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  1. In a telegram group, there is a guy always delete chat. I just trying to go through all messages then found people replying missing chat. Apparently this guy always do that, delete some of the chat after few min. Understand that he will delete his muscle pictures, but those message sent by him also deleted. It is quite irritating like you are hiding something even though nothing special. Anyone have this experience before?
  2. Hi peeps, Encountered a very unfortunate event just now. Am a NSF and was in SGH earlier on for appt. I made one of the most terrible choice in my life. So like all other horny boi, I hook with a guy on grindr and wanna have a quick fun in a secluded toilet. The person turn out to be a catfisher (a short, fat uncle with golden hair that look feminine) and he assault me the moment I open the door for him to enter the toilet I'm waiting for him in. I was so much pain that I lose all the courage and strength to retaliate. In the end I let him jerk himself (rub his dick on my thigh) off while I stimulate his nipple with my hand. Hope this can remind everyone that SG is not as safe as we thout. And dont make decision with ur dick pls.
  3. hi, Happy T.G.I.F. Below's content is X-Rated. Personally, i don't want to expose my sexual-life publicly, coz 1 or 2 guys have P.M. me for LTR/dates & once they read about my escapades... i am F*****Up. To my dear potential bf/bff, pls don't get pissed off reading this. thx. (1) Guy on Grindr, invites me to his place at Tampines. of all the CatFish (CF) i have come across... THIS GUY RANKS THE MOST EVIL, why? he lures u into his trap. to excite me, he does a video-call with me. I shall spare u the details on what he did in the Video-Call... but i thought he was real. Anyway, when i reached, he blocked me. has this happened to me before? YES, but never has someone lured me via video to go to his place. (2) CF Type#2 tbh, this guy isn't a CF, but what he did was. U see, he doesn't reveal much during my conversation with him. He is late 40s, ah being look, & when i reach his place, this is why he is a CF: -he does chem sex, -he uses poppers, -he smokes, -he does it raw, once he took out a Cigarette, i left. to make matters worse, he won't suck or do nipple-play, he won't kiss,& our dear-ah-beng doesn't know the meaning for the word "Foreplay"... then WTF am i here for? to give him tution on how to how-to-suck? CF asks u to go to his place, & doesn't tell u his bad habits =( i shall end here. i am very very very scared... Guy#2 is 48yo & stays at Holland Rise. 10 years from now i will be in my late 40s, like him... & he scares me coz he is addicted to 3 vices. dear D, if u are reading this... if u continue living like this... U won't be able to reach 50yo.😮😱 *one more thing, i realised the articles i wrote... i should get a job at the Customer Service Counter, lol ... if u wonder why i write so well... it ain't becoz i have a high I.Q. ... but becoz i have a photographic memory. i thank God🙏for this gift 😃
  4. Recently, I was on Grindr and manage to agree to meet this fella who said he could who is as family is away. Dressed up, I left to the location he told me . Fortunately , the location is where I lived once . So I was familiar . I arrived few block away. And as the chat stated lift A for me to wait, there’s a unit on the ground floor . Corner unit . It was a good nice place to have a place , but sadly the owner of the house I would say could have done better . Okay back to the topic, I managed to glance And saw the occupant of the corner house. Luckily he did not see me. I am quite suspicious about the meet up. So I did my smart game . I am familiar with the neighbourhood. I walked away from the meeting point and go to somewhere I could hide and watch the ground floor occupant and the lift area of the entire block. I positioned myself well. And then I sent a grindr text saying, I’m here . Quickly the ground floor occupant ran to his phone to do some texting . And then I received a message asking me whether am I at lift A and what clothings I’m wearing . Then he asked me whether I’m at the correct block . He again text saying it’s LIFT a I should wait. Then he said he coming down to get me . From my position I could see the all level floor lift . Exactly no one came down. But this ground floor guy, I could see every so often peeping out of the window while I could see he keep on texting . The text was for me I indeed. So while wait I observed him and my grindr messages . Then a msg came he’s coming down the stairs to pick me up now. Cut short , the battle of the trickery has been won by me. so to this bapok! And I think the boyfriend , let’s make them famous !! Bapok… good luck to you …. everyone there you go the address . If you happen to be in Jurong, come and visit this bapok and his bf perhaps . They are good trickeries!! [Pic removed by MOD] DO Not post pic of strangers without their permission. address : blk 538 Jurong Ave 1
  5. https://the-singapore-lgbt-encyclopaedia.wikia.org/wiki/Hate_speech_against_LGBT_people_in_Singapore Hate speech against LGBT people in Singapore In Singapore, the Sedition Act not only prohibits seditious acts and speech which undermine the administration of government but also criminalises actions that promote feelings of ill will or hostility between different races or "classes of the population". Despite the statute's statement that it protects all segments of society, which by right should also include the LGBT community, it has mainly been used against individuals who have made offensive rants against the Malay-Muslim community. The LGBT community has not been accorded any shelter under this law and hate speech against it is constantly indulged in with impunity. Section 298 of the Penal Code makes it an offence to utter a word within hearing distance of a person, with the deliberate intention to wound that person’s religious or racial feelings. The penalty is a jail term of up to 3 years, a fine, or both. Section 298A similarly criminalises the promotion of enmity between different religious or racial groups and carries an identical punishment. No such protection is given to the LGBT community. This glaring inconsistency was highlighted in a comic strip drawn in 2015 by openly gay cartoonist Otto Fong: Progress in protection against anti-LGBT hate speech Main article: Explanatory Statement to the Maintenance of Religious Harmony Act See also: K Shanmugam's views on homosexuality In 2019, the Maintenance of Religious Harmony Act (MRHA) was amended by Parliament to protect both religious groups as well as non-religious ones, like the gay community. An Explanatory Statement to the MRHA, passed in Parliament in the first week of October 2019, was added to the Act and specifically referred to the LGBT community, stating that it would be an offence to use force or violence against it on the grounds of religion[1]. It was supposed to do so by dealing with both groups equally as the new provisions were meant not only to reduce conflicts between and within religious groups, but also to prevent religion from being used as a basis to attack groups that may not be of a religious persuasion, such as the LGBT community[2]. However, in practice, no action has been taken against most instances of online hate speech. Anti-LGBT groups Main article: Singapore anti-LGBT organisations In stark contrast to the fact that all groups against any race, religion or minority are banned in Singapore, the Government allows anti-LGBT organisations to flourish. Most of the hate speech against the gay community that can be read by the public surfaces on Facebook groups such as We are against Pinkdot in Singapore[3], Ban Pink Dot & LGBT Activism - Protect Children[4] and Singaporeans Defending Marriage & Family[5]. Many comments made below online news articles, especially those on Yahoo! Singapore, are also virulently anti-gay, abetted by the posters' sanctioned cloak of anonymity. Instances of anti-LGBT hate speech Pastor Rony Tan's comments during sermon, February 2010 Main article: Pastor Rony Tan's anti-gay sermon saga Barely two weeks after being called up by the Internal Security Department (ISD) for his insensitive comments on Buddhism and Daoism[6], another objectionable 80-minute video, uploaded in May 2009, was noted on the the homepage of the 12,000 strong megachurch Lighthouse Evangelism at www.lighthouse.org.sg. It featured then 33-year old Pastor Rony Tan making comments during a sermon like, "Proper sex means life - it propagates life. Lesbianism and homosexuality simply mean death and barrenness.”[7]. He also quipped, "If you allow [homosexuality], next time people will want to get married to monkeys. And they will want rights. They’ll want to apply for HDB. With a donkey or a monkey or a dog and so on. It’s very pathetic.”[8]. The video attracted the attention of the public with local filmmakers Royston Tan and Sun Koh among a total of 85 people lodging a police report over the long Chinese New Year weekend against the pastor for his remarks[9],[10],[11]. It was removed from the church's website one day after the pastor apologised to Buddhists and Daoists for denigrating their beliefs in the second week of February 2010. Bryan Lim's "open fire" comments, 4 June 2016 Main article: Bryan Lim anti-gay hate speech saga On 4 June 2016, a Facebook user Bryan Lim, then 37 years of age and a regional performance consultant at Canon, commented on the anti-LGBT Facebook group We are against PinkdDot in Singapore saying, “I am a Singaporean citizen. I am a NSman. I am a father. And I swore to protect my nation. Give me the permission to open fire. I would like to see these £@€$^*s die for their causes”[12]. He was commenting on the hate group's post entitled, ‘Say No to Foreign Intervention‘. Lim was fined $3,500 by the High Court on Friday, 4 November 2916[13]. He was initially charged with making an electronic record encouraging violence against LGBT people, which would have landed him a maximum of five years' jail and a fine. However, he pleaded guilty to an amended charge of making a threatening, abusive or insulting communication under the Protection from Harassment Act (PHA). District Judge Low Wee Ping said the aggravating factor was his use of the words "open fire" and "die for their causes". Yahoo! article, 20 December 2019 The following comments were made below a Yahoo! article entitled, "Disney cuts same-sex kiss scene in Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker for Singapore market" published on 20 December 2019[14]: Microaggression Microaggression is a term used for brief and commonplace daily verbal, behavioural, or environmental indignities, whether intentional or unintentional, that communicate hostile, derogatory, or negative prejudicial slights and insults toward any group, particularly culturally marginalised groups like the gay community. Although falling short of being hate speech, it nonetheless can be detrimental to an LGBT person’s psychological health and may lead to chronic stress, depression, anxiety, and lowered self-esteem. Microaggressions occur in three distinct ways: Microassaults are conscious, deliberate forms of discriminatory practice that are intended to harm, and most closely resemble traditional forms of discrimination. Examples of microassaults would include intentionally calling a person who identifies as a sexual or gender minority a derogatory slur (eg. ah kua, bapok, pondan, faggot) or telling a trans people that they cannot use a multiple-stall restroom or rejecting their entry into a multiple-stall restroom when they try to use one. An example of institutionalised microassault is the existence of Section 377A of the Penal Code whereby the State imparts to society and to gay men the conviction that homosexuals are criminals for indulging in sex even when it is consensual, between adults and done in private. Another is the messaging put out by religious organisations which conduct conversion therapy like the Choices ministry at the Church Of Our Saviour and truelove.is[15] that tell gay individuals they are "broken" and that they can "come out" of their sexual orientation to become straight. Microinsults include snubs, gestures, and verbal slights. Examples are: 1) Asking a gay man during Chinese New Year or other holiday when he is going to find a girlfriend or get married. This insinuates that he is deficient in some way because he does not have an opposite-sex partner or that he is irresponsible for not getting married and producing children. 2) Asking someone in a gay or lesbian couple who plays the "man" or "woman" role in the relationship. 2) Asking a gay friend after a long hiatus whether he has a new boyfriend, implying that gay relationships are inherently fragile or that homosexuals are promiscuous. 3) Using the phrase “that’s so gay” to refer to something stupid, odd, or undesirable, which is often considered insulting and hurtful. 4) Asking a transgender person about their gender reassignment surgery. Finally, microinvalidations serve to exclude, negate, or nullify the psychological thoughts, feelings, or experiential reality of certain groups. An example of a microinvalidation would be assuming that all gay individuals had a difficult experience “coming out,” which is defined as the process through which one acknowledges and accepts one’s own sexual or gender identity to their families. Another is telling a young gay person that his same-sex attraction is just a phase and that he will grow out of it.
  6. I heard from someone that a guy (A) blamed his so called "partner (B)" that B was always reckless and does not take care of things well. Like B broke a phone that was gifted to him by A... over time, he started dwelling on B's every little lapse or mistake (the fact is that A got sexually bored and stopped having sex with B for more than a year...). Yet, A was proud to brag that he can take care of things well .... but if he is sooooooo good at keeping things well, he would have been capable of keeping his sex life in the relationship good and as sexciting and lasting as before. Am I right?
  7. Sometime the " First " " Beginning " question people throw at you in social apps (grindr, hornet, Jack'd and etc) really make you go nuts. Here's my top list: 1. T or B ? ( hmmm.... u wanna cut to the chase, u cut the whole story) 2. Seek ? ( I've a profile, read?) 3. Can we be friend? (Yeah , Like I believe in fairy tales)
  8. This idiot have sabo me to come all the to fetch him to airport but no show. Refuse to answer my call and msg for 10 min.
  9. Went for my usual run at MacRitchie and ended almost 6pm. Walked into the shower area and saw two guys changing as a third one walked out. Couldn't help hearing their conversation as one guy was telling the other loudly that the guy who just left was a pervert. That the guy is always loitering around in the toilet , naked, rubbing groin and taking a long time to get changed and always staring at guys changing and at their dicks. Further added that many regulars who jogged there know about this pervert and some have either lodged or going to lodge a report to the police on this guy. I am not acquainted with this guy but I recalled seeing him many times from MacRitchie Reservoir to Katong swimming Pool. He is lanky and about 1.78 m tall with a red harvest sack. I also believed he's the one who goes walking around in the reservoir naked at night. I believed i have seen him once. He has a tattoo on his left groin. I am writing this to warn you that you have gotten on the nerves of many regular joggers. From the conversation I overheard, they are really pissed and they were cursing and swearing away. Continue doing what you do at your own risk. This is just to let you know or if anyone knows this guy personally, do warn him. He's going to get himself into trouble by trolling in public toilets when there are so many straight men around.
  10. cute chicken rice seller (from side profile). anyone seen him in person? http://singaporeseen.stomp.com.sg/viewPost1149.aspx
  11. So many people here are cruisers and privacy and modesty violators. When we see a guy defending his right to not be harassed (peeing in peace, for example), people here are ready to flame him and defend their right to peek, stare and make rude sexual advances. People here are sharing cruising spots and doing all sorts of sexual acts in public, sharing them as stories and even sharing exhibitionist photos. They are all highly encouraged. Yet when two guys were caught having sex in the gym and arrested, people here only blame them for being stupid and getting caught, with no hint of the actual morality of the wrongdoing. The "wrong" in the wrongdoing is getting caught...Some even condemn these people who got caught, all the while relishing in stories and encounters that are illegal or bordering on illegal. One guy even said law is law and those guys who did it in public flouted the law so they must be punished. While he recognises the difference between the sexual act in public (against the law) and the one in private (still against the law but no longer liable to getting caught), he completely ignores the fact that so many sexual threads here are about acts that are in flagrant violation of the law. I hope to get the remaining decent guys to speak out and not have immoral, overly selfish people defend their wrongdoing as usual - the very people who cast stones upon those who get caught.
  12. Has anyone seen this? http://www.after8concepts.com/index.php?calendar I think it is a cool idea for SportsmenAsia to organise these small classes after 8pm. I am very keen to join their vine appreciate workshop but I am still stuck in Dubai. Dawg!
  13. I just want to make this clear to all heterosexual men & women & straight as lace couples out there.. there're married men visiting gay saunas.. do u know that..?? do u know that when you ladies are carrying ur babies for a full 9 months, some of your husbands are screwing guys outside ur marriage..?? do u know that..?? obviously you don't or all of you pretend not to know!! what do you meant by imported lifestyles..?? for those " Wear White " supporters, all of you're nothing but bigots. shout & scream as you might, but when u think about our national pledge, irregardless of race, language / religion.. peace, progress & equality & justice..and more over we're a democratic society what does these words means to all you out there..?? bashing your own children who are in the LGBTQ community.. is that right..? chasing your child out of the house, is that righteous..? where's the GRACE!? Where is the Faith??!! what did the Lord teach all of us as christians.. Jesus preach about acceptance of sinners & love.. where is that acceptance & love..?? Are all of you going to be led on a witch hunt by your noses by this bigot call Lawrence khong??!! go ahead, pretend to be highly educated folks, pretend that you're so conservative that you can go kiss chairman mao's ass!! there're married man screwing prostitutes in orchard tower as we speak. why don't we ask lawrence khong's daughter to be prosecuted. she's a bi, had a child out of wedlock. let's start the witch hunt from there.. The LGBTQ folks merely wants to co-exist among us. They're not some virus / plague that you & i can avoid. They're just like you & me, mere mortals who deserved loves & respect as human. Where is the humanity..? when the earthquake hits nepal & sabah, where're all of you since u declared you're so righteous & forthcoming. What about adultery?? it is deemed as a sin.. what about domestic violence? wanna endorsed it to say it's ok for an alpha male to bash up his wife? what about gambling? legalized it? so more people can go bankrupt Why didn't our govt suppressed pink dot event? why..? cos' it's simple, there're some ministers & leaders out there with their child / children among us.. the LGBTQ community therefore they didn't open their mouth to say a darn thing each & every year. Think about it please. I'LL GLADLY GIVE MY STONE TO ANYONE WHO DARES TO CLAIM THAT THEY'RE HOLY & HAD NEVER SIN TO CAST IT AT THE LGBTQ community. Anyone likes to own up..??
  14. After the issue on "curved-bridge" , do you this will work ? * Singapore wld think ahead of more people jamming the Sentosa casino during weekend and desert the cool Genting.... # Malaysia wld want all those rich expats to come over and shop and short-stay there and enjoy better value-for-money deals.... Win-win deal ?.......... Siemens keen on KL-S'pore high-speed train deal SIEMENS, a global expert in high-speed rail technology, is keen to be the technology provider for the proposed high-speed train project linking Kuala Lumpur (KL) to Singapore. The project, proposed by YTL Corp Bhd, is now under the Malaysian Government's consideration. Singapore has expressed interest in the project and both governments are expected to begin detailed talks this year. YTL's current rail proposal involves travel time between KL and Singapore being cut to just 90 minutes compared with existing KTM trains which take about seven hours. "Ideally, it would begin from KL Sentral, linking the airport and Johor Baru and Changi Airport - that would make sense to me because inter-modal exchanges are most important.
  15. Do you ever asked the world or God sometimes if why do others have better life? They have better career, better relationship, better partner and a partner that is really hot and take care of themselves (even though they are not), They can have a lot of riches even without too much effort like you, can travel the world, and can find true love and can be with them for long years i saw this happened all to one person feels like he already have everything. While you put a lot of effort to everyhting and still you end up so so. You try to choose a better path and you end up in something that is not what you prayed for. You look for a guy you can be with the rest of your life and he will end up someone that is not. Others got a beautiful love story and you have the a story that is not special. I understand that happiness is a choice just cannot understand why others have better choice and dont need to feel the way we feel to be happy, why heaven gives us a choice that is not so beutiful like others, and they simply have the most of everything. If something is missing to their life it might be something that is just same with everybody else. I just need some advice or insight to others on how you deal with this or do you feel the same. Im just hoping that there is no negative or angry comments in this thread as this is not meant to make a noise or war to anyone. This is just simply sharing thoughts and advice thanks.
  16. Citibank just recently upgraded their website and screwed up all their log-in IDs and passwords for their customers. Anyone facing the same issues? This is probably one of the worst implementation I've ever experienced.
  17. I've been reading a ton about how gay guys apparently hate bi guys. I, hopefully(fingers crossed!), doubt that it doesn't resonate amongst all gay guys, but I'd like to find out. Before you think I'm bi, let me tell you that I'm as gay as the day is long, and I'm not into pussy even to save my own skin. Neither do I have a thing to do with any guy who's bi either. But it does hurt to know that there are a LOT of gay guys who perceive this chagrin of an antiquated opinion that bi guys "are actually gay but kidding themselves", or they would only be "truly bisexual"(?) if they prefer guys to girls, or that they are "closeted gay but want to satisfy their parents' wishes to get married"(which sounds more like a gay guy posing as bisexual to hide their real feelings, maybe?). So I'd certainly like to hear your thoughts about what you gaybies think about bi guys. And please answer the questions in the poll above. If you have answered "Yes/No" and have other reasons, or if you're undecided, do share as well. Not to be left with the bias that appears, I'd like to hear from the bi's as well. Tell us what you feel about and debunk any myths posted here by us gay folk, and share your stories about how being bi might have brought about good and/or bad experiences for you. So, let's have a civil conversation, and learn from each other about, well, each other! Hope to hear from you guys soon! Peace! P.S. As much as possible, no sex talk here please. I'd like to keep it as clean as possible. The aim is to learn more about each other, not brag about sexcapades one might have and stuff. P.P.S. No infighting either! If it does happen, I'll ask the moderator to remove your post. As I've mentioned, we're here to learn about each other, not to start a war. If you've a story to share, please share it. But, no matter what disagreements you have, please be civil with each other. Whatever personal grievances you might have towards each other must be taken to the Flaming Room, or the moderator will do so for you.
  18. i went to watch a movie in JB last week. Before screening, they played the Malaysian's national anthem and required the audience to stand. The family before me remained seated. "we are not from Malaysia." they said. If you were in their position, will you remain seated or rise on your feet?
  19. As per above. Ex marrying a trophy wife. Holding a Grand Wedding Banquet,invite someone to attend. Part of the reason: To send someone a message that: He is "socio-normative" now.Even though he still have extracurricular activities with men. He want someone's blessing,Which strangely that someone will give because they broke up very long time ago.but that someone is more concern about that Ex current beau,who was btw not invited although the ex beau knew. Not going to out him. just trying to help clean up after his mess again maybe. So attend ex wedding or help his ex beau. Or do nothing(ie play games,watch movie, anything but)?(most likely because not that someone's problem) no troll or attention seeking post please. Genuine Advice Appreciated.
  20. How do you deal with religious proselytising from close ones? Without them feeling offended or alienated?
  21. Please take note of a gay hater I saw at MacRitchie Reservoir. I was showering at the reservoir past midnight during the weekend. I was done showering when I noticed someone peeking, so I decided to strip off and shower a second time just to test the waters. The next thing I knew was this person HURLING A HUGE METAL CAR WHEEL RIM FROM THE ENTRANCE INTO THE SHOWER IN MY DIRECTIONS and then running away! I don't even know where he got that wheel rim from. When I shouted at him "What do you think you are doing?!?!", he actually retorted over the walls "Go and ask your mother!". Please be careful of this person. His looks are as follows: Race: Chinese Age: mid 20s or so Height: 160cm +/- Built: Naturally thin (perhaps around 55-60kg), Eyes: not wearing specs (maybe wearing contacts, I don't know), small squinty eyes, looks like single eyelids from far. Hair: wearing cap at that time, but it should be short hair; no mustache General look: square jaw and he gives me the impression of an ah beng who don't bother to work out but due to the benefit of his age, is still rather slim-built. Car: I am not certain, but when I went into the showers, there were three cars in the lots. By the time I was done dressing up and went around checking, one of the 3 cars was gone. It was a WHITE car (I believe it was a hatchback but I cannot remember for sure), Car number DEFINITELY starts with the number 9, most likely 900X or something. I hope all these information will help others keep a look out for such haters. Please be CAREFUL!
  22. Do anyone of you out there engage in sex with your friend/friends? I have a really good friend. Know him for about 2 years already..would call me about once or twice a month and I would be REAL excited for it means giving him a bj or sometimes being f--ked.. And he's real sexy.. But have noticed a great change with him nowadays...The 1st time it happened - his phone rang, while I was being fxxked by him. Thought he would ignore it. Instead he answered! And what's worse he kept talking for MORE than 10 minutes while he was f--king me. I felt SO DISRESPECTED and cheap. Last week, he talked on the phone while I was sucking his d-ck. I feel like confronting him about this. But I do not want to lose this good friend of mine...
  23. http://www.channelnewsasia.com/stories/singaporelocalnews/view/1189156/1/.html NEL's Dhoby Ghaut-HarbourFront service disrupted till further notice SINGAPORE: Resumption of MRT services between Dhoby Ghaut and HarbourFront stations on the North East Line will be delayed till further notice. Earlier, public announcements at the affected train stations had said that services would resume at 5.00pm. SBS Transit said its engineers have gotten the two connecting cables back up and had started testing the system for service resumption. SBS Transit's senior vice president of Corporate Communications, Ms Tammy Tan said as the engineers were doing their final checks, they found a new problem relating to electricity insulation. "This problem had not been present before and we are now working to get it resolved. As a result, service resumption is expected to be delayed again," she said. "We are extremely sorry to all commuters for this and realise that this second delay will no doubt cause even more inconvenience and frustration. But we have to ensure that the system is operationally sound before giving the go-ahead for service resumption." The rail operator promised to update commuters once it gets a clearer picture of the situation. Train services were disrupted early Thursday due to a power supply problem in the tunnel at Outram Park Station. During a regular nightly maintenance scheduled at 5.00am, the company discovered that one of the connecting cables of the overhead power supply located south of Outram Park station had snapped. SBS Transit commenced repair work immediately, but as extensive work had to be done, normal service operations at the five stations between Dhoby Ghaut and HarbourFront had to be disrupted. Twenty-five engineers are now trying to resolve the problem. The train operator deployed 59 free shuttle buses and 63 goodwill ambassadors to help commuters. SBS Transit and the Land Transport Authority will be holding a media conference at 4.00pm to give an account of the service disruption. - CNA/cc ================== With Ministers and civil servants like that who needs terrorists to do the job? MRT needs a complete overhaul. Spend lah, spend $100 billion on buses!
  24. With the overall inflation and raise in transport fares, all the gay bars and saunas have also been getting more expensive. So how do we continue our gay lifestyle of looking glam and living it up? If you come from an average or below-average income family, can you still hang out with gay friends to do gay things, like buy an iphone ($1000) to use Grindr or dine at posh restaurants (Crystal Jade, Dempsey etc.), or go to gay saunas ($26 per entry!) or gay bars ($16 for a martini!) or be a princess and take the cab to-and-fro the gay village ($16 on average without midnight surchanges)? In a nutshell, how to become a gay Singaporean without the pink dollars?
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