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Found 54 results

  1. Big cock wanted , light fun or fuck also can , pm me for more info , or 3some
  2. Pm me , sunway or subang
  3. Have fun tomorrow?
  4. Anyone wanna masturbate together ?Pm with stats
  5. Pm me with stats
  6. Will_90

    Any big cock in subang pm me

    Big cocker pm me and have fun now
  7. Pm me with stats , I will be there before 12
  8. Pm me with stats have fun now , anywhere in subang , sunway or puchong
  9. Pm me with stats
  10. Thats it! I cant stand it anymore. On certain occassions after work, sometimes i really feel the urge to really wanna go for a drink at those gay bar in Chinatown or Tanjon Pgr. But eveytime i reach there, i chicken out bcoz i just too shy and embarrassed and thin face to go in and sit alone! I just feel awkward when the first step i step in, everyone will be looking at me. Any tips on the above mentioned problem? Any dos and donts if im going alone? If everyone else is in a group, what should i do or where should i sit or stand? Should i pretend to play with the phone? but thats too lame. I cant pretend to read too bcos its too dark either. Before this at least i can smoke at least theres something i can do. Btw, im not those who will make the first move and approach a stranger kinda person. If u r in the bar with your friends, whats your impression on us who go alone? is it desparation, or a loner? or a money boy? or u dont really care?
  11. Hi pm me mainplace or 19 city mall , with stats ya
  12. Pm faster puchong or subang area
  13. Pm me , I've got many massive tits girls to fuck , please pm me with stats so we can have some fun , double penetration or double mouth fuck , boobs job
  14. Will_90

    Any thick cock in usj now pm me

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  16. Pm me stats , usj subang jaya
  17. Pm me for info , taman sri sentosa
  18. Anyone wanna have fun pm me now , will be there on 4 pm
  19. Pm me , I need big cock
  20. mrnice


    Is there any top in KL? Im horny right now malay, bottom
  21. Will_90

    Big cock wanted pm me

    Subang parade or aeon big ss 15
  22. Pm me with stats then we fuck her together
  23. Will_90

    Mainplace anyone ?

    Main place toilet for quickie anyone ?
  24. Subang parade or Aeon Big SS 16 tomorrow , pm me with your hard rock big cock