarantee EVERY open relationship will run through these problems because they are inevitable. I am all about having fun and doing what you want, but when it comes to the sake of analyzing this topic, all arrows point towards a Pandora’s Box. Some gay men may never face problems but that’s hard to believe. Some may have clever ways of dealing with it and saying they’ve never been through what I just mentioned (defense mechanism). But I guarantee, everything I said here will be scrutinized because the truth is the truth. But I rather tell you what other people don’t so you can see what other people know and don’t ever say. You might also want to read about : 7 Break-Up Mistakes Gay Men Make Common Relationship Mistakes Gay Men Make Common Relationship Mistakes Emotionally Unavailable Gay Men Make
  23. I know if I write this reply you are probably going to think I am reactive but I am hoping you started this thread with an intention to draw discussion on this taboo topic and increase the awareness of gay rape. I have spoken to some gay men who have been raped or sexually violated before and it is painful and devastating for them. Most gay men do not realise that being raped or molested can happen to them, just like it can happen to women. And it is nothing like gay pxxn and definitely not exciting at all. Gay rapes are always under reported (or probably not reported in Singapore) because not only it is hard to admit you are a victim, but people tend to think being a male, you are physically more capable of protecting yourself. Or most people do not realise that rapists do not need to be a stranger, it could be your boyfriend or someone you are dating who force you to do something against your will.
  24. Singaporeans slammed for being rude in Australian newspaper It’s no secret that Singapore is a “campaign city”. The National Courtesy Campaign, Speak Good English Movement, the Singapore Kindness Movement and even toilet campaigns like “Aim Right”, “Wash Your Hands Right”, “Don’t Wet The Floor” are clear testaments to this. But Sydney Morning Herald writer Tamara Thiessen takes this a step further in a provocative piece entitled “Singaporeans asked to chew on their manners” that was published on the newspaper’s website on May 31. In it, she questions the level of courtesy and graciousness in Singaporeans as well as how constant reminders to be courteous have to be “thrust down their thoats daily”. The article further goes to portray Singapore as a regimentally law-abiding and clean country, where “happiness and civility need…outside enforcement”. But despite the city-state’s spick-and-span spaces free of chewing gum and spit, “there is no assurance of finding good manners and a caring society”, she writes. An IT manager from Sydney who is based in Singapore, Paul Stapleton, is quoted in the article saying, “They (Singaporeans) are the rudest f***ing people I have ever seen; they need some basic training in civic awareness. They don’t feel that anyone else exists outside this tiny island.” Another long-time British resident staying here added, “The problem is the sole concern of most Singaporeans is money and economic well-being. The only reason the churches here are packed to the rafters is because people attend in order to network.” General manager of the Singapore Kindness Movement, Teh Thien Yew, is also quoted in the paper as saying, ”Levels of indifference and unhappiness are still high … we are all concerned about graciousness in our country.” Invariably, every society has its fair share of bad social graces. But is it fair for an Australian or Briton to pass judgement on Singaporeans as a whole based on personal experience and a few opinions? A 24-year-old Singaporean student, who wanted to be known as Jen, told Yahoo! Singapore that Thiessen’s article is a case of the pot calling the kettle black. “Who is the writer to say that Singaporeans make up an ungracious society? Yes, there may be some rude people in Singapore. But there are always bad eggs in every society. Personally, I’ve met my fair share of rude Australians while studying there, but I don’t dismiss Australia as a country of ungracious people.” To Singaporeans’ credit, according to the State of Graciousness in Singapore Survey, people here conducted themselves better on public transport over the past year. Also, the country’s “Graciousness Index” — an indication of how citizens rate the level of graciousness within society — climbed 3 points from 58 to 61 in the same time. Having said that, while Thiessen’s article borders on being one-sided and slightly extreme, could the ugly truth be that she’s actually right? After all, in the same survey, only 37% out of 1,000 Singaporeans interviewed were happy with the level of graciousness in the city-state. In light of such harsh criticism, do you agree that the level of courtesy and graciousness in Singapore society leaves much to be desired? Are state campaigns effective in inculcating kindness and consideration in local citizens? ====================== MICKEY on June 2, 2010 at 7:31 pm quite f’king true these tourists. Jen, it doesn’t matter if the rude ones are the ‘bad eggs’ in the country. fact of the matter is, they are not the first tourists who have complained about Singapore’s ungraciousness, and will probably will not be the last. Heck, even my friends from overseas on exchange here commented the same thing on our people. The worst thing is, we’re mostly a very soft-spoken bunch whose bravado and ‘tough guy’ attitudes only surface behind the wheels of the car or behind the safety of internet forums. Living here for 23 years, and having travelled overseas numerous times, all I can say is that service standards here are appalling. I’ve had sales persons give arrogant looks at me when i’m browsing expensive items(as if to say i cant afford it), counter staff talking to me as if reprimanding their child.. etc The whole situation is sad really.. its indeed true that ‘Singapore as a regimentally law-abiding and clean country, where “happiness and civility need…outside enforcement”.’ Hopefully this will change in the future though, as I’m a singaporean too and I want whats best for the country ====================== noob on June 2, 2010 at 7:06 pm I am a Singaporean and sadly I actually agree. I feel so ashamed that the graciousness of our society has degraded from what it was like years ago. People were nicer, more helpful, polite, friendly and approachable. People are becoming self-centred, impatient, rude and snappy. Everyday I ask: What happened here? But of course, no one can give me the answer. ====================== Y K Lim on June 2, 2010 at 7:32 pm I am Singaporean, yes there are some of us who are downright rude due to their pampered upbringing but to say Singaporeans collectively is not doing justice to its people. Some Australians are reknowned to be racist but that should NOT be quantified. I have my fair share of interaction with people from many parts of the world and trust me, there are many others that are really rude but yet we should not quantify them. In every society there are social misfits. Yes, all we think of is money and economic well being because we do not have “unemployment benefits” to rely on like our friends in Australia or UK. As for economic well being, yes we are obsessed as we do not have natural resources like you. Ms Tamara’s one who seems to encounter some bad experience to draw her conclusions. Yes, we need laws and reminders to shove the message down our throat at times and there are certainly room for improvement but to quantify Singaporeans in toto is clearly a reflection of how limited your scope of judgement is. If one still thinks that because you are a foreigner the locals have to suck up on them think again, that’s not going to happen. If you expect people to be courteous, show some respect yourself as in everything, it is a two way street. ====================== ====================== ======================= ====================== Well ..... Welcum to the rudest Asian city I ever visited. The society is mean and the PLU crueler ........... They will reject u with lame excuse "U R Not My Cup of Tea" after saw ur real pic without even given his They might look like gorilla and rejected by fellow Singaporeans before so it is a kind of revenge But if they meet nice looking and look "the have" the attitude is different but still "mean", they will check how much u earn, how big is ur house, etc etc ..... Indeed every society have rotten egg but I never aware Australia need to launch courtesy campaign, Food court need to put sign return your tray. Indeed some Thai Boys are materialistic, but they never reject old farang by saying "U r not my cup of tea", they never asked how much u earn, etc, etc Lucky I am not the "old farang" yet, but quite annoyed with most I chatted here, they feel super good looking and can look down others.
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