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  1. Hello all Nowadays the average age for new generation to have gay sex is getting younger i.e 16 / 17 / 18 yrs old. Not sure whether I am old fashion... Hahahaha... So I Just want to have a quick survey - how old were you when you had your first gay sex (i.e oral / anal/ HJ). cheers!
  2. Arvin

    Kl Indian Plu

    Here is new topic specially for Indian PLU, Gay, BI, Top, Bottom, Flex, etc
  3. Hi all , Lets start a thread to update each other on the most cruisy celebrity fitness gym in KL ! Cheers//
  4. JS11x

    Gay In Cyberjaya

    Looking for fun around Cyberjaya this coming Sat and Sun. I can't host tho. If any of you are interested, PM me. We'll talk things out from there. Love daddies, muscle, someone around my age is okay too. Or email me at misoislove@gmail.com
  5. can anyone explain how to organise, and what happen during orgy? normally, can a chub join? it seems like its very quiet in this kind of event.
  6. hi all, just hope all can share your experience on your first time.. got mine during my ns... got it from my buddy... painful but song... now addicted must have it once a week if not more...
  7. RelaxZen

    Jurong Point Official Thread

    Thou this will be a good place to know more people whom are keen in sharing their experience at the superb cruisy Jurong Point or even arrange meet up... I will start the ball rolling..
  8. passby

    Lube Wrestling

    Like what you watch on Japanese porn where few of you are in the swimming trunk all covered in lube and wrestling for a winner's victory and reward? If yes, please indicate your interest here. I'm gathering the interest to plan something kinky & fun next month. Work in Progress...
  9. Any good and safe glory holes or understalls inn KL? I am keen on experiencing such thing in KL...
  10. Am wondering what it's like to lock myself in a cock cage and give up my right to cum... Anybody got experiences to share? As a dom putting the cage on someone else or a sub being locked up?
  11. loewetiger

    Indian/bangla/punjab/sikh Guys Only

    hey guys. why dont we arrange a group fun get a hotel and we can share the cosst. who's up for it? 8' uncut here
  12. dante

    Cyberjaya/Putrajaya Group Fun

    Cyberjaya/Putrajaya Group sex or 1 to 1 pm if u interested 26, 170, 60 vers
  13. anyone love with sexy shemale together? chillin out. playing panties,
  14. Other than SPGG which is situated off campus - SP itself has many conducive areas to play Anyone here from SP?
  15. If he lets you buy his underpants, you're "The One" Nov 10, 2009 http://www.reuters.com/article/lifestyleMolt/idUSTRE5A926120091110 LONDON (Reuters Life!) - Men only buy their own underpants when they are hoping to entice a potential partner into a relationship, according to a new survey. The poll by British retailer Debenhams showed that men normally leave the purchasing of their underwear to their mothers until about the age of 19, relatively late when compared to women, who start buying their own knickers around 13. Between the ages of 19 and 23, men tend to buy their own underwear, up to 31 pairs a year in the belief that wearing new underpants is an essential prerequisite to a relationship. Buying declines gradually to zero between 23 and 33, because most men are in stable relationships and leave the shopping to their partners, unless they are still on the prowl. "Our research shows that you can tell when a man is looking for a partner by the number of new underpants they buy for themselves," said Debenhams Head of Men's Accessories Buying, Rob Faucherand. "If he buys more than 31 pairs every year then he's either still trying desperately to impress the woman in his life -- or else she's not The One." However, Faucherand said that if your man seldom goes to the underwear section on his own, and instead assumes that you will choose for him, then you can be certain that your relationship is in a very stable phase. The survey also reveals that underwear-buying among men picks up again briefly between the ages of 38 and 40, when some men are going through relationship break-ups and seeking new partners again. The incidence of this new-found purchasing enthusiasm is short-lived however. It goes into a sharp decline and slumps to zero again at the age of 44 when men mostly find themselves in another stable relationship. After 44, most men remain strangers to the underwear department for the rest of their lives, handing all responsibility for their underwear to women, Debenhams said. "This is the one issue that feminism has never addressed," Faucherand said. "It's not who wears the pants in each household -- it's who has to buy them that counts." (Reporting by Paul Casciato, Editing by Steve Addison)
  16. ****DISCLAIMER*** I figured out it'll be more courteous to start a new thread instead of posting on the thread so that it won't really "compete" for attention, so here I am. I am just continuing the story (The basketball guy) because it is inactive and many people have requested for it. I have absolutely no intention to take over this thread whatsoever, so please do not misunderstand. I will delete this post if the thread starter wants me to without hesitation. Link to the original story : http://www.blowingwind.org/forum/index.php?showtopic=50281&page=1 ---------- Some background information: I'm born and raised in the US, so the style of writing for me is very different, so please pardon me. And I merely did some speed edit so there might be some errors here and there. Again, forgive me for that too. Other than that, enjoy. --------- This is more of a request thread made for the community. I don't have a plot to follow so this whole story will just be about sex (as per your request and a little romance). You can request for almost anything like a sex position, usage of sex toys (please specify which), fetish etc and I'll write it if it's within my writing capabilities. So, comment it down below or PM me if you want to request for one! ----------- <Continued from the last updated part on the thread (link is stated above) > "Fuck me Melvin, I want you to really fuck me." I requested. "Are you sure? It might hurt alot since it's your first time. But if you really want, then I won't mind as well..." Melvin gave me a choice though his eyes begged otherwise. "Please..." I begged him. To the session off again, I bent slightly lower and sucked on his right nipple, swirling my tongues around and nipping it. Melvin let out a low grunt uncontrollably as he looked at me. His penis was in sight and it was growing in size which I knew he was getting turned on. I switched to his left nipple and continued sucking on it. One of my fingers was now on his right nipple, twitching and rubbing it; enraging his sexual hormones again though he just orgasmed moments ago. Oh damn, his dick was now rock hard, ready to make love. "You really want it?" Melvin asked as he moaned wildly. "Yeah, please, fuck me." I begged again. Melvin stopped me and rushed out, to the kitchen. Seconds later, he was back with a bottle of olive oil to be used as a lubricant. He gestured me to turn around and I did. I looked around and saw him kneeling on his knees. Suddenly, I could feel his tongue spiraling around my butthole, driving me crazy and wild. Static of electricity ran through my body when his tongue thrusted in and I was groaning in pleasure, "Ah! Mel..vin!" His tongue entered me repeatedly, each time a little bit deeper. He stopped soon after and poured almost the entire bottle over my ass. He inserted one finger into my anus and covered it with oil; it felt so good. Then, two fingers; still good. Then three fingers, initially there was discomfort but turned into pleasure as my body adjusted. Melvin inserted his penis into the bottle and overturned it, shaking roughly to glaze his penis just right before it flowed out of the box. The lustful side of him was so hot that I could not wait for him to be inside me. He tossed the empty bottle aside, ready to get into action. "Ready?" Melvin pumped; all prepared and heated up. I nodded my head and Melvin got closer, positioning his penis in front of my hole. His hot and big penis head popped in and it felt so painful as if my ass ruptured. I cried out, "Ouch!" He immediately retracted and hugged me from the back, "I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to do that..." The burning sensation slowly dissipated and I wanted him to do it again, "Try it again, I think I adjusted to it already." Now, his eyes lit up like a ferocious alpha wolf, so ready for the next try. Again, he grabbed another bottle of oil and now lubed me up much more, sticking his fingers into me to make sure I was all covered up. And subsequently, he coated penis all the way till his pubic region, bright and shiny. "Here it comes..." He warned as he popped it again into my ass. A feeling of pain came first, then it turned into pleasure. Only the first inch was in. He carefully moved in more, centimeter by centimeter so that it wouldn't hurt. Lust and fullness overran my mind, it felt so good as more of his manhood filled me. "Samuel... you're so fucking... tight, so good..." Melvin grunted seductively, I need more of him. Before I knew it, his entire length was already in me. It felt so full, so hot. Melvin brought it all out and thrusted all the way in deeply, rubbing against my prostate. "OHHHHH!" We both moaned in unison and my penis started to erect. The feeling was beyond words, it was a combined of hotness, lust, pleasure, wanting and sex. Melvin slid out and in again, his pubic hair pricking me each time he pushed. He was getting harder, getting rougher, getting deeper. I loved it all, the domination over me. "Oh my god, I'm gonna cum soon. Do you want my cum in you or in your mouth?" Melvin asked. "My... mouth..." I gasped as he entered, causing me to take a quick breath. Melvin pulled out suddenly, washing me with disappointment, but he was not finished. He flipped me around on my back and split my legs. His hand supported my leg and pushed it up so that there was allowance for him and his tool. He reached out for the second bottle and poured it all over me and then his abs. With one try, he rammed it into me and continued his fucking. His hands ran all over my body, spreading the oil everywhere. I had to do the same, I used both hands and rubbed the oil up till his muscular nipples, then twitched it rapidly. I moved down to his abs and did the spreading action on it, tickling and and feeling his sturdy six packs again and again. Melvin was about to cum as his facial expression gave his thoughts away; he was looking up and gasped for air every half a second, squeezing his eyes shut as he husked in pleasure. I was also reaching my zenith quickly, to orgasm and shooting out my refilling load. "I'm gonna cum!" He shouted out. With one last thrust, he pulled out, climbed onto me and erupted into my mouth. He was doing a more extreme version of half squat, his penis directly in front of me. "Fuck!" Moans after moans escaped his lips inevitably. "Ahh! Ahh!" Warm and creamy fluid shot violently out of Melvin's penis and hit me hard. Loads after loads, it kept ejaculating and filling up my mouth fast, some splattering across my face by accident. My saliva and his semen reacted and gave me a extremely manly juice and I looked forward to gobble it up. I tiled my head upwards and engulfed his penis in my mouth, coating it with his own sperm as I sucked. Finally, he was done. I swallowed up his delicious cum while sucking till his penis went limp. "Good or no?" I questioned as I finished every last drop of him. "Best... That was probably the best orgasm I ever had," Melvin answered, heavily panting. Thankfully, he enjoyed it. He turned on the running water and pulled me in for a shower. The toilet now had a pungent smell of oil and a rainbow slick of it was visible on the floor. Melvin turned the water sprayer to full blast and simply washed it away. "Well, any excuse to tell my parents when they discover two bottles of olive oil were gone?" He joked, but he had to either buy it or lie his way through. "Maybe say...you sticked your penis in and shook it around?" I used his earlier action as an answer, but really, it was smoking hot. We laughed it off and then wetted ourselves again, with water this time. --------------
  17. Feel like posting my pics here. Is there anyone else who want to share your hot fucks? Leave your story here or upload what you shot.
  18. Hi, any 1 who wanna be the host for sex open house? Whoever stay alone please sugges you place!
  19. boiboilove

    1st Time Sauna Experience

    Planning to go to a Sauna for the experience and wonder anybody can go with me or provide some tips. Also, if you have 1st time Sauna stories pls share to everyone
  20. i like to start a new topic abt how bottoms make preparation to do anal i.e CLEAN HOLE lah .. i only know my way n i wonder if there are any better ways to do it .. my way using me fingers n hose pipe water ready to clean the waste . im quite kiasu n want to make it really clean so i dig deep inside .. ths sometimes cos a bit of temporary pain , thus if not in a rush i will do it halfnhour b4 the top arrives .. by then my muscles are relax n the hole is stretch-ready for anal .. any other ways or styles ? tops can put input also please B)
  21. Hole4use

    Advice Needed

    Hi All, I Need Some Genuine Advice Here. Hope There Is Someone Who Are Able To Help Me With My Questions Here. Tho I know My Questions May Sound Very Stupid, Hope There Is Someone Who Are Able To Help Me And Advice Me With This. Many Thanks ! - Is It Possible To Have Sex Immediately Without Any Foreplay At All Once Naked? Means The Top Will Just Strip And Be Naked Then He Will Put His Dick Into My Butthole Immediately. He Will Just Put His Dick Into My Asshole And Do It Straightaway With Totally No Foreplay At All. Wat I Need To Do Is To Just Lub Up My Butthole Prior Before Meeting Him, And He Will Just Enter And Do it Once He Stripped. - If This Is Possible, How Sould I Let Him Enter Or Use My Butthole? Meaning In Which Position For Me To Give It To Him Is The Best So No Time Wastage As Timing Is Tight ? Its Like Just Do It And Leave. As Such, Is This Consider As Quickie? Thank U Everyone !
  22. Posted: Thu May 26, 2005 1:53 pm i was visiting a friend at a hospital the other day and got luckier than striking the lottery. I walked into his ward, and immediately my lusty sight was directed to a mature patient. He is in about his 40s, and was stranded on bed with an injured leg in a cast. Especially titillating was his open hospital pyjama fly that exposed his brinjal-shaped penis, and a heap of hairy testicles. He seemed like in good health except for his ailing leg that immobilized him on bed. Obviously bored, he broke into a cheery smile the moment he saw me walking into the ward, as if to solicit a chat. Even when I was by the side of my friend's bed, I noticed that the cute uncle was very attentive to our conversation and was watching at our direction - short of joining in. He even whistled hushly from time to time as if trying to win my attention. I also could not resist his open thighs (his injured leg was lifted in mid-air), and staring at me were his huge and loosened balls. What a turn on?!?!?! Before I could think of a clever way to reach into his open fly, he called out for me to help him to adjust his bed. And of course, i saw that as his horny invitation. I gladly obliged and could not get my eyes off his ripened gonads. He then asked if i could help him to the washroom as he needs to rid of some water - i thought i must have struck the sleazy jackpot. While in the cubicle, on the pretext of having to support himself, he requested that i undid his pants for him (what a pleasure). I did as instructed, and before his pants was down, i could see his bulging manhood craning up to life. And before i could find an excuse to stroke his penis that had sprang to life like a v-tec engine piston, he asked if i thought he is well endowed. I nodded in amazement at his horniness. He then asked if i could milk his cock as it had been stifled for a long time in the hospital. He said he needed to 'drain his reservoir'. I unreservedly held his 'brother' in my palm and gave it a jerk that would turn even the paralysed alive! He closed his eyes as if in deep enjoyment of this long-awaited carnal relief. His manhood ballooned bigger in my hands, and i could feel the blood pumping into every single vein and vessel in his penis. I felt a kick of high as well just watching his inflated cock sliding furiously between my fingers. The climax came when he suddenly loosened his grip on me, and a ferocious stream of his manly essence spewed out of his cock tip, not unlike a volcano eruption. His whitish lava seem endless, spurts after spurts they forcefully get discharged from his spongey cock. I have never seen a semen fountain display as lively and powerful. Right after he came, he told me he wanted to come again in a while and asked if i could assist. He said I had the most dexterous fingers he has ever experienced (what a flattery). I laid him back in his bed as he needed some recuperation before we get hot in action again. Talk about a hospital visit turned lucky!
  23. Source: Straits Times Sexually assaulted behind bars By K. C. Vijayan THREE prisoners have been charged with physically and sexually assaulting their fellow inmate in a prison cell in Changi Prison earlier this year. The three men, aged between 19 and 21, are accused of punching and kicking the man in his chest and body, some time between April 26 and May 5. All three are also said to have forced him to perform oral sex on them in the cell on several occasions between April 27 and May 5. One of them, Mohammed Zameen Abdul Manoff, 20, also allegedly sodomised him in the cell on April 28.
  24. Guest

    Cruising @ Chi Fitness Malaysia

    Hey guys, There are threads in here on cruising in gyms like Celebrity Fitness and Fitness First but there are none on Chi Fitness. So I thought I'd start one here for all those who wants to have some fun at Chi Fitness! Their locations: IKON Connaught Shaftsbury Square Cyberjaya Encorp Strand Mall The Scott Garden C180, Balakong Carnauba, Shah Alam Centro Mall, Klang PJ Trade Centre Bangsar Shopping Centre Their website: http://www.chi-fitness.com