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Found 30 results

  1. Any volunteer ? Subang , puchong and sunway area
  2. ManDannyyy

    Penang Fit and Muscular Gay Meetups

    Strictly muscular or fit gays from Penang
  3. Pm me now
  4. btmslut

    Thac loan club??

    Hi guys... ok i need help. My chinese sucks big time. https://m.boyfriendtv.com/videos/342932/thac-loan-club-gay-chinese-full-clip/ Where in china is this place???? Initially from the name i thought it was vietnam but then i realised they´╗┐ were all speaking chinese with a china accent.
  5. Subang Jaya and puchong , pm e I wan to suck your delicious cock now
  6. Pm me with your erected dick pic
  7. Pm me with stats and cock , wanna practice on your cock
  8. Have fun tomorrow?
  9. Pm me with stats have fun now , anywhere in subang , sunway or puchong
  10. Pm me with stats
  11. Thats it! I cant stand it anymore. On certain occassions after work, sometimes i really feel the urge to really wanna go for a drink at those gay bar in Chinatown or Tanjon Pgr. But eveytime i reach there, i chicken out bcoz i just too shy and embarrassed and thin face to go in and sit alone! I just feel awkward when the first step i step in, everyone will be looking at me. Any tips on the above mentioned problem? Any dos and donts if im going alone? If everyone else is in a group, what should i do or where should i sit or stand? Should i pretend to play with the phone? but thats too lame. I cant pretend to read too bcos its too dark either. Before this at least i can smoke at least theres something i can do. Btw, im not those who will make the first move and approach a stranger kinda person. If u r in the bar with your friends, whats your impression on us who go alone? is it desparation, or a loner? or a money boy? or u dont really care?
  12. Hi pm me mainplace or 19 city mall , with stats ya
  13. Pm faster puchong or subang area
  14. Any recommended food establishments that are LGBT friendly or LGBT managed?
  15. I have always been perplexed as to why many asian cultures have a derogatory word they use for whites? I visited asian countries many times (coming back to singapore in a couple of weeks) and as a tall white guy with light coloured hair and attractive features I have never found it hard to strike up a conversation or something else :-) But it seems in every asian culture there is love/hate relationship (especially in the gay world it seems) with white guys! and frankly I don't get why? I don't know how other white dudes have felt but its weird to be sought after while at the same time the object of scorn. Insights please?
  16. hello guys, let's share your experiences in Kuala Lumpur here
  17. Can anyone recommend me a good, decent, not so sexualized place to find and date PLUs (men) here in SG? I'm both new here in SG and in this site. I'm not into random hook-ups, just not into it but am not judging those who do it. I prefer dating profesionals and who are discreet and not camp. Again, am not judging those who are feminine and all out.
  18. Hi all, I am interested to open a KTV pub. Anyone experienced out there can advise? Or even interested to join me?
  19. where's the gay sauna that lot of caucasian men come? i love caucasian men especially the European one..big and uncut!
  20. Hey guys! Do y'all know where I can get cheap liquor( to bring home and drink with friends) If you know any bars that are cheap too, please do share! Thanks:D
  21. If you cannot view HTML email, please copy and paste the link below in your browser: http://www.pluguide.com/NewRelease/NewRelease044.html
  22. I am boy massage from Thailand. last night in SG. Service relaxing full body oil massage. stay Chinatown Hotel Contact. 94866 562 Plz call for more detail.
  23. thickJuicyOne

    Looking For Fellow Big Long Dicks

    Hi there im looking for guys who have dick that are more than 15cm thick... If yours is bigger than mine or look tasty I would wanna try sucking it... Tonight im free after 730 till 9 at fort road
  24. bigsea80s

    What Can I Do On Sunday?

    Oh! Is SUNDAY what can i do on this day? Sunday i can go to ,,,,, Sunday i can do .......
  25. bigsea80s

    What You Will Do On Saturday?

    What will you do on SATURDAY? after your school, work, bookout from camp? Saturday i will go to ........ Saturday i will do ........